The Filipina That Tore My Heart Out

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. Passion is a double edged sword. I guess if a woman shows you alot of affection it also can mean she has alot of need for affection also. So if you leave her alone she is going to need even more discipline to not cheat.

  3. Your brain is telling you, you can never trust that woman, and dump her.. but your ” old fella ” is telling you no no no !….its not easy, but better rid yourself of her, and if you want, there are plenty more fish in the, i have been burnt before, not by a filipina, but a chinese woman. Im better off by myself.

  4. It was sad to hear your story. It was very sincere. In a way, many of us have been there. It hurts. It’s easy to say afterwards that it was never meant to be, but at that very moment it IS painful. I have come across several bad Filipinas, but I was also bad to one of them because she was insanely immature. Finally I found the one, surprisingly young but she is very mature, funny, have integrity, communicative etc etc.
    My first Filipina GF was without any doubt a gold digger, which was a bit strange since she made 72KPHP/month on her job. How I know that she was a gold digger? We talked about our best friends one day and I have a friend who is a successful business man and he is wealthy. He was single back then. Later on that day, my GF did something completely idiotic. She asked me if I could ask my friend if he could consider to have her as his GF, so she could swap me for him. The level of disgust that I felt was beyond belief, it was so incredibly stupid and disrespectful. Sure, I knew within myself that she wasn’t for me because she was bad in many other ways, showing me tampo for nothing etc, lying, having outbursts, extreme jealousy, lack of trust, trying to use sex as leverage etc etc. It was an intense sex life, but that was it. She tried to manipulate me in several different ways, she even tried to steal my flight tickets. Horrible experience, but in a way I am grateful for coming across her. She made me become much more careful, after her no one has git any chance to betray me again. When I finally broke up with her, I just told her to leave and then her nagging at me turned into false tears and when that didn’t work, it was back to the nagging again. It was such a good feeling to finally get rid of her. I had given her so many chances then, but enough was enough. After her, I just shut them off who were doing questionable things. Confronting them, read their faces and if I sensed that my initial impression was correct, I got rid of them.

    Well, Reekay, you found a better Filipina whom you married thanks to the experiences you had with that girl. Something good finally came out of it, but I am sure that it was a painful experience.

    Thank you for telling that openly!

  5. When you date (or marry) a 10, the chances of her being unfaithful are about a 10 out of 10. The odds of her being faithful get better as her score goes down. The problem is that our desire for her goes down right along with her score.

  6. I just subscribed to your channel and I’m sorry you had to go through that. I’m considering relocating to the Philippines next year, but I have not made up my mind yet. Thinking about Japan too.

  7. Be careful what you tolerate. What you tolerate, you allow. What you allow continues. What you allow to continue becomes the standard.
    Keep all that in mind.

  8. Sounds like possible BPD. Rapidly progressing relationship, seems perfect, always has back up plans in place due to fears of abandonment.

  9. Incredible story. Thanks for the insight.

    I really appreciate those AI girls too. I know that takes time and effort and you’ve really outdone yourself on this video.

  10. Sorry buddy but she was playing you from day one. You were just a guy she was using. She went to your place every night and weekends so she didn’t have to pay rent. You took her on trips and bought her gifts. I bet she had more than 2 guys sending her money. And the last attempt was just to try to trick you to go back to supporting her and give her more trips and gifts. Sad that she did this to you and broke your heart.

  11. Hehehe doesn’t matter whether she’s selma adriana Christi or any other woman you rode its the past just smile and that’s that she left you with a smile

  12. Can anyone tell me how they are different from any modern woman?

    -sleep around ( no pair bonding ability )
    -have social media
    -they work same as western women
    -they are money driven ( they talk to white men because they know they have more money )

    The only thing I can see is costs of living there is cheaper. And you get a hotter younger woman

  13. Your spot on bro spot on yep that’s one thing they don’t realize there is consequences

  14. As they say, “She’s not your girl, it’s just your turn.” And in Alaska, they say, “You don’t lose your girl, you just run out of money.”

  15. If the lady in question looks like the lady in this video then I can certainly understand your reluctance to let her go. Even though, in reality, you never really held her. For me it was receiving an email that she had intended to send to another man. No matter how much I might love a woman I won’t let her abuse me. Screw me once, shame on her. Screw me twice, I got to be some kind of dumbass.

  16. IMO, this filippina will never learn. For her, once when she loses the butterflies, she will start checking out guys again.

