[Diary] – August, 2013; Staying Busy, Big Changes & Loving Life

my life in the philippinesMonth of AUGUST – 2013  This is one page per month devoted to the more personal experiences related to my life in the Philippines.  I’ll toss in some photos & video links as needed for emphasis so.. no telling what you’ll encounter here.
—  Henry ‘Reekay’ V.

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[08/31/2013] —   Well, here it is the beginning of September and I’m just now tapping out my diary for August.  That’s been the kind of month it’s been.   Busy, but a good busy.  I know it might seem at times I just swing in the hammock by day and roam the streets at night but lately I’ve actually been getting some stuff done behind the scenes.

Most notably I’ve been kinda MIA from here largely due to working feverishly on the official LifeBeyondTheSea Youtube Channel.  For those of you who did mosey on over there you’ve been able to keep up with my latest adventures including my recent ScooterLifeBeyondTheSea Youtube Channel purchase and attempting to hack open a coconut with my brand new Sundang.  The channel is finally starting to get some traction and getting shared on Facebook thanks to so many of you who have tuned in.  Thanks so much for that!  🙂

I also whittled down the inventory on MyLovelyFilipinaGifts store.  I’m keeping things simple and besides, it’s one thing to send a girl some phone load or a teddy bear and chocolates.. but I figured it was best to not carry laptops or televisions.   Plenty of time for that after the wedding.  

As if that weren’t enough, I’ve begun dating a new Filipina that I met by sheer providence one night as I was out looking for phone load at 10pm.  She owns a small restaurant/sari-sari along the road and, well.. I just had to return and try the food.   She’s very responsible, sweet and kind and.. it’s a bit early as I only met her 2 weeks ago to know anything for sure.  I told her I don’t plan on making any relationship decisions for another 6 months and she’s totally okay with that.  So, we’ll see how that goes.  But for now it’s nice to know I’ve got someone local to enjoy a movie or lunch with when I’m not tapping away on my laptop in the province.

But I’d say that lately the biggest thing that’s happened is a whole paradigm shift in my life here.  It’s now been 13 months since I arrived and I’m really loving the experience of calling the Philippines my new home.  I’m learning the local streets little by little with my scooter so getting around has been much easier.   In fact, things have been looking so good more freedom to roam aboutfor me here that it kinda scares me.  I’m accustomed to some major tragedy hitting me when things seem to be going too good for very long.  But I’m open to the idea of perhaps things are finally coming together for me on so many levels.

When I was younger and single, my chief focus was ‘getting re-married’.  I wanted to find a wife and regain that identity I’d had as a husband.  That was all good and everything but my experience being single at that time was one of feeling “less than” for not having a mate.  Being single back then seemed almost like a punishment of karma in some way.  But now, it’s a whole other experience.. one that I really never imagined existed in reality.

I’m single, I enjoy the projects I do each day and I’m truly in no hurry to get married.   I like walking out of the mall and deciding on a whim whether I’ll go home.. or take a ride on my scooter to the pier and just ‘hang out’ near the ocean just for the hell of it until I’m good and ready to find me some late-night bbq and roll back into my bed when I feel like it.   I like waking up in the morning, telling myself that after a shower I’m going to make some breakfast and then study up on marketing.  But then, by the time I get outta the shower I decide instead to get breakfast at some small place in town and go explore a new part of the island or go for a swim at one of the local hotels for the day.  I just toss my swimming trunks and a towel into my backpack and I’m off with a few pesos in my pocket for incidentals.

Friday afternoon the new girl I met (Jovan) asked if I’d go with her to a local disco club at the Tropics Hotel with her two friends.  I thought about it for a nanosecond and said, “Sure, just show me where it is.”  We arrived around 10pm and I gotta tell you.. had I not felt so comfortable with this sort of thing by now it would have been surreal.  The hotel grounds were beautiful.  A swimming pool lit up where we took a few photos before we made our way to the very large gazebo shaped bar overlooking the harbor with the stars overhead.bohol-tropics-cafe-atanacio  A very pretty lounge singer was singing some 80’s tunes onstage.  And there I am.. with three lovely women.. one of whom (Jovan)  is very sweet on me, so all my attention was on her.

We enjoyed the music and drinks for awhile then went to the dance club where we enjoyed both a live band and some kickass dance music by the DJ.  After several hours I escorted my date to her motorcycle and we each went our separate ways.  I know, not the ending you might have anticipated but.. that’s how good life is right now.  I had a fantastic time and am beyond content with my station in life.   

