This Week In The News – Philippines – IATF Domestic Travel Update, Vaccines, & Duterte

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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  3. Tens of thousands of foreigners left before the country was locked up. I wonder how many will return. I visited parents in States and was trapped by covid. I will return. Hopefully that is possible by Dec of 2021. Ug. I have 2 daughters in Dumaguete, etc. But I may wind up living someplace else. I have to get prescription for adhd meds in Cebu. During the lockdown, if I wasn’t in the states, I couldn’t even go to Cebu. Months passed and finally they allowed travel to Cebu from Dumaguete. Up until last week on my return to dumaguete I would have to quarantine for 2 weeks. Every month. This would have gone on for months. Total nightmare. The people in power here are total idiots. A local scuba diver was fishing for food. He got the bends. He could have been driven in a car to cebu straight to hospital for treatment. But he wasn’t allowed to do that. Made no sense. He died. And we all know what happens to wives and kids when husband dies. It is just tragic. Keep up the great work Reekay! Sorry for my ramble. I lived in Philippines for 2 years before I was trapped in States.

  4. you mention that the 14 quarantine has been dropped…is this also true for davao? I have been told that you still have to do it. can you let us know please.

    1. a barangay is similar to a neighborhood, but a bit bigger. each city is divided up into barangay areas, and each has a barangay captian and barangay hall.

  5. It has been reported in the press that D30’s doctor does not want him to take the Chinese vaccine. Need I say more?

  6. Even though this first came out on February 12th, as of yesterday ( Feb 28th ) our Province ( La Union ) is publically dragging it’s feet on this saying they are writting new guidelines in compliance with this. How long they will screw around is anybodys guess. This is the same province that stupidly kept us under a alcohol ban forever while most all the other provinces were far more reasonable time wise. Give these tin pot tyrannts a little power and they will do anything but give it up.

  7. Either vaccine will work. I understand the recommendation regarding healthcare workers that have frequent contact with covid infected patients. However, this same vaccine showed 79% efficacy or higher outside of a medical setting. Viral load seems to be the key factor for the recommendation. The seasonal flu vaccine is not even as effective as 50.4%. For example the 2019-2020 seasonal flu vaccine was only at 39% efficacy. The last time we had a flu vaccine that was over 50% efficacy was the 2013-2014 vaccine at 52% efficacy. This information can be found on the CDC website. We should avoid politicizing the vaccines. As long as they are effective we can make progress.

    1. the decisions of the LGU’s is now limited to only requiring a covid test. they cannot impose quarantines or require travel authority papers or health certs.

  8. Hi Reekay today got my 1st dose of Moderna . Just feel a little weak or sick. Not much
    Got a vaccine card also with date type and facilitiy in Washington st. Hope to travel soon hope by June. Take care

  9. Reekay what camera are you using for your streaming video. I was thinking about a logitech C922, and where do you get your backgrounds from?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Cool, thank you sir. That is the one I was thinking about getting. seems to do a really great job background rendering barely see any outline around you. Thank you

    2. that is the cam i am using, Logi C922. good cam.

      the backgrounds i just scanned around using google.

  10. Hello Henry and great to hear from you on the latest mews. Had my second Pfizer vaccine on Feb 24th and NO symptoms at all! Currently working on my K1 VISA since January so its a slow process overall. See you later!

    1. Did you really expect a negative reaction? I have a negative reaction from all the media hype about adverse reactions from 90 year old recipients with health problems who have reactions.

  11. Cebu city still requires a swab test. The rest of Cebu not. I need to go to Cebu city from Dumaguete to get my 13A acr card. I’m hoping they drop their requirements too before I go. Would make it much easier.

  12. So I own a Filipino corporation and all my banking retirement is in Philippines. I am living with a Filipina and waiting on anulment thats shut down for covid. Now that we dont need the DFA letter can I enter the country on a business visa?

