[Video] Sunday Evenings at the Marketplace

What would make for a nice follow-up after spending a Sunday afternoon at the cockfights?  For me, it’s taking a walk through the Marketplace at sunset.  The temperature drops just slightly and even more vendors come out from all directions to fill the streets with people, music and food!  But first I went down the street to the local Catholic church and Convent to get some rest at the nice grounds there.

Lots of people passing through there as well for the evening Mass which is broadcast via outdoor speakers since the large church is often filled to capacity.  It seats about 500 yet still fills every pew on a Sunday night.  There’s a blind man along the street there I like to listen to.  He has an amplifier hooked up to a wooden speaker with his old, beaten up guitar.  He strums out some pretty nice tunes.  (Even the occasional Elvis tune.)  It’s kinda like getting to hear Robert Johnson do gospel-Filipino-blues.  I took some video but the audio just didn’t do it justice.  I slipped him some pesos in his cup though.. gotta support the arts.


From the Church/Convent it was only a few blocks to the Main street of the marketplace.  It’s a busy place all during the day since fruits and sliced veggies for stir fry are really cheap here.  But once the sun starts to set is when even more people come out both to sell and buy.  I stopped at a small ‘sari-sari’ store to get some ‘load’ for my cell-phone and was immediately asked if I was married.  I’m not kidding, as soon as I said, “No.. not yet.”, there were two older women and four younger ones at the counter in a heartbeat.  One of them went to get her camera to get a photo of me.  (I left my email, hoping to get a copy of the photo for the site here.)  Speaking of photos, I took some nice photos of the Marketplace you can view -here-.

From there I usually make my way through the crowd and check out what I might need for fruits/veggies.  I don’t get them until I’m ready to leave so I’m not lugging them around, even though I bring my small backpack along for camera, water, etc.  All in all it’s a nice way to spend the end of the day, meet a few good people and get some exercise.   🙂

Henry ‘Reekay’ V.

Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
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  1. No pun intended, I don’t want to be the one getting on your tits at all times 🙂 but I started enjoying reading your articles and visiting the blog, just want to give you my humble opinion. The videos you take would look much better if you would focus more on what you want to film than on your own face, also the sound is really really bad. Hey if you don’t want you don’t have to post this comment, I just thought this is the quickest way to get my message to you. Enjoy!

    1. Yes, I agree, I’d like to bring the video quality up as I can afford better equipment. I barely landed here six weeks ago and didn’t want to miss recording anything waiting to get a better camera. Something with auto-shake compensation would be great as well. As for having my mug every so often in the shots, I have a few hundred people back home who tell me it’s their favorite part to actually ‘see’ me there, otherwise it’s just a generic travel video they could see anywhere. I know I’m not the best looking guy around, but I’m trying to make the videos personal. I’ll just keep fine-tuning as I go along, but thanks for the constructive comments.

  2. “…I have a few hundred people back home who tell me it’s their favorite part to actually ‘see’ me there…” I’m sorry Henry, I thought about this after posting the comment but it was too late 🙂 I’m a bit too egocentric and maybe I was thinking too much about what I wanted to see, in the end its your own adventure and of course your “mug” should be a part of it 🙂 I would say that the video quality is pretty good, no reason to change the camera just for this, but maybe you could tune the audio a bit, sure it should have some settings on there. I love your photos, can’t wait to see more of them.

    1. I’ve found the weakest part of my camera is when I pan horizontally or am walking, so I’m trying to only zoom forward or brace it against something for steady shots. For the ‘Zumba’ video the original audio was completely unusable because the original audio was pretty loud. So instead I laid down a clean audio track and edited the video to that. The mic is very sensitive, makes a good spy-mic I suppose but it’ can’t handle background noise very well. The one saving grace is that it’s very small and I can carry it with me almost anytime. I hope to be posting photos of the province in Bogo later today.

  3. My views in regard to the replies concerning your recording techniques; One, I personally enjoy the opportunity to see your face as you are talking. It’s like being there and having a conversation with a good friend. Two, I wouldn’t worry too much about all the fine tuning. With practice you will imporve on all of that. I’d venture to say that what most folks walk away with after viewing or reading here is that you’re a great guy that loves what he’s doing, sharing your experiences in an sincere, presentable and entertaining way. Keep up the good work, and I’m really looking forward to knowing you better once my wife and I arrive in Bohol!

    1. Hi Terry, thanks for the positive feedback. This video is one of my earlier ones done with a small minicam that had a lower-res dpi than what I’m currently using for my latest videos. So I’m working to give a better exposure with whatever lighting I have available. My motto is; “I’ll do the best I can, with what I got.” ha! Look forward to seeing you, the Missus, Rusty and his when we’re all on Bohol. 🙂

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