Top 4 Reasons New Relationships Won’t Last 3 Months

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. 1) you realize that it is all about the money and status, not that she actually cares about you. 2) you figure out that you have no clue about what makes her tick, as she hides her identity, self, history. 3) as you state: she LIES about small as well as HUGE things (call it what it is: ***duplicity***

  3. Unfortunately, lying and gold digging is also found in the Philippines as anywhere else in the world. Hypergamy is part of female DNA. It’s a sad fact that this part of the world is also “westernizing”. There is no getting away from it.

  4. Great and painful wisdom you are teaching us..
    The intensity and velocity of dating in the Philippines is like you are in high school it all comes fast and tricky.
    But your personal perspective and observations are very helpful and important.

  5. My tactics are to accept lies and accept that money is involved. I set money limits and I never cross that line. My philosophy is that the above comes with age gap relationship.

  6. from my experience, all 4 reasons apply to dating here in the South of England and absolutely hit the nail on the head with a lot of Asian girls.
    if you’re prepared to show your money you will quickly find someone who’ll spend it for you.

  7. I spent a month in Cebu City and the whole time I was there I never saw any Filipinas as cute as the ones you display. I did go on a boat excurison where there were 20 and 30 year old tourists and they were all beautiful but no Filipinas.

  8. You have made all the points I’ve experienced over my decade of dating Filipinas. I have nothing to add. GREAT video!

  9. I got married to mine within the 1st week of meeting her online (videochat). I was trying to get her to come to my hotel, she requested videochat, I switched over, chatted with her and her grandmother (no English) and by the end of the week we were starting the marriage process. We’re still married of course months later. She watches those Cheating soap operas/shows (Korean and Filipino), we watched one together one night. She told me that night that she would never let them influence her when I told her how I thought they were bad to watch. She was the Oldest destined to be the caregiver or “governess” of her cousins sacrificing her life. Now, she’s like a towering figure since marrying me. Mauritas/jealousy of course pervades the house/town.

  10. Well, with the time you have been in the Philippines, you should have learned the local language. You are relying solely on English, which in one way or another put you at a disadvantage from the people trying to use you.

  11. Also, as a westerner, I think #5 could be the constant oversight on everything you are doing.

  12. Can you explain acceptable table manners of the Philippines? I was shocked when this Filipina thought nothing of burping at the table. Is that not considered rude in the Philippines?

  13. This is depressing, sounds just as challenging to find an American woman. No wonder it took you so long to find a good woman. Between access to social media and so many bad foreigners corrupting women, those two things could eventually change the mindset of that entire region westernizing all of them. I saw video filipina p did on the difference between city and province girls. Give it time and the foreigners will leak their way into corrupting the good girls in the provinces.

  14. I dated a FILIPINA that had 2 children but told me she didn’t have children I move on without her

  15. I need to see how they deal with stress, disappointment, and disagreements. Being overly jealous and making constant accusations are showstoppers. Deceptive and sneaky ways lose my trust and respect. The small, cute, smiley dimpled one’s in a sun dress have the ability to fool me most. Boots-on-the-ground is the only way to know. Anything else is pure fantasy. Too many things unknown until time is spent together.

  16. Each time you do one of these I guess. I got 2 of 3 last time (what is taboo behavior with fellow expats). My guess this time: 1) she cheated on me, 2) she took money from me, 3) she wants too much support for her family, 4) She wants a kid and I don’t or she has kids.

  17. You discover she isnt a biological woman. When she tell you she doesnt date Philipino men (big red flag). poor oral hygiene.

  18. It’s been 6 months with my Filipina 7 months in a few days. Everything has been great, and honestly, the more time goes by, the more I want to marry her. I knew I wanted to marry her in the 1st month of being together. It does not take long to know if someone is compatible for you if you do the vetting process right. Also I met her in the Philippines and then do ldr so it will be different If met someone online first.

  19. It is extraordinarily clear to me that you are logical and self-disciplined. I know that I am less of both. Stay well. 8)

  20. Men are always viewd as financial objects by women most of the time. I doesnt matter who you are, it matters what can you provide. this frustrates me a lot

  21. Reekay, when you talk about dating are you refering to non sex type or sex type dating?

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