  17. In my experience most women that age simply cannot stand it. They constantly think they can do better. I didn’t get married until I was 32 and I observed things about my wife. I never caught her cheating or anything like that. But just her attitude toward me and things in general. For instance: Every time she left the house she would be dressed to the 9’s almost. Just going to the grocery store her hair would be perfect, etc. They literally think they can meet a millionaire when they are out shopping. If you question them about it they just laugh and say “Oh I could run into some of my friends”. She did not stop doing that for years. Don’t get me wrong. I did not stalk her and I wasn’t clingy and jealous. If she wanted to leave, OK fine. I hope your new boyfriend can afford you. We’ve been married now for 29 years so we made it. I’m just pointing out how they think. Do not let your guard down. Observe their ACTIONS and not what they say. Exactly like what he did in this story. He paid attention to what she was doing and disregarded her begging and crying which was the smart thing to do.

  18. Great content. The long term consistent relationship I have with myself has allowed me to focus on myself and not abandon myself with dysfunctional connections. It’s made my life very clear. Sure there are strong feelings at times. I am always aware of the consequences of denial, pretending, avoiding, being seduced, abandoning myself. A realistic knowing of abundance also supports my clear view. I appreciate your sharing your story with me. Being seduced by beauty and maybe this time it will be different is human. Thank you

  19. Hi Reekay I was sorry to hear about that painful incident , but you did the right thing. Thank you for sharing.

  20. That was instructive & cautionary & real, & you retained your “good at explaining” modality throughout. Thank you.

  21. I’m not so hung up on fidelity but look at it from her side. Your screwing her for two months and you haven’t made a commitment. Why shouldn’t she make a backup plan.

  22. For them as long as you can provide for her and her familys she will stick with you if not she will disappear and you can’t find her anymore,

  23. I haven’t watched the video yet, and I’m sure It’s excellent. Love the channel, and simply had to say that your AI generated PH models appear to be growing in certain areas. J Edit: Amazing story. My heart goes out to you. Wonderful to hear the story, and so sad that she finally learned, but not during her time with you. Wish you the best with your wife.

  24. Haha, many women in the world do not yet get the concept of women age like milk!
    So they exploit their youth bouncing around from men to men and before they realize it they’ve become the town bicycle.

    Isaiah 4:1
    “And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.”

  25. You broke one of my rules. I never give second chances. Every time I have, I ended up regretting the decision. My attitude is if I give a second chance then it is a second opportunity for her to do it again. If I let one thing slide, then what else will she try? I also maintain an attitude of indifference the first year so if something happens I can easily walk away. If she knows I am willing to leave, it keeps her in check.

  26. You missed the point in her blocking you. When she didn’t stop with the other men. She was using you in case she lost any other options. She proved that when she found another guy and blocked you and probably the rest of the guys. Because now she found a man she wanted to spend her life with. Before it wasn’t you because she cheated on you. if you were the man she wanted. She never would have cheated in the first place.

  27. very smoking hot girl. I feel for you! Ripped out your heart. take care !! i don’t know what to say. Taking advantage of you.

  28. I haven’t met one Filipina yet that’s not a liar I don’t understand why they have to be that way, but it’s true


  30. We often face 2 choices in life, to do what is easy or to do what is right.

    I really feel for your past heartache as I have been there recently too. I think it’s easier to accept once you understand why you were betrayed.

    At least it’s great to see that not only are you wiser, but also stronger and probably better because of it. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

    Thanks so much for having the guts to share the story.

  31. Happened to me 20 years ago. Except in my case, I was the one who got the girl. Attractive higher caliber women have choices and you are just a suitor prospect in the meantime. May the best man win! LOL!

  32. The trouble is, when a woman is that gorgeous, the more susceptible she would be for temptation. Other guys would gravitate to a woman like that and want her. Matters of the heart are always the most difficult to navigate but you did the right thing. Good video

  33. Who is the model in your video, I couldn’t at all focus on what you were saying looking at her. I lived 2/3 of the time in Ph for a decade built a big call center in the fort. This girl is not a between 7 and 10, she’s a 12 plus. She is movie star beauty and while there are in fact many many young beauties, there is a majority that have that piggish wide nose and not very attractive. This girl is a euro mix of some kind a mistiza, old guys are NOT going to be dating this girl. I had a number of beauties 30 years younger but an 8 or 9 is not a 12. So who the heck is she?

  34. There is a term for these guys. These were the “Backburner” guys in case it didn’t work out with you. For whatever reason, should not accept the thought that you could be “The One” for her. That’s not your fault. That was an insecurity that was deepseated from something else. In my 20 years of being single, I quite often had a backup in mind if the current one didn’t work out as they didn’t, until I met my wife.

  35. I perfectly understand your position. This woman offered everything you wanted. And you kept giving and being burned. Against all reason, you gave until you broke. I suppose she kept the other online guys going for much needed income. But the sleeping around stuff and secret FB pages was a killer.

