News: Philippines Eases Travel Curbs For Tourists From Countries With Variants

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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    1. “However, Morente stressed that the arriving spouse and minor children of Filipinos
      should be traveling with them and should apply for an entry visa before coming to the Philippines.”

      “Spouse and minor children of Filipinos traveling with them who are not in possession of
      valid entry visas issued by our foreign posts abroad will not be allowed entry,” said Morente.

      (Jan.22 Press Release)

  2. What about the 3 years tourist visa departure requirement? Will foreigners with tourist visa’s be allowed back into the Philippines?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea OK How do we satisfy 3 years tourist visa departure requirement, if we won’t be permitted to re-enter after leaving? Do we wait and overstay until they re-issue tourist visas for everyone again?

    2. no, they will not be permitted to re-enter after leaving. not until the PH immigration office begins to re-issue tourist visas for everyone again.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I was initially ready to visit my wife on January 4th but now I’m waiting for a change in regulations. However I don’t want to spend 14 days in a quarantine hotel and not able to meet her.

  4. If all you people making comments are confused or tired of this crap, Its because this is a demonic agenda, Its not being run by normal science or facts, or normal human beings, for that matter, The mask will kill you, the vaccine will kill you, being locked down can kill you, the governments are corrupt, oh i forgot, A anal covid swap coming to a airport near you, (no joke), welcome to earth, your prison sentence .Read the bible, we will fall like princes, die like men,

  5. Spouse from banned country are not allowed .
    I’m married to a Filipina , l have a one year visa . But when l called the embassy to check , they say no l can’t enter the Philippines , unless my wife is traveling with me .
    That is crazy right ?

  6. Then there is this…from the Good Government BOYZ at the CCP…Chinese Citizens Decry New Anal Swab Testing for COVID-19
    BY NICOLE HAO January 28, 2021 Updated: January 28, 2021

  7. you will learn that what you get youre info from is lying in youre Face… Do not trust any Goverment today, just help youreself , dont trust youre goverment anymore than you trust a stranger, becouse that is how the goverments globally ,looks upon YOU…

  8. i dont care what you say there, this cra going to end April May at last… just relax Ladies and Gents… Dont bother with tests or any vaccine lol

  9. Travel will be contingent on getting an untested, dangerous covid vaxs in the near future. The travel industry and the world we know it, is over forever. My understanding is that all current covid 19 vaxs are mRNA type. Dont they change your DNA?? No thank you. All the governments of the world, are pushing lockstep procedures to usher in the NWO. Christians call it the End of Days.

  10. Hi ReeKay is there anyway to contact you please. Expat in the Philippines who can not get a straight answer regarding travel. From anyone. You seem the most knowledgeable by far. Trying to get to Cebu from Manila

  11. These lock downs and masks do absolutely nothing except make people miserable…it’s all about controlling people not protecting them.

  12. Are there even any international flights arriving to Davao City yet? My wife is filipino and we are in the USA waiting to go to Davao City with our two daughters. Are all international flights now going thru Manila?

  13. The goverment are smart the married guy to a pinoy don’t usually go running around much just stick to the family members bring money into the country ect the problem is in australia no flights out .i heard the tests is around 9000 php each test ,sorry sir positive another 9000 php ok sir false positive off you go, what a money making machine.very few will travel .when and if you gain a flight on return to my country australia its 2 weeks in detention hotel at 5000 aust dollars , and if it’s in howard springs centre darwin and your in melbourne another 5000 aud for internal tickets ,i put it in the toooo hard basket,i have been touring around in my country victoria caravaning in australia with my pinoy wife i have never seen so many places booked out ,all campsites are full because of overseas travel restrictions.The caravan / trailer/ tent industry is booming ,every third car has a home on wheels hooked up ,traveling around as a lot of parks in australia are free camping with toilets running water.

  14. hey Reekay .. thanks for the latest info. can i post some properties for sale on your board here ? maybe a link to my girls website ?

