News: 23 Fatalities Possibly Related To Pfizer Vaccine – USA Soon Requiring Covid Test For Entry

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    In this video I discuss, “News: 23 Fatalities of Seniors From Pfizer Vaccine & USA Soon Requiring Covid Test For Entry”

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  2. The so called elitist have long since being tying to find an answer to their perceived population control methods James Corbett of the Corbett report goes deeply into this bless him, they used to kill us off in their wars but have decided a more humane way is needed, how thoughtful. Its a cull simple as that.

  3. That 90% effectiveness was what Brazil had before their trails gave them the barely 50% . The news here is the new strains are far more contagious and more severe but the 2 main vaccines offered here from Pfizer and Morena are effective against them also and I believe I read P.H. had ordered I think 30million doses to be delivered in late spring .

  4. its the whole system is in so big dept, so the money is not soon have any value, yeay you think it right, by youreseld Gold now, dont wait for everyone else… im just saying…

  5. Does this mean what I think it means: From the US Embassy in the Philippines
    *”A ban on non-Philippine citizens arriving from countries officially reporting cases of the new COVID-19 variant remains in effect through January 31, 2021. Under the travel ban, passengers arriving from the United States and more than 30 other countries will not be allowed to enter the Philippines.*
    Please see the Philippine Presidential Communication Operations Office website for more information.” Source: US Embassy in the Philippines.,%2C%20Jamaica%2C%20Japan%2C%20Jordan%2C

    1. yes. it would seem to indicate that a non-filipino spouse from “the list” of banned countries will not be given entry until after january 31st, 2021.

  6. I’m wondering if the vaccine has an affect on people that have any particular allergies.. or NKA (no known allergies).. not just because they’re older seniors. But this is only speculation. I’m also curious to know how long it will take to give every person a vaccine in the PI.. this will be more of a challenge because the country is made up of islands. I keep asking about when a vaccine will out in Hong Kong.. because I’m sure it will be much easier to vaccinate people there than the PI. Same with Singapore. What do you think?

  7. My wife in Olongapo said that Duterte is going to lockdown Manila for another month. She just said that he was on the news last night saying he will lockdown again because of a new strain of the virus. What have you heard? She was supposed to have her interview at the embassy on the 25th. Any advice? We’ve been apart 1.5 years now.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I saw those. She said just last night that he will be extending it another month past January.

  8. I read yesterday that the number went up in Norway to 29 deaths – similar story as with Italy: the elderly were mandated to get a vaccine DURING THE FLU SEASON WHICH IS A PROFESSIONAL FAUX-PAS BECAUSE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IS ALREADY TAXED – A sure killer. On top of that, Italy has drastic
    cut-backs in social services, on top of that, the air pollution + 5G all contributed to the fiasco; ERGO: the result was death by a thousand cuts and immeasurable greed. NYC similar story + wrong protocol — mistake? – that killed big time. Afflicted in Washington that has the 5G. You do the math.

  9. Do we know if foreigners here will be able to get vaccinated if we choose to? That’s a question I haven’t been able to get an answer to. We’re banned reentry if we leave and now we have to get a COVID test within 3 days of entering the US so this is getting more and more complex everyday in trying to assess which route to take. I’ve been here since this began last March.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea It’s the same thing for US Veterans living here with access to the Manila VA. They’re not on the list for Vaccine Distro.

    2. currently in the ph, expats are not on the priority list. first priority are military, medical workers (frontliners) and the poor.

    1. It takes guts to get vaccinated knowing that it could kill you, but you don’t want to infect your family if you got infected.

  10. Thats not true, a young doctor died in florida from the vaccine, and i believe more have died, but the news are hiding it, remember bill gates said he wanted to de-populate the world with vaccines,

  11. Almost 40 million people vaccinated now. But not all the vaccines are the same. The Russian and Chinese and Pfizer and Moderna and other vaccines.. are all a bit different from each other, and some more effective than others.
    And…. the I.A.T.A (International Air Transport Association) is almost finished completing a Digital International Vaccination Passport that will be required to be shown in order to board international flights once the vaccinations are almost completed in the world. Also… most countries will probably require vaccination evidence for entry.  
    I can’t wait to fly back to Cambodia. The two poverty stricken families I support, and the old man who lost his arms when helping recover land mines who I also help, are waiting for me to return. Wanting to live my last years there.. .and have a Buddhist funeral and cremation.
    Love your Greenscreen

    1. getting vaccinated does not open up entry into the ph. (currently) the ph needs to re-instate the granting of tourist visas before that can happen.

