“When Do You Think The Philippines Will Open Up?”

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. The bad thing about coming home is how long are you gonna be stuck there it may be 2 years before you can go back to the Philippines… It’s a long time to be separated from your love

  3. Seems like most of Asia is shut off to many countries. I think it will be 2022 in the summertime.

  4. If 10,000 people get covid it wont’ be 10,000 people who have the natural antibodies because some of them will be dead.

  5. They are starting to get more vaccines into the Philippines. Will they get half the population vaccinated by Christmas—anything said on that? US has most all that want the vaccine vaccinated. My wife’s sister went over to Dumaguete about 7 weeks ago thinking she may build a house and stay—but 6 weeks of the constant changes drove her back to Florida. Think it will be like that for another 3 months or more.

  6. It’s crazy. Vloggers are leaving in droves in Bangkok Thailand because with another announce lockdowns. Who knows when expats are allowed to be let in. In could be 2022-2023. I don’t think 2021 they will ease anything in Asia. Phil will not allow Indonesia flights in recently. Especially when people refuse to take the vaccine and there not enough to go around in the Phil. Look at the US right now all 47 states increase in cases once many refuse to be vaccinated.. In India where people are just let to die in their beds since there’s not enough oxygen. Some have no space for the newly sick. There just too many people. This India situation made Asian countries shut their doors. I bet these govt in Asia will let the economy sank rather becoming like India. stupid legislation or not there is nothing you can do.

  7. Many , many countries have already lessened their quarantine restrictions, including allowing foreign vaccinated tourists. It also seems that the majority of countries have more common sense and intelligence than the Philippines Government and their IATF. Let’s see what happens but I personally dont see anyone traveling to Philippines until mid next year at the very least.

  8. Next year is an Election Year in the Philippines; political , economics will be the Reason for opening as you explained. Your very correct Thailand opening up to Sand Box Tourism for fully Vaccinated Tourists. Filipinos are very good at copying a policy that works.
    Love your Videos Henry

  9. Although you are correct that covid is here to stay, we actually HAVE eliminated some viruses – smallpox, and for all practical purposes, polio. Covid rapidly mutates, and so it will become like the flu virus.

  10. In Singapore, counting only Covid cases that are hospitalized make a lot of sense. Over 50% of the populace there now vaccinated, which is highest in Asia. However, things in SG are not “normal” nor have they completely opened up. Not be a long shot. Also infection rates are soaring in neighboring countries as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

  11. Think you missed the point. The reason for countries opening is the vaccine. Period. No sane person claims that the Genie will be put back in the Bottle … never happen. Those who are vaccinated are usually fine. Those who are not can have effects. Friend of mine here, his nephew, 19 year old had Covid. Horrific. He has lost his ability to taste and smell. Doctors do not know if it’s permanent.

    Point is that this virus expands not lineally but exponentially. The Black Plague killed from 30% to 40% of Europeans in only five years. This virus obviously mutates, quickly and will continue to do so. Therefore updated shots will be needed. I assume the shots will keep most safe, until future mutations will require a third and fourth jabs etc. As virus variants get more aggressive, and as those refuse the vaccine, it can and will get kinda nuts, I believe. As is, variants are becoming aggressive and 98% plus of Americans dying from it are unvaccinated. Will as many as a third of those unvaccinated die from the virus, as it did before from the Black Plague? It happened before.

  12. Nice to hear somebody speaking about it reasonably. As if we were ever going to eradicate a virus. Purely ridiculous.

  13. In the UK the government have decided to end nearly all restrictions even though the delta variant is on the increase and there were 50 deaths in one day just recently, they are banking on the vaccine breaking the link between getting the virus and hospital admissions and deaths.

  14. Finally, shreds of sanity begin to emerge.
    The noise for a couple of months has been that this could have occurred in April 2020 if we never isolated. They [some independent virologist hot shots] said that due to low level exposures, herd immunity would have happened long ago. Maybe there were other things afoot. This is a very good sign.

  15. I thought same about “common cold” vaccine…why isn’t there one?. But as someone pointed out to me pharma companies make a shit load of money from selling over the counter cold remedies that somewhat alleviate symptoms but not cure it. So for the pharma companies it would be financial lunacy to come up with a vaccine/cure.

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  17. I couldn’t agree more – zero cases is impossible ; no one cannot close and shutdown the economy forever

  18. There was an article in the inquirer yesterday projecting herd immunity would be achieved by July 2022. I also heard Dec 2022. Google Philippines herd immunity.