  36. Spent 2 years in the Philippines traveled several islands there. I know this sounds sappy but I found it hard to approach Filipinas. Maybe I was just overwhelmed or whatever but sometimes the vloggers make it seem like it’s like shooting fish with a bazooka in a small barrel. Not sure that’s really the case.

  37. I totally agree!!! Great video Im coming to the Philippines this month and Im planning to move there in about a year. Your experience made my stomach turn over sorry to hear about your heart break and I hope it doesn’t happen to me I have been a little worried it might

  38. Fantastic story, thats why don’t fall in love too soon. In the Philippines to fall in love is already not healthy.

  39. You did what I would do. Beauty is skin deep but sure can open doors. Imagine bringing beauty like that back to your home country ?

  40. I disagree that she has learned her lesson. The fact that she married her latest man will have no bearing on her cheating ways. I promise you she will cheat again if given half a chance. Its possible that she may change when she hits 50 yo and is no longer turning heads, but right now, she’s sleeping around. Its in her DNA.

  41. I want to move to the Philippines, but I’m leery about getting deep into a relationship with someone for fear of this happening. I’m an older guy, so I might not have anything to worry about if I seek to be with an older woman over 35, and I’m not the kind who tolerates BS, but there’s always that thought in the back of my mind. I’m sorry you went through that, and I always cringe when I hear a story like that, or one similar to the older guy you knew who was in legal trouble with an older woman and her 16 year old niece (“The Guy Who Was A Slow Lerner”). Always remember guys, the human brain isn’t finished developing until around 25.

  42. I have no sympathy to guys who chase dreams in third world countries. Enter at your own risk.

  43. Thanks for sharing this. I have over 10+ dating experiences in my life here in the US and i can count in one hand where i rotated with the prettiest possible within my reach (pageant level beauty as you have described). I will share with everyone, no matter what the girls background is (religious, loving wife, corporate vp…), the 10 out of 10s that everyone wants, will continually test the waters and sleep around with anyone possible that makes them feel a certain way. It seems like any female who gets to that level of beauty and attention will maximize their moment. Best regards.

  44. If you are not willing to walk away from anyone at any time, you have NO Negotate power.

  45. Wow, what a painful experience…..I was feeling it just listening to you…..Oh my goodness… find an amazing woman, and then some truth bombs surface……I’m not sure I would have had your courage…..

  46. Let me tell you first hand about Filipino people, by and large they will do just about anything for money and status. I was married to one for about 14 years, she made my life a living hell. She had a 13 year old son and she didn’t tell me early on, I found out later when I was in a deep relationship with her. Nothing but lies, lie after lie after lie…etc it’s the way of life with them, male or female, lying is the way of life with them. They constantly lie and cheat, steal,…etc. By and large, they don’t have an ounce of decency within their DNA; now, obviously there are exceptions here and there, but by and large Filipinos are nothing but trouble. Just look at the government officials, they’re all corrupt, and they keep getting impeached because they don’t want to share some of that stolen money with other corrupt officials, they’re too greedy, and so they get into trouble. Unless you really want to make your life a living hell, stay away from ALL Filipinos, male or female.

  47. The thing about unacceptable behavor is that it never goes away, unless you put your foot down at some point and follow it it up by action. Im in the same predicament as this guy right now. Im in the west, and my girl. hasnt cheated, but her behavor is unacceptable in several other ways. I told her time and time again to shape up. She hasnt. We havent talked in 4 days, and I know our thing is over if she doesnt change, and swiftly. Am going to tell her just that tomorrow night. If she doesnt shape up now, we can simply call it quits now, before we bond even further, cause it will end – soon – on its own voalition anyway. And the more we bond, the harder the breakup will be.

  48. Ouch! thank you for being honest about a painful experience, take care Reekay, very educational video.

  49. I don’t think I could make a video like this for the world, or even talk privately about my own experience. If just one guy benefits from this, it’s a success. Hope and trust, remember that, that’s what you need, and if you don’t have it, you have nothing.

  50. Happen to me also . Thats how I ended Dumaguete and Thanks for your help when I arrived !

  51. It’s quite mind boggling how these things have a way of surfacing. It happened to me with my ex wife and the way I found out was the result of me, by just happenstance or perhaps Devine intervention one day doing EVERYTHING different than I normally did. And Bam! There it was in black and white.

  52. I bet that was a very difficult situation. I think you gave her several chances only because she was a “10”. If she were a 5-6 many times you wouldn’t have allowed her actions to continue. Tough break.

  53. You ripped my heart out listening to your story. I went through something similar in the US when i first exited the military. Luckily, i worked so much at the time that i just couldnt think about it very much. Im glad you didn’t give up and found vi.

  54. I can empathize with your heartbreak and pain after you severed this relationship I had to do something similar. Filipinas for some reason tug very hard on our heartstrings.

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