  12. US has lowered minimum age to 65 while not being able to take care of 75+. Also the doses for the second shot have been been used up with no clue when more will be available..

  13. either it was fake news or they got caught out and then came clean and blamed it on fake news haha!

  14. the uk Glaxo doesn’t require much cooling about the same as most regular vaccines were as the Pfizer one requires well below zero which requires specialized storage that many places don’t have!

  15. The vaccine should be free all governments should pay for all like the UK, I assume many will not take up due to cost in ph

  16. I recently caught Covid. It sucked and was worse than I thought it would be. Definitely worse than the flu. I felt like total crap for 3 or 4 days then another 3 or 4 of still being not well. I may even have some lingering fatigue 2 and half weeks later. Even still, I would not recommend the vaccine unless you have some kind of pre-existing condition. It still would be a case by case personal decision. The vaccine is not a free lunch with no risks. It sounds more like a flu shot than a vaccine in that you will have to get it every year and may still catch covid. I’m a 43 y/o male with no pre-existing other than occasional hypertension.

  17. Not sure it is a good idea to talk about these possible vaccine cases until the full data is available, even though you are explaining it is older/sickly people already. Reason: Filipinos are already worried due to the Dengue vaccine fiasco, every Pinay I’ve spoken to here in Singapore is unsure, but has no specific reasons. Don’t give them more gossip and heresay.

    1. it’s already on their own tv, online and social media outlets. it’s not like they are unaware of it.

  18. Yes they are going to give it to the old.. They will brush off the deaths.. The exact opposite of what they do with covid deaths.

  19. Is that not the goal to get rid of all those over 65 years. Look what happens to young nurses taking the vaccines? Seen on video young nurse almost die minutes later. Vaccine will be forced in various ways. If your a teacher or a care worker you have a choice. Take the vaccines or you get fired. Not forced at all they say?

    1. Same with truckers and pilots who have to keep a current medical card. Then anyone that needs a govt license or credential to maintain employment.

  20. It’s all about risk vs reward. The risk of people in care homes dying from COVID -19 is very high. The numbers dying from the vaccine very, very low in comparison. It’s the same with polio, flu and in the past, smallpox vaccines. If u are in a high risk group then taking the vaccine should be a no-brainer. But even if u are not, I ask that you all stop the collective extremely selfish thinking. Even if you are at low risk of developing complications from COVID-19 you can still spread it to vulnerable people in your community. Vaccines work by a process of herd immunity and that needs at least 70 per cent of the population to take the vaccine to be successful. So if too many people wait around to see if it’s effective on others, them herd immunity simply will not work! Stop the selfish thinking and dishing out of self-serving information please. Shit like this will cost lives!

  21. One million and counting here in Italy no causalities registered so far. Still Pfizer announced that will be delays with next supply

  22. Difficult times. I am from Arizona, and it has the highest coronavirus rate in the world by some measures. And meanwhile, their governor (GOP) still does not force masks wearing, so no one does. They are also forcing schools open in classrooms (while not covering teachers if they get infected). Gyms, restaurants, and places indoors people just do not wear masks, or ever care. And governors and state representative are calling it a all hoax and other insane nonsense.

    1. I personally think we will all be exposed at some point. Lockdowns come at a cost. Economic, suicides, depression, drug and alcohol abuse. There are no easy answers.

  23. I would hope that the American Embassy will provide the vaccine for us . Not from China. I would travel to Manilla are Cebu.

  24. Might want to educate yourself- check out Dell Bigtree on the Highwire, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Dr. Buttar and many others. This is ultra-scary human experimentation after a two month observation on human subjects. The real problem will be when antibody-dependent enhancement starts killing lots of people in the future, as it did ALL the ferrets in 2014. This is craziness!