  19. Didn’t Klaus Swab at the UN say things are never going back to normal. They want to deindustrialize and depopulate. Take your shot and stay locked down. This does not benefit us. It benefits the billionaires. We will not get zero cases. The Philippines could open up if they stop following this global marxist/communist model. Will it happen soon, I doubt it. People are buying into their BS, so it will continue as long as you like it.

  20. The World will open up when this Cabal of evil that rule the world are exposed and people understand how they have been taken advantage of

  21. Singapore is not behaving as the masters want, watch for future lies and crack down

  22. The so-called “pandemic” – whatever names they call it – is a cover story. When a disease breaks out it only makes sense to deal with the sick. NOT lockdown the entire global economy, Int’l and domestic travel and seriously damage people’s livelihoods, causing more injury and death than the supposed disease itself!
    The real disease is caused by relatively few GOONS attempting a global power-grab and making stacks of $$$ from Big Pharma jibjabs, “tests”, masks, quarantine hotels and buying up cheap property from collapsed small businesses. They create The Problem, offer Their Solutions and profit in The Process. They also want to control people like robots with a “track & trace”, jab passports or phone apps.
    In Philippines – almost at war with CCP China over West Philippine Sea jurisdiction and Chinese military occupying Philippine-claimed islands – is it not very questionable that experimental Chinese jibjabs are being accepted by Duterte’s gov to stick in Filipino people? Maybe CCP China has eyes on ALL Philippine islands! Rather than bullets and bombs aren’t supposedly effective jibjabs an easier way to conquer a nation? WHAT IS DUTERTE THINKING? Or are his eyes on stacks of rewards under the table from his CCP friends?
    Another point is that the supposed computer-tweeked, spiked “virus”, as other such flu bugs, are killed at such high temperatures as usually prevail in The Philippines! So why all the worry? Microbiologists, including Kary Mullis who invented the PCR test, clearly say the test can’t be used to detect a “virus”, but only fragments of RNA or DNA material. AND over about 25 cycles the PCR test becomes useless! Therefore, so-called “cases” tallied up from +ve test results are mostly “false positives” and the people have NO, or little, symptoms! There will always be a few people suffering from pneumonia, chest infections, flu, colds, which are the same symptoms attributed to the hyped-up infection. Doctors have been incentivised to record “cases”. Some have sold their souls to Satan!

  23. I think the SEA countries spent too much money on the test kits…I don’t think people wanted to get tested unless they were sick..If you just take a test and you feel good and it comes out positiveI they throw into a room full of sick people. I think that’s why Thailand is making every tourist take 3 tests= money grab. The vaccine is cheaper than test.

  24. My lady is Filipino I’ve been to the Philippines about eight times stay there for long periods of time. The people were the most wonderful of any place I’ve ever visited it was never a dull moment but it was not better than California to me this is why I can’t live there I’ll visit a lot but I could never see myself living there I’m too comfortable in California

  25. I like your comments on Covid. As a society, at this point, I feel like we are children talking about the monster in the bedroom closet. We run to our parents (the government) and cry “there’s a monster in the closet!” and at first, for a while, our parents try to comfort us, and help us look for the monster, and help reassure us that everything will be okay, but we still insist there is a monster in the closet, and we can’t go to sleep. Now the rub is, in one case out of a thousand, there REALLY IS a monster in the closet, and that’s a tragedy to be sure, but for the other 999 children, they are making themselves sick with fear and a paralysis that won’t let them sleep. At what point should the “parents” say, “look, you’ve got school in the morning. Enough of the monster, its time to get some rest, so we can get on with our lives!” maybe its a bad analogy, but we’ve been looking for the monster for a year and a half. We know that he DOES exist for one child. We are very sorry about that, but the other 999 children have got to get to sleep now or they are going to go crazy from sleep depravation!

  26. I think 185mIllion 1 shot in the USA + 35million cases = herd immunity….

  27. I agree possibly open in first quarter 2022 after they hope to reach “herd containment” (25M vaccinated) by December 2021, but quarantine for international arrivals and restrictions will continue until “herd immunity” (70M vaccinated) estimated November 2022. They estimate “herd protection” (50M vaccinated) by July 2022 so they might not let unvaccinated in until this has been reached.

  28. Many thirsty men are in a hurry to find the illusion of love. Covid pales with regards to our safety as foreigners IMHO. We think we are logical, but we actually act on limbic system emotions. We use cognitive distortions to perceive love that’s not real. It takes time and careful introspection to spot the zillions of red flags, especially with the ladies. Peace.

