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philippines, expat, retirement, budget, money, travel, vacationThis is the place to get even more info on preparing for life in the Philippines & Southeast Asia. Lots of useful links on travel advisories, low-cost overseas phone rates, sending packages and much, much more.
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A must-have for travel – Theft Resistant Tote Bag.  Stores your valuables safely while overnight at hotels or walking around town.

Free Philippines Monthly Budget Planner (Excel Spreadsheet)
Budget File for EUROPE

Here is the Google-link to check the Exchange Rate on the Philippines Peso against all currencies.  Daily Exchange Rate
Need a program to open Excel/Word files for free?  Get OpenOffice here.

Official US Travel Site —  Lots of useful tidbits to be found here.

Official Philippines Immigration Site —  This particular link takes you to the list of fees and when they are due in order to have an extended stay as a Tourist beyond 21 days.  (Fees are shown in Pesos.  The rate changes slightly week-to-week, but just divide by “43” since that’s the average conversion to US Dollars, currently in 2012.  Example:  $P430 = $10 US)

Rebtel Intl. Phone Rates — I do all my overseas calling through Rebtel.  Cheaper than Y!, Skype Minutes or calling cards.  Call from your cell phone directly overseas as if it were a local number, done over the net from your cell phone.  To Philippines is about 1 hour of exact air-time (no rounding, lost time) for about $10.  Includes Texting.  🙂

MagicJack — You can get these locally or order online.  Make overseas calls unlimited, for free!  You set it up with a US local number, then take it with you to the Philippines.  Attach to your laptop/desktop and call the US all you want.  Or, send to a girlfriend/relative over there and call them as if it were a local call.

Useful Article on Getting Around in a Jeepney, in Philippines — the site itself also has lots of great, useful information on life in the Philippines.


  1. Hi Henry, Just thought I would let you know about portable apps as a solution to add to your IT suggestions for travelers. Quite useful and runs of a USB key. The site is “”

      1. Henry I have a question about getting married again in the Philippines. I hear I will have some issues with the NSO. I was already married there in 1999 and so I’m legally divorced here in the US. What should I do?

  2. Henry I’m big fan here now front Sacramento staying Billabong small resort few blocks from the beach , come by or call my Phil mobile 639086177067 best Ronnie Clayton

      1. Henry get back already I gotten hooked on your videos about the Philippines and I’m starting to plan my trip. Did you ever find that Latino on the island. Maybe when I get there we can have a few and discuss the whole Latino thing…

          1. hi i read your articles about phillipines , i would like to ask u question about the divorce in phillipines, if a filipino man will do annulment in nevda usa , does he still married in phillipines? DO PHILLIPINES recognise the annulment outside their country? thanks a lot for your artcles you learnt me so much!

  3. Henry,

    I in-boxed you on Facebook. No word back yet! When I move to Cebu, Cebu City, I’m pretty much coming with what I can carry in terms of my documents and clothes. I was thinking of mailing ONE box there and have the office hold it for me.

    How about doing a video (if you haven’t already) on some of the simpler things a person might want to mail -vs- things we shouldn’t even waste our time with. I’m told the tools there are of poor quality. Also, I’m told to bring nice rubber shoes. Can you provide a list of things that made you think, “Man – I should have mailed this or that”?

    Thanks and keep up the great work! We love your knowledge and the way you present it to your Grasshoppers! lol


  4. Hey Henry, big fan. I was thinking of going on vacation to the Philippines how ever I am handicapped and reliant on a power chair to get around I was wondering if there a areas where I could get around in or should I just plan a trip to So Cal?

    1. Frankly, the PH in general is not very handicap-friendly. Nothing even close to SoCal. Even for a non-handicapped person, getting around most small towns means never finding a sidewalk. Instead the terrain changes from rocks to broken cement to holes every five feet. The malls, such as Ayala in Cebu are all paved. But getting there is the issue. The places a person confined to a wheelchair can get around in are severely limited, sad to say.

    2. Hi Anthony, I agree with everything Henry said. That said, if I were handicapped, with a burning desire to travel to the Philippines, I would arrange for someone to meet me in the Philippines and stay with me to assist me the entire trip. Salaries in the Philippines are small. If you need help in finding a person/caregiver to help let me know. Email to [email protected] or

  5. Henry,

    I’m sure the others won’t mind if I toss them in with a BIG THANK YOU for all the information you provide. Most importantly, you do it with such class and appear to be a down to earth kind of guy. Thanks for getting back to us. I can’t imagine how taxing it can be sometimes with all your travels and adventures, but you have a great thing going on there and we appreciate your kind responses.