    1. maybe one time. and your g/f’s website. but the comment section is really more for discussion on the topic, not for advertising. otherwise it would get out of hand sorting out ads from actual comments. 🙂

  15. Philippines economy will collapse. They depend on lots of tourism. Their hospitality industry is most likely in disarray now. When I was there in 2019 I visited some of the casino hotels near SM Mall of Asia. They employed thousands of people. Some people fly in then go directly from the airport to hotel to gamble. Where are those gamblers now? In Macau? I was in Mexico last month. No covid test. No nothing to enter. I got a six-month visa entry if I wanted to stay for six months with an option to renew. The only change was in the last week I was there they closed indoor dining so food had to be ordered for take out. But at least when I first went I was able to dine in several restaurants. The Philippines is remote. It’s hard to get to. as it is during regular times. Now the government is making is worse just listening to those questions you are telling people to ask if they have spouses there. How much more of this can the average Filipino put up with?

    1. it’s already collapsing. just in cebu city alone, 3rd-quarter business taxes were down by over 60%. it may have improved a little after MGCQ was implemented, but businesses like the cinemas, large hotels, bowling alleys, arcades, etc can’t hang on much longer with zero customers allowed.

  16. @10:08
    Spouse entering the Philippines….
    Can a person be married by a Phillipinian with in the Philippines Or we have to show proof of marriage here in the states?

  17. @ Reekay
    lol im stopping at each phase for a response.
    @7:02 I’m with you so far 1 quick test, soon as you get there. then with in 5 days. a 2nd test….
    After you r cleared for them both… And your off to the city/Island. Do we pick the place or they do?
    Do we have to stay in the building for the remainder of this 14days or are we free roam around? long as we are near…to get out. and

  18. i just don’t get it. if you are negative and not carrying you are healthy. Let us live our lives and the people who freak at boo can stay home.

  19. I started watching your videos over 6 years now when you first got started. They weren’t very good. The learning curve. LOL They are without a doubt the best on the net now. I got a lot of really good info from you that helped me make my transition to living here smooth and more worry free. Visa, banking, money transfer, dating, cost of living the list goes on. I am living in Cordova now on Mactan Island for about 3 years and one year in Talisay. Thank you for all good info and the entertaining videos.

  20. The way I read this article, the Filipino citizen spouse has to be traveling with the foreign national. Also the 5 day quarantine is in a facility based quarantine center. And my guess is that you will have to pay for that in addition to the two tests.

  21. I can see more amendments coming already, makes no sense based on their current logic to not add another 14 day quarantine to the initial 5 days…..prior to the UK variant…..the LGU’s were requiring foreigners entering to quarantine for 14 days after receiving negative PCR results from testing upon arrival in Cebu or Manila……so why would they change that now to a less restrictive quarantine?

    I don’t see that happening, or as usual each LGU will interpret differently and impose their own rules…..more confusion as usual…..that’s one thing the PH is good at…..creating further confusion

  22. Thanks for the information but it’s to hard .
    I’ll be staying away from the Phillipines.
    They I think don’t want us there.
    Ok let their economy suffer

  23. I have already asked, normal tourist not allowed!!!! And y in the world would Philippines allow countless with new covid variant, crazy.

  24. Thanks for posting this, might ask a little more information if available please:

    I have obtained my visa from the embassy here in Australia, it is valid for me to travel until 14th March. Unfortunately, because of things changing, I have had to lose a number of flights, but I have one booked for 6th March. My daughter lives in Surigao del Norte, but my international arrival port will be Cebu. I was already assuming that I would have to quarantine in Cebu for 14 days due to these changes.

    Last year, there was a list of ‘approved quarantine hotels’. I had previously booked one in Cebu.

    So, does this new law mean that I must now fine a ‘quarantine hotel’ in Surigao del Norte?

    So five days in Cebu, and then the remaining nine days in Surigao?

    Appreciate if you can advise, or tell me where I can obtain required information.



  25. Dumb. If a visiting foreigner had a negative test and also the vaccine, they are safer and less a risk than all Filipino citizens. Who all may be positive , untested, and not vaccinated. Who votes them in?

