What Do You REALLY Want?

What I’m about to share with you comes not only from personal experience but just plain common sense that can be applied to any aspect of life.  Namely, “Know what you want.”  To use an analogy, most of us graduate high school and for the most part get a job soon afterward.  Some decide to go to college, the military or enter the family business.  But most take a short break and then get their first job in order to go out and live life on their own.  Because at that age that’s the only thing we’re sure we know we want.. our ‘freedom’.

But for an ambitious person that temporary job quickly becomes the job they no longer care for.  They begin to ask themselves, “What do I really want?” in terms of a career goal.  Once they have examined their desires and priorities in making a career choice, the rest is simply a matter of putting together a plan to make it happen.. more schooling, apply for the other job at entry-level, etc.

Today I’m going to focus on the issue of Relationships.   Specifically, a relationship status here in the Philippines.  Because just like many other things in life, where there is no plan we are then left at the whim of fate.  Sometimes it is kind and leads us to wonderful avenues we never imagined.  But, other times, fate leaves us to go ‘just one more year’ doing something that never did satisfy us because we passively accepted what fell into our laps instead of chasing our goals.  Turning around 40 years later too many people say to themselves, “I should have.. I could have…”.

So think of this as a sort of a sit-down with your guidance counselor.  My question to you as you plan to live in the Philippines is, “Do you know what you WANT?” when it comes to the type of relationship you are desiring once you get here.

The reason I make a list before I leave the house when going for groceries is because, even if I have it in my mind clearly at home.. upon entering the store and seeing the wide variety of selections on the shelves, it is so easy to get distracted.  I end up getting things I didn’t need and forgetting items I did.  Same goes for relationships here in the Philippines.  Once you get here there are so many options available on a daily basis it’s enough to make your head spin.   More on that later.

So, let’s look at a couple of possible scenarios.


One option is you are one of the few who is already married, perhaps even to a Filipina, and you are moving here later in life.  That’s awesome.  In this scenario you’ve already made your life-choice in terms of a relationship so that part is pretty simple and straight-forward.  Now, I’m going to speak to you as a man, as only we men understand each other regarding these things.  You do yourself a favor to have some quiet time within your own soul and ask yourself just how much temptation you believe you can handle when it comes to being faithful.  No need to balk or respond to anyone but your own inner self.  This is a private matter for you alone to evaluate.  (And no, it’s not a topic for discussion with your wife unless you’re just itching to live dangerously.)  Because fact of the matter is that foreign men, married or not, are a hot-ticket item here in the Philippines.

Not all women here are as chaste and honorable as they should be.  There are women here who’s response to your line, “No thank you, I’m happily married.” is, “That’s ok.. I just want to be your mistress.”.  For a few hundred a month they will be there for you whenever you want them.  It is so common-place for men to have mistresses here because the law tends to favor men while not favoring the women who try to do the same.  Misogynistic, yes, but.. it’s not going to change anytime soon.  In just the last few months I’ve casually heard of at least eight different men who have mistresses on the side while married.  Women here console themselves with the phrase, “The mistress only gets the soup, while I get the meat.“, in reference to the security she has financially being the Wife.  Now, to a man who is firm in his commitment to his wife, the availability and temptation means nothing.  Even if asked five times a month by different women the answer will always be, “No.”   And my hat off to you, we need more honorable men like you in this world.

But for some of you, and I think you know who you are, the idea of a hot looking, 20 year old mistress on the other side of town sounds pretty damn intriguing.  Well, Cowboy.. I’ve got news for you.  If you  even THINK you’re going to have a mistress here in the Philippines and not get caught well.. eventually, you will be in for a shock.  This is not America, Canada, Europe or Australia where people just stay out of each other’s business.  Since getting here I am truly amazed at how quickly information gets passed around here via texting and the ‘gossip’ grapevine.  Everybody knows everybody on your island.  It’s like that 7 levels of Separation of Kevin Bacon.. except it’s more like 4 levels of separation between your mistress and SOMEBODY who knows your wife.  It will happen.. someone you don’t even know will rat you out.  It could be the girl who works the counter at the hotel you check into.. who happens to know your mistress.. whose cousin is the waitress at the restaurant where you take your wife.  I kid you not.. that is how it works here.

