Mike Cason – The Loss of a Good Friend & Fellow Vlogger in the Philippines

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. Here is the Donation information that Rose, his partner, shared with Bud Brown;
    Name Meriza B. Bright
    China Bank Account number 616502025326
    PLEASE NOTE: Philippines uses Swift Routing Code, not Routing Numbers.
    PNB Bank is PNBMPHMM
    PNB Account number 309210088380
    A subscriber TIP: One other thing I wanted to mention is that donors can, for a small fee, use Xoom (owned by PayPal) to send money directly to a PNB bank account without using the Swift codes.

    1. … I’m sorry, but Mike’s ‘widow’ as an underemployed kept girlfriend is NOT responsible for Mike’s hospital debt or funeral bills !!! Very tragically indeed, yes, but sadly Mike furthermore did not leave his girlfriend with any apparent source of savings account or income, let alone any sort of owned or leased residence to survive in : ( and that should be the primary harsh lesson to ponder here more deeply. deepest Respects to Mike’s girlfriend

    2. @Angus Mcpherson My full name.Merliza b.bright and address block 27lot12 carmela valley homes zone12-a talisay city. Zip code 6115 ngros occ.philippines. #.09152346861

    3. I sent an email to Rose after my bank wanted her home address and she mailed it to me. You can do that too, but for her privacy from all the punks who keep bothering her, nobody should post that information publicly. Follow the advice of others to NOT send to their PayPal or Patreon accounts since only Mike could access these.

    4. I try to use xoom, but if you don’t have Meriza B. Bright home address or po box you can’t send the money

  2. Very well said Reekay. You and Mike were the first two expats I discovered several years ago covering the Philippines. In particular my girl friend is originally from Iloilo living in the US for several years and I would tell her about Mike’s channel.

  3. Condolences to his loved ones, especially Rose. I found Mike’s site through yours. I admired him for all the good things he did for the Filipinos who had less in life. He’s free from all pain now and may he rest in peace.

  4. Sir I follow a few there for years on YouTube about life in Philippines. This was devastating. So please take care of you self as well. God bless and rip.mike

  5. IMO you nailed it & t/y talking physical fitness. Yes when we pass it may b flip-it that everyone suddenly is a good guy but Mike truly was. He & Rose visited me shortly after I came to Iloilo in ’17 & he was starting to have health issues then. He was heavy to me & as I began to know him I would mention the importance w/diet & exercise. This from someone who walks constantly & hasn’t driven the last 3 yrs. but I saw many similarities Mike had w/my late fathers own heart problems. I think Mike was a little hard headed , like many of us including myself & didn’t want to hear much of it .He & Larry Mally passing been harder for me than when I lost some relatives but in the end I will say that “Mike really did it his way” . RIP

  6. Good video!

    Reekay, you touch on important points towards the end of your video.

    I’d like to add some additional items that in us aged folking we need to be mindful of. If we know the end is coming, make arrangements for your filipina to have access to the castle. You love in life and she love you, thus make sure she is comfortable after you go. I’m going to make I have mine taken care before it gets to the end stages.

    Take care…cheers.

  7. Reekay a wonderful summary of Mike, and as usual you had some wise words of wisdom. Like you Mike was an inspirational guy . I learnt much from his videos and the way he embraced the philippines

  8. This video just shows how we Americans stick together and pull for each other. It’s in the blood. And Reekay, you are the gold standard for all others doing this kind of work. I have been watching you for years. Stay safe brother!

  9. Sad to hear the news about Mike. I hope that Rose is O.K.

    Makes me angry, that some of the toxic youtube people are already dancing on his grave.

    1. Yes there is a channel that is attacking him and Rose non stop. They even posted a video of his death that is sickening. Doing everything i can to get that TROLL/HATE channel banned.

  10. Reekay I want to say I’m sorry for the lost of your good friend Mike. I also loved his Vlogs and feel your loss it’s funny how I’ve come to truly love some of you Vloggers there I watch you, Bud, Paul, Gio, Brian and Ned and a few others that have opened up your lives to us hear in the States I’ll be coming in March for three weeks and would like to visit with some of you and I know where to find you guys! hope to see you soon.

  11. Reekay,
    I don’t comment but watch yours ,Mikes’ & other bloggers in the Philippines

    Rose has stayed by his side & shows what a Genuine Filipina does for her man .

    RIP Mike

  12. I think the thing that impressed me about Mike is that he didn’t let his mounting heart issues prevent him from pushing on with life. In fact, it might have motivated him to live his remaining life to the fullest, be more generous, vlog, find happiness in the Philippines etc. It is important to be prepared though with health and life insurance and make key accounts and financial information accessible to your wife or significant other.