  25. It would be nice if the media would report facts and not try and make news. Report the facts and then wait for the science to answers any questions. Unfortunately the media is only concerned about ratings and selling adds. The US being the the worst at this practice. Good report on this Henry.

  26. One had to ask if you should get the vaccine if you are already over the life expectancy age and have medical conditions.

    1. Klause Schwab’s “Great Reset” of Capitalism. They see Covid-19 and Global Warming as a “…great oportunity…” to change the world. As they said…. Capitalism needs a good dose of Marxism in the world.

  27. They will force everyone to take the vaccine. They will say “no vaccine no entry” into all public places. They have already set a precedent by requiring facemasks and faceshields to enter public places. Also they have recently told the U.S. government “no vaccine-no vfa (visiting forces agreement).


    China Launches Smear Campaign Against Pfizer

    A few days after attempting to dismiss disappointing test results from Brazil on China’s Sinovac vaccine candidate for the Chinese coronavirus, Chinese state media turned to attacking Sinovac’s American competitors Pfizer and Moderna, calling for a worldwide ban on Pfizer’s vaccine after 23 elderly Norwegians died, ostensibly from reactions to the Pfizer shots.

  29. 3.8 million people vaccinated here up to date in the UK and 2 (two) people had a mild fever for a day or so, then recovered. My own parents had the vaccine 4 weeks ago

  30. Who cares how many new cases there are. All that matters is the trend and degree of change of the DAILY NEW DEATHS. STOP BEING DUPED!

    Do the Math:
    total deaths ÷ total cases – 100 = Survival Rate. And so far, the Survival Rate for COVID is far better than the annual common flu.

    1. Complainers? Have you done any real, extensive research on this vaccine ASIDE from mainstream sources like the corrupt CDC/WHO/ News? This shot will be in your body for LIFE, why inject that into you without knowing 100% what it’s capable of doing to you?

      FEAR of a virus with a 99% survival rate and a .00% infection fatality rate makes ZERO LOGICAL SENSE…

  31. Thanks for the info. Still so many more questions. D30 stated that populus will not have choice of which vwccine they will receive. Many cities have contracted with western companies for vaccine (Cebu, Davao), some for Chinese vaccine (where I am, Davao del sur). Am I going to have to make a choice between Chinese vaccine or none (assuming I want a vaccine) and as an expat, is a vaccine going to be made available to me? The US embassy said they are not going to supply their own expats with vaccine, which means they are going to abandon 10 millions Americans worldwide. They only know us at tax time.

  32. If 98 or 99% of the people are surviving the virus, then i would give the vaccine if they want it, to the ones more prone to it, and forget everyone else,,,, you inject the ones the who need it most. No one under 60 should take the vaccine unless some underlining issue is lingering. Yes, Variant more infectious, but doesnt kill you, We all have had the Flu one time or another in our life, and it doesnt kill everyone,, Something is not right…i just dont get it.

  33. My guess is they will continue to over report covid deaths and underreport and cover up the vaccine deaths. Just follow the $ trail, they’ll do what’s best for business

    1. The health care gurus are saying deaths are underreported due to people dying at home or out of the hospital setting

  34. In Denmark where I live all old people in nursery homes who have accepted the vaccine have got the first jab. Since it’s many of them are very old and fragile it’s only natural that a number of them will die every week and I think it’s very difficult to figure out whether they died because of the vaccine or because of other health issues.
    There have also been a large number of deaths form covid-19 in the nursery homes.

  35. My girlfriend was taken to the Noah isolation center in cebu sat . She has no symptoms so it’s mild or moderate condition so I’m assuming she is asymptomatic. The Noah’s isolation center is for mild to moderate covid-19 patents. So I was wondering can she get a vaccination after the 14-day quarantine there if she wants to pay for it what do you think? any info that could help sir?