  29. It’s clear to figure out someone’s being baited with a chunk of the cheese here. You have at least one Gov. Not buying it and not selling out and standing her ground . Shes looking at numbers and using common sence which seems to be thrown out the window by some when the bait cheese gets put in the trap. With all these real viraloligist , test inventors, nMRA inventors proving the evil side wrong and people realizes it’s been over a year now and me and 1000s of others we see daily 16 months later haven’t died yet knowing full well 90% haven’t been following the obediance rules….Your right no one knows when someone comes out of the cheese closet and follows common sence and ends the game. It would be nice if you guys with loved ones here and others wanting to come see a loved one for the first time and expat couples wanting to come back here for any reason can once again get on a plane and fly back here without all the chaos going on now. I feel part of it is also the fact they want the jab given to every so bad before anything is freed up for travel or anything .

  30. When the other ASEAN countries open, Philippines will follow. Otherwise, the quarantines are a money maker for the elite few right now.

  31. They are working maybe, being able to verify full vaccination from other countries. According to the information I have read. Yes we still in face mask, face shield, colored barangay passes for certain day of the week we can go out. I am in the Philippines now, since April 2019. I have to do a border run soon, but luckily I am getting my vaccination here. Which means I will be able to leave the country and come back in. I will still have to spend 7 days in a covid hotel when returning from my night out.

  32. Been coming here to Luzon since May ’16 & Perm Retired here since Apr 1,’18. My 2nd Ph vaccine is the 21st. HAVE My SRRVisa & Ph marriage Cert to get back into Ninoy Manila after 6+ weeks in Northern Cslifornia. I hope things go well Sept 2 exit Manila ?!

  33. There is no plan. The glacial vaccine rate (mostly with the impotent “Sinovac”)is the worst in Southeast Asia and one of the worst on earth.
    Everything has been botched. January or February will NOT see the country open. Think mid-year.

  34. Yeah I read that they want to open when they are enough having the vaccine, so they say maybe in Dezember so that family/partner can be togehter, but lets see 😀

  35. The Philippines will not open up for tourism. It has nothing to do with covid.

  36. Smallpox was declared eradicated worldwide in 1979. There are still a few smallpox lab specimens in Atlanta and Russia. There is an ongoing debate to destroy the remaining lab specimens or keep them for future examination. Polio was eradicated in the US also in 1979. However there are cases worldwide, 142 in 2020.

  37. FYI some parts of Thailand are already open like Phuket and next month other city’s.

  38. Over here in Negros, Just heard from wife’s relatives over in Cebu, They just unlocked everything there. Seniors, and kids now allowed in Malls etc.Still have to wear masks and possibly face shields in some places. Haven’t heard any changes of International travel changing yet. Parts of Negros are still locked down for Seniors and Kids.

  39. Not until after the elections. After the elections they will wait until all on tourist visas leave due to 3 year max requirement. After that they will overhaul visa system and start opening up some of the islands.

  40. Next May is elections so this may finally help with ending the nonsense in some way. Till then I don’t see much proactivity when they can’t even get there own quarantine codes figured out & keep flip flopping like a pancake. Seems to like to follow the crowd & see what others do first. Kind of like the ship w/o a captain..

  41. Great observation. I’m in no hurry but hoping to go back Christmas of next year.

  42. my prediction. Just for fun. November 2021 (with quarantine, other travel restrictions, etc.). May 2022 – fully open.

  43. Not this year.. They are using it to suck money from WHO and others,, They love to pretend there is a problem

  44. As a permanent resident here, many in my area Dumaguete believe May 2022 real changes will happen! “After the new president has been elected”. Right now you would have a tough time convincing returning Filipino, OFW that are fully vaccinated, that this government isn’t profiting from the quarantine hotels? Doctors and the medical industry also using this period as a vantage point. The saying is, “Get it while gettings good” But I hope I’m wrong, as we would love for it to open back even in December 2021 or as Reekay said Jan/Feb 2022

  45. Thailand is opening up the way they are doing it is clear that they know they needed tourism to come back.

  46. Filipinos resilience…everyone I know…buys something in one barangay and resells in their own barangay. STREET COMMERCE. And some are flourishing….hard grind…but I know any number who have never had more freedom and pocket cash than today. My local agent started a local market from scratch 10 months ago….quickly purchased an electric trike and now a brand spanking new Toyota…all from a rented house front. OF courssssssse…everyone on the street wants you back…but do they NEEEEEEEEEEEEED you back. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  47. More then likely all the borders will open together thailand,Cambodia,laos,Malaysia, Vietnam

