Big Update: All Non-Vaccinated Will Be Denied Entry to Philippines

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Author: V. Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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  2. Thanks for the update. Any idea as to what the proper vaccination documentation is? Is it the VAMS QR code for the US?

  3. My daughter is a filipino minor who won’t be allowed to return home due to this new rule as I am unable to take the vaccine for medical reasons and have a valid exemption. You would think they would put their own Filipinos rights of returning home ahead of tourists, but money speaks. Breach of her human rights to be with her family.

  4. For the vast majority of the people here that are complaining, the Philippines is NOT YOUR country. Whatever your OPINION regarding vaccines may be it has no bearing on the decisions of a sovereign nation. Either you follow their rules or don’t go. It’s that simple.

  5. I won’t be able to come until being vaccinated is no longer a requirement.
    I am so sick and tired of this covid crap.

  6. Thanks for the information so quick
    The question is the booster requirement to make you fully vaccinated or just 2 jabs

  7. My plan is working perfectly August I will get 3 weeks vacation and I will ask my boss for a fourth week which is a leave of absence without pay of course he already said he’ll do it for me my girlfriend is alright with that she’s going to wait we’ve been chatting for 2 years now long-distance relationship

  8. Well that’s it then. Philippines is out. I’ll go to a country that respects the freedom of their people and appreciate expats and the money we bring with us. What a shame…

  9. I can understand the insurance requirement if you are unvaxxed. But what does it tell you about the vax if you still need covid insurance even if you are vaxxed. So they are saying you have to be vaxxed and have covid insurance . Hopefully things change after the election and they put some else in the Presidential Palace that doesn’t bend a knee to China, I’m not hold my breath though.

  10. I got vaccinated two years ago this month in February because I knew I would not be allowed into the Philippines unless I got the vaccine. And I’m not against the vaccine I’ve had many vaccines before but thank you anyway Reekay.

  11. This is not a surprise. I doubt few countries will allow unvaccinated foreign nationals entry into their countries as they start to re-open.

  12. On another note:
    For those traveling in the Balikbayan category; travel insurance coverage and 30 day return ticket are not required any longer for this travel group, as reported by the Vlogger Grandpa channel.

    But as Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea reports – privledges conditional to being fully vaccinated

  13. What is “proof of vaccination” exactly if not your vaccination card? Seems very vague. I wonder how many men are going to be sent back on the first plane out of Manila?

  14. It makes good sense to minimize the chance of getting infected into a country. We also do this in Denmark, which has now opened up the country completely.
    Well over 80% have been vaccinated and almost 65% have received the 3rd vaccination plug. If you want to enter Denmark, you must show that you have been vaccinated and come with a clean test.
    Those who have not, or will not, understand it must stay in their own country. Then the rest of us can begin and enjoy life to the fullest again.

  15. Everyone will eventually catch omicron vaxxed and unvaxxed but the problem seems to be people getting omicron at the same time which would overwhelm the hospitals with those more vulnerable. You are more likely to catch and spread omicron unvaccinated with no natural immunity than vaccinated or natural with immunity (less likely). I can understand what they have just announced but probably saying it at the initial announcement would have been better.

  16. While the vaccinated and unvaccinated can both spread and catch Covid it appears that the unvaccinated are the ones who are ending up in the emergency room. I suspect the Philippine government is attempting is attempting to avoid overwhelming their healthcare system so hence the exclusion. In the end it is their country and their rules so I will honor that,

  17. The bunkhouse/kitchen lawyers lose again, they will always try to split hairs when they should just go worst case senario for themselves. IE: no vacs no entry anywhere its already in most countries why think it would relax just for you regardless of your status.

  18. Reeky I live in Guadalupe Cebu area for 6 years. I think you know, as well as I that flexibility and a Plan “B” is a must when counting on policy/guidance from the government there. I know to wait until a global standard is embraced as a standard. Trust me, boosters will be the next requirement. I give it until 4th quarter 2023 before I look at trying to enter. I believe Antibodies and more safe Vaccines will be accepted by then.

  19. I have no issue with the Philippine government looking out for the health and safety of it’s citizens by requiring visitors to be fully vaccinated. If we want to be a guest in someone else’s house or country, then we should respect and abide by their rules. After all, no one is forcing us to go there. Regardless of the view that a person takes on vaccinations, this does not relieve them of their duty to respect and abide by the rules established by the country that they plan to visit.