  26. Well one things for sure when they do start letting regular tourist and you can believe every swinging hard dick that so used to coming over here banging hot babes are going to be sprinting toward the airport and those tickets are going to be high supply and demand probably from the United States wouldn’t be surprised if it was three to $5000 because of all the dudes that want to get over here and start banging on a regular basis

    1. in the states there’s the quicky and the 2 to 3 day test….
      I dont get it! if your cleared for two gov test. Why still stay Quarantine?

  27. Do not trust newspapers in Philippines !

    I remember them writing tourists could stay now 30 days (before 21)
    And i asked an immigration officer why he gave me 21 and he said he didnt know about it. It took well over a year for immigration finally give 30 days !

  28. Anyways reekay , Philippines is no longer fun since duterte came on power.why bother ourselves to come and wear those crazy face shields and….?

    1. Gf, wifes, maybe business, bro is not about selfies, sure if I have nothing there I whould chose another place to travel

  29. All this don’t make sense , l’m married to a Filipina , they just gave me a one year visa , but they still don’t allow me to go see my wife .
    They are playing game , how can you say that l can enter if l’m an Filipino spouse with a visa and say that l have to travel with my spouse ? . How can l travel with her from the US when she is in the Philippines ?

  30. I spoke to a Filipino immigration attorney. He stated as a spouse I can enter the country , Did not specify with or without my wife… However I would have to have a visa prior to arriving and has to be obtained in person from the Philippine consulate. As of today 01.23.2021 the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco is closed and has been for several months. so unable to obtain a visa. If you can get any info on that it would be greatly appreciated

  31. My Gosh I wish the Philippine Government would think about us 9A visa guys that are already married to a filipina.. I’ve been trying to get home to her since November 2020 once i got my visa… everyday the rules of the game changes for the worst.. Pls pls Mr President consider us 9a visa holders wanting to travel home to our families that are in the Philippine.

    1. Goverments belive there are enought 9A visa to made a big covid wave lol How many 9A visa travelers do you know ? It’s a nonsense what they do but..

  32. Yes the filipino spouse has to be with you when you enter the philippines, I just wonder is this the Balikbayan vise? and is the Cebu open for international flights?

    1. I’m an American expat in Davao City & my guess is mid-summer. Depends on the adoption of vaccine passports, which is already happening

  33. Sad… Polymerase Chain Reaction is NOT a test for disease. It is only supposed to be used for increasing DNA samples for study. What a joke!

  34. It’s not a health issue any more. It’s about politicians showing their resolve in a crisis. Any loosening of restrictions will be incremental and justified as solving specific problems resulting from the lockdown itself, (though blamed on Covid of course).

  35. Good news for me, I’m Canadian and my wife and son are in the Philippines. I’ve sent the Filipino consulate in Canada an email to ask for guidance but they are pretty slow. I’m wondering if my wife has to leave the Philippines, meet me in another country and both fly back to the Philippines together. Going to have to figure out what SE Asia country is best to meet up in and if she can turn around and fly back the next day. Crazy times

  36. I will believe it when it really starts happening. Even if it does in a week they will change their minds…..

  37. All we need Reekay is for Taiwan to allow foreigners into their airport so that EVA will resume flights to Cebu and we can use the tickets I gotten my wife for Christmas and hopefully see you in Ayala supermarket in February…

    1. @Uncle Ruckus Mexico. I was there last month. A crowed KLM flight came in before me. Lots of foreigners. No covid test. No questions about covid asked. Just someone scanned me as I walked by with a thermometer. Cheap beer and cheap food. Oh and in the news today their president said he contracted covid. Philippines will destroy its hospitality industry. It’s already difficult to get there traveling so many hours. All these impediment will make it worse and turn off a lot of people who could easily travel to the Dominican Republic where no covid test is needed.