  48. President Duterte has indicated (full pinoy telenovo drama developing with PAQMAN) he is going to run for VP to have the backdoor (some might say TBACK door 🙂 2nd Presidential Term that the Constitution otherwise prohibits. AND he will maintain all power and attention squarely focused on himself until May 2022. Will he open before…only if opening is strongly in his favor. Soooo sure the Phils must open for their economic good…MEEEH…Filipinos survive WHATEVER…they do not have to open for anything….they could survive years…yes harsh conditions…and they are GREAT at harsh conditions. Phils only open when and if opening is in the interest of the President in his Vice Presidential ambitions in May 2022. HOOOOOOOOOW could it be anyother way? Hopium…yea…I’m full of Hopium too…can I blow a little Smokium Hopium up the President’s Puwet? You have a very slim chance at the last minute if we decide to have Christmas… But the real action…as it has been everyday in 2021….is in 2022!

  49. Sorry if I missed this info, just curious, have you been vaccinated Reekay? And you’re thoughts on vaccination?

  50. ALL FILIPINOS will KNOW…..precisely when DUTERTE wants to open… Have you heard he is running back door vice president to an UNCONSTITUTIONAL Second Presidential Term. 18 Months of Fumble, Mumble and Stumble and his approval rate is 90% in one poll and 70% in the other poll. I don’t think he moves until he is good and ready. From March 13, 2020 he stated CLOSED until Vaccine or Cure for EVERYONE. Why do you doubt? Will all the girlfriend youtubers doubt…let them exercise their free speech on YouTube.? Cmon! Will you doubt him on YouTube? Cmon! I take the President at his word.

  51. Not much is known about the consequences of long term mutations of this virus, if it’s is not controlled it will infect everyone, will be worse than cold or flu, deteriorate their quality of life and reduce/change global travel.

  52. It is now coming out in Meta Data Studies that Ivermectin is effect as a treatment, a hell of a lot more effective than the Chinese Vaccine. At 10 cents per fortnightly dose every country could afford this answer. The reason treatments were quashed in favour of the new TRIAL VACCINES goes back to the Nuremberg medical agreement of 1946 where various controls were stipulated. CONTROLS, people must be fully informed and make a free choice to become part of the trial, secondly, there can be no alternative treatments available. Originally I thought the vaccine promotion was about money but having seen the Nuremberg document I had a huge Ah Ha moment. Anybody who has the vaccine becomes part of a medical trial that hasn’t even followed the stages for trial medications. Stage 1 test on animals, stage 2 test on small group generally on high risk patients, stage 3 larger group trial, before it can go to the general public. Note this is the minimum requirement, as it stands we are at the animal stage and nobody knows the real risks, even going thru these stages people can be at risk, who remembers the Thalidomide disaster. Cheers John

  53. In the Philippines now, they are trying to make domestic tourism and work-related travel easy as long as you have the vaccine. They will likely just do that for a few months and re-evaluate the situation later. The big issue for the government here is that they ran out of tax money and don’t have it incoming due to the shutdowns. They can’t shut down again because they can’t support the poor again. No money means no government supplied rice. There have been a lot of construction on roads and bridges, but that money was spent years ago. Those projects take years to plan. Local businesses didn’t like paying taxes before COVID and the Philippine government doesn’t have an IRS equivalent as far as legal power and resources to go after tax evasion. That will be the drive to open up.

  54. Proper Perspective…Indonesia is the latest epicenter…and finally we have some recognition of IVERMECTIN as real treatment option. No one in the Philippines is aware. Proper Perspective is far down the road.

  55. Proper PErspective…through the looking glass of the rediculous face shields….MEEEEEEEEH. Filipinos ARE SCARED of COVID…all the girlfriends with youtube channels now…none of them appear here on youtube with “PROPER PERSPECTIVE” I know plenty of Pinoys frustrated with brangay captains…LGUs…mini-dictators all around them and NONE of the frustrated will say there is the slightest over-reaction to the disease itself.

  56. What I hope…Nov/Dec opening, with only a 2 or 3 day quarantine, after testing on arrival.
    What I think…Jan/Feb opening with only a 2 or 3 day quarantine, after testing on arrival.
    What I fear will happen…May or June after the election, and with a 10-14 day quarantine, regardless of vaccination, or negative Covid test.

