Does A Man Ever Stop Noticing Beautiful Women?

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. Do women ever think money looks ugly?
    Ps- even old women notice beautiful women.

  2. well… we may register whatever but we also see through fog of urges now. it’s all impermanent, fundamentally. and we may and should know (more than) enough about xx.s’ (evo.psych) nature, meanwhile. so then, where is the rhetorics of the title qstn. heading, exactly ?! in view of ‘behavioral sink’ trajectory ?!

  3. What’s nice is when you drive such a car to know what it’s like and also know you can’t afford the oil change let alone buying it to begin with.

    EVERY man should lay at least a 9 once in their lifetime!!!

    It helps build confidence!!!

  4. No. It’s about babies. My A&P Professor asked “How can you tell if a man is fertile?” The answer : He’s breathing…

  5. To answer you no…But you do not try to indulge and leave it only to an appreciation of beauty and nothing more…If he wants to have harmony in life and not throw out a good woman. There is a far difference between fantasy, and what she really is like and towards you, as the beauty of a woman, or women, comes in many flavors besides the external. A woman’s beauty defined by a man and society, is still in the eyes of the beholder. I would take “The Batmobile” still! Preferences rule!
    Some things are beyond the surface of something that you see and can feel deep down, and through personal knowledge and experience. Some standards do not change in time within your life. Could say more…Peace

  6. Noticing a beautiful woman is no different than noticing a beautiful car it doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate your car

  7. Repeat after me: “I am the man of the ONLY woman in the world.” #1 Best answer

  8. Beauty is happiness and happiness is beauty. And NO men never stop noticing beauty.

  9. Men will always be men. We will notice a pretty woman until the day we die, but that doesn’t mean we will not be faithful. Sure there are men who are like bees and will continue to fly from flower to flower until they cannot make honey anymore. But when I commit to one woman I will never betray her. If my ex-Filipina-wife hadn’t cheated on me, we would still be together, no matter how many beautiful women I pass at the mall.

  10. Good Analogy – Men see Cars they enjoy looking at but never test drive. Same with women – we enjoy looking at beautiful women but dont take them out for a test drive if we are in a commited relationship. Just window shopping and enjoying life !!

  11. I’m 69 years old and married. Doesn’t matter, if a beautiful women is near I take notice. I call it eyeball liberty.

  12. Of males and men, males are naturally attracted to beauty. To each eye beauty may differ, but males are attracted to beauty.
    Now being attracted is natural so it’s not a crime it’s just nature.
    If you’re in a committed relationship being attracted isn’t going to change, nature is nature. Here is where we separate males and men. This is where a man’s character rules his nature. Being attracted and doing something to satisfy it is the line that separates men and males. Males in a relationship try scratch that itch and men in a relationship don’t.
    Like courage doesn’t mean an absence of fear but action taken despite fears. Character isn’t an absence of attraction but not acting on that attraction.
    Same goes for women.
    To keep relationships strong affairs, cheating, and the lies around them can’t be allowed. They are wedges that tear a relationship apart.
    Lasting relationships built on love need fidelity, trust, and open communication. Honesty and honor are important qualities in people , showing their character.
    People failing in these things are like crooked politicians, saying one thing while doing the opposite, tearing down the fabric of society. It’s just they are tearing down the fabric of their relationship.
    I may not be expressing my thoughts well , but you get the idea.

  13. Even though it’s natural for men to notice an attractive woman, most women get jealous and upset with their husband/boyfriend for noticing! Woman are much more emotional than men!

  14. My Dad had gall bladder cancer when he 84. I knew he had recovered when he made comments about a woman walking down the street. He was still married to my step mother who was 20 years younger.

  15. Ya that’s easy to answer, it’s a big NO. Women will always try to get there man to not look but it’s just part of being a man

  16. As men we are hard wired to always be scanning for a fertile healthy young women like a Terminator.
    From an evolutionary perspective it makes sense: a man can attempt to get 5+ women pregnant a day even into middle age.
    All organism have got to spread our genes to survive – just look at pollen & cotton in the air each year.
    It’s what you do with that urge that matters – we are also wired with violent instincts that most of us learn to control.

  17. A real masculine men – no.
    I told that clearly to my PH girlfriend that I see sometimes sexually attractive woman and I clearly notice inside an attention to it BUT that’s it – I don’t follow this sexual attraction to more – get in touch with this girl or have sex with her or whatever – that’s the important point!
    This is how it is – finish, natural reflex – but that’s it

  18. I find myself playing the ‘who’s the hottest girl in town’ game every time I open my door and go outside.

  19. Men are hard wired to look and admire beautiful women, exceptions for gay men. That doesn’t mean we have to act on that impulse. If you are currently with the woman that you fell in love with assuming you are still getting what you need from each other.

  20. Quick answer , we don’t stop loving to look at the menu , but hopefully we will always go to our mate to get fed , simple but true

  21. My Corvette turned green with envy when I saw a gorgeous McLaren roll past on the highway lol 😉

  22. Even at the end of the Mouse Utopia experiment the male mice “noticed” the female mice. They all died of course but … the answer is no.

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