I think the only way I can describe it is that it’s like having an all day pass at your favorite buffet that carries all your favorite foods and deserts.  There are no lines, there is no rush.  When you are surrounded by abundance there is no need to rush, push, shove or get anxious over anything.. there’s plenty any time you want it.  That’s how I feel.  Like that famous verse, “My cup runneth over.”, yah.. it’s like that.

My senses could not be any more fulfilled.  I enjoy my meals, I enjoy the company I keep, I enjoy my quiet time in the jungle, I enjoy my freedom.. for the first time in a long time I’m enjoying every aspect of every minute in my life.  

As I was riding home last night through the evening air with the shining stars overhead I was trying to think back to the last time I was this happy with so much of my life.  I’ve had many happy periods in my life.  You might even say I’ve had an extremely blessed life despite the many painful traumas I’ve inflicted on myself.  As I thought about it more and more.. asking myself, “when was the last time I was this happy?”, finally it came to me.

It was when I was about 7 years old.  I remember that day so clearly like it was ten minutes ago.  I was at my Grandmother’s house in Stanton, California and it was one of those perfect days where the weather and blue skies are like a gift from above.  I walked out to the shade of a tree on the lawn and stretched out on my back looking up at the moments of blissbluest sky I’d ever seen through the freshest layers of green leaves that dangled lazily about in the mild breeze.  Every so often the sun would poke through briefly like the shining star that it is between the branches.  And I remember laying there, with the soft grass underneath me, the limitless sky above me and I just soaked it in.  I absorbed every minute detail into my brain and memorized that moment because somehow I knew that moments like that don’t come along often.

I’ve waited and kept my eyes open for that sort of feeling for 43 years since that moment.   And now.. it’s back.  And I’m absorbing every single piece of it to remember for my last day.  It feels good to be happy again.

Henry ‘Reekay’ V.


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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. Oh Henry, such a beautiful story. and so heartfelt. You know the words I message to you every once in a while… that you are focused, heading down the right path and I am as proud of you as a mother would be of her own son. I understand what you are feeling. Since my plans to retire in the Philippines are deep rooted in my mind and my heart, and I no longer carry the burden of an alone single person, I have found utopia in planning for my life there on the islands of the friendly people. Peace has come to me too my friend, the past is no longer important and all it benefits me now is the knowledge and the character I have gained from its lessons. And you know it never hurts when you know you are cared about and loved. If it is in a romantic way, then that's the frosting on the cake, but love never feels the same when you are unhappy and needy and likely it wont come along or stay around.

    It comes because you are serene and have found your purpose in life. It is that that Jovan sees in you that she loves……your completeness and your willingness to share it with her. Congrats to the great friend you have found in the beautiful lady who came along when you really werent looking for someone to fulfill you. The timing is right. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Donna. Frankly.. I’m a bit scared. Crazy to think by my age I should have this all figured out by now but, nope. As with all other things here.. just taking it one day at a time. I may not even be alive a week from now or a year.. “ya never know”. So for now, I’ll just accept what is good, enjoy it and see where it all leads in time. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve found myself in the “friend zone”. But if that’s how this turns out, that’s ok too. I’m already happy either way. Anything more is, as you say, “icing on the cake”. Frosting, icing.. whatever. It’s all good. ha!

  2. Great story, Henry. I sure can relate to it. As a matter of fact I met my wife at Bohol Tropics. Every time I make it to the Phils, we stay there for a few days. We have a 3 yr old daughter now and I'm older than you 🙂 Yet after all the years, there's no question that these are the best days I've ever had.

    PS – Musta imong Bisaya karon?

  3. You were an aware and analytical 7 year-old, maybe even a little prescient. We have to able to recognize treasures in order to appreciate them. Now there you are, channeling the wisdom from your childhood self, being happy.

    1. I’ve considered myself something of a freak in that sense, and it wasn’t easy growing up like that. As a kid I saw other kids as ‘kids’. Needless to say I never really fit in anywhere and spent much time either reading or thinking. I’ve described to my Mom my earliest memories, even an exact day’s event and the layout of our apartment from when I was 4 years old and it kinda scared her that I remember so much in vivid detail. I suck at grocery lists, I have to write everything down. But for some reason, I can remember all the layouts of every home we lived in (which is over 20 homes while I grew up.) And I can remember clear details from my childhood such as the whole day’s events the first time I heard a rock’n’roll song. (‘Satisfaction’ by the Stones, on 4th of July at a hangar in Travis Air Force Base, approximately 8:30pm) I’m just thankful it helps with my writing. Some stuff would be nice to forget.