    I am so excited about moving there this year. I have printed tons of information you provided and put it in a three-ring binder. I have TONS to learn, but this is a good start. Do you think Cebu City is a place I’d be happy? I want to be near the water. You know like a Honda ride within it. lol

    Do you recommend Bohol? I’m not a clubber. I’m a non-drinker, but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to catch a night out with friends. I generally don’t like to advertise my income, but I’ll have $1,750.00 / mo. I have some savings too. Thoughts?

    Have a great flight home? Oh, what Airlines did you fly and your connections? Lay-overs, etc.



    1. I highly. highly recommend Korean Air. They have a fantastic terminal with many free amenities that make the trip so much easier. (free showers, free massage chairs, free internet, free phone charge stations, etc.) There are a few beaches somewhat close to Cebu, some are on the resorts so there’s a day-pass fee. Moalboal, just south of Cebu City is worth checking out for more beaches and a less hectic life. Bohol and Panglao are a bit more expensive, but offer a laid-back lifestyle with beaches nearby that are free and clean. I want to check out Dumaguete, I’ve heard good things about it.

      1. Henry,
        I am moving to Philippines after I retire in July of 2015. Yes, I am counting down the months! I am married to a Filipina and will be coming there on April 12th for 2 weeks. We will be in Bohol from April 21-25. We are staying at Linaw Beach Resort. Drop by and I will buy you a beer!
        I have looked at several different places to live in the Philippines. I considered Subic but, after more reading and looking at real estate websites, I think that is out. I have heard some great things about Dumaguete. I looked at some houses for rent there just to get an idea and it is much cheaper then Subic. I will be coming back again in November since the U.S. embassy won’t give my wife a tourist visa (that’s another story). I intend to check out Dumaguete then. Let me know if you go there first and I will definitely let you know what I think of it after I go there.

        1. I’m considering moving to Olongapo in Feb.2015 to work there and travel back to the states as needed. I’d like to just live in PHL once my business gets stable.

  6. Just found your videos once I started to research visiting SouthEast Asia/Cebu. Thanks for the videos and blogs on your experiences. Im sure tons of us from the US wanna personally thank you for your detailed information. Can I email you to you ask a few questions before I plan my trip to Cebu in December?

    1. I tend to get behind on email, the best way to reach me is via Facebook. Just search me under ‘Reekay’, you will see my same icon/photo as here. Add me and you can PM me any questions you may have. 🙂

  7. Henry,
    I am a big fan of yours. Thanks for all the information that you put out on your videos. It is a ton of great information. I lived in the manila area for about 6 months last year then had to come back to the states so I have a little experience there. I am moving back this year in July to be with a wonderful girl and start our life together. I will be living in Dipolog City. You know i really enjoyed your video on the quacks out there that are angry at the world. I had a bad experience with one girl there who lied and cheated on me, but there are good and bad people everywhere, right? Heheeeh…..Anyways, I just wanted to let you know I appreciate the information that you are making available to everyone. Thanks again.


  8. Hello Henry,
    I do like reading your blog, Left you a comment some days ago but you probably enjoy your part of sunshine and don’t have time for blogging . I want to ask you about a medicine that can be found in that part of world, if you have 2 minutes to send me an email I will be very grateful.

  9. Hey Henry,

    First of all, I want to say your youtube video's are Awesome! They gave me so much knowledge! I was already fantasizing about traveling there, like you did, for a few years now. I was too lazy to get the info myself that I needed. Again, you and your video's provided plenty of info I was looking for! I plan to move by myself, in the next 2-3 months!!

  10. Hey Herny big fan of yours, and thank you for helping us pat and xpats on all the information you have and countinuos updates about the wonderful Philippines!

  11. Hi Henry, a great follower of yours but i lived in angeles city for 6 months, what do you fdidaoind the major difference fron Luzon, Visayans and Mendonao I'm Harold

  12. Hi Henry…I am the one that asked you about meeting a flippina with higher education and above 60 years in age. Have you located any information yet ? Thank you

  13. Hi Henry , I am a Canadian living now in Dumaguete and have followed and am a fan of your website. Recently I acquired a website myself called”your life in the Philippines” which like your site is designed to provide information on the Philippines. I would love to use some of your stuff on our website and if possible get some links to our website on yours. Would this be possible? Gord

  14. Hi Henry. How do I get in touch with you to buy you a beer or coffee or whatever? You have no email address posted on your site that I can find. Can you email me with your phone number or email address? I just got back to Dumaguete to be with my pregnant wife and want to meet you.
    Thanks CamperDan
    My email address is included on my profile page.

  15. Hi Henry, I am traveling to the Philippines on Wednesday the 8th of October through the 21st. I am traveling to Bohol area, would love to meet you in your area. I love to take my girl friend and fly her to your location. Would love to meet u in person and maybe share a lunch or dinner together. [email protected]

  16. Hi Henry I am from chico ca. now living with my wife in Sata Rosa laguna PI
    love it here but your web page has helped me a lot God Bless!!