I have so many examples of how this happens it’s astounding.  I recently ran into a Frenchman at a club and we got to talking.  He needed some ideas on building a website for his jewelry business and I do websites.  That night I also met his girlfriend, a beautiful Filipina he lives with.  Days later the two of them meet me in town and we went to my studio to show him some of my work on my laptop and we talked for a few hours.  By the next day, one of the neighbors mentioned it to my landlord who also knows my (then) girlfriend and I’m being grilled on who this attractive Filipina seen entering my studio is.  Somewhere along the grapevine they forgot to mention she was there with her boyfriend.  That didn’t help me in the least.  (And yes, by the way, my girlfriend and I later broke up.  All for the best though, we’re still on good terms.)

Tonight I sent a Friend Request on Facebook to someone who Liked my advertisement for my online store in the Philippines.  I had no clue who she was and had never met her before.  She accepted the request and replied that she’d already seen me on a specific night I was at that club and was close friends with the bar hostess who also knew who I was.  I’ve had waitresses say to me, “Oh.. I saw you with your wife last week, she is very beautiful.”  Wife?  I’m not married.  The woman she saw me with was seen through the cafe’ window where she worked and across the street as I had paused to talk with a mall girl at the end of her shift about her boyfriend whom she’d found out was married.  She herself was the mistress and only later found out.. through the grapevine.

Point is.. people will notice you here and it’s almost an Olympic sport for women here to pass “chisme” (gossip) as fast as possible.  Not always getting the facts right, but speedy in delivery.   So, if you even think the idea of a mistress interests you.. you might as well tell your wife, “Oh.. by the way, got a mistress this afternoon.  What’s for dinner?” because she WILL find out.  No doubt about it.   Another dimension to remember as well is that women here can hire private detectives (dudes with no job willing to make a few pesos following you around with a cell-phone camera all day) for dirt cheap.  If she even suspects you are fooling around, some Filipina will get her wise on some guys for hire and your goose is as good as cooked my friend.


Okay, enough warning for the Married guys.  If they screw up, can’t say they weren’t warned.  Now, for all you Eligible Bachelors with a plane ticket in your hot little hand.. the world here is your oyster.  That’s the fantastic news.  Here you are a commodity in high demand.  Remember that guy in high school who used to just say, “Hi” to the girls and they were after him?  Here, you are that guy.   Now, I won’t re-write the different type of Filipinas there are, you can get more on the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ girls at my other article on Relationship In The Philippines for Single Men.  But in a nutshell.. celebrity has a price.

You already should know now that, even as a single guy, the women will notice you even if you never talk to them.  They will know you’re new to the area soon as you show up in the smaller malls.  The bigger malls, not  so much.  But especially in the bigger malls the fact that you are a foreigner don’t be surprised if some lovely Filipina literally walks up behind you, puts her arm in yours and says, “Hi!  You should not eat alone.. my name is…”.  Think I’m making that up?  My very first visit to the Ayala Mall in Cebu I was on the property, not even in the mall yet, no more than 8 minutes and that exact scenario occurred.   I kid you not.  You go to the bigger malls and just sit on the patio with some iced tea and they will show up as sure as pigeons in the park.  These are the predatory girls, working ‘pros’ who target rich foreigners.  And in the Philippines.. all foreigners are considered rich simply on the basis they could afford to fly there in the first place.

So, here’s what you gotta decide before the endless waves of opportunity flood upon you when you arrive.  What kind of relationship are you looking for?  Are you looking for a Wife?  If so then my advice is that you get to know some people here, take your time and they will introduce you to good, honorable Filipinas if you seem like a decent man.  Network.  Know someone who can vouch for this girl that she’s well-grounded in her family and not some party-girl hitting the bars every weekend.  There are so many good, loving, chaste, honorable women here with solid values if you just network with families and new friends here first.  These are not the type of women who will brazenly walk up to you in public like the ‘pro’ at the mall.  Without a proper introduction you might never have known where to find her.  Now, you may see her in public and, if you approach her she will be polite.  But for more on the whole dating custom here, read that in more detail –HERE- before you make some bad, common mistakes.