  4. I first experienced that same euphoria when I lived in the Philippines back in 1984. I spent over two wonderful years here as a single guy until I met my wife. We dated for a year and married and resided in the U.S. and now, 27 years later, we have returned to enjoy what we left behind many years ago….the bounty! Life is full and plentiful here as Henry describes, in most all aspects. It would be impossible to replicate this lifestyle anywhere in the U.S. or the western world. And, like you Henry, even after two short months here, I do not long for anywhere else. I’m home!

    1. You put it well. I’ve lived in the outskirts of town in SoCal and there were moments of bliss to be sure. But there was always the “fast pace” of daily life to interrupt it. Here, it really is a whole other world.

    2. Had to laugh by unintended meaning of one sentence you wrote. “I spent over two wonderful years here as a single guy until I met my wife.”

  5. So nice to hear Henry! When you are in peace with yourself, every place is a home! But for sure I am so happy to hear that your home is where your heart is…more fun in the Philippines! Take care! God bless!

  6. Henry,

    I hope you can reread this in a day or two and not wish you had waited a while before waxing romantic and sentimental.


    1. It’s nothing faint or passing, it’s been with me for quite some time since being here. I’m no stranger to life at 50 years old. I know life undulates. But when life is good, it is good to acknowledge it and be thankful. God knows it’s usually in our nature to put more energy into focusing on when things are not so great.

      1. Henry,

        Yes. Life undulates. Sometime it bucks and jumps like a rodeo bull or swoops like a rollercoaster, but it should be known that gushing romanticism, sentiment, mysticism, religiosity and equalitarian thought hinder a successful expat existence in the Philippines or any other country where the newcomer believes he can become one with the people and not experience special taxation for the privilege of simply existing.

        I agree that when life is good, acknowledge it and be thankful for the respite.

        You wrote, “I’m no stranger to life at 50 years old”. I’m an expat who first saw the Philippines some 50 years ago and I writing to tell you that after a year or so in country, your time elsewhere counts for very little here. You’ve yet to experience stuff you won’t believe is happening around you and that you won’t be able to easily escape.

        For the new guy, disappointment of the type I intimate is inevitable and always has to do with matters of the heart and/or wallet. Hopefully you will have enough of each to carry-on to your next adventure.

        I am not about to tell you how to live, because I know there is nothing I can say to convince you that you will, soon enough, revisit your present mood with a different perspective. When that comes about, please share the circumstances with your readers. Too many of them seem to believe that life in the Philippines is a bargain basement carefree existence, and that someone else’s misguided notions can prepare them for life in a country that will always view them as foreigners. And as interlopers, if they don’t hand over money to all who feel entitled to receive.

        Advice? Not really. Make your mistakes. I cannot imagine anyone messing up as badly as I did during my very long living-in-the-Philippines apprenticeship. Understand however that no where along the trail will you encounter an epochal revelation. There will be no thunder; no lightning, no sudden absence of irritating cultural phenomena, no “she’s different” woman, no precipitous drop in the cost of the peso or petrol, and no urge to wax warm and tender about something that occurred to you just three days ago. Live Henry. Learn, enjoy and don’t worry about doing the Pollyanna for the readers who live vicariously through you, but will never set foot in your territory.


        1. It sounds more and more like basically, you got burnt and hate the idea that anyone could be happy here. If it didn’t happen for you, it’s simply not possible for anyone. Everyone, all who come here, will eventually be crushed by the entropy of the same slow disaster that befell you.

          Well, the problem with that outlook are the many, many.. many men who have come here and enjoy a happy marriage, a happy retirement and the best days of their lives here. And they’re not on some 1st-year honeymoon phase.. they’ve been in-country for years and seeing their kids enter high school.

          You will have the world you fight for. Good or bad. I hope you have better luck than you had here.

        2. Renato,

          Henry will speak for himself, however, as a regular reader, I am compelled to comment.

