(Livecast) “Living With A Filipina”

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. Contact their support. FB sucks, but you could try.

    The problem might be that you have registered ONLY with a mobile number and not an email address.

    1. Then it’s your location, I guess. Have you used the account while being in PH?

      Try getting a VPN which you set to where you used to live. That way you might be able to recover it. HideMyAss.com (HMA) (it’s a supplier of so called VPN proxies) has a LOT of servers all around the world to which you should be able to connect and test if it works. Some others are PureVPN and NordVPN. I have used both HMA and PureVPN, but I chose PureVPN for the lower price, HMA has more locations though and seem more relevant to what you need to do.

      Good luck!

    2. i have a primary and secondary email registered with my FB since i began it.

  2. Hey Reekay. The VN number was still active when I went there like 6 months later. Also, check if there are no options for roaming with your VN number, then you could be able to buy credit online and be able to receive messages. Not sure if it is possible or easy, but I remember that my VN number had a roaming option in Ph.

  3. Don’t worry about age difference guys I’m 76 I’ve been accused of being a cradle snatcher because my Filipino fiance is 58 lol. We met over 4 years ago and we are a perfect match hopefully getting married this year 🙂

    1. Age gap is only relevant if you have a problem with it. Finding true love is what really matters. Congratulations to you both on finding LOVE.

    2. Wow ! Thank you . Glad i got the chance to view this comment . I am still could capable to find my Mr Right ? Hehe

  4. These Trolls are just jealous and hateful people and not worthy of your attention. They are just jealous of your success.

  5. Until my Facebook is restored… be sure to Subscribe and click the Notifications here on Youtube for upcoming videos. 🙂

  6. Darn. Where were you before I made the crazy decision to get married back in 2003? Now we’re separated and I’m trapped in this marriage. 🙁

    1. Married in Philippines you can divorce her back in state send her papers to sign i’m no attorney only what i read.

    2. If getting married, then don’t do it in the Philippines, so it in another country where divorces are allowed. Well, too late for you though.

  7. My Ear, nose and throat specialists told me it’s safe to insert 2 drops of olive oil in my ear now and then, it works for me, why don’t you try it 🙂

    1. the, “Max’s Ear Wax Remover” has oil and hyrdrogen peroxide mixed together as well.

  8. I suppose that is the trade off of choosing to have a relationship with a Filipina vs many other places…poor infrastructure, immigration hassles, natural disasters, limited healthcare, variety of food, pollution, traffic, and other external demands that are unique to the PI..the problem as I see it no matter how great things start off all of those over time have the potential to negatively affect the relationship

    1. Astute John. I’m a homeowner in the Philippines 5 years now married with a 12 year old child. There are a multitude of adjustments both physical and psychological to challenge ex pats living here. Filipina’s can be the best wives in the world and so good for their man. But as John suggests the foreigner should consider carefully whether to move to the Philippines or take your bride home.

    2. @BEN TRAVELS yea there are silly regulations, no doubt but in US many of those regulations benefit you as well. For eample, making a comparison to Phils, in most nieghborhoods your nieghbor can not just go out and get chickens and have roosters crowing at 4 am. In Phils you better go to any new place at 4 am to see if roosters are crowing and you better go at 2 and 3 am to see if any karoake is going on all night long, but those silly regulations in US protect you from these type things.
      There are just different issue in another country.
      Human nature for people to complain about anything negative that happens to them like a silly regulation of cutting grass around a utility pole and equaliy human nature to take for granted all the things benefit you.

    3. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea
      How do all these things compare to the stress you had in US with silly regulations, like cutting grass around a ultility ? There are issue no matter where you live. These things in Philippines can effect you everyday but those silly regulations in US are few and far between.

    4. True. I have been there a couple of times. I definitely admire guys who leave the comfort of the west to settle in the Philippines. Great country if you are visiting but settling brings a whole lot of challenges.

  9. Reekay, FB does this to Asian accounts due to counterfeit items being sold there. I’d use something else instead to be honest.

    1. Getting a cheap cell phone with a new number can be the easiest way to create a new FB account. Paying a small fee to someone to create, then sell you the account is another. A third way is too use a friend’s account that they are willing to give away. I had a FB account that was active daily for 7 years, with about 7,000 photos and hundreds of articles I wrote. It was my treasure chest of favorites, a personal journal of delights. Well, one day, an ex-wife told FB that that account was not really me. They suspended my account! The person you love and trust has the power to delete great portions of your life, history, assets and can make your life impossible. Never forget this.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea they also do it to some EU and American accounts if there is some dodgy activity going on, in your case it must be a location thing as you travel around quite a bit.

    3. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea yes but they track your location so it becomes a south east asian account. I know because I was a contractor for them and worked on the legal dept.

    4. possibly. but my account was created in the usa more than 12 years ago.

