A Glimmer of Hope: Philippines Seeks To Restore Economy

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
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  2. We Need To Get Out Of The U.S. They Have Marist Motives And Letting Covid Infected Hondurans Salvadorans Ecuadorian through the southern border by the tens of thousands and giving them free food housing medical making them automatic citizens it is a really bad situation

  3. Maybe one day, the people will rise up and demand the government due the right thing. But for now, it’s red horse time.

  4. I came to Guam from Japan Jan 02
    Was put up i n quarantine at the Dusit Beach Resort for 14 days at no cost and 3 meals and water all i could drink. After 6 days if i opted to test i could spend rest of quarantine in own residence. Since i had no residence i stayed at the dusit for remainder of quarantine until released and did not have to test at all.

  5. Does the Xbox have to be vaccinated before they go to the Philippines to get into the Philippines because I’m so waiting to meet my fiance in person now we talked a little over a year and would like to meet each other to see where it goes from there and God bless everybody over there and may God watch over you protect you and keep you healthy you and your family and friends

  6. thank you very much for uploading this video
    {{{{{{{{ ,,,,,,,,,, thumbs up,,,,,,, }}}}}}}}}
    looking forward to watch your next video…..

    1. Yes they are running I live on the highway see them but not sure what procols if need quarantine on arrival or coming back to Cebu

  7. My degree is in Biology. This vaccine has never been tried in that it is not based like traditional vaccines on inert pathogens. This vaccine is based on a protein “spike” on messenger RNA. All animal studies have failed with this innoculation. So you are the focus group. Good luck.

  8. Reekay I think that all of this BS is political. I understand that in the USA the Marxist/Democrat party has used Covid 19 as a narrative against Trump. I don’t get what the RP powers have “in It” by prolonging this lock down. But I think it is intentional and I think it is nefarious and I don’t think there is any good news except for pharmaceuticals who will profit billions and Tyrants who will increase their grip on our freedoms.

    1. @Mike Masters if you had ever been to the PH, you’d know that dengue is spread through mosquitoes. and where do mosquitoes thrive? in the provinces, which are rural and have standing water where mosquitoes breed. the bigger cities don’t have ‘as many’ mosquitoes since there is some attempt to drain water properly.

      but the larger point went completely over your head and i won’t bother repeating it. your loss if you can’t keep up with the conversation.

    2. Why would they quarantine the provinces ? That’s not logical. Dengue fever does not spread from person to person. A qurantine would not affect the disease. You continue to compare covid to other diseases that reguire a different response and think they should have the same response.
      My goodness you are so darned BIASED. You bend and twist everything around , man your thick headed.

    3. i agree. the ‘response’ is way over the top. dengue cases went way up beyond anything previous in the PH in 2019, and nobody quarantined the provinces.

  9. If you look at the 1900s Spanish flu, it was 3 years before end and very little intervention that worked. I don’t think South east Asia will open before 2023. The rich are getting richer and the poor are starving. Things won’t open until the rich are hurt in the wallet.

  10. Hello Henry and thanks for the great info. I just got my first Pfizer Vaccine today! So far only a little soreness on the upper arm. Tomorrow may be a different story!

  11. So much bullshit here lol.. over seas workers population is over 15 million.. each has around 7 or 8 family members they support in the philipines thats like 130 million people.. also manila is alive and doing well ..yes i agree some are affected just like everywhere else on this planet but its not as bad as what you are saying.

    1. many of those overseas workers returned to the PH and are no longer OFW’s. so that money is gone.

      dismissing the amount of money lost per-day in manila does not give a realistic view of the what’s actually going on. with all the mom’n’pop restos that have had to shut down for over 7 months of zero customers, i’d hardly call that, “doing well”.

  12. Is it possible to buy hydroxychloroquine in the Philippines? I understand it is available over the counter as an anti-malaria drug. It’s been around for many decades and I understand as safe as asprin.

  13. I can not figure out why the big hype about the vaccine, when there are reports that it’s not proven that it actually works.

  14. “Causation” Dr. In charge of the Illinois department of health said early on “if one gets hit by a car and dies while they have covid, we count it as a covid related death”.

  15. And Satan answered the LORD, and said, Skin for skin, yea, all that a man has will he give for his life. Job 2:4 They scared people to death and now they are willing to risk and endure anything to save their lives.