          You have painted the Philippines and Filipinos with a very wide brush. Your experience is much different than mine. i have walked in the same territory as Henry, but not in the same locations, as i have never been to Bohol. What Henry writes about has been very similar to my experience for the past 27 years in the Philippines, same territory. The Philippines. I have many more Filipino friends than expat friends and they are friends who do not expect me to give them anything other than my friendship.My wife does not hand over money to her relatives just because they feel entitled and neither do I.

          I have lived in the Philippines full time since 2009. I lived here two other times, in different areas each time, but those were not permanent moves and I knew that at the time. I had the opportunity to live in Manila for one year in 1986 and then again in 2000, so I jumped at the chance. I worked for a Filipino doctor for 8 years in Florida. Some years, I had two extended vacations, sometimes three. The Dr always handed over the keys to his condo in Makati and he never charged me one dime for a place to stay.

          I am very well accepted in the city where I live by Filipinos. Yes, I fit in due to my attitude toward the Filipino culture and due to my respect for Filipinos. i am no stranger in paradise.

          I am living in the Philippines and loving it. It is still the great adventure for me as it was the first time in 1986! Every day still unfolds a new adventure and life is great.

          ~ Gary ~
          [email protected]

          1. Thank you, Gary. Regarding Renato’s remarks it reminds me of that saying, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Some guys come here filled with confidence they have it all under control and within a few months realize too late that they made every rookie mistake in the book. But the turning point is the question; Do they take responsibility for their own bad decisions?.. or do they blame it on the Philippines? That is the fork in the road between gaining experience and acclimating or.. becoming jaded and bitter about the experience.

            This month in particular, for some strange reason, the ‘sour-grapes’ portion of expats have been coming out of the woodwork both here and on Youtube comments. Maybe it’s just the same person who admits to having multiple accounts. Why is it so many of these bitter expats have multiple accounts? Because they tend to get blocked and banned from any public forum they use to vent their own vitriol and anger over their own personal experience. Nobody likes a whiner. So they get banned and then, repeating the same mistake, blame the forum or channel and start a new ID to continue complaining. It’s an old phenomena I’ve seen for over a decade on various forums. The one person who (a) thinks his one experience defines the entire situation and (b) cares nothing for the original topic by making himself the center of attention.

            I’ve found the best way to deal with these people is to warn them a few times and if they persist, block/ban them and move on in life. They can be miserable somewhere else. I went into my reasons for dealing with such people this way, both offline and online, in an article here (below). But thanks again Gary for balancing out the scales on this topic with your fantastic journey here in the PH. Consider a place like Haiti or Uganda.. not really tourist magnets. Meanwhile foreigners from all over the world come to the PH and find the life they’ve dreamed of. Statistically, yah, there are some bad-apples on each side. But the overall consensus is, if you want a better quality in a wife and lifestyle.. you can increase your odds for both in the Philippines.

            1. I hear you, Henry! Some guys want to rain on everyone’s parade and they suffer from crab mentality to boot. I have experienced more crab mentality online from foreigners than I ever experienced in person at the hands of Filipinos the past 27 years.

              We have one of the fastest growing expat communities in the Bacolod Area in the entire Philippines and many of us get together every month for a luncheon in a nice restaurant. They all share the stories about what has happened since the previous month and I have found they most all enjoy being retired in the Philippines and living here. We had two Americans who went back to the States. One was because he did not want his daughter dating Filipinos! Like America has the monopoly on all the excellent guys. The other one thought he and his wife could live as cheaply back home as here and also not suffer the occasional brown out. Well, they were back in the Bacolod Area within 3 months and the brownouts did not seem so bad after all. The American hubby even admitted that they could not afford the luxuries in the States like they can here in the Bacolod Area of the Philippines!

              One thing we can count on in this world, how we treat others will always come back to us, whether it be good or evil. Karma. I have seen some expats come to the Philippines with a chip on their shoulder and they think because they are an American, they are entitled to special treatment because they are Americans. That attitude will fail here every time!

              My wife has several successful businesses, including agribusiness, and we both know if it wasn’t for the local Filpino’s help, we would not be successful at all. We have not been robbed, stolen from or cheated. The help is an important part of the business. Some are not relatives but we still consider them part of our family.They also involve us in their own family activities, such as homecoming for an OFW family member who hasn’t been home in awhile. The brother of one of my wife’s taxi drivers came home from Italy late last year and we met him for the first time.He brought me pasalubong from Italy! Fabulous wine and delicious salami and he was happy meeting me for the first time. You just cannot beat Filipinio hospitality.