  20. Dear reekay, im fully vaccinated, and my vaccination certificate is from spain wich is not yet included in reciprocal acceptance, its impossible for us getting who yellow card signed here, i already bought my ticket, my question is: will they accept my spanish vaccination qr certificate?? Im travelling in may. Thankd reekay

  21. Can you enter Philippines if you have been vaccinated and have just have the vaccine card or do you need the certified cert from the cdc

  22. What all fail to see it isnt the other countries, America doesn’t want those who don’t comply to get away

  23. The ONLY reason I can think of for them to require vaccinations is maybe to prevent their hospitals from being flooded with sick foreigners….if your vaxxed and do get covid it won’t be as severe and likely won’t require hospitalization. Other than that whats the point ?

  24. Well this day has come, and it absolutely makes sense from a public health standpoint. Good for the government of the Philippines for further protecting their citizens by ensuring that a much, much smaller portion of foreigners will be taking up ICU beds in their hospitals than would otherwise be the case.

    Reekay…if your flight back to the Phils happens about two weeks after your second shot, your antigens will be at their peak and this will give you the lowest chance of popping positive from any exposures on the aircraft or other crowded, public places. Good luck on your flight back!

  25. I guess this shows why it’s not a good idea to “ rush in” and join the madness to enter the Philippines. The next requirement will be only those with a vaccine from a certain manufacturer such as Moderna, will be allowed to enter the Philippines!! My balut plate can wait…LOL!!!

  26. Exact reason why people should wait until the kinks are worked out. The next question for those who want to go in before the dust settles is what does the Phillipines consider fully vaccined,2 shots, 2 shots plus booster or 4 shots. The Phillipine government is not very clear on their requirements.

  27. Good evening from the UK Reekay it would seem that this is the new normal COVID is here to stay we have to live with it in the UK they’re dropping entry requirements hope the world comes to its senses thanks Reekay for your time

  28. While I agree that vaxxed people still can carry covid.. It is possible that their idea is by allowing vaxxed tourists in – means they won’t end up clogging up their already full hospitals. Since the vaxxed tourists are less likely to need to be in hospital compared to unvaxxed. Yes if you caught covid last week you would also be less likely to clog their hospital up.. But lets take baby steps here..

  29. Makes absolutely no sense.. I’ve been saying it for years… This is all about control and not health.. Plenty of places allow normal people to enter

  30. This LOW IQ vaxxcccxxcxxerrrrr CULT is hard to listen to them, without shaking my head. ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS.

  31. So as usual they are like a ping pong ball in a wind machine,,, sooo many will not waste the time with a country who’s leadership seems to have absolutely grasp on reality,,

  32. Henry that is actually a good thing, I am not sorry for saying that. But it is to protect ther public, and later fully open the border. A few days ago, the Phiippines did state only fully vaccinated.

  33. How many hoops to satisfy these ridiculous restrictions? I’m not going anywhere until the Chicken Littles of the world get a slap of reality.

  34. Reekay I am in Europe. Since I have not taken any wax until now. Would 1 jab be enough? If one is suppose to be “fully” wax it would take several months since you have to wait minimum 2 months in between wax.

    I am getting tired of repeating this to the cult People of the Mask. AFTER 3 months the effect of the vaccine is down to 20-25% effectiveness.
    What is the point?! Take vitamin D, C, magnesium & zink.
    Sleep well, exercise, loose weight, get out in the sun, turn of your TV. This have a massive impact on your health.

  35. They change the rules every 5 minutes By the 10th you will need a clown hat and two rubber chickens before you are allowed in..

  36. this is WHY you don’t have knee jerk reactions to ‘breaking news’ no matter how long we’ve all been waiting to get back to the Philippines .. I’ll let others suffer the kinks for the first few months before i book any flight ..

  37. I’m sure in the future that the snake oil/poison won’t be a requirement in any country soon enough!!! People are selling the CDC vax cards anyways as long as they except those paper card and don’t have to have them on an app on your phone you won’t need to put that crap in your arm!!!

  38. Honestly I don’t know why anybody would’ve purchased a ticket to begin with right away just wait it out Philippines changes their minds every single week but seriously you have to get vaccinated in this world today he just can’t fly around the world unvaccinated those days are over just get the damn Jab and then get on the plane, also make sure you have the correct vaccination identification card with you a regular white piece of paper that says CDC on it it’s not gonna work your vaccination card needs to have a barcode on it if it doesn’t it won’t be excepted I know a lot of people have those plain square looking white CDC cards that’s not gonna work anybody can get those and fill them in themselves college students are doing it by the millions around the United States you need something that could be barcoded

  39. This is not going fly…literally..As in travelers will fly *elsewhere* Period. There is no shortage of destinations with similar climates that have and are dropping restrictions..Stay well.

  40. A friend of mine who works at the international terminal in Europe. They check all vaccine/testing requirements for the country the person is flying to and only let them proceed through security if they meet all requirements.

  41. One by one people are loosing interest in the Philippines. I’m doing my srrv, and now I can’t even enter the Philippines and finish it. And they benefit by having my money in their bank. What do I get for that. Nothing.

