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  1. Your videos are somewhat informative even for a seasoned vet like me. I have been to Dumaguete City twice. The first time I gave it benefit of the doubt. My second trip I siad no- way to boring and the prettiest girls are in Cebu. Cebu wins hands down. Anyway, keep up the good work. Dumaguete isn’t for me.

  2. I don’t know Reekay… As a young man, I avoided all holidays and dreams of island life. Stayed focused on earning my daily pay and starting a business. Nowadays, I’m quite contented that people of my generation (58yo) are thumbing their noses at western governments and seeking alternatives lifestyles before their pensions and superannuation are skittles. Nothing could be worse than enduring suffocating taxes, regulations, and menopausal women. There is no third option…

  3. I started talking by email with a 20 year old Filipina last February. It then went to phone calls. Her pics were not overtly sexy/slutty and we hit it off. By the way I am an attorney and fairly experienced in criminal law, investigations, etc. I met her in person in Calamba in September and stayed with her at her mother’s place for 12 days. She was the perfect girlfriend in all ways and, yes, the sex was great. I saw her again in November and everything was awesome again. No Tampo and no badgering for money. I did give her $100 for Christmas and some sexy clothes but nothing more than that. So far she has been the typical Filipina: hard working, does my laundry, cooks for me and is extremely affectionate: much more than my ex American wife. I have begun the process to bring her to the US (Houston). So far, so good. By the way, your website is extremely helpful.

  4. Hello Reekay,

    This is Gregory Nickerson I spoke with you one time on skype… I paid for a half hour chat and you gave an hour or so, very cool of you… This has been almost two years since we chatted… I am not sure if you remember me… I talked to you about starting a pig farm and you told me that you had done that in the past…

    Anyways I am coming out there March 28th I will be flying into the Cebu airport at 10am… My departure date is May 22nd @ 11am from same airport… I paid for and insurance policy so if I decide to change my flight to a later departure I won’t have to pay the 250 dollar fee… I will most likely change my flight to stay an additional month… That will be a three month vacation or so… My mission is to visit the US embassy to get my girls US Visa started… Ailyn and I have been involved now for almost 4 years now, pretty incredible that much time has gone by already… I am also going to be looking for some property… I want a beach front property of at least one hectare big… This is one of the reasons I am contacting you now… I have realized that property listed in the media is ridiculously overpriced and I am hoping that you know of someone, a local that might be selling… I only need a vacant piece of land I will be building my own structures… “I understand as an American I cannot own property”… Ailyn and I will get married soon enough… At the time of purchase I will be hiring an Attorney to get the property leased, lifelong lease, in my name… Not taking any chances to be taken advantage of… Not saying my girl will do that but by doing it this way there’ll be no doubt I will not be taken advantage of… I would love to take you and your girl out to dinner to chat about things I will be bringing my little island girl Ailyn of course, my treat… Are you still living outside of Dumaguete in I believe in Bacong???

    1. Hi Greg,

      You mentioned going to the American Embassy. The Embassy is in Manila. What they have in Cebu is an American Consulate, which only handles a limited number of items. Most of what you need is likely at the embassy in Manila. So you may want to read up on their website to fly in via Manila instead.

      But apart from that, yes, if you’re in Dumaguete it would be great to meet up. The best place to contact me is at my FB, since I check that every day.

      For property, I would seriously consider waiting until you’ve had a chance to explore around various islands before making a purchase. There are a variety of things to consider, such as how near a decent hospital is.. is the property in a flood plane.. what are the neighbors like.. is there a major city nearby, etc. Plus you may simpler prefer a different island after making a visit over your time here. Personally, I would keep my options open and only buy property after you’d had a year to look around first.

  5. Hey reekay,with the new smoking ban that’s been put in affect..are there any hotels that still have smoking rooms for us old Vietnam vets,who haven’t quit yet…love your informative video,and you keep up the good work…I look forward to meeting you one day..

  6. Hi Reekay, I watched a couple of your business advice videos. Very informative. Did you ever have a go at the locker idea?

  7. Hi,
    about your video : Expat Is Refused Treatment For, “Being A Foreigner” – Cambodian Hospital

    Are you aware that this guy has history with this hospital and has been gathering contributions through various net publications for “his compatriots in need who have been refused help by British embassy”:
    Just F.Y.I.

    A fan of your vlog

    1. i am aware. i am aware that he put his own business on hold to help a sick expat at that hospital to get blood transfusions and assistance to return to his home country.

      i’ve also read the unfounded accusations against him. pure bitter/troll accusations made without a shred of evidence.

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