              ~ Gary McMurrain ~

              [email protected]

              1. Gary, in additio to Henry’s writings about Visayas, your writings have cemented my desire to land in Negros when my wife and I retire to the PH. I can not thank you both enough!

  7. Thanks, Donna. Frankly.. I’m a bit scared. Crazy to think by my age I should have this all figured out by now but, nope. As with all other things here.. just taking it one day at a time. I may not even be alive a week from now or a year.. “ya never know”. So for now, I’ll just accept what is good, enjoy it and see where it all leads in time. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve found myself in the “friend zone”. But if that’s how this turns out, that’s ok too. I’m already happy either way. Anything more is, as you say, “icing on the cake”. Frosting, icing.. whatever. It’s all good. ha!

  8. I’ve considered myself something of a freak in that sense, and it wasn’t easy growing up like that. As a kid I saw other kids as ‘kids’. Needless to say I never really fit in anywhere and spent much time either reading or thinking. I’ve described to my Mom my earliest memories, even an exact day’s event and the layout of our apartment from when I was 4 years old and it kinda scared her that I remember so much in vivid detail. I suck at grocery lists, I have to write everything down.

    But for some reason, I can remember all the layouts of every home we lived in (which is over 20 homes while I grew up.) And I can remember clear details from my childhood such as the whole day’s events the first time I heard a rock’n'roll song. (‘Satisfaction’ by the Stones, on 4th of July at a hangar in Travis Air Force Base, approximately 8:30pm) I’m just thankful it helps with my writing. Some stuff would be nice to forget.

  9. Henry, It’s awesome to see you are at peace in every area of your live. God has been good to you! I retire in January and I’ll be heading there in March to live in Cebu. I have a fiancee and hope to find peace and happiness as well. You are truly inspiring to me! God Bless!

    1. Hi Bobby, have you been to Cebu yet? Keep us posted on how things are working out. If you do so on the forums, it will be easier to see your experience in whole and as it unfolds (what you wish to share, of course). I wish you the best with your adventure!

  10. Reekay, my friend, I’m very happy to see you have found the magic of less is more. You’ve given the clutter in life and bought simplicity and true happiness. And with Internet access and you hard work here, with videos and other writings, you are not alone or bored. I hope I am able to do as well. I’ve had a busy month too, taking on a study commitment, helping my dear mom with her house and yard, working 45+ hours a week, and maintaining the junk I have not yet let go of. The busy life should slow down a bit soon, as the lawn and hedges die out for winter and I am going to cut back my work hours, since I don’t get paid for it and the studies are for my job. So I will hope and pray your happiness continues and my misery subsides. OK, I’m not miserable, I have a lot to be thankful for, but I sure could use some spare time to relax or just do what I want to do. Of all the great things about living in the PH, doing what I wants, and having someone else do what I don’t want is what I miss the most.

      1. I think most people don’t know what makes them happy, except for a short term rush of some sort they can not afford. Others are only happy when they are angry. Others see only the negative side of everything. Happiness is an attitude, maybe it’s the other 50%!

        Perhaps my happiest times in my life aside from childhood and family, was riding dirtbikes and 4WD Jeeps deep into the jungle in the PH. On the bike, I was alone and rarely saw people, often out for 8 to 12 hours, and befriended many along the carabou trails. There was one trial I used to take that was more like a road, but seemed abandoned and impassable by anything other than a dirtbike, that had only tow structures on it. There was some sort of communications station with a guard I would visit, near the beginning of the trial, and a nipa hut with a negrito family, not speaking Tagalog or English. I used to stop there and we’d talk for an hour, not understanding a single word of each other. I took photo’s with his implied consent, and when I returned with the pictures to give him, I never saw anyone so happy. He had western attire, but otherwise, I suspect no contact with others. Owned one pot, one drinking glass, a spoon a plate and a bolo. He was my friend.

        1. That is awesome. I’ve discovered ‘roads’ (if you can call them that) here in the province that I never would have explored walking since they were too far and not on the way to town. But putting around it’s been awesome to check out. All the greenery and blue skies overhead, it’s awesome.

          1. Hopefully we will one day ride together, brother. Not for 8 hrs this time, my back can hardly handle two on bike or in a car LOL

  11. Congrats Henry, I’m starting to think that you are a bad influence on me. I just started chatting with a new lady on FC who owns a farm and her own home on one of the islands. I would so love to just say “F” it and go…That being said the single life sounds pretty good over there as well…that being said I just started chatting with another lovely Filipina who only lives 200 miles from me. So many choices, so little time. That’s the problem.