  10. The Alo DeWinter freak and that other punk are trying desperately to find something anything to nail Reekay on. Have yet to get a direct answer to some very simple questions after four days. I guess i am Reekay himself and because i misspelled his name Reekey in the comment section on their channel i was trying to pull a fast one on them. When i offered my Skype account name to verify who i was no response. These are some of the questions i asked. Has he broken any laws ? If so. Why have you not filed a report with the police? Is it illegal to date some one of legal age? No response. Is it illegal not to marry someone you are dating? No response. Is it illegal to date someone that is poorer than yourself? no response. Is it crime not to have children with a woman? no response. Is it illegal that you are much older or just older than the other person? no response. So far the majority of the responses have been. Blow me ! I enjoy being a bully. etc, etc. Not sure why someone not mentally ill would continue to harass another person via their YT channel with no facts to back up their claims. So what we have here is nothing more than a Troll/Hate channel.

  11. This is a 24 karat gold video. Topics that guide decisions are being raised and addressed. Thank you, Reekay!. DO YOU HOPE TO HAVE A CHILD?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment. Wishing you both good luck.

    2. She still young and have a lot of time to think what she is going to get..wait until she changed her mind .

    3. @Roger Roger from the beginning i informed her that i had already gotten a vasectomy over 25 years ago, and that i would never reverse it. ever. and she chooses to be with me knowing that.

  12. Who in the fuck cares how young the girls you date are??? As long as they are legal age and you are not forcing them to be with you, then who the fuck gives a shit. People are always calling the kettle black. Every time i tried to date a girl there my age they said I am too young for them lol. You should be able to date what ever age you wanna date, and I support that decision. If people have a problem with age gaps that says a lot more about them than it does about the people dating that are happy together. FFS SMH! I am very Happy for you Reekay even if it doesnt work out, you are enjoying yourself and trying to find the right woman for yourself. V seems to be a great lady so far. And Filipino men get more Filipinas, younger Filipinas pregnant then leave them than any foreigner ever has or ever will.

    1. ditto.
      there are people in this world i don’t agree with, but i leave them to their own devices and get on with my own life. i don’t waste time stalking and harassing them. only petty-minded people do that. if they had their own life to live, they’d be living it. but they don’t.

    1. so true. after 5+ years, a woman stands a lot to gain from a divorce. most divorces are filed by women for that reason.

  13. I got my Filipina girlfriend a passport and we went to Hong Kong for a short holiday, we were nervous about the immigration we knew we were going to face, we got through ok with me having to show my phone to the official and she looked through all my photos which was a bit embarrassing and she asked me about our relationship, I felt it was just being nosey about my life to be honest but I was polite with her and we got through ok.

    1. We had the same problem with both PH and HK we were sweating it out at HK immigration. Haha

    2. glad to hear you both got through without issues. i’m hoping it goes as well for us.

  14. I have been watching your videos for many years, you used to say it’s better to have a woman late 30s early 40s but most of yours are young, not being critical just interested

    1. Almost any Filipina worth marrying is going to be married before 30. About the only exception is the dedicated long-term OFW who are the sole bread winner for their family.

    2. what i brought up (in the video link here) is that there are many good points to consider about a filipina over-35. and there are. but i did not say that those were attributes i personally am looking for.

      after dating women in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.. i found that, for me, early 20’s best fits my own personality.


  15. Shucks Reekay, I missed the live stream, but I did have a question for you. Specifically, if your in an age gap relationship in the Philippines. If so, I understand the problems you would encounter if you decide to live in the US with your filipina – where the culture is different for age gap relationships. Do you think you would encounter the same type of problems if you were to travel to a country like Vietnam, where the culture for age gap relationship is similar to the US?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I can attest to that. My GF was 25 years younger. When she got pregnant she had an abortion because she never wants children. So I dumped her because I am Catholic she was American but originally from China. So now I find a young and beautiful Filipina who will have 2 children.

    2. without a doubt, in the usa, vi and i would have issues with others every time we went out in public. the media gives the impression that the usa is open-minded, but in reality, it is highly bigoted against age-gap relationships. i’d much rather enjoy my relationship in the ph rather than have to defend it daily in the west.

  16. I think Taiwan is okay again….P.I. banned them for travel for 4 days I believe but than canx the ban

    1. Im69 my wife is 35 I dated her 8 years before I brought her to America my life never been better she’s happy here working and traveling sharing her life with me never trade her for any money in the world

  17. I saw a news story that a village of 10,000 was quarantined in Vietnam due to outbreak of Corona virus there.

  18. I wish I lived in your world, what relationship doesn’t make your life worse and better at the same time. It’s called ups and downs. You don’t need to ask yourself, does she make my life better!!!, you need to ask, can I compromise to make this work.

    1. compromise is a given. i’m talking about toxic women who make a man’s life harder (and less peaceful) than when he was single. no need to put up with that nonsense. certain things are simply ‘deal-breakers’.

      tampo, fits of rage, stealing, constant jealousy, cheating, over-spending… there is NO room for compromise on these issues, unless a man is looking to become a doormat. personally, i’ll add smoking and heavy drinking to the list as deal-breakers for me.

  19. How can airport security stop a fliipina from traveling out of the country if for example she just wants to travel? Would it be better to not to attached to each other on the trip out?

  20. First off your blogs are the best I have ever watched. So I am far from a troll. You totally changed my mind about the age gap. I am 66 & the girl that I have known for 2 years, 1 on Messenger & 1 here in the Philippines ( night & day. ) is 44. I fought the I am too old for you war online & lost. I finally said to hell with it I love her.