  38. How do you feel about having been in the PH the entire time Reekay? IIRC, you came to Vietnam and at first you liked it so much you were talking about moving here but then changed your mind and went back to PH, right? Do you wish you had stayed here instead? I’ve only made a handful of videos about what’s happening here (need to do more!) but I have to say, I feel pretty lucky to have gotten “stuck” here! No covid to worry about and life is somewhat normal. What’s funny is that I was actually planning to go to PH instead of here back in March! But when I saw covid blowing up everywhere, I reconsidered my options and chose Vietnam and I’m glad I did. I love PH and miss it a lot. I’m looking forward to go back when I can but during this pandemic, I think Vietnam has had it the best.

    1. my original plan was to spend 2020 in vietnam, and longer. but i returned to the ph because i met my g/f, Vi, while on a visa-run. when all this clears up i plan to return to vietnam with her and show her around. love it there.

  39. Thank you for sharing the information. I enjoy hearing from someone who has boots on the ground that really does keep up with things.

  40. Wow… this is the first government policy I’ve seen anywhere that actually takes into account that there’s an incubation period, during which you’re infected, won’t pass it on to others and will test negative. It’s generally regarded to be 7 days as a max, but 5 is pretty good. A step in the right direction, policies that take science into account. Hopefully it will become a trend.

  41. Thousands of unmasked kids are allowed to spread the wiggle with no restrictions. Then we get our rights taken away. And what’s crazy is we allow this to happen.

    1. it’s amazing how many sheep there are…this covid is a fraud…just about every virus and disease is now considered covid related, that’s why the numbers are high…if you get the flu it’s now covid, if you get cancer it’s covid now, and on and on…WAKE UP SHEEP

    2. @rob rocco still 99,7 % , no bro what goverments do is not the way, if they take all this efforts to protect people against the poverty ph will be a great country, is it but is a shame see the kids playing on the trash looking containers, family’s sleeping in the street, como on, that’s hurt me more than the common flu but i will say coronavirus . I cant belive how the govement can allow this, i will never forget a 8 years old girl carring a baby ,she was wet of the baby spittle so I guess maybe hours carrying him and tired of get nothing and of course I gave them to eat, do you gonna say me goverment care people? destroy thousand employes for a virus are you kiding me? Is not ebola guys wake up please wake up, i bet all my cash if ph open the borders with more controls and more efective and fast test than bullsh pcr (in fact there are but is not a great business to the powerfull entity) philipines whould play with the same numbers, even there will be less people go in to the country that’s would be another point , it’s ridiculous what goverments are doing, I can understand mask, test even 14 days quarantine but Oh doesn’t it work you mean ? They need destroy us like that by homosapiens measures, this is not the worst pandemic but for sure the worst joke of the human history I just see that the governments do the impossible to get money, its sad they won’t invest to make accessible the hospitals to everyone for example or get better the quality life at largest but the health it’s the first they said what a nonsense it’s this

    3. At present, one in a thousand Americans are dead from Covid. Yes, 400,000 Americans, gone. By February, half a million. What part of this don’t you get??

  42. And in a few days or less they will change their silly requirements once again. Other countries, even with 5x times more Covid cases and deaths, e.g. South Africa, just request a negative PCR test taken 72 hrs prior at the departure country. Those Philippine authorities come up with more and complicated regulations over and over again. Plus each province adds its own rules & regulations on top of it. They will only stop it once the last filipino is forced to beg on the street.

    1. @lionhearted1969 Family ties. And yes I travel to other countries as well. I assume that answers your questions.

    2. Then why bother to visit the Philippines when you can go to those countries who are far less stricter? Why do you care so much about the Philippines and its people?

  43. Would living in a another country with a British Passport and being a resident fof 15 years make any difference traveling to the Philipines although I haven’t been to the UK since 2004 !!…I wont be leaving till September hopefully there wont be so much Protocol then

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Agreed, the censorship is going through the roof. Time to start talking/typing in code.

    2. @stangeriam given what is going on at FB, twitter, etc., i would not be surprised if big-brother is wiping out links or keywords that don’t fit their agenda.

