Expat Thoughts & Questions on Philippines Travel Options

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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  2. My main recommendation for USA expats thinking of moving to philippines: keep your lawyer’s number handy. You can dial him up on video chat when you have to do things like rent a scooter, extend your visa and so on. ALWAYS make sure to get your lawyer’s approval first. Thanks guyz

  3. It is unbelievable and you are so very very very embarrassing because you cannot pronounce the Presidents Spokes Persons name (a very important person) correctly! In fact it is astounding you are so so so ignorant of correct communication in the PI. To mis pronounce a persons name is about as insulting as anyone can be. That is so important. For the record Harry Roque is a post graduate of Oxford and most likely much higher level of education than you and it is unlikely he would make a name mis-prouniatian of your name .
    You speak as you know a lot about the PI but you do not!!! Ask your uyab if you want confirmation of this!

    I write this as as information for foreign people that you are not really competent to give advice of the Visayas because you do not really understand much. I want foreign people to know they should ignore your opinion because it is not really at all useful. In comparison listen to Paul in Dumaguete because after only just 3 years he has much better understanding. I actually meet you in person on the Terraces Giligans in 2005 , 15 years ago and I am now astonished at how little you have learned . Not much has changed. Others should know! All they have to do is watch your video when in Vietnam after 9 months in residence when you explain you have discovered young women are not interested in older men. Ask your self how many decades did it take you to learn that???

    When I hear only one word of Bisaya coming out of your mouth then we will know you have actually learnt something about the Visayas. For this record I am a foreigner who came to the PI 32 years ago.

    1. to put it nicely, you seem easily confused.

      for one thing, you said we met 15 years ago in 2005. i didn’t come to the PH for the first time until 2012. you have me confused with someone else.

      you then disqualify anyone from giving advice because they don’t pronounce a person’s name correctly. this tells me you don’t take advice well from pretty much anybody to seek out such a lame excuse to discount what a person has to say.

      as for speaking bisayan, how about… lami, ungoy, komesta, lamesa, balikbayan, kaayo ka, ka ulan nun, salamat.. and i could go on for many words i’ve picked up since 2012. you’re just plain wrong on that note.

      as for vietnam, i was there 11-months, not 9. i guess i should simply discount everything you say based on that fact alone. after all, that’s your own criteria. you asked how many ‘decades’ did it take for me to make an observation about vietnam? none. i figured it out in a few weeks.

      do us all a favor. go be a grumpy old man somewhere else. people here are having intelligent conversation and really don’t need your myopic rants obfuscating things. bye bye now.

  4. rEEKAY did you hear about the mandatory check in for all foreigners living in the Phils? A yearly ACR card check in and fee of 300 pesos required or face fees/imprisonment. Heads up. 60 days after first calendar day of each new year.

    1. @Kenneth Salstrom two of my cousins got covid. sick for a few days and fine within a week.

      we could do this all day, but what matters are the percentages that are dying. which is below 2%.

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  6. Reekay your information is so helpful. I was hoping to come to the Philippines but I am concerned it is never going to be the same even if it opens up sometime soon. Do you think the Visa stuff going on over there is related to Chinese ExPats moving there in droves retiring at 35 wink wink?

  7. Good Point while in the Philippines I First Met A real estate agent who was a member of five different organizations whether it be church or real estate affiliations it was very hard making a date with her, Her free time was limited

  8. Reekay I can totally agree with you on where to stay in Cebu I have been there 3 times now in the last 6 years and have always stayed at the ELIZABETH HOTEL.CEBU It is a five-star rated it has a nice buffet breakfast, and the staff are very professional and it’s just round the corner from AYALA SHOPPING CENTRE . Big variety shops, nice food and movie cinemas there is also a AYALA jeepney transit Centre in walking distance so if you travel anywhere on a jeepney easy to get back to your hotel. and I just quickly check the price on the Internet and it shows how hard a time. The Philippines are having at the moment the price is less than half their normal rate. Anyway Chris c. Have a look at Thank You

  9. It must be stressed that words which are merely insulting are not actionable as libel or slander per se, and mere words of general abuse however opprobrious, ill-natured, or vexatious, whether written or spoken, do not constitute a basis for an action for defamation in the absence of an allegation for special damages. The fact that the language is offensive to the plaintiff does not make it actionable by itself.”

    1. in most all other countries, true. but not in the ph. ‘malicious intent’ is presumed by the law to be the motive and the defendant must prove otherwise.

  10. Wonderful video as always. I hope everyone has a great day who reads this and God bless all during these times!❤️

    1. i’ve been using them for over 4-years, never an issue. if anything, they take security very seriously so that’s a reassurance for me.

  11. I have been here in the Philippines for more than a year now ..l live in a barangay with my girl all the neighbours are great …as regards the covid virus ..l think I’m safer here than in UK..at least for now

  12. I think there is certainly too many Philippine bloggers giving out alot of the same information. Granted they strive to have a little different twist but it’s alot of the same information given out. But regardless what I think people seem to be eating this stuff up faster then it can be produced, maybe there’s a lesson somewhere in there.. But only a few are really good at giving out very good in-depth , detailed information.

    I’ll tell you this, there are far, far more then 3 or 4 Filipina’s doing blogs on the Philippines, even Filipina’s born and raised in the Philippines but now married to Americans and living in the US, Girls like Yulie Amana and Cess and the City amoung others. There’s the other Filipina who is excellent at giving out very good info lives I think in Manila, can’t think of her name off-hand. Not as well-know but excellent info.

    Alot of it is all the same, designed for expats and foriegners on vacation , age gap relationships, cultural differences, how to meet good Filipina’s, how to tell the difference between good and not so good Filipina’s. Cost of living, cost of a vacation, cost of traveling, do and don’t in the Philippines.

