IATF Relaxes Rules for Expats w/Valid SRRV Visa & Other Recent News

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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    1. they are not being actively ‘purged’ or told to leave. many expats with tourist visas are choosing to leave simply because they have no family or roots in the ph and have tired of the continuous lockdown procedures.

  2. ❎ JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — South Africa said Sunday it would suspend the start of its COVID-19 vaccinations with the AstraZeneca jab after a study showed the drug failed to prevent mild and moderate cases of the virus variant that has appeared in the country. ✋

  3. PRA has yet to put any official guidance out on SRRV Reentry for current SRRV Holders. This is very typical. I finally called them in Davao and the man who answered the phone told me to call the Cebu Office. Passing the Buck…The Communication during this travel ban has been very poor. Nothing has been out on the FB page, every time something changes they just leave people hanging instead of Addressing it.

  4. Awwwe come on whose visa still valid an who needs a visa..u gotta b a country that is poorer than plips. So afrikan ..do they really want those. But we getting ther thx reekay

  5. Seems the SRRV would avoid visa runs and only costs about $20,000 as a deposit, which is way cheaper than marriage and divorce. What’s the downside of the SRRV? I’ve not needed any long-term residency visa as I never found the juice worth the squeeze (I have zero interest in family life). Peace.

  6. Hi Reekay this Jim Holmdahl again. I was the one from Oregon who got married on line having never met my wife in person. We are now living on Siquijor . We couldn’t be happier! Our uncountable chats and video chats for 10 months were so important for knowing we were made for each other. Thankyou for helping so many people! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR AWESOME LADY!

  7. Reekay,
    China is not scared of America’s new president. China is threatening Taiwan by flying into their air space. Also, China is building islands in the South China Sea. Is it possible that China might invade the Philippines? If so, China will more than likely arrest and/or kill Americans. What do you think the future might be the in the Philippines for Americans if China invaded the Philippines?

    1. china invading the ph is a huge hypothetical. personally, i don’t see it happening. taking over the ph would be just one more problem for china to deal with. it’s less hassle for them to simply have the ph in debt as leverage and leave the ph to solve their own domestic issues on their own.

  8. I will never take the russian or chinees vaccine , lets hope there will not be to many side affect or dead resulted from these vaccine program….

    1. i would trust the russian and china vaccine more than the pfzer vaccine that already killed many ppl in israel and norway. USA is nowadays just putting smokescreens about how bad russia and china are when usa is the real bad guys

  9. Hello Henry and thanks for the latest updates. Still with no symptoms after my first Covid Pfizer vaccine from Wednesday!

  10. Any step in the right direction is a good step, as far as I’m concerned. Just need to get them to open up to tourism (with or without vaccination), and I’m on my way! I can’t wait to get to Palawan, and spend some time with my Filipina.

  11. So that is real progress….but you had a PERMANENT SRRV Visa…you SHOULD have a continuing right of entry. I was in progress for SRRV…so no luck. But I will take any forward momentuum. Go go go.

  12. SRRV ? come on this is ridiculous ..I have been vaccinated here in the USA ,,,I need to get to Angeles City ASAP ..I have many girl friends waiting for me

  13. I would be happy if they just lightened up on the restrictions here a little. Davao is still under GCQ. I have heard it will be reviewed again at the end of the month. Things will have to change here before they will let International tourists in. At least it seems to be going in the right direction, thank you for the news.

  14. I just do not see the Philippine government keeping this lockdown into 2022. At that point they will have to call in the military to shoot people in the streets from looting from hunger.

  15. The Russian vaccine is good . I would take it because it was around for many years and they changed it to work on the covid 19 === China vaccine. NEVER !!!!!!

  16. Unfortunately, The Manila Times comes out with their usual fake/misleading news. I can come back now on my SRRV, but according to credible news outlets, as well as IATF Resolution No. 98, I need “provided they present an entry exemption document” to BI upon arrival. Also, not in No. 98, but from Inquirer.net, “But in a separate message to reporters, Roque said, ‘tourists not allowed still unless with exemption.’” So nothing has really changed. But to be fair, you accurately quoted The Manila Times, but their article on SRRV is misleading, at best.

  17. Why do politicians make everything so difficult. It’s really quite simple. Have you been vaccinated. Yes? Then come on in.
    No,? Sorry about your luck.
    Why is it difficult?

    1. Vaccination has not been grounds for entry. If it was, I could have entered a few months ago, because I had my second vaccination shot on 18 November.

    2. The gene therapy injection is only tested for its ability to potentially reduce symptoms, not prevent any “spread”.

  18. Great news for some but not for others who like me want to visit for the first time, let’s hope things open up properly sometime this year shorts and flipflops at the ready haha.

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