The Guy Who Was A Slow Learner

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. I sure hope you’re keeping notes for a best selling book. Some may think it’s fictional, but having seen some of the same stuff you’ve had, and as hard as it may be to believe, it’s sadly true.

  3. women love money it’s normal for millennia the man and the lion who brings food to the burrow to feed the female it’s very normal but he must also be kind gallant friendly and polite and very well maintained and beautiful good man despite his soul and age and above all not an obese big baloney

    Thinking is gone buy love with is money

    Philipinas have hundreds of men at their knees Ugly

  4. Lustimg after a filipina in her 20’s is one thing. Soliciting a minor something completely different. The “victim” in a scam is to some degree a willing participant. They agree to give the money.
    In doing so they ignore warning signs and the abundance of good advice available from expats and filipinos advising “Don’t do that.”
    How does the saying go?
    Fool me once..Shame on You.
    Fool me twice…Shame on Me!

    Best advice to anyone visiting a foreign country
    1. Don’t make hasty decisions.
    2. Learn how to say NO.
    3 Live within your means as a resident not a tourist.
    4. Understand the laws and live within them and never forget YOU are a GUEST in the country.

  5. I mean a website from your country for a long time you discuss it can be anyone who talks to (man ?)you we have no reference

  6. an advice that I could give to all your friends if you are interested in meeting a Philippina woman you take the plane you go there you look at the sites you bring them over and you choose her and you live with it for a while and you will see if it does…which is websites are generally 0

    good luck to all

  7. A more apt title would be “The Dumb Deviant”. Anyone at that age that is still that stupid and perverted deserves to go to prison. Amazing.

  8. I would love to document all the ways these women try and scam money out of expats. In fact this could a business on all the different reasons that they need money.

  9. I start getting worried that some women might get ideas when they listen to this which didnt think male stupidity would go this far before 😀

  10. This MO also seems to be the norm in Thailand, the girls have several international men funding their lifestyles, sadly these men all think they’re the only one, that she loves them etc.

  11. Its guys like this that have ruined women in the Philippines. It’s gotten so bad over the years.

  12. This was an incredible story. There are common sense elements to it, playing stupid games and winning stupid prize elements, unbridled lust, and prostitution on all parts.

    It would appear that if all you want to do is get laid in the PI, you can do that. But don’t masquerade as a boyfriend when all you want to do is “dip your wick”. That being said, I have a hard time understanding why an expat wants to deal with all this drama, especially in retirement.

    I’d like to think that a better approach would be to setup your retirement life with hobbies, activities, and friends, and then if a worthy woman comes along, maybe consider her as part of the picture.

  13. The western man must do his homework about the Culture of the southeast woman so he will not be an ATM because it’s never enough for them so when you’re out there dating one and she ask for you must move forward to the next woman

  14. Sounds like the 5-time loser might be a shrewd business weasel, but an utter and complete idjit where morals and sense are concerned. Almost a shame he didn’t get to experience an asian prison or at least jail cell. What is it with the whole “I’m 55+, you’re 20, (or 16!) and I’ll be the man of your sexual dreams” thing? Absolutely ludicrous. ( Maybe on ‘OnlyFans’ hoss, and only as long as your money holds.)

  15. Stories like these are super important, a lot of foreign bloggers sell the fantasy of se asia as some kind of paradise lost, women are women everywhere, don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t marry any woman in the west, but, I don’t fool myself into thinking there’s something other that the environment that makes Filipinas different

  16. I don’t know why men with hormones are not able to see why this guy was a sucker multiple times….. A young woman can make an older man do anything she wants, and they know it. Most older men know it too and are prepared , but some are too innocent.

  17. One of my favorited sayings is “Pussy Power…it’s broken many a strong man.” This definitely applies to this joker. He is so blinded by lust, his little head leads him around like a dog on a leash. People like him never learn until they are ruined. I’m sure that even a long jail sentence would not wake him up. I have a high school buddy who is so pussy whipped, he has been married and divorced five times and just recently married his sixth wife. Her two grown children hate him and make his life miserable. His health is ruined, his retirement fund is almost gone, and I doubt that he has a learned a single thing about the true nature of woman. I’m sorry to say that he is just not very intelligent and women pick up on that quickly and know they can easily manipulate men like him. I don’t think there is any cure for pussy whipped. Thanks for the entertaining story.

  18. The majority of older foreigners that meet in Asia are either really successful businessmen or ex-special forces in the military. The reality is they are old as sexpats who live on social security

  19. This is where every man needs a “go to guy” who can help him vet the woman and advise him of the pitfalls. I have a buddy who was with the wrong woman and kept giving her chances, despite my advice. He finally listened after 4 “second chances” and dropped her. What I finally had to accept is I no longer offer advice unless asked. If I offer and it is ignored I distance myself since he now deserves what he gets.

  20. You are a wise man. The situations you discuss happen everywhere so good advice for all life choices not just in the Philippines. I really enjoy your channel, you are in the top two expat Philippine blogs I watch. Keep up the good content and work !

  21. This “boy” has no sexual dicipline and what is called a buster simp. We all should learn from this, good on you for breaking his trance.

  22. Good story. But what I want to know is where are these fantastic looking women in your videos? During a 3 week visit there and viewing hundreds of vlogger videos I have never seen anyone close to that good looking.

  23. The way it ended with the kid, it’s obvious that the guy was a piece of work and I’m glad my Filipino sisters robbed his disgusting ass.

  24. Chances are, he probably didn’t listen to your advise about getting out of the country, and I would only have to assume that he is locked up right about now.

  25. There’s so much wisdom in your stories! Love them! Edit: My limit is $5000 as well. 😉 Sorry, that’s too funny. “I’ll give you up to $5000 and then you’ll change.” Must have inherited his money.

  26. The man scammed himself. we are supposed to get wiser with age. But it does not happen with some.

  27. Old Western men wanting a young Filipina! thinking they are somehow a stud. Idiots. Serves them right for being foolish. I met my wife in HK, where we were both working. She was 37 and I was 48, so hardly a huge age-gap. We have our own child together and I have adopted her daughter, who is now at university studying architecture. We own about USD$1M in property and have an income of 100-120,000 PP pcm. If you are a foreigner in your 40s/50s and hook up with a Filipina in her 20s, you are going to get scammed. As you say, ” can’t control his lust” Good luck to the girls. If the guy is a fool, he and his money are soon parted.

  28. Awesome content and story. To me some people never look and see what is their part in a situation. Instead they think things happen to them. They never see it’s their decisions that lead them to that situation. I see so many guys in the US and abroad like that, not everyone but many. I see some of the consequences of their decisions. The consequences are brutal like divorce after divorce, denial leading to lifelong emotional imprisonment, and severe health issues. Maybe many men go abroad bringing their irresponsibility for their decisions and some foreign women know that and it’s the perfect storm. Thank you for this content. I think there are many slow learners.

  29. Wow, just wow. Wonder how he figured out how to get a plane ticket and set up a lease/rental. Dense doesnt even really adequately describe the guy.

  30. Because of idiots like that, Pinoy girls view western man as walking ATM machines
    PS the age of consent in the Philippines is 16 though, so the girl was not under age (if she wasn’t lying about it of cause)

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