  13. Such dedication to detailed information for all is exceptionally great reporting and help to others all around.

  14. Looks like things are looking up still waiting here in Vegas to see what happens hoping to come there in August

  15. The countries that have been the most successful at keeping their covod cases to a minimum did testing and contact tracing at the very beginning of this pandemic….really just common sense and a little discipline is all it would have taken and of course the universal wearing of face masks and social distancing

  16. The Johnson&Johnson one shot vaccine (That needs only refrigeration for at least three months) would be the best for the philippines

  17. I can see the Philippines opening in 2022. After the. Anti tourism leader leaves office. “IF” he leaves office.

  18. It is logical that the Philippines has had the 2nd worst outbreak in the region as it has the 2nd largest population

  19. Being last on vaccination is a blessing in disguise. You would want to wait and see if there are negative side effects. Let others be the guinea pigs. At 99.98% recovery rate, I will trust my own immune system. Even with GCQ classification, they are still loosening up the restrictions under that category. Definitely moving in the right direction.

  20. Thanks Reekay… Another great video. I am scheduled to get my first shoot the 5th of Mar here in the USA..Yes I am a little worried.. I hope that international flights start up this spring or summer .. I miss my Fiancee ..I miss Cebu . Take Care Reekay ..Stay Healthy and Happy ..God Bless You & Vi..

  21. WHO: “Oooops, lockdowns don’t work.” Millions of lives destroyed, Millions are living in hunger, tens of thousands of SMALL business destroyed. WHO: “My bad”

  22. I got my second shot of the Moderna vaccine. I got it at Dodger Stadium. My arm hurts and I had the chills but I’m fine now. Hey Reekay where is Vi I haven’t seen her on your videos lately, are you still with her?

    1. yes, we are doing great. we haven’t gone anywhere since our trip to bantayan, and i’ve lately been focusing on the ph-news and other projects.

  23. Why would anybody even want to take the vaccination I have a better chance of getting in a car accident and dying of Coronavirus

  24. Duterte is an idiot. Working Filipinos already work 6 days a week in most cases in order to make a paltry sum for their subpar third world living conditions, so let’s make them work more for my decisions as president.

  25. 371th People Died In The Philippines For All Reasons In 2020 So 12th Dying From Virus Is A Reason To Keep Me Away From My Girl

  26. 12th Deaths ? More Filipinos Die From Motor Vehicle Accidents They Are Not Banning Vechicles Are They

    1. It’s about control. Nothing to do with the covid. Covid is just the excuse. It’s control.

    2. The Philippines ranks 118th (score of 13.0) in the world with deaths per 100,000 population caused by vehicular accident. The USA ranks 120th with a score of 11.0. Saudi Arabia ranks 32nd in the world and is the worst country in Asia for vehicular accidents. Thailand ranks 37th and Asia’s 2nd worst country to drive, followed by Vietnam. The Philippines is considered safe country to drive in Asia along with Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Most of the African and South American countries made it to the list as the worst in the world.

  27. I Don’t Know For Sure However when This Opens Up Hoping People With Money With Have The Upper Hand To Haggle And Get Discounts

  28. How in the heck can restrictions be lightened up when here in Davao City we are still on GCQ as far as I have heard. Have you heard anything on changing the CQ here?

  29. LOL, nobody is going to work much anyway on those new special working days. With so many Holidays to begin with you would think most business is up to date instead of months behind as so many are…..

  30. Here on Guam, i was administered a moderna vaccine last week, and will receive my second dose in March with no side effects other than a sore arm for 24 hrs

  31. Hi Henry! I know some have overstayed their tourist for one reason or another. I wonder if the government will off amnesty to them?

    1. Amnesty for tourists? What for. If they cannot afford to travel back home or if they are exploiting the Philippines in some way (not paying taxes or fees while making an income there on a tourist visa) they should be deported and banned. Philippines needs to follow Thailand’s lead on this.

  32. My Filipina fiance says the barangay health center has been asking people to take the Chinese vaccine. I told her to stay away from that.

