Update: Cebu City Goes GCQ – Entry To Philippines Remains Highly Restricted

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. LINK: https://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/330428/cebu-city-downgraded-to-gcq
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  2. Thank you for the information! You are my go to vlog for great info. I am planning on moving to Philippines end of year to see my GF she lives in El Nido

  3. Any updates on when me and my pinay fiancee can enter Philippines togther ? Soonest possible I mean

  4. The decisions of the Mayor and Governor have priority over the President’s decision……

  5. I don’t know how in the world they’re able to work remotely over there. Their Internet service is downright horrible.

  6. Hey Reekay, hope you and Ve are doing well. Thanks for the update. I truly look forward to getting back to the Philippines to live.

  7. My husband is a canadian and he wants to reunite with us in the Philippines but he dont have an existing visa. Can he still enter without visa?

  8. tell to immigration that its impossible to make a vaccine against viruses
    you can wait 10 years and still no vaccines !!!!! this is what tell the best specialist in the word
    it s not possible to close philippines during 10 years !

  9. What is the diff between ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, MGC, Granulated Q, and every other Q?
    Absolutely NOTHING – still need a pass to go outside – 1 pass shared between 3 families and only 1 person can go out.
    So businesses are open but no one is allowed out – so whats the point?
    Workers are essential – The rest are NON-Essential = stay Home!
    Cashless society agenda is clearly evident now!
    Rich are allowed to go out – poor remain at home!
    Covid has shown the world which countries are NO-GO places – this country is CERTAINLY one of the NO-GOs.
    Cambodia has implemented INSANE rules – so cross that country off your list.
    Sweden has shamed the rest of the Mask wearing – Lockdown loving nations – Go Sweden!!

  10. Ricky, if my wife is Filipina, l now l can go back to the Philippines, but what about the monthly visas? Bacolod office is open ? Or do l need to get my visa extension at the airport?? . My flight was cancelled last month.

  11. Regarding sa sona ng presidente na pinapayagan na nga bang bumayje ang mga filipino na US passport na makauwi para mabisita ang kanilang pamilya sa pilipinas?

  12. Bro, if you have dual citizenship, can you get into the Philippines from the States right now?

  13. Reekay hi,
    If you read Number 3 of the IATF file that u shared
    It says foreign spouses……. Provided they secure or possess the appropriate visa
    Does it mean as a foreign spouse will I need to have an entry visa or what exactly because they don’t issue the tourist visa anymore
    Hope u understand

  14. These next couple of days are always the most interesting not knowing what actually is gonna be allowed and not allowed during the new Q. Be safe Henry….

  15. Reekay love your updates, I am married to a filipina but she is now a US citizen, so I’ve read that will not even get me in the Philippines, since she gave up her Philippine citizenship, what is your understanding, thanks you and Vi stay safe this will end eventually.
    2020 really sucked…….

  16. Salamat Reekay! Very helpful information. Do you know if/when inter-island travel will open up?

  17. The problem in the Phillipines is that they are not doing enough COVID testing. I’m sure they will have many positive cases and would be on a stricter lockdown. It’s all about cost! No average Filipino would have the expense of a test if not for free!!

  18. As someone who grew up in Orlando, the number 1 tourist destination in the world, I can assure you that domestic or international travel will not rebound anytime soon. In Orlando we learned that the rest of the country would recover before Orlando. People are cautious during and after a recession, and will travel to Cheaper destinations, Boracay charges western prices because it looks nice, but all the sewage in the Philippines is dumped directly into the water, and what fw fish haven’t been consumed by the locals is chock full of fecal matter and thus bacteria. That why fish is half price here compared to the west. They can’t sell the dirty fish in the west and who wants to swim in an ocean full of poo….

  19. I saw it in Microsoft news earlier today too. There was some fear the Manila was going back to MECQ and it didn’t. Here in Davao, we stayed on MGCQ. I know we are on the same a Dumaguete but it is more restrictive here. Thanks for the update and for keeping us informed.