  42. Looks like Philippines is dead to me. Will not be going there, but this is what happens when people do not stand up for their rights. Government is polluted with the most incompetent people on the planet. The other countries will just steal their business.

  43. They are going to pull the plug on these shots very soon once people wake up to what has actually been to them. Reiner Fuellmich is already making charges at the international criminal court for crimes against humanity

  44. Most importantly, thank you for the update in the timeliest manner. That was a thoughtful gesture. I have a non Covid question that I cannot get answered. I will be going for the first time. It’s not cost effective, at least for me, to stay less than 30 days. I was thinking of staying at least 60 days to see and do many things. I have only a valid US Passport. Can I stay there for 60 days with my passport or do I need to acquire anything additional? Thanks very much. Hope to see you in Cebu!

  45. What the heck is an Alien? hahaha The more you comply the longer this will last and the more power they will want over you. Thanks for the update. I see so many sheep that would sell their bodies and soul just to follow orders/travel.

  46. On my way to the bank now, Reekay. You just saved me a lot of money! I was just about to purchase airline tickets, travelers insurance, hotel rooms, tour guides, car rentals, restaurants and other entertainment bookings.

  47. As I’ve said many times before, it would be foolish and counterproductive for any country to allow unvaccinated individuals into their country. In addition, if the Philippines initially related that unvaccinated individuals would be allowed entry, but had to quarantine, what good would that be for the unvaccinated if the unvaccinated had to show proof of a vaccine to enter into establishments?

  48. PL Goverment is a pure clownshow. This is why you cannot book a ticket. Wait until election is finnished. Until then I will spend my money in other deserving countries.

  49. I really need to understand the definition of ‘partially vaccinated’ from a Philippine perspective. Not eager to get booster shots, but have the first two. Am I vaccinated enough?

  50. Shizzle, fack, rat turds! I would think eventually as they realize unvaccinated people are no more dangerous than vaccinated they will open for everybody

  51. Can someone in the comments please provide ONE proven medically valid reason for not getting vaccinated.

  52. If you don’t like the rules and requirements today just wait until tomorrow? To me they’re saying you can come to the Philippines but you’re not allowed to enjoy it!

  53. If someone is concerned, then just get J&J. One and done. Millions upon millions of ppl have been vaxed. Just do it.

  54. The original language…allowed…if you had documentation of VAX…INNNNNNNNNN GOOD FAITH….but the officer of the DAY determined insufficient proff at VAX….upon arrival…they would recognize good faith. They have just blown up the good faith exception…becuase…everyone tried to read good faith…as an invitation to opt out. You may not watch Jennifer Terri everyday….but I would be surprised if she doesnt watch your every step. And so…the good faith acceptance of defective documentation is now POOF. And they have dug in on VAX to new level. May 9…best first chance for redemption.

  55. Thank you for the update. Seems like we should wait a month or so to start thinking about travel there until all these amendments to rules stop coming out of the woodwork! Seems like they speak before thinking through their policies first..

  56. The VAX FAX…way more problems than any other VAX ever…VAX prevents nothing…against a Virus that is now mostly tame. But after push push push for VAX to 50 %…BIG STRONG man…just going to admit….oppppppppppppppppppppppppps….never mind. We wasted 2 years of human history…and now….just never mind. What history of authoritarians ever endedin opppppppppppppppppppppps…..MEVER MIND!

  57. Saw this coming … figures …..the way things are going in the Philippines. ….tourism here….is going way south ….by all this. ..

  58. Nooo…the IATF resolution REQUIRED vaccination at boarding…and entry…and if …ifffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff….upon entry you had insufficient proof for officer of the day….defective PROOF of VACCINATION…they allowed you to enter upon quarantine…rather than deny entry. Same as it ever was….since Jan 02, 2021…our best chance for an off ramp on all this insanity is a new administration. IS annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny administration ALL in on VAAAAAX just going to admit they were SILLLY. Ahhhhhmmmm….NO! Psaki will just make up some SHIFFFFT! Fortunately for Philippines…new administration….CHANCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCE for off ramp to sanity. No guarantee….VOTE WISELY MAy 9. Same as it ever was since Jan 2, 2021!

  59. Why do they keep changing the policy all the time it causes big wondering what the next change is going to be

  60. That is what Gio has been saying all along. Only unvaccinated FILIPINOS can enter with the 5-day quarantine, not foreigners.

  61. Nothing surprising here.. you still have to wear a mask outdoors in the Philippines lol. I think most countries will go with the ‘fully’ vaccinated for entry into country and it will become the norm for international travel. I think for many it will be just a suck it up and get the shot situation to live a normal life unfortunately.

  62. They should consider people who already had COVID. I wonder why natural immunity does not matter.

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