(Livecast) “Boracay Vs. Palawan”; Your Thoughts

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. Note: AUDIO kicks-in at the 3:50 minute-mark. (had mic issues at first.)
    UPDATE: My Facebook is currently offline until I can complete the identity-verification it is requesting. (which is attached to my old number in Vietnam.) I will update with a video once I am back on Facebook. — Reekay

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  2. Went to Boracay in 1989. We took a 9 seater chartered flight from Manila to Caticlan. I remember waiting in the airport hanger for the mechanic to finish up. The airport in Caticlan was just a grass strip. There was no building to wait in. The only building there was a wooden shack that served as a hanger for the planes.

    Boracay had no electricity then. Our hotel was nipa huts right on the beach. We were each given provision for the stay – a mosquito net and a lantern. Our food at the hotel was bought from fishermen that sold their catch directly to us and we had the hotel cook it for us.

    The beach of course was pristine.

  3. One of the reasons i could not live in Phil is speed of Internet. Worst in Asia(at least in Manila). Even Cambodia is much faster. Off to Mindoro. Can not imagine it much faster. BTW the food is nowhere as cheap and nice as in Thailand or Cambodia.

  4. Palawan’s a Tropical Paradise. But the newest Hot Spot to chill – and hardly a foreign tourist around – are the Batanes islands. It’s just too BEAUTIFUL there.

  5. Henry can you ever see yourself going to both Luzon very beautiful especially the mountains I will be going back with my filipino wife at some point would love to meet up again Regards

  6. Reekay love your videos I have a question about teaching English and passing the tefl or tesol exam. Can you do a video of what books or things you need to study for and how to pass or study for the exam.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea you scared me in the video when said it was tough harder than sat and asvab. I did well on those but school was been awhile.

  7. Greetings from northern California I just missed your live show! Salamat for your advice about both places.
    Reekay down in Pampanga kinda near the former U.S. air force base called Clark. There’s a YouTube blogger called Philly in the Philippines maybe later on way before it gets too hot maybe you and your young filpina girlfriend meet up Brian and his wife Lot and their daughter name Hanna Grace. Maybe they could take you two around the former Clark air force base.

  8. Taking a trip to Dumaguete later this year. Where are the common social gathering places for expats in th e city? Would like to meet up with a group and discuss their experiances.

    1. definitely the boardwalk area along the water. where all the outdoor eating/drinking places are. most expats hang out there. but there are other bar/restos such as Octagon, Flip-Flips or GieGie’s where expats hang out as well.

  9. My take from watching many video’s of Boracay and Palawan although never having been to either is, Palawn is more of an adventurous type place , you’ll be into activities, island hopping day long trips with lunch included if you want and lunches seem very good, swimming , going into caves in the water , climbing home-made stairs up some mountains with an overlook of the area and into some incredible lake-like areas with beautiful water , While Boracay has some of those type things, Boracay is better if you want to hang at the beach and relax or do different water sports and not so interested in adventurous type things.

    Interesting that many of these bloggers and it’s not just the bloggers but most Americans there don’t pronounce the Tagalag words properly or the city names, it’s as though they put very little effort into pronouncing the words properly.

    Palawan is not pronounced like it sounds in English as most Americans try to pronounce it. Most Americans do not pronounce peso prpoerly, it is not like Mexican Peso. The e is sounded different. Mexican Peso is like , pay-so, Phils peso the e is different sounding, more like an e.

  10. I love Palawan but Puerto Princesa is just the landing place you need to travel a little from that area to enjoy the places like the underground river, snake island and dos palmas island otherwise there is nothing there.apart from a incredible and romantic meal at the Badjao at a price of course. To see the most it would be then be worth traveling to Coron and then the very long trip by boat to Manila (or expensive flight)or more Ideally as you are close to Romblon I would consider getting a boat from Coron to San Jose (Mimaropa) if you want to make a big trip of it and see Romblon also. so 5 days Palawan return or 2/3 weeks if you add romblon into it

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