REP_005 Meeting Other Expats Overseas

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. Your are a true person with a good soul please keep the fire burning. You touch many people life I a special way. One love!

  2. Oh I see now; it’s a “radio” podcast. well, it’s fine for multi-tasking I guess.

  3. Hi Henry,
    I do so enjoy your podcasts. I hope you keep them coming. As a fellow student of human nature, I find to my delight that we “speak the same language” so to speak. I look forward to the possibility of some day having the opportunity to sit down for a face-to-face visit. Peace, Russ~*

  4. I enjoyed your podcast.. my experience of one year in Dumaguete breaks down like this. The drunks are about 25% of the expats there.. not all of them are adulterers.. maybe half … the non functional expats i think are higher percent then you mention.. maybe 15% to 20%.. not just about women.. but life in general.. as you say they are somewhat immature.. insecure.. very Trump-like in personality .. they are constantly criticizing the filipino’s and the culture and the country.. just chronic complainers. Then there are the pedophiles… you seem to have overlooked them.. ???? they are at least 10% of the expats you will meet.. Men looking to have sex with young women. Then the men with women troubles that you mentioned.. another 10%.. Then there are the expats who over the years because of working for the energy or related industry have travelled a lot throughout Asia and met a Filipina fell in love and married, and raised or raising a family. Then i would say the next 25% are somewhat like you, adventurous, self confident, looking for adventure or just an easier way of life. Lower cost of living, and easier lifestyle, and perhaps love as well.The remaining 2 to 5 percent would fall into miscellaneous.. just not able to fit into a specific category.. sort of mixture.. as always you have an intelligent well thought out and cogently explained point of view.

    1. I remember riding home one night, around 10:30pm, and saw an expat at the intersection on his bike waiting for me to pass. Now, I know women in the PH look younger than their age. But even taking that into consideration, the girl in the school uniform on his bike couldn’t have been more than 16. It’s a sad reality but it does occur here. Occurs in the USA as well, and usually it’s someone close within the family. In the PH, many girls are raped by their own uncles or fathers. I know of one and I’m pretty sure her first two kids are from that situation. But, to put it in perspective it’s about the same in other countries. Just some societies hide it better than others is my guess.

      But most of the guys I know are generally good guys that I can enjoy their company.

  5. Good stuff Henry. I have watched all your vlogs. I lived in Thailand for 8 years between 2006 and 2014. Finally decided to return to the US. Been here a little over 2 years and it is time to go back to SE Asia. I am going to visit the Philippines this fall and if I like what I see, I will move to the PI, find myself a daisy duck, settle down, and live a good and simple life. Hope to meet you one day.

  6. I’ve met many loser alcoholics in the Philippines. I think the alcohol is cheap so it attracts these losers.

  7. Perhaps I am just a little bit more negative than you, Reekay, but my guess is that the figure is higher than 10%. Nonetheless I have met quite a few expats that I feel I could be friends with, but still assume that there are plenty of “negative Nancys” I will avoid when I am living there.

  8. Hi Reekay,
    Really enjoy your podcasts and videos. There is a topic that I think would be very useful for many people contemplating a move to the Philippines that I hope you can cover someday… this is, how do they fund their lives there?
    I know you wouldn’t want to discuss your private financial details, but an overview of how various expats (not just US) source incomes from their respective countries would be really useful for those thinking about a similar move. Do they live off pensions? Investments? savings? the rent from their property back home?

    1. Dan while I was there from March to last days of June, we lived comfortably off of my social security. We had everything, we had need of and were able to buy a few conveniences for the house.
      The number one question is what kind of life style are you wanting to live while you are there? If you want to live on the beach front with a pool and a boat dock it will cost a tad more. It really depends what you are willing to settle for. And depending where you are planning to stay ( what island, what city ) plays a factor to the cost. But over all I would say $1600 to $1800 USD a month will provide you with a nice moderate life style considering you are not wasteful.

  9. Thanks Reekay for your thoughts and insights. I have listened to many of your youtube vids. These podcasts are even better. I keep them on while I work. I feel like a friend even though we have never met. Hope all is going well for you and thanks again for the positive attitude and in-depth analysis.
    Best Regards,

    1. thanks. 🙂 i’m starting out the first day of 2018 with a new podcast. i hope to have more on a regular basis again.

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