So now you’ve met a wonderful Filipina.. probably very beautiful and half your age.  No problem, that is totally okay here.  Now, find out.. does she have children?  How many?  Many of these girls have been duped by men, both foreigners and Filipinos, who knocked them up and abandoned them.  They trusted the wrong guy and, hey.. it happens.  Point is.. are you willing to take on the whole package?  Will you love this woman and love her kids as your own?  Because that is what she deserves and if that is too much for you, then back out graciously at the beginning and keep on looking for a woman with no kids.  These women have been through enough, they don’t need to be jerked around so, don’t be that guy.

Let’s say you find instead a woman who is your every heart’s desire, has no kids as you prefer.  Taking her Dad’s position for a moment, “What are your intentions?”.  Do you want a long-term, exclusive relationship with the intention of entering marriage down the road?  Or are you looking more for the sort of casual dating experience you’re accustomed to back home?  Back home it’s considered routine to date ‘liberated’ women who date several guys, or date for a while then move on when they’re bored.  Back home you’ve got the ‘friends with benefits’ thing going on.

Well, here.. not so much.  Culturally, the most valuable possession a good woman has here is her reputation.  Don’t be surprised if the first few dates, or even weeks, of dating her you are constantly bringing along a chaperon.  Usually it’s an Aunt, older sister or trusted friend.  It’s not because their parents are ‘forcing’ it upon her.  It’s because one of her greatest concerns is that the community she lives in does not perceive her as some woman who goes out alone with different men.  Remember, everybody sees everything around here.  The model for my store, a lovely and kind-hearted young lady, always brings along someone to vouch that no ‘funny business’ occurs in her meetings with me.  Only twice have we met for business alone and that was in a public mall to share a meal as we talked.  At her first photo shoot her Mother sat in the room, directly behind me as I took photos.. monitoring the whole thing  And this despite the fact that my model is 20 years old.  And she’s just my friend, so you can imagine when courting a young lady and the whole neighborhood knows about it how much more pressure is on a Filipina here.

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Now.. there are some liberated Filipinas here who just want to have a good time, don’t get me wrong.  Especially in the big cities they are all over the place.  But the ‘good’ Filipinas that make for an awesome girlfriend/wife.. that’s who I’m talking about.  They don’t do ‘friends with benefits’.  They don’t allow for ‘seeing other people’.  If you are in a ‘relationship’ with her.. it is exclusive or nothing.


But.. let’s just say you aren’t in any hurry to give up your bachelor card and not interested in an exclusive relationship.  You just want to make the most of as many interactions with as many Filipinas as your imagination, wallet and energy can handle.  You want to feel the warmth of the Philippines, so to speak.  Fine.  If that’s what you want then stay focused and dodge those relationships with girls who are looking for a husband and you’ll be fine.  There are tons of Filipina dating sites online and through those alone you can find plenty of young ladies who just want to be taken to nice places with no commitment.  Between those and hitting up any local dance-club or karaoke bar you will find plenty of ‘ladies’ who are likewise just out for a good time.  Again, sift past the ones looking for a husband or you’ll cause nothing but chaos.  Stick with the ones that aren’t looking for love any more than you are and you are good to go.   Just don’t go expecting to find a loving, pure Filipina by this method.  What you’ll meet are “players” who are in it for the short-term, just like you.  They will often hit you up later for money, sad sob stories, etc.  If you’re gonna play ‘The Game’, you better be good at it because these bar-girls really know how to turn on the charm (and tears) to get what they want.  Sample away and, “play safe”.. know what I’m saying?

Here, due to the whole Catholic influence, women are not encouraged much in the importance of asking their partner to wear a condom.  All the more reason why you should wear one.  They operate on the whole ‘trust’ method, which is why there are so many Filipinas with babies at a young age and no husband around.  In addition, here’s something else to consider.  Just like back home, that one-night-stand could end up with you hearing that phrase one day, “I’m pregnant.”  Right now I know a fellow American who met a Filipina who was just out for a good time, same as himself and they decided to play house for six months.  She’s eight months pregnant now and the shallow ‘good time girl’ novelty wore off a long time ago.  Now he’s facing a kid with a girl he really doesn’t like all that much and, unless he becomes a total schmuck, goodbye to his bachelor card.


There is only thing better than learning from your own mistakes.. and it’s to learn from someone else’s mistake.  Here is where I share with you my own experience and warn you, “Don’t do as I have done.”  I tell you this to save yourself a lot of pain and misery so, listen up.

