Update: Philippines To Allow Entry of Foreigners With Long-term Visas

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. The wall is cracking…. hopefully the rest of us farang will be let in soon as well

  2. What is considered a long-term visa, and how do I start the process of getting a long-term visa ?

  3. im in the process of registering our marriage at the ny embassy so i can move to bulacan in november

  4. We are entering into Totalitarian govts because…we enabled them over generations to continue their lies/control over us.
    Giving our power away. Now we are reaping the downward spirals.
    We have not seen anything yet

  5. “Philippines To Allow Entry of Foreigners With Long-term Visas”
    (article link)…
    ref. https://www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/nation/747294/philippines-allows-entry-of-foreigners-with-long-term-visas/story/
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  6. Sir Reekay. you forgot to mention two other requirements, that foreign nationals must also secure a pre-booked accredited quarantine facility and a pre-booked COVID-19 testing provider at own expense.

  7. Hi Reekay. Great news, but they need to know that they will be subjected to health check and quarantine even more than once if going to a province. I recommend they rush to their nearest embassy and find out all about it. From Dipolog dtay safe all.

  8. Hi Reekay, what means „long term“? 59 days? is this long term? Do you know something about this term?

  9. What do u mean long term visa?im a filipino and having a american passport…can i enter to the philippines?im going by myself though this coming july 31,2020

  10. So an ongoing Special Retirement Resident Visa…would be good to go…which makes sense as SRRV holders were supposed to have permanent status. IF you left with a 6 month extension after 2 months, would the remaining 4 months count? Can you obtain a long term visa in your own country? Seems like a reasonable first step to open the flow to a few foreigners. Thanks for the quick update.

  11. I watch their news. That presidential spokesperson’s name is pronounced rocky with a Scottish accent haha.

  12. Hi Reekay. Im from USA. Im married to a Filipino in Davao. I only have a passport. Can I return to the Philippines?

  13. I think long term visa is people with a retirement visa. Up to now they were not allowed to come back. And other types of visa

  14. SO Reekay – If we are here in the Philippines and need to visit the USA for 2 months AND want to return to the Philippines… before we leave its advisable to obtain a long term Visa of 6+ months. Right??? Is that considered Long Term?

  15. Basically this means they wil! start excepting people with valid SRRV (retirement visas) in addition to the permanent residency visas they’ve been allowing since the lockdown first began. The key thing you didn’t mention was NO KIND OF TOURIST VISA IS VALID OR BEING ISSUED for entry into the Philippines at this time, and looking at the way things are going, it is not going to change anytime soon.

  16. NYC consulate all ways says look on Facebook site. They never know answers.

  17. I’d visit the ph embassy to see what I can get, in terms of a long-term visa, but honestly I wouldn’t even trust them to give me a solid answer. I’m waiting.

  18. Presidente Duterte announced on July 15 that he may put Manila back on MECQ on August 1

  19. Hello I am working in iraq and my son and girlfriend are in butuan I am trying to get home for good Now can I obtain a long term visa I also own a house there

  20. Im married to a filipina. We live in sweden but we want to visit her family in philippines. I have a son from a former relationship who is 15 so my question is can we bring him to Philippines?

  21. but you said that only people already have a long term visa can enter but they are not releasing new visas on arrival. But in the end part of video you said if you dont have a long term visa, to call your local filipino embassy and ask what you have to do to get one long term visa. So you think they are releasing new visas now?
    and What they exactly mean with long term visa? also an extended one year tourist visa is considered long term visa?

  22. A reminder… Fil-Am citizens must use a PH passport if they want to enter the PH. Foreigner spouses/children can enter with them.

    “Filipino Law Group: This rule is based on the non-issuance of visas to all foreigners and suspension of free-visa entries being enjoyed by other countries before the pandemic. Thus, if you are Filipino who has become a citizen of a foreign country and has not applied for dual citizenship, you cannot get a visa to enter the Philippines.”

  23. I believe the Philippines will reopen like the Dominican Republic. I saw a YouTube video from Bloomberg news that the Philippines is suffering the worst on an economic scale because of the virus out of all the ASEAN countries.

  24. “Troll Antagonist”, the guy who told you he has info on Andy, is lying. He’s a troll. Fyi

  25. Thank you for sharing the update. I think the key is the Philippines not allowing any short term visa or tourist. Spouses can still travel on the Balik Bayan visa. But depending on where you land you may still have to quarantine from one area of the Philippines to the other area the Philippines. Providence can set up their own rules.

  26. Hi, how about for those filipinos who are naturalized citizen of foreign countries?Thank you.

  27. So what if I’m married to a Philippine National in the USA . If we both travel to the phils with will they deny me entry ?