    At very first I raised my eyebrows at your age difference. Then you told us that in the west we are bombarded with the age gap is wrong. I was doing it to both of us. I thought about it and said he is right, who in the hell do I think I am thinking he is wrong when they are happy. I never said to anyone you were wrong but I thought it. I personally don’t want to be in a relationship with a girl that young but, hey that is just me.

    I am happier then I have ever been in my life & so is my girl. My exes sister was my troll & a woman I had not even seen more than twice in ten years, attacked both of us on Messenger. I certainly don’t want to be like her.

    The FB thing I have been through more than once. I see you got it fixed. I personally never start an account with them with a phone # but, I use an e-mail address & if I do set up a different account for good reason, I change the profile picture.

    Keep up the good work & please keep them coming.
    PS I am an American.

  21. Marrying a Filipina may cause serious side effects including but not limited to the following: Marrying a Filipina may cause trouble breathing and eventual death. Get emergency family help right away if you have trouble breathing or paying your bills. Do not marry a Filipina if you expect them to do all the housework and be a submissive partner. Marrying a Filipina may cause both low and high blood pressure (hypotension/hypertension). Call your doctor if you become dizzy or lightheaded, or you develop extreme fatigue with vomiting. Call your therapist if you develop extreme fatigue due to excessive arguing. Call your banker if you notice any unusual monetary fluctuations in your accounts. Marrying a Filipina may cause kidney and liver problems. The most common side effects to marrying a Filipina are low bank account, high blood pressure, excessive noise, extended family always in your house, sneezing, eating lukewarm or cold food, cough, dizziness, and major headache with a side of heartburn. Proceed with caution when marrying a Filipina to ensure you get the best fit for both of you!

  22. I to have large age gap 30 + years i see u tube blogs critical of that it can never work you cant relate to her age group etc..They don’t have a clue what love is. Good question social security after your death for her i understood she has to be a U.S citizen to receive benefits. Digos city a safe place hour south Davo.

    1. Gary Lafferty it is believed that a non citizen spouse in many cases be eligible. There may be some residency rules that apply.

  23. Reekay….audio was fine. Video was just slight choppy – but not to the point of annoyance.

  24. Awesome vid bro.
    What was that site i can buy things and send to some one in the Philippines?

  25. i have a 37 years old beautiful filipina and she have 2 wonderful teenagers, i have 3 boys in the states 27 years old and up,.we don’t want any more kids. been together now for 7 years. in cebu city very happy together best thing that’s ever happen to me.. reekay velez i love your channel and most of your blogs and your wonderful life. when i get bank to cebu in 6 months i will take you and ve out to eat. i also bought a 1 bedroom condo at Horizon 101 and rent it out when i am not there…maybe if my first wife was a Filipina i might very much still be married.

  26. My wife will collect my survivor benefit after i die when she is eligible. I applied first online here in the PI with mySS website. They ended up transferring my file to Manila who jerked me around for months. I finally contacted SS in the US and they did the final approval over the phone. Since a Filipina without the visa can’t go to the US and apply. Manila will accept the application from a spouse as long as the deceased was eligible, she is now eligible and she has all the necessary document to submit. She will have to somehow return the funds from the deceased spouse meanwhile.

    1. Is it required that a non citizen spouse have to reside in the US for 5 years in order to receive survivors benefits? There appears to be some confusion on how she is collecting since you are still living? Thanks for sharing.

    1. that’s the irony of all this. i do have my google-voice number on my facebook account, for exactly this kind of recovery purpose. but facebook is only offering the vietnam number to verify my account.

  27. Hmmm… Interesting re: Difficult for Filipina to leave the PH. Do these cases have anything in common? I ask as it’s only gotten *easier* each time for Gracie. I will say it’s easier to leave via MNL vs. CEB.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea ah. ok. that makes sense. indeed the first time, I needed to sign and affidavit stating that I would not traffic her. at first I was pissed that it “took extra time” but then I realized they were doing it to protect her, it was kind of a sobering moment. made me grateful for the Philippine government, for once…

    2. the more traveling she’s done, the less it’s questioned. it’s getting them out the first time abroad where the most questions are raised.

  28. I had the same problem with Facebook previously had to wait til I returned several months later to re sign in.The worst thing is that you can’t use your Facebook to sign into other accounts.

  29. Hi Reekay. Just wanted to let you know that my filipina wife and I have just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary yesterday here in Dumaguete city. We are visiting Siquijor from USA in Virginia.

  30. Digos 1 hour south of Davao it safe my opinion population 170.000 . i have been as far south to that outer road of Davao sea. . My Filipina family lives Don Marcelino region 46000 population with 12 Barangays no Jollibee a nice hotel or two Lawa . A nice getaway no air or land pollution beautiful in those mountains a small hydro dam for power by Philippines government project. The people army has NOT been in those mountains for several yrs. . Barangay captains can inform people if bad guys are there by radio. There are places on Mindanao Muslim regions not safe for a foreigner but Digos city not one of them.

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