Women Who Habitually Ruin A Good Thing

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. It seems to me that the best plan is to find the widow of an expat of one of your own countrymen. Since there is often a large age gap, there should be quite a few available.
    Fine one who is well known by other expats who can vouch that she treated him well, was faithful, managed money well, didn’t have crazy family drama, etc.
    Anyway, that is my plan for when I move there in 2 years.
    I’m 67 now, and plan on finding an expat’s widow who is at least 50 years old.
    A big benefit is they already know what it is like to be with an expat, and what to expect cross-culturally, and they proved they are ok with it. So you bypass all of that potential drama and possible conflict.
    I’ve already watched and studied several hundred YouTube videos on the Philippines, and will watch many hundreds more before permanently relocating there.
    I’ve been to Mexico, Argentina, India, Bhutan, and lived off base for a year in Okinawa. So I have already experienced the kind of living conditions that shock many new expats.
    I’ve owned a $400,000 home, and I’ve had to live out of a truck.
    I have to assume that gives me a head start on adapting.
    And I have a firm belief that there have to be some very good women there who are expat widows, and who will once again be good in a partnership.

  3. Moderation and communication are key. I just lost my Thai Hippy fiance wife to a lethal beating by another boyfriend of hers. Yaba and jealous of foreigner sex playboy? Sin for sure anyway by me and though I have reason to think she is with Jesus my misery and regret is forever and beyond this world. I just can’t believe the horror and she is gone gone gone. Please respect God and be careful and carefully generous. It matters. Saddest Man in the World, Thailand Paul misses Kanchanadara age 37. Jesus loves you and dies for all sin.

  4. “Per the norm” on this channel, this presentation seems to be well thought out and put forth in a way that is easy to understand. Great job to all involved. It’s always interesting topics and is consistently reasonably informative.

    So to piggy back off of what is said in this particular clip, I have to ask : “Why did Xbat or Foreign person move to that part of the World?” Typically the assumption is or could be: to find love. If that is or was the case, obviously money and the Cinderella reference made in the video or anti-Cinderella scenarios would have great potential to play out in just the way they were presented.

    What if there was a third option though? What if, upon relocating to another part of the World [and having limited luck within their own country (Stereotypically associated with those that leave)], what if the ExBat changed themselves? What if they read the book three (3) percent (%) man five times back to back, joined a Gym and listened to the Beatles song “you can’t buy me love” to the point that they took what was said “literally”.

    The heart wants what the heart wants. What women like beyond money is typicaly pretty guess-able even though it varies slightly at times.

    Just adding this in. Love listening, thanks for sharing. Again, we can’t change what others say do or think… but we can change that within ourselves.

    # 3% man Corry Wayne

  5. I was married to an anti-Cinderela for 15 years. I brought her and her parents to the US. Every thing that they owned I gave it to them. There was absolutely no appreciation. I was told by some of her family that my problem was that I was too nice. My advice would be, don’t be too nice.

  6. When finally knows he truly is…And his fault and shortcoming and does to correct all he can…Women overseas pick up on this and none more than a Filipina, to an almost unbelievable degree and effect of picking this up.
    Romance is good..But can you “eat” or “spend it”, as i have been told by women in Asia. Actions carry good things as well as consequences. A good woman can help you to also make good decisions that make life worth living too. Be aware and beware both when times arise. Peace

  7. Set your boundaries, hold them accountable to them and be consistent in your treatment of them. Then you may have a chance to keep a good woman

  8. Fairy Tales and Hollywood have brainwashed the West.
    It isn’t reality and that is what people are not prepared for.

  9. Do you tell these guy to run away or ask them what they are doing? I know it would be difficult but dang lol.

  10. Relationships are difficult. I’ve been told by my very elderly parents it’s 100 percent on both sides. Or others say you have to be willing to put up with the other person’s BS.
    Hey club hedonism is probably fun if you can pull it off mentally. Many do. I’m not trying to judge, do your thing.
    If it’s a relationship….. After the sexy time can you put up with her baggage and can she put up with yours. It can be difficult to spend a LOT of time with one person. I don’t care how hot they look

  11. Exactly, we’ve been set up for failure. THX for teaching this, hope guys wake up and learn a healthier less dependent approach.

  12. Well, nothing new here. What I did to find a good women was to apply the reciprocity principle to dating. In other words I expect to get something in return for my effort. The whole thing comes down to throwing money in a slot machine figuring your going to get a huge payoff. Ain’t gonna happen ! Women like you described I would write off quickly as needing their moral compass realigned !

  13. Absolutely true. Perfect metaphor! We all watched too many Disney films in our youth that programmed us to be White Knights. “Disneyfied” Western men. You can’t rescue someone from themselves.

  14. Love your channel and exceptional content. However, it would be even better if the women shown were real and not A.I.
    Keep doing your great work and thank you! P.S. I saw a video of a dating event and all, I mean all women were not even 5.

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