August 15th: Latest Quarantine Update for the Philippines

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. In this video I discuss, “August 15th: Latest Quarantine Update for the Philippines”.
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    1. The only thing I know is we’re coming up on the peak season. If Duterte doesn’t upgrade and modify his butt to reopening these borders and get the tourist dollars flowing back in , the economy is going to be irreversibly wrecked in an already vulnerable nation ! For Christ sake it’s just a new strain of flu , it’s not Ebola LOL. Like the life cycle of any virus , it comes on strong , peaks , flattens , declines and fizzles itself out. You don’t have to be a doctor to know that. The virus just needs to burn itself out , Filipino officials are acting like , if we all hide under rocks it will go away LOL.

    2. FYI, As of Aug 9 “foreign parent of minor Filipinos” will be allowed to get a visa and travel to the Philippines, So if you are single but have a (documented) child with a Filipina, You should be able to enter the Philippines.

  2. Let them. Open up again… And cases will.rise way up again.. Let mother nature depopulate the ignorants from this world! Foreigners allowed again soon… What kinda Moron wants to head out nto a calamity zone.. Old men looking for easy sex.. As always! Disorganized tribal government.. What a joke you are Duterte!

  3. Hello Ricky. . thank you for sharing the latest update. ..An Ofw here in italy. .
    Same here the situation is still covid problem.
    God Bless! !

  4. I lose track of all different quarantines…..they all seem the same to me….i just stay in to keep safe as much as possible here in Laguna

  5. The President has committed to the entire country being flushed down the toilet. It is just the beginning of a total nightmare. His actions toward the pandemic will totally decimate the country in every way. This is just the beginning of the social problems he is causing in the name of Covid “safety”. As it stands currently…. He has eliminated income for most of the citizens. It was considered a poor country before this event…….. it is devastated. People will not have the money to get ANY medical attention to ANY severe health problem. The President is literally destroying the country. Just wait …..when the banking industry collapses in the future. The Philippines is sinking and it is sinking because of an uneducated, panicked child making stupid decisions….Duterte.

  6. Will You Please Explain Your Statistics? Really COVID19 or Another Thing?

    Comparative Statistics of Death from 2016-2019 versus COVID19 Propaganda Source: Philippine Statistics Authority

    Death Statistics (Philippines Only)
    2016 2017 2018 2019
    1 74,134 84,120 88,433 57,700
    2 60,470 64,125 63,454 48,800
    3 56,938 59,774 61,959 51,100
    4 57,809 57,210 56,815 50,300
    5 33,295 30,932 32,106 52,100
    6 33,452 26,471 26,836 49,000
    7 24,365 24,818 24,820 49,500
    8 24,462 22,523 22,103 50,300
    9 28,641 22,134 20,042 52,100
    10 19,759 15,717 16,029 55,000
    11 168,858 171,413 178,112 52,800
    12 52,000

    Death in 1 year:
    582,183 579,237 590,709 620,700
    ÷ ÷ ÷ ÷
    12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
    = = = =
    Death Monthly: 48,515 48,270 49,226 51,725

    Death Statistics COVID19 Cases (Philippines Only)

    Confirmed Recovered Death
    Updated as of 106,330 65,821 2,104
    August 8, 2020
    12 months
    March 17 to July ratio only, 4 months 526

    Monthly 51,725 Walang face masks, walang social distancing, Walang stop
    sa work, Walang check points, Walang stress at depression.
    Monthly 526 Hulihin ang walang face masks, hindi nag-social distancing,
    curfew sa mga bawat barangay, bilang ang magtrabaho,
    bawal mga matanda (60 up) at mga batang lalabas.

    COVID19 ba talaga o may ibang dahilan? Sa Manila COVID
    daw at may mga tangke at armor cars at mga sundalong

    COVID19 ba talaga o may ibang dahilan?

    FB and Messenger:
    Abid Rjrp
    0945 785 4969

  7. 12 noon, New York time, Film Plandemic, at ( London real Reveals everything. Follow the money.

  8. Vaccine promises only 60 to 80% efficacy, and very expensive.. According
    to expert, N95 mask + face shield + physical distancing provides 99.9%
    protection. With this, we can have MGCQ nationwide, the economy need not bleed, our closest thing the old normal. While we wait for the vaccine, COVID19 spread is controlled, people can move about, the economy bounces back, win-win for all.. I hope IATF sees this… Sometimes the best solution comes from the simplest approach….

