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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. Sorry I miss you live show. I have the VA give me enough meds until I can get back. But if something happen I can get my meds there. Thanks

  2. How about doing a review of Crown Regency?? Coming to Cebu in April and would appreciate more information. Also, good places to eat around there?? Thank you in advance.

    1. I’ve stayed there twice. Last time only a few months ago when I got stuck in a packed lift. Also had problems with door entry system. Reception not very responsive. Moved to the Mandarin a block away from Ayala Mall, which I found to be much better value..its relative new, clean and has an excellent buffet breakfast ( see Agoda )

  3. 100% agree Reekay. Things are bad in the states with this woke outrage culture. One reason I will be leaving. They think a man can become a women just by claiming it and vise versa. People are getting fired from their jobs for not using pronouns and other non-sense. Its crazy here. Best not to give these people time or attention.

  4. Baguio City, will be there from mid April to mid May. Will shoot some video. Nice place to add to your bucket list

  5. I’ve been watching your channel for many years and you and some of a FEW other expat channels gave me some valuable insight before I move there in 2015. I had a YT channel prior to moving to PHL but never did it as a business. Being younger and not retired, I have to travel and work. You have the best library of videos that will help expats that want to have a mobile life in PHL or Vietnam. A lot of new and copy cat types of channels are popping up. I like Geo and he has a great point of view. Tom and Ruth have a great community building type of channel. Paul has a nice channel too

  6. Sounds like your living a relaxed stress free life with a beautiful girl in love life is good Reekay congrats thanks for this nice vlog

  7. Like That Twitchy , What Problem Did He Have With You , He Has An Argument In An Empty Room , He Is Totally Mad & So Bitter & Twisted !!!

    1. Now he is limited to Facebook and as of yesterday added insulting the Thai Prime Minister for an hour to his list of rantathons. But lets not forget Alo the Philippine loon with his moral minority attacking Henry and they can,t seem to make up their minds what Henry is doing. But lets just make some crap up and hope it sticks to the wall. After a week Alo still unwilling to provide me with any proof of his claims. I guess now i have been added to his murder list.

  8. I agree the whole age gap thing is a non issue . Only the dumb asses don’t get it keep up the great work .

    1. It has nothing to do with reality. Its all about harassment Alo said that himself.

  9. I tend to agree with the other comment mike was a great guy and Rose stuck with him till the end . We all gotta go some time what’s better than a loving filipino .

    1. moving from place to place, it fits in my luggage so it’s not a big deal. but it does take up about 1/4 of my luggage.

      getting around daily, i only take in the backpack what i figure i’ll need. powerbank, gimbal, cam, etc.

  10. Questions: Do you maintain a permanent address in the USA for your banking, tax, drivers license etc? How do you do that? How do you renew your ATM’s when they expire? How to respond when your bank wants to send you a text message to your USA phone to confirm its you entering your account? How do you tell your bank you are living in the Philippines? Thank you, I am trying to prepare for life there soon.

    1. Thank you, good info. Always appreciate your channel, and have for a long time.

    2. the only thing i have sent to my parent’s home are my tax records. which i then get scanned and emailed back to me when needed. everything else i do online. i have a Google-voice number for any texts i need to get from the usa. (also works for canada)

  11. people at home in canada just cannot get past the age thing. when i have a gf they ask her age i say she’s old enough.

    1. Funny no one has any issues with movie stars or the rich and famous if they have someone much younger or women date younger men. But certain YT troll/hate channels love to make up stories just to harass others with nothing to back up their claims.

  12. Hi Reekay – I subscribed to your channel. Could you check-out and subscribe to my brother’s channel “Daniel J Americano” ? He is trying to build and open a small resort on the beach in Dingalan. Thank you, Jim in Florida

  13. great to see you have a gf now…you look happy and content… can’t get better than that…keep it up..all pun intended…lol

  14. What happened to living in Viet Nam? I haven’t been on this channel in a while.

    1. i went for a visa-run (from vietnam to ph) in sept 2019 and met my (now) g/f. so i am in ph to be with her this year. next year we hope to move to vietnam together.

  15. hey, you’re back in the P.I. that’s cool, sorry I haven’t been watching and am not up to date with everything going on. Guess I got to go back and watch some vids, lol. Well, welcome back (I’m up here in Angeles City 3.5 years now- you were the first one I watched before coming here…learned a lot).

  16. I think you talked about the age difference in other videos. You said that it is no big deal in the Philippines. People here still have all kinds of misconceptions about Asia.

    1. most don’t really ‘get it’ until they see it themselves in the ph.

  17. You are really lucky to meet a kind and loving person ,but it does not mean ,everyone meet the same ,and of course depends on love and tender to each other ,

  18. I like watching your vlog. I hope I can find a good man just like you who found a good and sweet woman.

  19. Always enjoy your videos… how much luggage, property , contents do you have when you are moving around?

    1. my g/f (vi) and i each have one backpack and one carry-on sized luggage. we move around with just that.

    1. i enjoy both. many things i like about the ph, same for vietnam. but i’d say that ph is better for dating and vietnam is better for infrastructure.

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