  13. In the wake of the passing of your friend. lf heart problems, heart problems were the cause of his death, folks let me share with you guys, that in the Philipines their have a plant, by the name ( Moringa) that is good for all types of heart problems, so please don’t die with heart disease, use the Moringa it works. You can use every part of the Moringa tree, not only for heart disease but it’s also good for diabetes high blood pressure and many more illnesses. It doesn’t cost a penny, I am sure you can find it all over the Philippines. Folks you need to take good care of yourself, or else death will be at your door. Sorry to hear about your friend death.

  14. Sad to hear about Mikes passing, Reekay, nice homage you made to Mike , i never met him except through messages in youtube,,, but there is a good story on someone else vlog called Tom and Ruth adventures which someone states Mikes life in USA and even talks about him taking pictures of Elvis Presley, go look it up who ever wants to read it, its short but says something about this man who passed, God bless him and Rose for being there through thick and thin and good filipino woman she is,,, death is never easy ,,,,god bless her too,,,,,

  15. thank you Reekay! Yours and Mike’s channel were the first two channels I subscribed to. It was obvious to all of us that Mike was a genuine caring person. whether it was flooding, fires, cleft pallets, he always gave everything he had to help.

  16. RIP Mike. Was there since the beginning watching his adventures. He was a genuinely good guy. Sending my condolences.

  17. Mike was a good bloke. Met him by accident while on holidays from Australia in 2017 at the new SM Foodcourt Iloilo and glad I did. Roberto.

  18. I saw Mike’s final video where his GF posted his final pics, including his dead body. Mike had a good loving Filipina in his life to help him in his final days. Imagine being that sick all by yourself.

  19. Thanks for sharing about Mike’s passing, yes it is a wake up call for all of us. RIP Mike..

  20. Stay healthy y’all dearest vloggers it’s sad Mike is gone he helps a lot of my Kababayan Thank you Sir Mike! RIP and fly high no need to bike anymore Sir! God will welcome you in heaven with open arm’s!

  21. Rose is pretty pls tell her to be strong Sir she’s still young life must go on and Mike will be surely happy for her Rose see her happy.

  22. I’m wondering what the procedures are to get a death certificate from the Philippines that will be approved in the US? Does a US Citizen’s death have to be registered by the US embassy? My father passed last year and for insurance companies to pay off you need a valid death certificate and obituary out of a newspaper. What about the disposition of our bodies ? Does that need to be registered someplace? My asawa tells me not to die in the Philippines, she has no clue what to do if that happens.

  23. RIP Mike, May God Bless you. Very good coverage Reekay well said.Hope you are well mate take care.

  24. I am so very sorry to hear about this and you right, he a great guy even the little time I knew him. My pray go out to his family and loves ones.

  25. Very saddened to learn
    of Mike’s passing. Am
    planning to retire in
    Bacolod and hoped to
    meet him

  26. Really a shock to me, I watched several of mikes vids , but didnt follow him to much, i knew he had health issues but didn’t know how bad it was, What i do remember about Mike was his genuine personality and his honest nature. Mike was a good guy. Mike had a loving hart. RIP my friend i never met. See you up top.

  27. Mike Cason was an explorer…. He died happy. RIP Mike. He was very active until the last 1 year & a half.

  28. Mike is a really good man, I like him because he’s natural and very kind with poor people. Thank you Reekay for giving him a value. Rose is a strong young lady I am sure she will handle everything.

  29. I had watched many of your, and Mikes channels, to educate myself on what to expect in the Philippines, so when I finally arrived last year, I fell very comfortable, traveling around by myself, and enjoyed it very much. Mike was always helping people there, and he was respected by the locals. I always wanted to meet Mike, but never got the chance to. Rest in peace, Mike, you will be missed.

  30. Such sad news, and i have only just found out about his death. i knew he had a heart problem as i have watched a few of his videos.. I always say live each day as if it was your last, because one day it will be.. Lets hope he has gone to a much better place… Carl

  31. Mike was one of the people I watched when I first started watching Philippine vlogs in 2014. I liked that he went exploring with his motorbike in the islands he visited.

  32. I didnt know Mike but he seemed like a nice guy. His death should be a reminder for people to eat healthy as we get old we can’t eat like we used too. its obvious he didn’t eat the way you should have.

  33. He smoked cigarettes at his age?
    Come on people wake up and smell the coffee. This is terrible we’re killing ourselves.