  16. Was in Manila today to do the Annual Report. Hard to really tell it’s in lockdown.
    Just as busy as before Covid.
    As far as opening up the borders, I don’t see it happening untill much later this year.
    The IATF and DU-30 has the final say on opening up.
    Total tourism only accounts for 12.7% of GDP, and that includes both international and domestic tourism.
    So international tourism is probably 8%.
    Like he said , international tourism doesn’t keep the country afloat.

    1. I was in the Philippines in 2017, but don’t plan to return anytime soon until this insane mindset goes away. Sorry flying on a plane with unreasonable rules, and unreasonable quarrantine. I will wait or never go back.

    2. No. Domestic tourism accounts around 80%-85% of the total tourism receipt in the Philippines. The total number of tourists in the Philippines in 2019, for example, reached almost 80 million, 8.2 million of which were international tourists. Tourism receipt accounts for about 12% of the total GDP and only about less than 20% came from foreign visitors. The tourism industry in the Philippines rely mostly on domestic tourism compared to the traditional tourist hotspots in Southeast Asia like Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

  17. That 20+ percentage is in some sources…SEARCH KNOEMA….apparently from direct and INDIRECT effects…a multiple of 2x is not crazy for tourist promotion organizations… “Before contribution of travel and tourism to GDP (% of GDP) of Philippines started to increase to reach a level of 24.4 % in 2020 ” People are not just totally making that number up out of thin air.

  18. The Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) on Tuesday, January 12, announced that foreign tourist arrivals and tourism receipts plunged by 83% in 2020…With targets unlikely to be met in the near future, the DOT will revise its National Tourism Development Plan (NTDP)….International travel bubbles demand the strict enforcement of health and safety protocols at the destination countries.… Whenever feasible, the Philippines is willing to tie up with neighboring countries first with the main consideration of proximity,” she said.

  19. The British Astrazeneca is available at cost £3 The UK was more or less first in queue, funding the actual research and set up. The UK also paid into COVAX the UN body for purchasing vaccings for poorer countries. Safe to say outside of the USA the UK is the world leader in vaccine. Be nice to us (smile). of course we are getting it as part of our NHS.

  20. Hello Reekay, starting to look positive. I think though PI doesnt rely on Tourism it is nevertheless an important factor especially for the outer areas which depend on tourism. The main cities not so but the tourist destinations do rely on tourism. AS for Tourism the UK is putting in strict entry or re-entry quarantine so the brits are not coming in much numbers this year. I have written off going to PI this year.

    1. Never. International passengers are required to go into quarantine even if tested negative once he gets into his final destination. Upon arrival at either NAIA or Mactan-Cebu Airport, all international passengers get the mandatory testing after which they will be transported to the designated quarantine hotels while waiting for the result. If negative, the passenger will be allowed to continue on to their final destination. But they can’t take a private transport if they need to finally go home around Cebu or Manila or somewhere that only requires land transport. They either need to be fetched by their own private vehicle or (in the absence of own vehicle) they will be picked up by the government vehicle of their local government which must be already informed about it. If your final destination is not Cebu or Manila or somewhere that requires air travel, your onward flight will be free but then again, you can’t take a public transport from the airport to your home. When you finally arrive your home, the local government, as mandated by law, shall order you to undergo a 14-day quarantine (within your residence, probably an isolation room) before you can finally go out of your house or mingle with your family members if you don’t develop symptoms. If you develop symptoms while in or after isolation, you are advised to see a testing clinic/hospital near your area.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea We are full lockdown 5km from home only essential workers are allowed to work, never heard those terms

    2. @sctpc MGCQ is ‘modified general community quarantine’… which is less restrictive than ECQ (enhanced community quarantine).

    3. @sctpc most of the ph right now is on MGCQ. ECQ was much harsher and limiting during the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2020.

  21. Bill Gates…definitely don’t take it . He’s on record for depopulation and I believe he wants to give it to Philippines.

  22. Can you find out what the death by influenza was for last year at this time compared to what the influenza death rate is now.
    You will find influenza rate this flu season is lower then ever in history. That’s because they list flu as china virus….ivermectin is cheap and it kills china v.
    Don’t take vaccine. Worthless

    1. No shit, your being injected with the COVID protein recognition technology itself, plus it’s not a vaccine, it’s an experimental digital agent. In the USA, Fauci and the Surgeon General both state vaccines will not stop transmission or immunity. This product also has not been tested on animals. That’s a must in normal vaccine development. The experimental vaccine is useless. Period.

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