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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. Reekay, What you said about your mom really resonates with me; I’ve continued those similar food storage values my parents taught me growing up in California in the 60sand 70s. I escaped California in 2014 and moved into the province/country area in North Carolina on a 6 acre plot in the forest. So, like your family in California, doing a quarantine is not that difficult for us.

  3. Hi Reekay, AFA socials are part of a A Foreign Affair, the candidates (Ladies) in CebuWomen cant contact you privately, only via their messaging system. Let me say its a very expensive option as you pay for each message, up or down. It is my opinion that there socials are very expensive.I lasted 3 weeks and had to cancel. Thank you for your advice, I wish I had seen this before joining AFA. Regards and best wishes.

  4. The virus has 11 strains and the vaccine may only work on a cfew of them. Using HQC can kill the virus if used early.

  5. Can you still book month to month Air BnB during quarantine in Cebu if your still already in Cebu?

  6. Regarding the SRRV visa for entry into the P.I.
    You are correct in stating that holding a valid SRRV visa and being married to a Filipino citizen will allow you entry into the country.
    My wife and I used the existing Philipinne Airlines “pre approval” system available on their website that had us scan and upload all of our relevant documents to the Philippine embassy in Washington D.C. for a decision one way or another on being good to travel for our Sept 3rd flight.
    Within 24 hours, we received an email from the embassy saying we are good to go with my SRRV.

  7. I know You have not lived in the USA for several years but do You have any thoughts on why the USA has had so much trouble dealing with this Covod thing? We have the most cases and the most deaths by far than all other countries

    1. my personal opinion is that the numbers of deaths related to covid are being purposely inflated for political reasons. the same people who have no qualms about burning down cities would have no reservations about inflating the mortality rate as a means to their own ends.

  8. I just paid a visit to the Philippine consulate in Vancouver to confirm they are now allowing foreigners to travel there on a single entry 59 day visa if you are married to a Filipino or have Filipino children and can prove it. I will be arranging my trip now. Yay!!! If I decide to stay longer I’ll just get extensions as per usual. This is awesome I can see my fiancé and my kids now after 7 months!! Cheers thanks for updates

    1. you mentioned you are married, then mentioned she is your fiance’ (not married). are you both already legally married or only engaged?

    1. the link leads to your email program. can you fix the link to go to where you intended?

  9. Classic Thai massage is the masseuse attempting to twist you into a pretzel. For me, Never again. Also when the masseuse stands on your back… You are just opening the door for a spinal malfunction.

  10. Reekay, be careful about installing certain apps, or going to certain websites. A lot of them will use your cpu to mine cryptos automatically. If you ever see your cpu maxing out or well over 50%, there is a high chance your cpu is mining cryptos for someone else’s wallet address. Glad to see you are back, and as always thanks for the updates. Say hi to V, and hope both of you are in good health and staying safe.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I’m married to a Filipina, I only use a tourist visa. Can I travel to the pH?

  11. Dramatically increased testing is the only way you will know. In March the US had very few cases, because there was very little testing being done. Most people show no symptoms so once testing dramatically increased after June – a lot of cases were discovered; the numbers went up. Testing = results = knowledge.

  12. Stay strong Reekay and stay safe. Also stay alert regarding China’s influence and control over Duterte very carefully. It could help, or hurt the Philippines. Time will tell.

  13. still confused. if you are married to a filipina and only use a tourist visa, can you go to the ph?

    1. if you are married to a filipina and have a long-term visa (not tourist visa), you can enter the PH. no tourist visas are being issued right now (aug/2020).

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