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  2. If people don’t understand by now Reekay it’s because they choose not to. Just curious why use the example of race? Which by the way is inaccurate.

  3. I agree. They start brain washing us in school feeding us lies

  4. 100% correct about us living in the MATRIX, and there is soooo much more going on.

  5. May I suggest a video from Yuri bezmenov the political scenario in India something like that it will come up the video was recorded in the early 80s

  6. Thank you for continuing to use reason and evidence, rather than emotion and rhetoric. An individual that cannot be controlled is the enemy of those in power. They attempt to break your soul, so they can fill the vacuum. I am grateful you have stayed strong and are willing to speak out. For far too long, many have gone along to get along; sold their soul and for what? Your soul is the easiest to give away, but the most valuable possession you have. People are attracted to your positive and honest spirit. I believe you have maintained that spirit because you have not been broken. Never tempted to sell your soul for power, prestige, or wealth. Take care and keep up the good work.

  7. This is why the truth will prevail. Andrew rate is reaching the younger generation

  8. I have been awake for many years. They exposed themself for everyone to see with c-19 who never have been proven to be isolated. ( Not for real) Just alot of fear. All the sensorship by goverment and the so called media have exposed themself even more. History is a lie and most of what we have been learning at school is a lie. It is all about control. The powers to be are loosing big time now. Everything will change soon to the better. Just stop look into maintream media and all the poison. Get in contact with your innerself instead.

  9. I don’t know what news sources you watch but I could not disagree more with you. Every news source where I live begins with some black person committing a crime. There is a commitment to this on every news outlet. Each outlet could choose to lead with a positive story but that is NEVER the case. Take a new look and you will certainly see this. Some will say we’re the only ones who commit crimes. Please, Putin is bombing an entire country every day and America is fixated on a car being stolen as the worst thing in history. I will say that crime is a problem that needs answers but it is dramatized vehemently in the news cycle.

    As a matter of fact, when there is a white person that shoots a school full of kids his or her nationality is not revealed for hours or days. If it’s a black person, their mother and father in some cases are being interviewed before a culprit is even located. Bro, you are wrong on this one and we can respectfully disagree here.

  10. Yes …..and true …. you’re just barely skimming the surface of this subject ….
    NWO ……is progressing along quite rapidly …the Great Reset …for the wicked …the Great Tribulation for the Godly …
    It is all lining up with end times biblical prophesy …choose your side now ….if not already …
    Something big is coming …if you’re paying attention…or even able to pay attention…

  11. The thing I notice about the news is they have reporters that are sensitive to topics that are popular to the times. For example, since covid, and Asian bashing there is a stream of Asian reporters. Why American news networks hire all of these reporters from the UK is beyond me. I’m sure there are many American journalists coming out of school who are eligible for these jobs. Look at commercials, half of them appear to show interracial marriages since the BLM outrage. Just an observation..

  12. You Tube is one of the major perpetrators of everything you mentioned.

  13. Reekay, many years ago, on the very first day of school, my first-year philosophy professor told a story of a cave dwelling people who never ventured outside the cave. Their only knowledge of the outside world was what was reflected on the walls of the cave from the light coming from outside the cave. I didn’t understand the signifance of what that story was about. But, as I learned more and more about history and governments and corporations and money, I then understood the message he was trying to convey to his first year university students.

  14. Very True… Monopoly of control
    How can soo many movies and sitcoms provide actions before they happen.
    With independent people and the internet we Now see more than we ever actually thought was going on.

  15. Hmmm… I learned that back in 1984 after my first Military service in Scandinavia. News will be shown as how owner of the News Company wants them to be presented. So, Matrix movie was nothing new to me, but I do like those movies.

  16. Thank you for that video. So true. If only more people understood that they are being shown the ” facts ” thru someone else’s biases / agenda.

  17. Religions, ideologies, economics, finance (or poverty), medias run our lives. Look at the Philippines… Who they were before the Spanish colonized them 300 years ? The spanish left and the filipinos forgot about their old religion to adopt their colonizer’s religion !!!

  18. First to comment! Yeah Reekay, it is very possible we are in a simulation. But I agree with you on the small groups that control the planet.

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