  33. What a cluster f*×k that country is . The Philippines will never be the same, unless ur an expat running from the law in ur country, why the hell would you go! So messed up, both vaccines uk & China are worthless, govt won’t even give to their front liners, cuz it don’t work! But they will use on the poor? LGU, can still make up their own quarantine rules? Who’s running that friggin’ country? China, best buddies with duterte only sending 600k doses of their worthless untested vaccine? What a friend!!! China can’t give that shit vaccine away, even the Chinese don’t trust it. If Duterte would quit shitting on the US, maybe they could get moderns or pfizer, 94% efficacy rate, I feel so friggin’ sad for the awesome people of the Philippines

  34. Do you really want a Chinese vaccine, after what they did to the world? Also, they are suppose to give to front liners first, that will take up all of the initial vaccine.

  35. Reekay, thank you very much. I am in Butuanc tiy, been wanting to go to Cebu for a few days. Yay. I know they were talking about this, since Duterte said still no MGCQ until maybe april

  36. I have had first dose of AstraZeneca vacation apart from feeling a bit rough for a couple of days all fine, so if offered go for it.

  37. Still waiting patiently for absolutely anyone to explain why we all supposedly need vaccines ‘to save us all’ when about 99.8% of people of working age, and 99.997% of children, already recover without one. And that’s IF you catch it in thè first place. Especially something with a rushed approval process, and an efficiency rate of only 50 to 70%. Or is this just another example of mass failure of elementary math.

    1. With a fatality rate of 1.15% and 1 in 6 ppl getting a severe case of covid. Its not to be taken lightly. Multiply that by world population and thats high number. Different vaccines have different rates but at this point, any protection is better than none, considering the long term effects just from simple infection. My prayer is the long term effects from any of these vaccines wont be just as bad. Holy Father help us all Almen.

    2. Amen brother! You took the words from my math. I swear that country is run by morons. I feel so sorry for the Filipino people.

  38. Wearing your mask and face shield, when most needed, keeping socially distant, constantly washing your hands with soap & water/alcohol, and staying home as much as possible should be more effective than lockdowns. The economy must keep running. Sad thing is people do put on their masks, but don’t wear them properly so as to cover their noses and mouths.

    1. Ppl can i say something without yall choking me lol? Mankind existed and thrived long before the invention of money. Just my thought on it.

    2. @carlo lo turco hahahaha bro. You acting REALLY THIRSTY lol. Im not willing to get sick just to get to my wife lol.

  39. Im being vaccinated here in Singapore.
    If im going to tagum city as my final destination,do i have to be quarantine upon arrival at davao airport and whats needed from me to able to travel within tagum city??
    Hope to hear from u soon.

    1. Of the first thousand in NZ, 17 died and probably 4,000 more hid from the hotel lockups. Not that deadly, at all.

    2. Of the first thousand in NZ, 17 died and probably 4,000 more hid from the hotel lockups. Not that deadly, at all.

  40. The lockdown did not work because the phillippines people did not get help from the phillippines goverment like other country did , they got only twice a foodpackage and not every one mostly only the rich in other country business got finacial help and house hold als financial aid , none of that happend in the phillippines so offcourse people needed to go out to work to support there familie dispite the corona virus going around , plus the crowded living conditions with no one keeping a distance and wearing a mask give the virus lee way to keep spreading….

  41. I hope it will be lifted again this year for ordinary tourists even if you have to get vaccinated for it. But think until by 2023, it will not come of anything.

    1. @Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports I hope it will be possible this year. But on the other hand, the Philippines in particular is very far behind with the vaccination. Hope this has no effect on travel but unfortunately it looks different at the moment.

  42. It’s also already been said by the president that the first to vaccinated will be the police and the military. After it will be those in power or those with wealth.

    1. Ya and likely those in charge of the rollout at municipal and barangay level will pocket some cash from those wanting to get the vaccine early or they’ll just charge the people an extra “fee”. Gotta love corruption.

  43. Problem is that the LGU’s never update anything about their community. Our local mayor last posted on their community page was January 9th…As normal were left in the dark.

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