The Cebu Ocean Park – Philippines

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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    1. Could you please do a halog on best places to get a massage in negors Domagette my wife house is near Bahual on the Valencia road start around there so next time I visit home there I could try it thank you

    2. yes, his friend Alex kept me informed within hours of his passing. 🙁

    3. You’ve lived awhile in Dumaguete; have you heard the bad news about “My Philippines’ Journey”?

  2. Nice. Ocean park in Cebu look so much better and cleaner than the one I visited in Manila. Enjoy your time with your woman, Reekay.

  3. Kind of reminds me of Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto. Will get there when I remember to remind myself to get there. Hope to see you walking around Reekay in Cebu when we come back from Saigon next week.

    1. Fingers crossed! we’ll be roaming about cebu until end of march, so maybe we’ll see you as we’re mall-ratting. 🙂

  4. Wow really great place, worth the visit. Nice to see You and Vi again after we meet in Davao.

  5. Hi Vie, hello Reekay I pray you both to have a wonderful life together! Keep the videos coming I am enjoying them very much.

  6. Sorry to say this Reekay, but I think V is the star of your channel.. you’ve been pushed aside lol jk

  7. We miss this place I wanted to visit cebu ocean park when I was there during sinulog… so much fun.

  8. The gal I’m talking with and might visit lives just north of there in Pardo, will definitely check it out, thanks Reekay!

  9. Great video and great footage, I enjoyed the under water aquarium and you guys look very happy with each other. I wish there were women here in the states as friendly and beautiful as your girlfriend. Kudos to you.

  10. Dude you are giddy like a schoolboy around her… I suppose that’s a good thing. You both seem very happy together.

  11. Incredibly beautiful day and such a sweet, fun loving Vi too! Life is good for you Reekay, enjoy every minute!

    1. ​@Von Elsnic my comment is based on facts. which clearly show that the number unwed-mothers in the Philippines is 9 TIMES that of Vietnam. and that the number of college-bound Vietnamese women is on the rise. here are the facts, the first from the Philippines Statistics Authority.

      “More than half (907,061 or 53.3%) of the total registered live births in 2017 were born out of wedlock (See Figure 6). The three regions that recorded the highest number of illegitimate children born in 2017 by usual residence of mother were CALABARZON (144,622), NCR (141,206), and Central Luzon (100,956).”
      MORE THAN HALF. let that sink in for a moment.
      (ref; )

      meanwhile, in Vietnam; ResearchGate states; “We find that while two-parent mother is still a dominant form of motherhood in Vietnam, single motherhood has increased from 5.63% in 1999 to 6.41% in 2009.”
      (ref; )

      i never brought up the issue of who is more ‘noble’, you did. i simply stated the facts that Vietnamese women are far more serious about completing college and not letting an unplanned pregnancy happen to accomplish that. meanwhile, Filipinas do go to college, but far more Filipinas are doing so with an unplanned pregnancy to deal with. and many more do NOT go to college because they got pregnant at a young age.

      the Philippines Information Agency states that 9% of Filipinas ages 15-19 are already pregnant. Ages 15 to 19.. before they could even begin college they have already put themselves at a disadvantage. the PIA also states that, “1 in 5 Filipinas at age 19 is already pregnant.”
      (ref; )

      those are the facts. you can accept it or pretend it is something else, but reality remains as fact.

    2. Von Elsnic.. no, i never said that. that’s not even a phrase i’ve ever used at any time. you can prove me wrong by replying with the video-link where i said that. but i already know, i never said that.

      what i did say, several times, about vietnamese women is that they are very goal oriented, hard-working and many studying to gain a professional career. what i did say is that many vietnamese women are catholic, not buddhist. what i did say is that there are FAR more single-mothers in the philippines than there are in vietnam.

      you may want to listen a bit closer in the future.

  12. At 4:20 the birds didn’t look like they had much space. I’m curious to know how Vi would react if she saw Monterey Bay Aquarium with it’s huge tanks of fish.