    3. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Never did I attack anyone.. there are only one of two ways a comment could be deleted.
      Hope it wasn’t you . Keep up the great work Reekay ✌

    4. and what exactly is ‘going on’ that isn’t in the comments?

      if i delete a comment it’s because the person is either attacking another commenter, being overtly crass, vile or obscene. but plenty of comments in the previous video i don’t agree with that still get posted.

  44. I like the subject of this video . But the echo is horrendous ! There is no US Embasy in Cebu only a U..S. Consulate ! What about those of us that hold a SRRV Visa ?

  45. Question: what if you take two tests, quarantine for 5 days, get endorsed, and stay in metro manila, not leave for the provinces. Do you still need to finish the 14 days?

    The spouses and minor children need a visa before entry unlike back in Dec where it was visa free.

  46. These government overreactions and gibberish press releases (if you can call this incomprehensible crap a statement) …..
    …. are just ridiculous.

    Just open the damn border.

    1. @lionhearted1969 maybe he has gf, business or family, we all are tired, of course there are other places to go but is not about just have fun there

    2. Why do you mind? You don’t matter to the Philippines. You can go to better countries, no one is holding you back.

  47. Hi Reekay,its becoming pricey and very confusing,basicly if you went for a break with your filipina for a month you would barely have time to enjoy it outside the compound as it stands,think i will wait till they relax some more stuff,i think a test at both ends and a shorter quarantine ,maybe 5 days total both ends ,will be the only way it will be worth travelling right now.great vlog.

    1. I would highly doubt that they will do anything below 7 days because your body only starts showing symptoms on 3-5 days.. and you only start producing antibodies 1-2 weeks.. so 5 days would be very much pushing it.. maybe with a CT scan it will show up faster.. but in 5 days your only having light cough isn’t until 7+ day that you develop pneumonia.. and it’s like 85% develop pneumonia most not requiring hospitalization but your very sick

    2. @lionhearted1969
      Sure Latinas will boost
      your ego but they don’t
      marry 62 year-olds
      For me Filipinas > Latinas

    3. There are lots of countries in Central and South America who are very welcoming to foreign nationals and don’t have strict rules against international visitors. There are far more beautiful women there who can really boost your ego.

  48. if you have to have a second test what is the point of the first one, i don’t understand what that is all about?

    1. It’s to segregate a known positive vs a maybe has it.. also to increase the accuracy of a true negative test.. if you test positive they have to put you into isolation vs just a basic monitoring room.. because you will spread it to other rooms.. like you have to remember this is aerosolized virus not just droplets.. so a lot more precautions have to be taken.. a lot more PPE precautions need to be taken.. yes it’s a little bit more aggressive measures

    2. Perhaps Overkill, But My Wife And 1 Year Old Are Whom I’ll Be Coming To See, And God Knows!, I’d Rather Be Safe, Than Sorry.

  49. The headline is meant to mislead they do that to you read the article and from where I get from that is that you take a test soon as you get there menu in the hotel for 5 days on the 5th day you take another test it’ll probably take two or three or four days to get a result so you’ll actually be in the hotel for 8 days up to nine days if everything goes smoothly and then one day to travel so possibly get to your destination on the 10th day 2 stay for more days quarantine see your family members for only two days before your flight back and which you’ll have to quarantine and test when you get there doesn’t sound like a good option

    1. The test only take about 20 minutes to run… the problem in USA is getting the test to the lab and back log of tests.. unfortunately the federal government in USA didn’t want to invest in more machines.. that’s why it’s so slow.. and the only reason why.. we produce enough reagents we were even exporting it.. and swabs are easy to make.. there just no money to invest in machines

    2. Actually, you still get to undergo quarantine for 14 days. Why do American retirees still aching to come to the Philippines when the country doesn’t really welcome them? Why do they give a damn whatever laws the Philippines has implemented when they don’t like the kind of life they foresee in the country? Do these men suffer dementia already?

    1. Hello from Minnesota they’re finding a new strain around here it’s spreading like wildfire get ready for a big lockdown good luck and stay safe New York go bills

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