The Guy Who Found What He Wanted

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. It’s never a good idea to date too many people because after a certain point you will never be able to find the right one. Each woman comes with their own unique characteristics, therefore you will be looking for all those characteristics in your ideal woman, and that doesn’t exist. The fewer comparisons and contrasts you have to make, the happier you life will be

  2. As usual Rekay you hit the nail on the head! My Filipina was the first I met, we’re married with one son and have been in a most loving relationship for the past nine years. You couldn’t tear me apart from her with a crane!

  3. How gross that you mentioned his ethnicity. I have never ever not gotten the girl in that country. And…my goodness, I am an African American. Do I count as a catch, too?

  4. For me it appears to be a long shot finding the right one that aligns with my personality within 1 year. I’ll just have to take the very slow pace and not get into a situation I’ll regret for the rest of my life, and maybe age out of the dating scene,and end up with just a bunch of friends, and not take life too seriously and accept everyone and everything for how it is.

  5. Well every so often a person drops a coin into a slot machine for the first time. Rarely does that first play hit. Rarely but not never. When lady luck smiles don’t kick her in the teeth.
    I thought about the billions of encounters people have had down the years, and that how initial chemistry and passion is mistaken for love. Well if if chemistry is all that it is then when the reactants run low that fails eventually.
    Like that old Jonny Cash song Jackson…. We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout. We’ve been talking ‘bout Jackson ever since the fire went out….

  6. I think in terms of relationships the most important thing is to KNOW WHAT YOU WANT.
    I agree there’s nothing wrong with taking your time seeing a selection of ladies. One size does not fit all.
    My point?
    If you have a good idea of what you want and you meet someone who ticks most of the boxes (whether she’s the first you dated or number 50) stick with her. No need to rush moving in getting engaged etc. Just spend time getting to know her and reassuring yourself “She’s the one”.
    As you have pointed out breaking up, if that’s what you decide to do, needs to be handled considerately if you can. But from what I’ve learned reconciliation may be difficult if you break up with someone.
    If Girl number 1 is as good as he claims there’s no wonder she found someone else who recognises her for what she is.
    No use crying over spilled milk he needs to learn from his mistake go out find another filipina who meets his requirements (not a clone of girl number 1). If he finds her then follow his instincts rather than opinions of other expats.
    Great subject.

  7. When it comes to personal and intimate relationships. If you play the; “middle of the road” game, you will lose.

    What you get depends on what you want. Therefore, you MUST know what you want. If a woman is everything that you want, then continue with that relationship. If not, move on.

    You can’t be; “wishy-washy”. This person is feeble or insipid in quality or character; lacking strength or boldness.

    Remember, no one likes being played with. So…. don’t play games. Especially, when a man gets to a certain age. Ya….. I can understand it when you’re young. But when you are older. If you play stupid games, you’ll win stupid prizes.

  8. I know a “top shelf” filipina, own job, house,etc. Sweetest personality. Great quality woman. Yeah, she scammed many foreigners to get to that point

  9. Different strokes for different folks. I been together w/my asawa for 3 yrs. & she’s the only Filipina I ever really kissed which was fine by me. Follow your heart more & not your big or little head esp. if you’re looking long term.

  10. Wow !!! Amazing pictures that are telling alot !!! About her !!! Beautiful face smile and eyes showing who she is from the inside and definitely and hard worker and very motivated !!! Makes me a touch sad still currently living in the current craziness in the USA !!!

  11. These things happen to anyone in any country. Draw conclusions, move on, enjoy life.
    There are many more great women out there to be discovered ))

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