  20. Tyrants are the same everywhere, whether in the Philippines or the USA. The overreaction of governments is not surprising. Since when in the history of the world do we quarantine healthy people? It is at best dumb and is not healthy. Normal human interaction is the best way to handle this scamdemic. The real virus is the Lying Fake News everywhere spreading fear and false reporting. The government’s are not doing what is best for the people, but what is politically expedient. Sadly, few people are anything more than sheeple without a shepherd.

  21. Ho ! Ho ! Ho ! soon it will be tis the season , stores will be open but people will still have no $. Give it a week or so and see if ANYTHING really changed.

  22. Thanks for the reliable information. At the end of the video a paper of the immigration is shown. Where to download this paper? Thanks for the link

  23. Reekay, do you know anything about getting a legal right to marry from the embassy in cebu??

  24. Ricky I understand what you said about the unlikelihood of coming to the Phil’s until sometime in September. My disruption is a little different and I can’t seem to find out any credible information here in a small province in Leyte. I’ve been stranded here since March and want to return home to the USA, but like I said nobody here really knows… do you know whether I can return home yet? Internet’s sucks here and phone service is worse hahaha… so I don’t know

  25. Who will be the first in the line to revived the vaccine ,, it will be free At list for Philippines ,,(Only one shoot will be enough??? lets the military try it first ,,.) Will see in December ???

  26. Is there still a restriction on age 60+ being unable to go out? I haven’t been able to find that. Also, are there passes required in Cebu?

  27. What good is domestic tourism if when you return back to your home you will be quarantine for two weeks. If you leave my island for three days upon arrival you will be quarantine two weeks at a government house!!!!!

  28. They just changed Butuan City to MECQ, from GCQ. I’m only here, so I can make my way to Cebu, to go to the consulate (locked down for 2+ plus months). Are you aware of travel policy, to Cebu, let’s say via ferry from Mindanao? And, if the consulate is open for business? Would like to finally take care of the paperwork I have needed to for several months now. Thank you.

  29. Cebu should just use HCQ with zinc, and then there wouldn’t be a need for GCQ.

  30. Good to hear it’s developing the positive way in the Philippines . As I suspect here in the Netherlands we’re going to have a second wave, as people are taking too much liberties and risks

  31. It seems the Philippine authorities are still chasing their tails…requiring everyone to have an eWallet to take public transportation. Do they still not understand that Covid-19 is a respiratory virus that spreads when virus particles become aerosolized? As the CDC and other health authorities have said, the possibility of surface transmission of the virus is very low, especially when people follow the basic hygiene steps of not touching their face and washing their hands frequently. Covid-19 is not a norovirus or e-coli bacteria, which are transmitted by surface contact. In Thailand, where I am, there have not been any cases of domestic person-to-person transmission of the virus in over two months (total cases about 3000, < 50 deaths)...and there is no mandate to pay for anything with an eWallet.

  32. If Duterte is talking December for a vaccine, it sounds like they’ll likely accept a vaccine from China and possibly even Russia. That’s good news. I’m concerned that if the economy gets too bad there, crime will rise dramatically. And then tourists won’t want to go there even if they can.

  33. I’m in Australia….hoping by June next year i’m allowed to travel there .

  34. Is there any logic behind this downgrading, other than lives need to go on at some point of time? While the number of cases are still increasing in Philippines/CEBU-city??

  35. Ricky I’m married to a Filipina what do I need to do to get in there in August

  36. We’ll see how it develops. We had the same situation already and after 2 weeks we were back to ECQ. I do not expect that town/city borders or borders between provinces will open anytime soon.


  38. Real dad to let down and not take into account all the SSRV people on long stay visa . For most of them their home is in the PHP.

  39. Have you heard any info about ferry service opening up? We want to explore other islands

  40. If it’s the same as Dipolog you can then go to the beach. Travel from Barangay to Batangas, more public transport, restaurants and shops will reopen. Makes a big difference. Very happy for you guys. Stay safe.

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