  57. I agree with you, my best guess is first quarter 2022. I also agree that international isn’t the biggest drain on the economy as many westerners think, It is internal The largest amount of tourists is from SEA, not the west. China & Korea being the largest. Local tourism is larger than international. It is the local economy that is the big problem.

  58. I wouldn’t be surprised if they delay opening up to domestic and foreign tourism due to the delta variant, and the government goes for a second round of vaccinations using mRNA vaccines, which are more effective.

  59. Hey Ricky like your Channel I was hoping we can meet up I live in San Antonio Texas but my daughter son-in-law and grandkids live in Garden Grove right off of Valley View

  60. Covid is not going away because of the unvacinated. If we don’t band together as a nation and get vaccinated, then you will probably never see your beloved girlfriend again. It’s better to set an example of what to do than to preach ” Do as I say, not as I do. “. If you can’t set a good example, then you shouldn’t represent yourself as an authority and the foreigner spokesman to the Philippines.

  61. Reekay. You have fallen into the web, all of us North Americans have been in for a year and a half.

  62. In Denmark, there has always been a focus on the number of hospital admissions. It was almost from day 1. The reason for this was what happened in Italy where their whole system collapsed. The doctors had to decide who could receive treatment and who was left to fend for themselves. The image of military trucks driving coffins out of the major cities still stands as the big scary image.
    But I would like to warn about and take this virus too lightly. Late effects are something that can affect all age groups. And some in Denmark are still sick 1½ years after they became ill from covid.
    But I hope the Philippines opens up to us who are vaccinated. I hope I can get going early next year.

  63. It will be years not months some countries have handled it better in the region, I predict cambodia will be open for tourists next year they have handled covid really well. The Phillipines is behind. Tourists will go to where it is open including me !

  64. When? God Himself doesn’t know! But I’m hoping you’re right, that at least internal travel restrictions will be lifted by then. But opening up to the outside? The bellwether, the canary in the coal mine, is US herd immunity. That may not be until this time next year, because too many willfully stupid people will resist it. But this is my two cents.

  65. Hi Reekay, where did you get your vaccine, in USA or in the Philippines? I am looking forward to the opening of the Philippines for travel soon.

  66. IATF wants 70% vaccinated, 3% now, you’re probably looking well into next year before the border opens

  67. I live in the philippines. They might open next June. A year from now. They care not about tourist. On my island for over one year only 4 are 5 cases. Now 178 and 7 deaths. .were not in a hurry to open the island.. And the country is not in a hurry to open !!!!

  68. My best guess is first half of 2022. There will be strict requirements such as proof of vaccination, use a mask, face shield etc. which would be fine with me.

  69. Ph will open up when the elections are near. Once the current administration realizes killing jobs will not be a great strategy for getting re-elected. Jan to March 2022

  70. Opening up in the Philippines is not a public opinion. Duterte is still popular. When you wear a shield, which everyone knows does nothing and nearly everyone is not wearing them right, you are acknowledging daddy is okay. No one is seeing the lockdown as an excuse for government to be a bigger daddy. If the Philippine people cannot see the lockdown as a political issue, then nothing really is going to change.

    How I see it …
    ① Armed guards are seen at checkpoints in the streets.
    ② No babies are seen at the malls.
    ③ Children can not attend their schools.
    ④ Every pretty girl is required to wear a mask in public.
    ⑤ Drivers and passengers are required to wear a mask to properly operate a vehicle on a public road.
    ⑥ We hear curfew sirens every night in Cebu.
    ⑦ Since I am over 65, I cannot attend church, for that matter, be on the street without the expressed need to buy groceries or conduct essential business.

    Correction, all that was true a couple months ago. they took the checkpoint down at Punta Princesa in Cebu yet inoperative checkpoints are still in operation elsewhere.

  71. I have lost all faith in the leadership of PI government. If you look at the data, fully vaccinated individuals don’t pose a significant risk. They are hurting their own selves financially. Covid is not going anywhere and we all have to learn how to live with it.

  72. Nobody knows !! Depends on vaccines if the virus mutates more dangerous etc

  73. I am not sure that I follow your logic. This is a once in a lifetime event. We need to respect the virus that killed 4 million people worldwide. Test, treat and vaccinate will get us out of the pandemic.

  74. So Reekay, what do you think about the Boracay Sand Box Program, as they are looking what’s going on with Phuket in Thailand? I am seeing soooooo of this right now in the Philippines.

  75. Open For tourists March 2022 remember they’re still running around in masks and face Shields over there and getting their temperature checked in every store they go into

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