    1. You don’t need to take the vaccine just after recovering from a bout of COVID-19 disease. Your body has produced antibodies to fight it and is prepared to produce more.
      There is not a scientific consensus as to how long the immunity from having had the disease will last. The predictions vary from 3 months to one year. Also, some scientists contend that your immune system remains ready to ramp up production of antibodies to fight any subsequent infection, so that the person will fight off the infection quickly.
      Of the many variables to be considered, two very important ones are the general health of the person and the viral load (amount). A mask cannot prevent inhalation of all viral particles, but can reduce the number inhaled. A lower viral load means a less severe infection.

  36. Nice updates thanks.

    29 passed away from 40000 jabs.

    Thailand bringing in negative tests when you renew your visa and insurance.

  37. Thanks for all the updates,,,,,you think the public is really informed concerning the Covid virus or the antidotes that are being dispensed,I surely don’t as I don’t trust or believe any Governmental agency out there

  38. Hello ,here in.Spain,nothing happened so far ,after vaccinating the elders ,even most of them are on second dosis

  39. hi love this, i am from denmark and i can tell you we also have death from pfizer vaccines, and we also have people getting covid-19 after they have got the vaccine

    1. but… but pfizer is US-made! it’s supposed to be safe, right? maybe what those people were injected with were plain distilled water with sugar diluted? lol

  40. Can’t believe that the US is JUST NOW requiring Covid tests to enter the county. Other countries (like PI) have had that requirement in place for months. And yet the US wonders why there are so many cases here…

  41. China obviously delivers their usual quality 🙁
    let’s hope they don’t mix poison in it like they did with the baby food a few years ago 🙂

  42. For the vaccine to be beneficial you need to take a second dose in two months after the first dose. Is there enough of this vaccine available to administer the second dose. The more testing that is done the more cases there will be.

  43. I’m not too worried. A person who’s in their 80s already can’t take much. In addition, in any population, under any age demographic, people die from all kinds of things every day, like heart attacks, stroke, organ failure etc, so statistically, a certain number of people are going to die right after getting the vaccine. That doesn’t mean the vaccine caused their heart attacks, strokes, organ failure. All that is, is a correlation. Correlation is not causation.

    Most countries are vaccinating at-risk groups first, but there is a country, I can’t remember which one, that is vaccinating young people first. The reasoning is that, if young people are immune, they won’t spread it to at-risk groups. Immunity versus spreading etc is a complex topic, but I think I prefer that method over the way that the rest of the world is doing it. I don’t know, I don’t have a doctorate degree in internal medicine and immunology.

    Thanks for the video and the analysis. Always great info.

    1. @Aidan Cooney Where in my comment did I state that any age demographic – other than 80 year olds – have already been vaccinated?

  44. Pfizer is fine for younger people. But for God’s sake it’s killing old frail people. The exact people you want to protect. How are older people supposed to put up with 100 degree fever and chills. The best vaccines for older people are inactivated viruses. They are not as inflammatory as are mRNA vaccines.

  45. People won’t be forced to take a vaccine, but if you want to go anywhere or do anything, without it, the options are likely to be limited. The Covid tests are considered to be highly inaccurate, by many doctors and scientists .Thanks as always for the information Reekay.

    1. The I.A.T.A (International Air Transport Association) is almost finished completing a Digital International Vaccination Passport that will be required to be shown in order to board international flights once the vaccinations are almost completed in the world. Also… most countries will probably require vaccination evidence for entry.

    2. I am a trucker and figure it’s just a matter of time before it will be required to keep a med card. Same for commercial pilots. I really don’t want to take it, but fell I will have no option.

  46. Very sad that the Philippine government doesn’t pickup the tab to inoculate its citizens. With so many poor, they will have active cases for a long time.

    1. The vaccine just reduces symptoms in an illness that already 80% of people don’t get any symptoms, it doesn’t prevent transmission and you will still be quarantined. Do not risk it!

  47. Since this is a global pandemic, then why would countries be charged for a vaccine? Wouldn’t it be better if the drug was dispersed free of charge to every country for the betterment of everyone? (Unless there’s a hidden agenda to this all along of course)

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I used to think Bill Gates was that nice nerd with a philanthropic side. These days I’m beginning to question his motives. I hope the conspiracy theories are wrong.

