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Ever wondered what it would be like to literally, really just leave everything behind and move to a tropical island?  I have to say, after having seen just about every episode of Gilligan’s Isle at least 20+ times.. the idea has been with me for a long, long time.  So.. I finally decided to do it!  Welcome to my Blog where I will be chronicling my preparations, departure, arrival and immersion into the tropical islands of the Philippines.  Think of it as a reality-show/travel-blog/resource-center.

Perhaps you’ll want to make the trip one day yourself.  Ya’ never know.  And if you do.. you can get lots of info here.  For more background on how my adventure got started, be sure to read; “How It All Started”.  Or.. click here for the Most Recent Articles to get the latest on what I’ve been up to.  I’m also available on Twitter if you’d like to follow along or drop me a ‘Tweet‘.

So.. take a look around.  Visit the Photo Gallery and feel free to join my E-mail Updates list to know when something new is going on.  I have just a few Videos for now, but plan to upload my personal video-logs once I get there.  So. stay tuned.. we’re in for quite an adventure as I travel into a Life Beyond The Sea.  

— Henry ‘Reekay’ V.


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  1. Henry! You are going to have so much fun!!! I look forward to posts on your newest adventures!!! Tick Tick Tick! Time is counting down! Best wishes and woohoo!!!

  2. How you will vote for the next president by mail a month or so before the elections. I also want to hear about how you will greet your new neighbor, mr Obama.
    Looking forward to the good times.

  3. Henry, You’ll be ok. I’ll be there May 22nd to June 4th. We usually visit every other year. Our next visit we must hook up looks like 2013 Dec……… Keep posting pictures.

  4. Hello, Henry
    I saw your post on the inane, and not very Philippine, CebuCityToday forum.
    I am not a member…. lots of leftist Obots there.
    I, along with my girl and our one year old baby boy live on a beach on Cebu, 2 hours south of Cebu City.
    I escaped from the new USSA, aka Obumbo land, before it crashed.
    If you need info or help, feel free to contact me by Email.
    I have helped over six guys to move to my area/town.

    My first advice is to not live in any big city.
    My second advice, be wary of the forums…many jerks and bad info.

    1. Yes, the bits of wisdom or useful info have to be nit-picked from all the egos fighting on the Yahoo! newsgroup boards. I imagine once I land there in Mactan in July, I won’t even use the boards anymore.. too many grumpy malcontents. I’ll be sure to contact you via email. My g/f will be finding me a studio on Mactan and has already set up a BDO account for me. I can’t stand Los Angeles so I have no desire to live in Manila or downtown Cebu. I’ll probably get a place along the South end of the island. My main concern is security, not getting burglarized. We’ll see, I may have to move around a bit before finding something I’m comfortable with.

      1. Hi Henry, first I want to apology for my English mistakes… 🙂 I’ve read your post in the last year and so, you are amazing guy!!! I was in the Philippines for 3 months, but only two weeks in Cebu and I love it!!! I’m thinking seriously to move to the Filipinos for good, lately I was thinking to buy a camper van so I’ll be able to travel all around the islands, do u think it’s a good idea to live in a camper for some years ? I’m from Israel and my email is : [email protected]
        Thank u for reading my message and hope I can heard from u soon 🙂 have a lovely life 🙂

  5. I'm amazed about your keen observations. I'm a balikbayan originally from Bohol and Cebu, usually visit there every year. You are a very interesting guy. I would like to invite you to a wedding in Cebu in May.

  6. Henry I am coming over to the Philippines in Oct or Nov for two week in two years I’m going to move need to pick your brain I have looked at your wesite and it is great I have watch you on all your You Tube videos I’m looking forward to seeing you.

  7. Ok so I want to get my permanent residency, I hear its easier here than there, is it true. I am trying to set myself up to move there for good more or less, I am 55

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