In most any other first-world country, if you happen to fall in love with a woman who is either Separated or in the process of divorce, it’s no big deal if the two of you start a relationship together.  The worst that might happen is you have some harsh words with her ex, that’s about it.  But not here in the Philippines.  Here, it is against the law.. the LAW and you can open yourself up for deportation (if the paper-husband pushes for it just out of spite) and your Separated but Still Legally Married girlfriend can spend anywhere from 2 to 6 years in prison.  Yes, they are that serious about this.  This is a Catholic influenced country and they don’t take to Adultery as lightly as other countries do.  It’s not just a sin around here.. it’s flat-out illegal.  And to top it off, there is no divorce process here.  She can only get a divorce if she married a foreigner and the foreigner divorces her in his home country.  Without that, even if he abandons her to live separately, he alone can file charges against her if he finds out she is having a sexual relationship with you.

This is nothing to toy with.  I know.  You can’t sneak around thinking you won’t get caught.  People talk and people text.  And the paper-Husband is not your only problem either.  Because the two of you can’t be seen in public together without risking getting followed by some cheap ‘private eye’.. you will be lucky if you even get to see your Filipina Love more than 4 days a month.. and maybe for just a few hours in some clandestine manner.  I used to pass her a movie ticket in a crowded mall like we were handing off spy-papers.  Then we would text which movie theater to meet in, sitting next to each other in the dark and leaving at different times when the film was over.  We pushed our luck here in the Philippines for three months but we knew all along our luck would soon run out.

Meanwhile, guess what happens the other 27 days of the month that you CAN’T spend time together?

Well, if there’s a Filipina out here that is NOT the jealous type.. National Geographic needs to come out and tag her as an endangered species or something.  Filipina women are culturally very faithful, devoted and very protective of their Man.  Those other 27 days you are talking on the phone with her, about five times a day so she knows what you’re doing, you will be asked ever so nicely (but persistently) for every detail regarding any woman you have even passing contact with.

Did you talk to any women today?
What’s her name?
Do you like her?
Is she pretty?
When was the last time you saw her?
Did you sleep with her?
Are you sure?
How do I know?

Your Filipina’s mind will be going nuts if she can’t be with you those other 27 days of the month you can’t be seen together.  She’s not a bad person for it.  Put yourself in her shoes.. let’s say you are the married man with a mistress you only see four days a month.  The mistress you love calls and says she had lunch with some guy.  Admit it, you wouldn’t like it one bit.  Especially if she’s saying she misses you and gets so lonely without you she just needs someone to talk to.. some companionship.  That would drive you even more nuts that some guy is moving in on your territory.  Well, that’s the situation you’d be setting yourself up with if you get involved with a Married Filipina.  If she’s married to a Filipino that is roughly her age.. they will remain married in the eyes of the Court until he dies.  And that could be a while.  Leaving her unavailable to you.  If her husband is some really old foreigner.. all you can do is hope he has a weak heart and really loves having bacon every morning until he finally slips into the Big Sleep.  Until then, co-habitation or not.. she’s off-limits.

So, don’t make the same mistake I did.  I love(d) my girlfriend but not being able to go to the next level in our relationship without her risking prison was killing both of us.  We just had to go our own separate ways to stop the inevitable pain we were causing each other.  If you meet someone, do yourself a favor and be sure to know from the get-go if she’s legally Single.  ‘Separated’ doesn’t mean anything out here in the islands.  I knew from the start but I didn’t think it would be that big a deal since I was living in the States and she was here in the Philippines.  For too many reasons she couldn’t and didn’t want to live in the U.S., not even for me.  So I made the move only to learn my lesson the hard way.  Again, don’t let this happen to you.


So, as you plan to make the move here to the Philippines.. ask yourself, “What do you really want?”.   Really.  Deep down in your soul, what kind of life do you want here?   It’s all here to lay hold of, just depends where your focus is.  Without a plan I’ll tell you what the most likely default scenario is.  My (now ex)-girlfriend and I used to call it the ‘Exotic Beauty’ scenario.

Here’s how it goes down:  Day One – Foreigner gets off the plane.  Two weeks later, has his heart melted by the first 20 year old Filipina who fawns all over him.  The following week, he’s meeting her parents and extended family.  Lots of food and genuine warmth going around.  He’s blown away.  Three Months Later:  He’s married.  One year from when he first arrived, having their first child together.  Overwhelmed by the first Exotic Beauty he laid his eyes on.