  17. To Henry: I have a question to ask of you and I want to get a resource similar to what you do on your youtube channel and website.

    I have a friend who is a current subscriber of yours and he watches your videos often for information about the Philippines because he wants to take a visit there and most definitely live there.

    Now I want to know if you know anyone who lives in Russia and or possibly the Ukraine who can give me all the information about the ins and outs of living in any of those 2 country’s that I have mentioned who can cover everything that a person needs to know about the two country’s? I don’t know if you know anything about Russia and Ukraine. you may not be an expert of those two country’s because you most likely haven’t been there but what can you tell me about those two country’s? do you have any information about how to live in any of those two countries above and the things to do while in Russia?

    I wanted to send you a personal email message to you but I could not find it on your website so I had to comment here so please send me a personal email message about a persons youtube channel similar to yours. something related to your “Lifebeyondthesea-phillippines” channel. I would like something similar that is a “lifebeyondthesea-russia and ukraine”. or if you know a resource that covers everything i need to know while traveling and or living in russia. I also could not message you on youtube because google has decided to be a complete @$$hole and get rid of the inbox so no one could message each other.

    I would really appreciate it if you could assist me to the best of your ability,
    thank you

  18. Hi Henry , I’m Drew from Iowa. I enjoy your videos so much. TY for taking the time to make and share.

    I ran across this today from another retire on YouTube who shared this.


    Please pass it to every foreigner friend via by card or fb or or website or tweet even. It could really really come in handy for you or your friends.

    Watch “Special Secret – Philippine Immigration Law” on YouTube

    (You may know or have it already, but just in case here it is)
    God Bless
    D Drew Fread
    @DwDrew59 twitter

  19. Hey Henry, thinking about moving and living in Dumaguete sometime in 2016, Disability income is $1,875 a month! , will i be able to live kinda comfortable lifestyle after i Marry my Philipina fiance’??

  20. Love your youtube videos. Your link to the official Philippine Immigration Site, is not working. I get an error code.

  21. Hi Henry. How do I get in touch with you to buy you a beer or coffee or whatever? You have no email address posted on your site that I can find. Can you email me with your phone number or email address? I live in moreno valley ,ca..that next to perris,ca
    Thanks herman

  22. Hey Henry,
    I am one year out from permanently retiring and beginning to to spend extended periods in the Philippines with my wife (A Cebuana) basically in Cebu and Leyte where we have property. I am wondering if anyone can direct me to a good site to hook up with ex pats (specifically Retired Military) so I can get some specific info about health care and such. Looking foreword to meeting new friends over the in the PI.
    Jack Reaster

  23. How can I report someone I think is a fraud to the Philippines authority? I have cornered her yet… she might even be legit… but after my conversation today and reading your articles I doubt.
    As of I now I am just talking to her having conversation. She is not on Asian dating site … but a renowned one and I have no idea how many people she is talking to.

  24. Hi Henry I am for the UK living here in the Philippines, I have been here since December last year, I was over here to meet the girl of my dreams, we first met on Facebook, got engaged then I came over to put the ring on her finger!
    Well after a fantastic 2 weeks here I had to go back home, then one night late it was about 3 am I said good night only to be worked up at 5 am by my fiancée, so excited shouting I'm pregnant, we I was that tired I just said oh yeah, I told you before I left you were pregnant!
    Well I moved here to the Philippines, I did have a long descusion with my mother whom I was caring for at the time she told me, well son you have to go and be happy!
    Well here I am in the Philippines, we are still in love with each other and she does everything in the house, cooking cleaning you name it, I sometimes cook some food. We have a garden which we grow food in, to help us to afford to live, as I don't have a lot of money, which she knew anoubefore I came here the first time, I do go shopping by myself now and again!
    I love my life here in the Philippines, just can't wait till I retire and get my state pension, we will be going on holiday!
    I get a tourist visa every 59 days which costs 2800 pesos here where I live!
    I have visited other places in the Philippines, I look forward to traveling in the future to other parts of the Philippines, having my son come and visit us would be really nice to. He is planing on coming to see us in the near future for a long holiday for 28 days! Can't wait to see him again!
    Well it's time to sign off happy living to all us Expats! Bye for now!

  25. Aloha Henry,

    I’m Gerald from Oahu. I’m headed there this July, so you’ll have one more American with a Mexican heritage to relate to in the Philippines. When I moved to Hawaii, I experienced the same scant of a Mexican presence here. If you care to compare notes, my Hawaii cell # is (808) 256-1121. Anyway, I’ve learned quite a bit from your videos, and thank you very much for sharing all that you have. I’ve found them to be a useful part of my preparations for my move there. Keep up the good job!

  26. If you take a magicjack with you then you can call back to the USA or Canada for free. That’s true from any country to the USA and Canada.

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