    2. “At cost” and “for profit” are two separate things. I believe an article I read was that Pfizer will sell the Philippines vaccines “at cost” which means they will only receive enough money to cover the cost of producing the vaccine and not “make a profit.” This is in by large part due to the Philippines being a poor country. That’s the justification that I read anyways.

    3. @Pete Gas thanks for the clarification. 🙂 bill gates is very involved with vaccination. the problem is, what is his motive? some say money (he holds shares in at least one of the vaccine producers, maybe more) some say he is out to sterilize people to bring down the population. lots of theories out there, but bottom-line, few seem to trust him.

    4. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I know all that. It was more of a hypothetical rant. But lets take what you just said into consideration….yeah it cost money to make the vaccines and with over 7 billion people in the world, that’s a lot of money. Still not impossible for a select few to pool their resources together for the betterment of mankind. (Jeff Bezos – worth billions…..Bill Gates of all people, seeing how involved he is with this sort of thing for some reason….Elon Musk….Warren Buffet…Qin Yinglin). And the list can go on and on on that billionaire list. The point is, this can be eradicated quickly the world over, if they really wanted it to

  48. More than 20 000 doses of the vaccine have been administered over the past few weeks in Norway and around 400 deaths normally occur among care home residents every week.

  49. Thx 4 the info I have a friend lives in the philippines and she doesn’t know she will take it or not but here in the states I’m unsure I will take it cause of the ingredients where can I find the info on the 2 vaccines

  50. We were warned about this beforehand. That there would be reports of elderly people dying after receiving the vaccine. Because a lot of these people were going to die of underlying medical issues anyway. The question is, how many elderly people died during that same period of time, that did not receive the vaccine.

  51. Theses vaccines have been brought to market way too soon. They really don’t have enough data on the efficacy and Big Pharma has immunity from any recourse

    1. If they didn’t have immunity they would never even think about making a vaccine. Why would they risk being sued into bankruptcy?

    2. Big pharma didn’t start the pandemic they are just trying to help control it, even if they make a profit. We are in uncertain times and need to continue to reflect on that.

  52. So, let me get this straight… Co-morbidities are NOT counted when they want to tell us someone died from Covid. Conversely, co-morbidities play a major part in those dying from the vaccine. Wake up!! We are in an experiment and are far from being told the truth.

  53. Thanks bro for the continued updates but ive got a question. Do you think the Phili will be able to purchase vaccine from other sources other than China? My bad 1 more question. Any thoughts on weather the Phili can do the same on incoming international flights so we dont have the 14 day quarantine?

    1. @Roger Ritchie
      Too many pizzas,, hamburgers,, tacos and mountain dew in their diet probably….
      People who eat healthy don’t usually have problems..

    1. I don’t think this is information that the majority of the philippine public gets. people are dying from these vaccines…The Philippine Government is so lost with what is really going on. everything is now covid covid covid.. PLANDEMIC and its working on the masses..

  54. I just hope the Philippines opens up soon. This whole lockdown seems like a sham, it’s been a year. Open up already

    1. @OMEIII it’s real. I had it. But the vaccine is not a free lunch. Studies show if you take it, you are more likely to get the flu. That means it weakens your immune system. They are not even saying it will stop you from getting covid, just possibly lessen the symptoms. It’s a bad situation and there are no easy answers. I would not take this vaccine.

    2. @Subotai Do you believe all those countries and their hospitals, doctors, nurses could all agree on one speech ? Like come on we talking millions of people, and not one breaking the silence ? The pandemic is real, it’s just governments exaggerating and making a big deal out of nothing. Hope you meet with your parents and siblings soon

  55. Does anyone realize the insanity of this? Or are you all just gonna whine because you can’t travel, you’ll bend over like sheep to take a very very poisonous jab, that’s not only killing people its damaging them for life. All over something that has a higher survival rate than normal flu. You will be forced if you want to do anything in life in the future. Dont kid yourself.

    1. openyoureyes
      …………………….Are you trying to wake people up…
      …………………….Open their eyes….
      Be careful…….The men in white coats might pay you a visit…

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