Now, it’s not necessarily a bad scenario.  He gets a loving wife.  She gets a husband who provides security.. and love.  Her family has someone to borrow money from.  (by ‘borrow’ I really mean ‘get money from’)  And everybody happy ever after.  It’s not a bad route to go.  IF being married with a child one year after arriving is what you had in mind.  If that’s what you want.. it is very do-able here.

Which is why I say.. dig through your inner being and come to a solid grasp of what you truly want.  That way you don’t lose focus like a kid arriving in a candy store.  By knowing what sort of life you want here you won’t find yourself railroaded by circumstance or hurting others with your indecisiveness.  Take the time to “know thyself” and when you get off the plane here you will be the ‘Man With A Plan’ and can make the absolute most of your new life here.

Henry “Reekay” V.

Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. Perfectly Put!! Read this and weep all. Its not what you think it is back in Kansas or Sydney..

  2. If you are marriage minded, make sure your future Asawa has a CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) It is a certification issued by the National Statistics Office stating that a person has not contracted any marriage. Also called a certificate of No Record of Marriage or Certificate of Singleness. That way there will be no problems with a “paper husband”.

    1. Excellent advice, Steve. Glad you shared that, definitely that needs to be on the ‘To Do’ list before making any plans for marriage. 🙂

  3. Hey no hard feelings. Glad you are settling in nicely. You still have an open invitation to come visit and stay with us here in Dumaguete. If you are still pissed at me about the religious stuff I am sorry but I guess we are polar opposites on this subject. I have many friends that are extremely religious but we have mutual respect for our positions and life goes on in a friendly way. I hope we can do the same. All the best

  4. For information dissemination (gossip), the bamboo telegraph is alive and well, and ever more efficient today with applied technology.

    1. That is a good name for it, ha! ‘Bamboo Telegraph’. 🙂 And yes, with texting now so affordable, geez.. I can’t make a move in this town without people knowing my business. Last night a lady I know said she saw me having dinner with Kristine, the model for my online store, over a week ago. They keep track of everything around here.

  5. I can’t take credit for the term “Bamboo Telegraph” as it was probably coined sometime after WWII. I know I first heard it mentioned in Guam in 1974. As old as it is, it is quite effective. When I lived in Olongapo in the mid ’80’s, I loved to start stories with the girls just to see how it ended across town! lol 😀

    1. Ha! Must be a cultural thing. And as it was said, with texting so affordable it really moves the gossip along at phenomenal speed. I had three women visit me tonight.. no telling what the story will be by morning. haha!

  6. Henry…I’ve been around in the PI….A LONG TIME………Please dont post this….
    One….maybe U will hate my advice……..but U r in the PI now….now U see some things….
    ONE…and most important…one time U said Ur girl,,,,,she doesnt need u financially…I..think “ohhhh” not good…girls ALWAYS need this…
    One time a mate says to me bout the PI….N U already see this…if it doesnt work….there r a 1000 other girls….soooooooo true….dont b sorry ..just move on……Scotty….my email is [email protected]

    1. My girlfriend and I went our own ways on good terms. It had more to do with the legality of her still being paper-married than finances or anything else. As I wrote in this article, that sort of scenario just can’t work here in the Philippines.

      But, as you said, there are many other girls out there. Already, tomorrow, I’m going to spend the entire day with an amazing woman.. such a good heart.

      “It’s More Fun In The Philippines”.

      1. Henry, There must be a whole lot more to your story with your ex than simply a paper marriage issue but of course that is your business. nevertheless, Annulments take care of that problem and are what most people do and I see many, many couples here that are still married to other people together despite that fact one may still be married on paper. Annulment can take several years to a few months depending on ones resources. If people need it or want it bad enough they find a way.

        1. Actually, no.. ‘must be’ just doesn’t apply here. It’s really that simple. Not to you since you’re not aware of all the details as she and I are. Read the requirements for annulment sometime, getting a legal one is unlikely unless she can prove she’s related to her husband, prove him insane, duress, fraud, etc. Other people get annulments with money under the table, but no guarantees there either other than losing the money. If you read this article you’ll see the other factor is the jealous issue from not being able to be together. It’s that simple.