  9. Thanks for the update, I very much appreciate the top quality information you give to us all.

  10. Air pollution in the Philippines kills about 120,000 people every year. Vs Covid 2,600 to date

    1. Well, Philippines is trying to solve that problem, thank God your country is clean and rich…

    2. Bcrap!!! Its only 45,000 according to WHO and this number aint even credible since its sourced from an EVIL ORGANIZATION pushing for globalist agenda…

  11. Hopefully there’s news also about how foreign can enter to the Philippines,i miss my boyfriend ☹️

  12. The updates will not change very much. Most importantly for foreign travel is out. Tourism will not be allowed until maybe June of 2021 but I’m guessing not until Jan 2022. Those stupid foreigners who didn’t leave when they had an opportunity back in April are all pissing and moaning now. Get out asap. Phil Health is collapsing in one of the largest scams ever to hit the Philippines.

  13. Does the handling of the plandemic seem over the top to you . Canada has 35 million and 9000 deaths. Philippines has 110 million and 2000 deaths. Canada has no quarantines just social distancing. And how many people there, and around the world have died from either malnutrition, (starvation), or other respiratory illnesses and Covid 19 is blamed. Wake up people. This is all cover for preparation of the new monetary system coming in Jan. 2021.

  14. When do you think international flights will be allowed in? IE Davao. I am planning to travel there in Dec. (4-6) thanks so much for the info

  15. MGCQ will be in place the rest of the year if not longer. I live here on Siargao Island and it really isn’t any different than GCQ and the local governments don’t enforce anything equally here throughout the Province. Anyone that thinks one is better than the other is being led astray. Look at what Tim K is going through and it shows the Madness that I’m talking about in the Provinces. My advice to anyone that wants to come to the Philippines eventually is DON’T until all of these Quarantines are lifted. If you do you’re not going to like it. I’ve been here since March under these ever changing conditions and have been waiting it out. If things don’t change by October I’m going to leave for Mexico until SE Asia returns to Normal. And No I Won’t go back to the US because it’s a Shit Show. I’ll take my chances in Puerto Escondido instead. No Filipina Mango is Worth this BS.

  16. Hi Reekay. Sounds like instead of August 15 for you and V it’s still February 02. Just curious at Ayala have you both been able to eat at a restaurant together. Both of you be safe.

  17. then when will i be able to fly to cebu Reekay San? will the government allow tourist visa anytime soon?

  18. Hey Reekay, I am not received any YouTube email notifications over the past 2 days on my yahoo email account. Not just your channels bit others like Gio’s. Any recommendations?? Thanks.

  19. Thanks for this quick update, Reekay. i know it seems like more of the same, but it is appreciated nevertheless. My Filipina friends keep telling me that it will be soon po.

  20. Thank you. The Philippines government is dumb as many Leftist Marxist Democrat States in the USA. Who ever heard of quarantining healthy people? Only for this scamdemic. Sad, very sad.

    1. @Kit i got a flight september 1st from Japan to iloilo but have to stop in Manila for 5 hours. What can I expect?

    2. I landed in Manila lfrom Singapore 4 days ago. Manila Airport like other parts of NCR are under egcq with limited movement. No public taxi or transport. Etc

  21. Lets see
    Quarantine 1 percent of people die of covid
    But 5 percent die of hunger or suicide

  22. Before this video of henry played i got an ad from chuck schumer d senator from ny begging for money.
    That look he has is demonic !

  23. Only problem with those reports and classifications is that they can be modified by the local gov’t to as strict as they want to make them. I am in a mgcq area as is everything between me and Angeles city. I needed to go there as my medical is at the Hospital on Clark. But thanks to local gov’t rules, I had to have a travel pass even to get to Olongapo. But since I was going to Angeles, to get the travel pass I was required to get the Rapid covid test and produce a neg. results. So regardless what they say, if you have Barney Fife running your little Brgy. You could be back in MECQ in the next morning.

  24. Thank You so very much for your update
    I see my home in butuan is going good or ok I hope soon I can go home to my family
    Thank you again take care Have a good nite

  25. Prayers Laguna, the other Calabarzon provinces and NCR and go back to MGCQ.

  26. Thanks For the update Henry.
    FB crapped out yet again today taking msgr with it. Ugghh. Catch you MeWe till they fix it.

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