  13. Love is in the air. All the farangs with there cute tiny girlfriends. You guys seem happy. Great place to spend a day.

  14. Vie was like a child thoroughly enjoying the experience. The sad thing is most Filipinos never experience what is in their backyard because it would be considered extravagant spending to go there. I hope schools in the area are able to send their students to experience that place and it isn’t all about making money. That is one of the better ocean parks I’ve seen

    1. i think i saw a lower-price for students, seniors and PWD. it’s normally 600php for locals and expats with an ACR or SRRV. (800php without).

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea ..thank you…but
      .umm..I am a Filipino American..wantiy to go back..what is that in dollars

    2. 600php for locals and expats with either ACR or SRRV. 800php for expats without acr/srrv.

  15. Two soulmates enjoying the day in paradise, the true meaning of happiness. All the planets are alinged
    Mr Reekay!!!

  16. Looks a nice place for a visit next week Reekay , so thanks for sharing. Last week we went bowling at Seaside Mall, which was a first for my gf , it’s nice when you can show the girls new experiences. I’ll keep a lookout for you both while I’m in the City and it’s great to see you both so happy together.

  17. Wow! Cebu Ocean Park looks MUCH BETTER (Probably Newer) AND CLEANER than Manila Ocean Park =)

  18. She’s so cute.  She’s just like a little kid saying “hi” to all the exhibits.  Where’s the seafood lunch buffet and gift shop?

  19. I don’t think this was there in 2017 when I visited Cebu. I definitely will visit it when I go back.

  20. I enjoyed the ocean park myself when I took my wife and family there. I thought at first it was a bit pricy but when we got down into the aquarium it was worth it. Do watch out for the “extras” that can add up 🙂 It is clean and nice. Afterward we had dinner at the SM Seaside mall

  21. Hello Reekay! Does your girlfriend have a youtube channel? please can you share her yt channel here, thank you.

  22. We have been there. That place it very nice. Looks like they made a few up grades.

  23. Are those two in the GRAB with you married or a couple Reekay? Amazing if they are.
    Gives me hope going to the Phillipines. In the US as you sadly know the age gap at best is 8-10 years and that if you are considered handsome and well to do.
    I’m 66 and I think for me the acceptable and comfortable age gap would be 10-15.
    I did see a new Vlogger yesterday who is a retired Filipino nurse from the US and her and her husband are going to return to the Phil’s soon. She is 60 and could easily pass for 45. A real class act.
    Ideally I would love to marry a woman that has been in the medical field as they are fascinating to talk with. It gave me some added hope that perhaps i could meet someone like that. Her having a good marriage certainly gives them more light than someone who has gone through a divorce and carrys luggage from a relationship gone sour.
    I’ve been divorced once (She violated our marriage vows) so my “baggage car” is not empty either. One of the great things about your new girlfriend is she probably doesn’t even need a baggage car yet! Hopefully never! Treat her like a Princess Henry!
    God’s speed.

  24. Hello Reekay, I plan on visiting Cebu City this year. In your opinion, which section of the city would you recommend I stay in? I’ll be staying for 30 days. Thanks.

    1. i highly recommend the IT-Park area or the Ayala Center areas. lots to do in walking distance and things you need like groceries, ATM’s, restos, etc.

  25. So you found the right girl, good for you and her. Never seen you happier, life must be so good!

  26. That place must be new. I was there in 2009 but can’t recall it. But since then I went to the Manila Ocean Park last September 2019. The one in Manila if you buy tickets online from a travel site they cost a lot less. Also you don’t have to wait in line with the general public. You proceed to their office like a VIP. That’s in Manila. I have no idea if it’s the same in Cebu.

  27. Reekay you are so happy , you & Vi are just too cute. I’m happy for you dear friend. Your oozing with love & what a feeling that must be. It was great meeting you two at St Moritz restaurant. I enjoyed meeting you both & hope I see you again some day. . God bless friend

  28. I hope in the future if you decide to go back to Vietnam, make your videos as exciting as this.

  29. You guys seem like a very happy couple, you caught a good catch, i wish you the best.

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