  7. thanks so much henry for a great informative article. I couldn't keep it to myself and had my adult son read it too. it is his wish to fall in love and marry that pretty pinay and spend the rest of his days with her there on the islands. he has met plenty of girls onlie through some of the dating sites. spent lots of time and money pursueing or maybe I should say trying to pursue the right one for him. now he doesn't do the money thing anymore and showers them with more sincerety than most of them were looking for and can handle. every few weeks he meets "just the right one" only to later find she asks for money or her problems are too big for any real person to deal with or she really has a very dull and secretive type personality. all red flags my son knows how to see now after 6 years on online pinay dating. I keep telling him just wait until you get there son. there will be lots of nice girls attracted to you. well, anyway, so it goes, he is still hoping he will have a special one in tow already when he gets off the plane. we will see. thanks again henry. my son will listen and hopefully heed your advice. experience is the best lesson.

    1. Thank you and I'm glad you found the article useful. No matter what country, it is my strong belief that a relationship doesn't really start the clock until the two people are physically spending time together.. doing ordinary things such as shopping for groceries, going to the movies, talking for hours (in person), seeing how they handle stress, joy, sadness, etc. Time together is the only way. Anybody can be anything while online. My best wishes for your son. When he gets here, becoming friends with a family will help him get the real story on who the 'good' girls are they know locally.

  8. Hey man, I really liked this article. I really feel bad for you having to break up with your gf. But you no, because you loved each other so much, and neither of you wanted any harm to come to you or her, it was unselfish love that had to separate you. as you said man, there are lots of nice filipinas there. I am going to find mine yet.

    1. Yes, my ex/gf and I still keep in touch but know we need to go our own ways. I have since met a nice woman.. but I am trying to take it slow while most Filipinas tend to move very fast. Opposite of the U.S. Al part of adjusting to the culture. 🙂

  9. Very nice article Henry. Funny and true. You are a very observant and smart man. Sorry about what happened with you and your now ex girlfriend. I'm sure you have a 'Plan'. Take care.

    1. Thanks. Yes, she and I are still friends and help each other out. Meanwhile I've begun dating.. still looking and hoping at this point in time. 🙂

  10. For someone who has lived in the Philippines for a few months, you are very observant Henry. Keep having fun, I’m sure Ms. Right is out there as you already know.

    Keep on writing.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I have a high interest in ‘why people do what they do’, always have even in the States. So much to learn here.. I keep observing and asking people questions. Hopefully I know WHICH girl is the right girl.. there are so many! And many of them so sweet with good values.

  11. Henry, I have great respect for the way you keep such a positive attitude no matter what you go thru. It seem’s no matter what life throws at you, you always have a mature perspective from every angle. That is a great quality. Just wondering have you always been like that or did that come with age and experiences? BTW I found it funny about the jealousy thing. My filipina wife and I have bee married more than 4 yrs now in the US but those comments sound so familiar. When we went back to philippines for 5 months though I didn’t have the jealousy issue at all there. Kinda strange. Heck we even went to Bikini Open together. That would be the place to be jealous. LOL

    1. Hola Chad. Well, I can think of some really stupid, stupid stuff I did in the past so.. no, I’ve not always been as keen as now after years of experience learning from past mistakes. To me, it’s all about making the best of any changing situation. As my best buddy, Vinnie, used to say, “Nothing EVER goes as f*cking planned.” So what I’ve learned is that it helps to be both flexible and persistent. Gotta always come up with a new plan and just keep at it.

      As for the jealousy thing, I just expect the jealousy and if I get a break from it, thank God. Some Filipinas are a bit more open-minded, even to the point of bringing in the maid on the action. But don’t count on it. Most Filipinas are very protective and they know the mistresses are out there hunting for a willing foreigner with money. Sounds like in your case she’s more suspicious of your female acquaintances than any of the usual action here. But that’s par for the course with any woman. ha! 🙂

  12. Henry,

    I’ve been reading your article and I must say it’s been a real eye-opener.
    Next January I intent to bring a visit to my girlfriend, she warned me for the “aggressive” way some women approach westerners.
    To be honest I took with a grain of salt.
    Reading your article I can only say “I was dead wrong”.
    I can tell you that my best defense will be having her at my side all the time.
    And I will even like it.

    Thanks Henry!
    You’ve probably saved my bacon. 😉

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