    Hey, you’re living the life. More power to you. On your good influence side, I’m looking for ways to generate income to hasten my retirement. Just took my first sailing lesson, remember I’m the “Ex Pat in Training”.

    Marshall Crenshaw sang “Someday Someway”. I look forward to having a San Miguel Light with you someday. Hopefully sooner…rather than later.


    1. Awesome, I look forward to it. And I hear ya’ on the whole ‘too many choices’ thing, believe me. The last few days I’ve really been struggling with which direction I want to pursue romantically. I kinda already know but, getting serious with One means dropping the others off the list. I really didn’t plan on getting ‘serious’ right now but, well.. it’s still early so I’ll have to see how things pan out. Scares the hell outta me at times to think of starting a new relationship. But then, maybe that’s what draws me in. ha!

  12. Amigo -CONGRATS on all counts! Ypou deserve it. Keep in touch, and continue to enjoy all that the “warmth of the PI” has to offer! Alfredo

  13. Henry

    Gotta tell you I had planned on emailing you tonite…making a comment that I had not seen you here in along time, and asking you what her name is…lol. I feel very good about myself right now because I was correct….lol. BTW I was in Cebu for the last 5 days and now know why you left. Take Care.


    1. Yah, I get the itch for the ‘big city’ every so often but after a few days I’m late for the ferry back to the province. Especially now that I re-hung my hammock in a new spot. And now with Jovan and I taking the next step forward.. (getting the same texting network).. things are moving along nicely. 🙂 Scares me down to my core. But not giving it a chance scares me even more.

      1. lol, Get Smart Heny, that’s what most have and it would be easier for us to communicate too. That is what Lorry and I have.

  14. when you first got here Henry I had my doubts you would survive 6 months but I was wrong and really happy to see you have it nailed. Keep it up and we will be over from Iloilo someday soon to visit you. As soon as I can get that matter taken care of back in Hawaii that is consuming me we will be there. I too am so happy to be here with my asawa enjoying the life here that has its everyday ups and downs. lol, I do have fun though driving here, went out yesterday and its like being in a NASCAR race with the who is first mentality is the winner, lol. Enjoy Henry and talk to you on the phone later today. It is 3am here in Iloilo and trying to deal with that problem back in Hawaii with my son handling it for me. Just another reason to say farewell to the country I once loved and respected and live a quieter simpilier life here in the Philis. Have a great day.

    1. Looking forward to it, got your new text # saved. Another beautiful day here now that the minor storm clouds are gone. Fantastic lightning from the south-end of the island last night though. 🙂

    2. Hi Alan! Where in Iloilo are you? Are you in the city? My asawa and I are looking for land to purchase in Iloilo but outside the city. How are you enjoying it there? My husband is retiring in 15 months and we are heading out there. Very excited…

  15. “And now with Jovan and I taking the next step forward.. (getting the same texting network)”

    Henry and Jovan, sitting in a tree…

  16. Wonderful story, Henry. it is great you have found happiness in the Philippines. Every day unfolds a new adventure for me, too, while living here and since i decided to retire to the Philippines. Although i am still not really retired! Never a boring day for me here and i have been here for more than 4 years now.

    Keep on keeping on!

    ~ Gary ~
    Living in the Philippines and loving it!

  17. Gary, that is exactly what I crave, plenty to do, once I get up at the crack of noon and have an hour of coffee indulgence! I can be happy gardening, working on a house, riding my motorcycle in the mountains, or just wandering around.

  18. “You will have the world you fight for. Good or bad” – Henry Filipno…….circa 2013…LOL I luv it!


  19. Your comment about needing to get married when you were younger hit home with me. I’m 39 and recently divorced and that is my desire to get married again asap. I have a good friend in his 50’s that says the same thing about just not caring about getting into anything. It must come with age. I hope that my next marriage lasts until death and I don’t have to find out what it’s like to be single again. I’m going to find a filipina so I am hoping my chances are good for a life-long mate.

    1. Just take your time. That’s what I ‘should’ have done in my earlier years but I was too anxious and brought a lot of drama into my life. To the degree the relationship is good before marriage, it will be good after (imo). The wedding ceremony doesn’t add some magical layer of goodness. If it’s working before with plenty of time spent together, marriage is simply the extension of that.

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