    Of course they have their own twist, for example girls in US talk about making the transition to life in the US which girls in the Philippines can’t do. It’s mostly the same stuff.

  13. The Philippines government has become like a bunch of children afraid of the boogey man. According to American & Canadian Statistics , Covid 19 has a 99% recovery rate , but Duterte isn’t listening to this . When irrational fear starts overwhelming logic and reasoning your  risk perception becomes even more distorted , and this has been a recipe for disastrous policy mistakes every where. Many countries , especially in the developing world have imposed unnecessary measures that have done more damage to their nations than the virus itself , especially those nations where a good chunk of their economies are based on foreign tourism. R I P Philippines , Thailand is now open to the world , they’ll be scooping up all the tourist ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿

    1. metro grocery store has it in the aisle with the other teas. another one i like is the brown-rice tea. no caffeine. 🙂

    1. I caught covid. I was sick for a week and quarantined for a week after that. It’s not the end of the world.

  14. Im considering taking investor visa for 75 000 dollars. Its not that bad considering dollar is weak now and you can pull out the money when border is open and re enter on a different visa! Also peso is getting weaker so its good if you are a euroholder!

  15. I have been in the Philippines for 2 years & the only one who has ever scared me is Ne’s (GF) mother she scares the hell out of me. I was born & raised in a large city & there are a lot of places where I wouldn’t recommend hanging out at 3 AM. I am never around ex-pats much just Filipinos. Where we are in Davao I doubt if there is another American within a square mile of us. U can’t walk 2 blocks here without passing an armed guard, police officer, or the military. Why would I be scared?

    1. @Mr. Ron Yes, but we can still hear and read news reports everyday or rape, robbery, and other crimes in Davao. Read newspapers online or print everyday so that you’ll know more about your place. Davao has been touted by locals as safest city in the country yet bombings and other terrorist attacks still occured there. Remember the last one, Roxas Night Market bombing in 2016, just a few months after Duterte assumed office while his son Polong as Mayor?

  16. We appreciate your diligence bro immensely. But me im not looking to go home till 22. Ive been shut out in 1 way or another since 19 so ill just take my horse to the old town road and just ride till i cant no mo.

  17. Here’s a question: Why would a ‘foreigner’ choose to live in mindanao when its common knowledge that this is generally thought of as an unsafe place? Some parts of Mindanao may be more dangerous than others but as far as im aware there are ‘foreigners’ living throughout mindanao. I know there are things such as its cheaper than Cebu, Manila ect but so are other parts of the Philippines or perhaps that is where their girlfriend is from but most pinays would happily move to a different part of the Philippines with their foreigner boyfriend. I dont think I could ever feel comfortable living there and would be sleeping with one eye open at night. Fair play to any ‘foreigner’ who lives there and I hope they are having a great life but I find it hard to understand why they would choose to live there when there are so many safer places to live in The Philippines. So what is the reason they decide to live there?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Yes, that was most of the local residents have always touted that Davao City is the safest city in the country since 2000. Yet, bombings both in Davao airport and sea port happened in 2003, two of the bombings inside two malls theaters happened in 2013, the kidnappings of foreigners occurred in 2015, then the Roxas Market in 2016. Yes, despite those deadly terrorist attacks, locals still call their city the safest. That’s why I wonder how could they claim Davao City is the safest when there are cities in the Visayas who have never been attacked by any terrorism in recent history. My point being, the safest city in the country is definitely not Davao for its string of terrorist attacks in recent years.

    2. @lionhearted1969 that was 4-years ago.. ‘before’ the military and police began making a strong public presence. specifically at the night market where that occurred. since then, no more bombings. i’ve been to the davao night market and a person would be crazy to try anything illegal there now with all the police and military presence there.

    3. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea That’s wrong. You forgot already the deadly Roxas Night Market bombing in 2016, just few months after Duterte was elected President, that claimed dozens of lives and injured dozens as well? Before that major one, there had been the infamous kidnapping of foreign tourists in 2015, bombings in SM City and Gaisano malls, churches, port Sasa Wharf and at Davao International airport. Google it and you’ll know the troubled life of Davao.

    4. the south-west peninsula area of mindanao is the area to be wary of. davao and cagayan de oro have not had the same issues.

  18. If you do not like the philippine immigration rules, just wait awhile and they will change!!! Maybe the temporary travel ban for January will be Longer??

    1. If you don’t like the Philippines Immigration rules, then go elsewhere where immigrations is nicer to immigrants. Most European countries are nicer to migrants from fellow Western countries. Western travelers are luckiest because they are treated nicely and better especially in fellow Western countries.

  19. Don’t buy a ticket until there is an unambiguous lift on the travel ban. This last summer I actually booked a flight with Iberian air (I was supposed to go to Spain). Instead of a refund, they issued me a voucher but the flights (when they do resume) are going to be at least three times what they were pre- pandemic and because all you have is the voucher and not actual cash, then you’re forced to buy their overpriced ticket. I foresee A LOT of price gouging everywhere in the world. It’s been happening in Vegas like you wouldn’t believe.

  20. The longer I am in the states, The more my cash disappears. I have a lady in Rizal, Luzon. You are right about the price with supply and demand for airfares. We don’t know at the moment. It’s high now but we can’t travel.

  21. Hi Reekay, CHAZ from Las Vegas, I haven’t seen my fiancé since March when this all started. It seems the PHILIPPINES just keep add more and more restrictions everyday. I just want to come back to Dumagette. It’s a crazy world we live in.

  22. I don’t want to go anywhere else as this is where my girl of 4 years lives, used to go over 3 times a year haven’t seen her in person since December 2019

    1. If she’s your girl of 4 years, why didn’t you make a commitment and move to the PH or bring her to your country? What are you waiting for?

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