The Unfortunate Tattoo Stories of Filipinas Lessons in Love and Regret

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. Can I ask a question bro? I brought my wife here to the states so we could both work and save money to buy land, build a house ect. I’ve noticed over the past 8 years that she’s slowly becoming more westernized. I mean before the looks or snide remarks that we use to get in public never bothered her. Now she looks at them like they look at her and if they make snide comments. She will say something back and will literally be ready to fight if they curse at her. Question is am I ruining her by us being here? She’s still the same sweet loving and loyal girl I married but she just doesn’t put up with the passport bro comments or the ones saying Filipinas are taking all their American men. Should we just go back home bro? I’m only asking you cause I know you’ll tell me the straight truth.

  2. AI generated baddies will be sucking in soooo many lonely dudes and suckering $$ from them

  3. Some reasons to have a tattoo can be valid. For example My filipina has one to cover a scar. I never noticed she had a scar there until I asked her about the tattoo. It really did a great job masking the scar.

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