  34. Very sad ,, he also was in my bloggers list to follow .It shock me when he had his hart attack ,but after than I saw he never was with the same energy in talking or walk ,, //Medications for hard problems are for life /or the option of a MARCAPSO .. Medicines is a must in people with hart conditions (IM ON THAT DIET) ..the Philippine woman is a must for we the expats ,, we really depend on they ,, /SO we have to watch for them if we are gone reevaluate wat happened to them if we go ??after we give a nice living with us I prepared that thing long ago even with a life insurance (don’t cost to much) We are almost 30 or 40 years different with our loving partner reality is we in the 60+ we are not kids anymore ..He will be remember …

  35. Yes sir it’s sad and I gave his girlfriend yesterday nice condolence and I was new to his channel and I am brand new to yours…. I have Pinay wife /fiance from Mindanao and am coming back there I was in Bacolod before…. sincerely Craig Goldsberry /O’Briant

  36. Mike did alot of volunteer work for people of the phils,he was a big hearted man we will all miss him much R.I.P.Mike keep an eye out for us all we will see you again my friend

  37. Reekey little disappointed with you. Normally you deliver a copious presentations but not about Mike. You failed to state Mike had congestive heart failure.. You said he had heart surgery but the placement of a stent is a procedure not surgery.. At 30 percent Mike at best had a five year life expectancy.. In Mikes own video he complained of shortest of breath.. so why the hell wasn’t he on portable Oxygen? Mike said he stood zero chance of getting a heart transplant but never mentioned an artificial heart pending a transplant in India or China.. Lastly Mike ate himself to death.. Mike should have dropped his weight to 130 lbs.. Lastly for everyone out there including yourself know that Christians don’t die… only there body is she’d.. We are spiritual beings living in human bodies.. Regards

    1. No unless she lived in the US for a period of time. She says that she WAS actually married to an American who died.

  38. It was about 2 years ago I first watched his Video. I made a Comment about the Cost of living in the Philippines and he Wrote me back to bring me up to date. I was Surprised he took time to Write me or even Answer my Concerns about the Philippines. I do not understand the Reasoning of Starting a Channel because it seems so much Work and Stress. I Love watching Video’s of the Philippines because I lived there from 1987-90. This was way before YouTube and even Expats in Cebu. I remember how hard it was to get anyone to speak English in the Philippines…its so Different today than 20 years ago and yet somethings are the Same. In 1987 there was alot of Killing of Foreigners in Mindanao because the Muslims Group was headquartered there. It was called the ” Sparrow unit ” …the Airport in Cebu was so Small and the Old Bridge was just Terrible…traffic was just as bad and just as Crowded…

  39. This Video Reminds me why I could never live in the Philippines. I Live in Mexico but only 20 miles away from San Diego. All my Healthcare is Free being Retired Military. I know the Healthcare in the Philippines is still 3rd world as compared to Western Standards. My Biggest Worry when I was in the Philippines was my Health. I think some guys go to the Philippines not in the Best Shape so its not the lack of Medical care that is the Major Issue. I see this in Mexico and in the Philippines where Expats are asked to donate money to help a Sick Friend. Here in Mexico I see it alot with expats in Rosarito. I do not always Agree with people asking for money but when it comes to a Funeral I think its important to be Respected. How can we Help Rose with the Funeral or other Costs ? I do not know her Situation but she may need help in the long Term.

  40. Reekay, my condolences to your friend, Mike. I agree with you that we all should take better care of ourselves. He looked bad in that video like he’s been eating too much of that delicious lechon and adobo.

  41. very good video…..you made some very important points …..like taking care of yourself and try and get out and enjoy the later part of your life…..I know many people, at work. with no exit plan. Many in poor health and with 25yrs plus years and a full pension there for the taking…..but most wont even entertain the idea…..I plan on taking an early pension at 49 and enjoying life while I still have some youth and energy to do so……

  42. Sorry to hear your sad news about our fellow vlogger. Thanks for this video. RIP Mike Cason

  43. Mike gained weight due to water accumulation from his failing heart. He was short of breath at rest which was a bad sign. It really did not surprise me of his passing, may he rest in peace and he will be missed!

  44. Rip mike I was always surprised he never went back to the states to get proper health treatment then return but who knows if it would have change things

  45. Mike was a beautiful man and fellow Texan. He will be missed greatly. God Bless Rose and the Children.

  46. I’m 39 years old, slim, fit and have never been overweight. February last year I suddenly ballooned in weight due to water retention. In 1.5 weeks I gained 15 pounds. I was told at the hospital I had severe heart failure due to mitral valve regurgitation and would need open heart surgery ASAP or I would die within 2-3 years. So, at the ripe old age of 38 I had open heart surgery to repair both Aortic and Mitral valves. I was lucky. If I had gotten thorough checkups done this likely would have been caught sooner, but I had stopped going to the doctor 10 years ago. After all, I was perfectly ‘healthy’.
    Just a reminder to folks to get your annual checkups done with a doctor you trust.

  47. Reekay, you might want to do a segment on expats being prepared, to the extent they don’t leave their significant other desuetude, should they pass unexpectedly.

