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Me_icon01Announcement!  Yes.. I know, I’m lagging on an update as to how things have gone since moving here to Bohol a few days ago.  However now that everything is unpacked, I established net service and cleared out most of the mosquitoes here.. my first priority was to add an interactive Forum to expand the scope of our interest in the Philippines!

There were, of course, a few technical issues to overcome along the way.. mostly dealing with SEO compatibility issues and causing dead-links that would have undone over a year of SEO efforts but.. I was able to fix all that (to my own amazement, I must admit) and the new Forum is now fully functional with not a single dead-link in sight.  🙂

So.. feel free to participate.  I’ve established a wide variety of categories and topics for you to either share your own experiences and wisdom or.. to post a question about something you want to know.  I’m looking forward to some great discussions and learning a thing or two from those of you who have spent a few years here in the Philippines already.  All in all.. a good addition to the site we can all benefit from.

See you at The LBTSea Forum!

Henry V.


Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. Hello everyone I’m new here just want to make friends and get advice about visiting the Philippines

  2. I am moving to San Fernando La Union in the spring of 2015 – I am making my second visit in Jan with a year and a half of research – I am looking forward to it. Your web site has been a big help. thank youl

  3. you have done well at putting the polished shine on the apple…sorry…mango, but you have left out way to much stuff. This is to bright and shinny. For every story like yours there are 10-100 of the other type. Yes, pinay are beauties since the Spanish and the church have been there for almost 400 years, not quite 700, there is a vast mixing to produce these beauties. There is a saying in the US..”.there is no fool like an old fool”….and that is not lost on the average pinay. If you are sincere and reasonably generous at heart, you will be seen as weak and used. you also failed to mention that nearly 83% of mothers in the Philippines are…single. The “men” there for lack of a better way to describe them because stray dog does an injustice to the stray dog, are notorious liars and fornicators, until the girl is pregnant then they are deserts. The culture does nothing to protect the women, even the church for 15 years fought the new laws voted in due to popular pressure, by the govt of educating province and poor girls that are the favorites of the pinoy. You are young and you hit the right one. I was living there before you were born and it was bad and has only gotten worst with the arrival of the internet. Tell us why there are armed guards at a bakery in the mall, there are armed guards everywhere there because most can NOT be trusted to be honest. and if she is over 25, she is considered old by most pinoy and the culture. If not a virgin, then pinoy do not want her while this same guy is out sexing as many girls and virgins as he can find, and with no protection. The ONLY men who will accept her are foreigners. and if she has a child…wow…ONLY foreigners will accept her…and she will mostly want “old, rich and soon to die”. Keep in mind, that the girls want an honest man, but will lie to a foreigner at the drop of a hat, even if nothing is served by doing so. it seems almost to be part of the DNA. I have even sat and listened to pinay making jokes about their older foreign husband in Tagalog, while he is setting there oblivious to what is going on. Sad….and most “good” girls will have nothing to do with a foreigner because of the stigma associated. Is this always the case?…NO. …but it happens enough that embassy’s warn men going there about pinays. Telling the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but, and this beautiful tale becomes a footnote to the “rest of the story”. Open your eyes and do NOT approach this with a dreamy attitude. …and there is a ton I have not touched on, a ton. Still, approach all the women at least with respect but guarded. Going there for a “sex tour” is disgusting. The beaches are beautiful but there are places you do NOT want to go. Be smart and be safe, from all to include the beautiful pinay.

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