  28. Hi, I hope you are doing great
    Thanks for the video
    I am married to a Filipina who’s currently in Cebu, I have my marriage certificate but it is in Arabic, I got an email from the immigration stating that it’s highly advisable to show the original one, however if it’s not possible I can show other supportive documents, moreover I also got a message from their Facebook page saying that a scan copy should be fine ( my wife has sent me the scan of the Filipino one as she is currently in Cebu)

  29. I have no confidence in the Philippine gov to be able to effectively coordinate something like this. #nothanks

  30. The question is what are considered long-term visas in the Philippines. I am sure the standard tourist visas will still not be issued even at Philippine embassies and consulates abroad.

    But of course, this is a positive step in the right direction.

  31. Thanks for the update Reekay, I am a military retiree, and would love to come long term. Hopefully this will be the ice breaker for more international flights in the coming months.

  32. Not point in coming to the Philippines unless they lift this quarantine because of the costs. Any idea how much this quarantine costs on arrival.

  33. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea The article states “According to presidential spokesperson Harry Roque, they must first have valid and existing visas at the time of the entry, meaning no new entry visa shall be accepted.” I wonder if my 6-month visa qualifies?

  34. Thank You Reekay. Thee virus is highly contagious many people show no symptoms. Cebu has over 1 million people including expats. What percentage of the population has been tested and is being tested? Is testing of Filipinos mandatory, or selective (only people showing symptoms)?

  35. I have been looking for regulations governing fishing by Americans in the Philippines and I come up with nothing. Would you help me ?

  36. Hi Henry, what is the process as you understand it for Filipino citizens to return to the Philippines by air from the US? My Father in law believes if he returns he must quarantine in Manila at his expense a for two weeks before he can travel home.

  37. Reekay, based on that article, this is and can be applied to normal tourists. There seem to be no caveat. Only that it be an existing visa.
    I live in Reno, Nevada, originally a native of Las Vegas. I will look and research now but do you know which embassy would be best to apply for that visa now? Would I need to physically go to L.A. or could i do it on line? I am 100% bent on coming there after returning from Playa Del Carmen. Booked and going on a scuba trip Aug. 3-10. Any advice Reekay? Thank you so much for this breaking news!! BTW, what is considered a “LONG term visa”??

  38. How does that effect Americans who have only needed a passport to travel in Philippines before?

  39. Another question for you Reekay, Could you research and provide a link for the ” pre-booked accredited quarantine facility and a pre-booked Covid 19 test provider”. Are those to be (pre-booked) here then utilized there in the Philippines apon arrival? Or booked and done in our country just BEFORE coming to the Philippines. If there WHO are they? Where are they? Could you provide the links or names of those “facilities”?? Please. None of this hastle matters to me. I don’t mind any of it and will cooperate with all of it. Just need those questions answered so I can move forward. I really want to be on a plane there by like August 15. So ready. (please see my previous comments below).
    THANK YOU SO MUCH Reekay!!!!!

  40. Hello sir . . Foreigners who have 9G paper visa is also allowed or not ? And for 1 year old baby who is native born?

  41. No one’s going unless 14 days scrap losing alot of Dollars and Tourism I’m Canadian Don’t need visa to enter.my fencee is there. Next year Will be better to Travel.2021 not worth going now .

  42. Typically vague Philippines govt department announcement, long term??? Sooo 3 months? 6 months? What is there long term definition?

  43. If you are married to a filipina she must have a Philippine passport not from another country in order for you to enter the country as of now.


  45. My understanding is that your Filipino spouse must already be in the Philippines when you arrive, so you must provide proof of marriage and their passport copy with date of entry. These must be sworn documents.
    I could be wrong, but it sounds so Filipino, it’s probably true.

  46. From what I have read, this only for people with a current visa. I don’t think they are issuing any new ones. If anyone knows if this is incorrect, please reply.

  47. I would like to get a 2 or 3 week the visa to visit the Philippines in Cebu, Is that possible

  48. I suppose an American retired on low income could reasonably expect to be able to live in some province rather than have a part time job at Home Depot? They always welcome retirees with hard currency. Good post.

  49. Hi Reekay, thanks for the heads up. I’m curious, are you still intending to return to Vietnam, or stay in the Philippines, or switch between them? I’m just trying to decide where to go this fall. (if they open the passport offices here!! grrr)

  50. Not in a hurry to drop 20 grand to a place that doesn’t appear all that much fun at the moment. The entire world is in competition for your money. Be smart.

  51. Everybody relax we will go in one day and for the people who are from America Brazil South Africa and some other crazy countries with high rates like India because of the Virus we will not be going anytime soon there is no way any of these countries were gonna let us and if we have high infection rates and death rates and we in fact their countries were a no go Europe has already decided on this against us in North America same with Australia closing its borders till 2021 this virus is not going away yes some people will get in from some countries with long term visas, but many of us will not be going in

  52. How about the 9g visa..can allow to enter..am little bit confuse.. of 9g I think.it also be a existing visa

  53. I am married to a Filipina, however I have been told (as have a number of other ex-pats in my situation) that I will only be allowed entry if I am actually travelling with her. It depends on which government department you aask as to what answer you get ! All highly confusing.

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