  48. I started watching Mike’s Motorcycle Adventures 5 years ago. Then I retired and moved to the Philippines and have my own motorcycle adventures with a beautiful woman in weather that suites my cloths. Mike was lucky to find Rose. She is a good person. Friends of Mike should send Rose some support to help her and her two kids. Rose can’t afford the house Mike and her lived in even though it is only $275 a month rent. That is a lot in the Philippines. I sent some to her PNB bank account (Philippines National Bank) 309210088380.

  49. Very sad very big loss because this man was very into what he was doing he was a great instructor at learning us about the Philippines thank you God bless please keep the videos up but we can continue to watch I plan to watch everyone

  50. Nicely put Reekay. I am very sorry for the loss of your friend, and you are naturally feeling it emotionally. As always, your common sense prevails, and you make some pertinent and good points in the second half of your video, which I am sure many of your followers relate to. My condolences to you

  51. Thank you my friend. I just heard about Mike. Thanks for the loving tribute. It is a great loss, and we all want to help. I met Mike last time i was in Dumaguete. Such a nice man. God let him rest in peace.

  52. I had watched Mike for a few years and it’s always strange when youtubers are no longer around once you have followed them for awhile…Take care, I’ve been watching you since you were living in Bohol

  53. It was you Reekay that got me started in Philli, then came Mike, never met either of you but watch both of you as much as i can,,, When i heard Mike had died, i was truly struck, you are both my long distance mates… He will be sadly missed…I also want to thank you for raising the point of timing in our life’s, i too have met my true love over there and Mikes demise has spurred me to get on with it… I feel deeply for Rosie, i hope she finds a little comfort in our nice words about Mike,, And please guys, if you read this, give something, please,, he was a really good guy, and helped many more unfortunate than himself. Eddie & Jane.

  54. RIP Mike when i saw the first video ross put up the day he pass i cried such a great guy wow i watch his first videos i was planning to meet him this year mike rest in peace i sure you are an Angele in heaven . now to all haters. you hate because . he was such a great fantastic guy and help so many people and you people got NO heart no love in your life so go away i will miss his videos so much god give you his peace in your sorry ross

  55. Mike truly was ‘a genuinely good guy’ wanting to go to Pilipinas in one’s final years as part of a personal progression, to meet a little filipina et al and set up a channel upon arrival, etc, etc… but please folks, do NOT even think for a minute to go retire in PH without a personal retirement nest and health care !! Don’t expect to just go and then set up a YT channel with very little personal means for the rest of your life!! It’s not reality, I’m sorry ! peace to all

  56. Hi Reekay.  Let this not be construed as a negative comment.  I did not know [email protected] “My Philippine Journey” and am not judging Mike, but regardless of why Mike decided not to return to the US for life saving medical care is a moot point; but may have been a very unwise decision that any person can make.  For the price of airfare and to save your life the US has the best Coronary Specialists and follow up care in the world.  Most US Expats over 65 are entitled to Medicare if they have worked a minimum of 40 quarters and/or Medicaid if they fall under certain income limits. Others may have additional options.

    To save your life, unless you had the funds; you may have to beg, borrow, or steal if the US Embassy does not grant you a Repatriation Loan to get home.  Unfortunately many Expats don’t usually have a plan in place in case of emergencies like that or procrastinate to the point its to late.

    Not to sound uncompassionate or insensitive to Mike’s situation, but this should be a wake up call for all Foreigners or Expats that may face a similar situation.  I would like to implore that all Expats to heed caution. The key is have an exit plan in case of emergencies, have enough funds in reserve, and don’t procrastinate when your life depends on it.  May he rest in peace. IMHO and thanks for sharing.

  57. yes,so true all my friends have died the only ones that call are the scammers

  58. Nice vlog to hear Henry. Take good care of yourself.. life is too short. Curt, from our meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings HCMC.

    1. hey Curt, how’s it going? i’m glad to report life is good here. just taking it day by day. 😀

  59. I didn’t know him and I don’t live in the Philippines, but I follow many of these vlogs, and I know many wonderful Filipinos in my church.
    I strongly suggest that everybody there learn First Aid and CPR (cardio pulmonary resucitation), usually by the time you can get professional medical help, it’s too late. By stablizing the patient, you enable the pros to save them. I don’t know if this would have saved this guy could have been saved, but any readers of this vlog that know it, organize a meeting with a training session. If not, there must be a hospital or medical school or nurse or former army/Navy medic that will show you. Somebody’s life out there’s life depends on it!

  60. And another thing, a blood pressure kit is inexpensive, and the stethoscope that goes with it is useful for detecting heart problems and lung ailments, and a First Aid kit should be in every home, you never know when somebody is going to get injured, important in the cities, vital in the provinces.

    1. i began chatting with mike about 4 years ago, but we met in-person for the first time about 3 years ago. but up until before his death we’d chat online via facebook.

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