Talk of Medicare Portability for the Philippines

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. This is nothing new… just another push by the latest group of activists. For years now, TriCare has had a difficult time of demonstrating accountability and the system is ripe with fraud. Although they tried, TriCare has pulled back and there is only a handful of hospitals now left that are allowed to even file claims on a patient’s behalf. Medicare Advantage was launched years ago to help those retirees living abroad, but until fraud can be substantially eliminated, it likely won’t happen anytime soon. Just another round of wishful thinking.

  3. Need to file with the president and your senators I already did sent to them both

  4. reekay jen terri just posted video- green lane approved but she not sure if it applies to usa expats/tourist,,,can u check it out and make ur own video on this topic?
    ill wait regardkess one month or more so they can wirk kinks out as u one said. thx

  5. i have something to ask you , do the expats in the philippines with hiv allowed to live there? yes or no?

  6. Don’t count on it . Medicare won’t cover the medical procedures nor will they recognize the credentials of those practicing medicine there .

  7. I would be all over it if it was offered, however, I would not hold your breath on this one. It would only promote more people to leave the US who will spend and invest their money elsewhere. Not exactly a favorable view from the average American or politician

  8. It’s a 4 hour flight to Guam from Manila. Plenty of doctors who accept Medicare there. Why should the government pay extra to treat you when it was YOUR CHOICE to leave the country?

  9. I certainly hope this will happen. I paid into Medicare all my life. Why should I have to pay for a separate plan when I move to the Philippines? It would be hard to fly to the US if I need medical care and would need a place to live there. This would be a real game changer. John Yamas on my wife’s laptop.

  10. Where is the rest of the live stream? my YouTube says it’s only a five minute video.

  11. Wow that would be Great I could Actually stay longer at any given time if Medicare Jhay will be use there in the Philippines

  12. This could be great news for those considering retiring in the Philippines (or even those who would like to spend part of their time in the Philippines).

  13. Reekay mate you should have stayed with your woman in The Philippines.
    The word around the campfire in the scientific community is because of the rate that the “new more contagious variants” are cropping up.its unlikely any green lane between Brits and The Philippines is going to happen.for a long time, ubfortunstely. On our traffic light system the latter has been given a red light which will not change till the infection number goes way down. If I was in the colonies ( the USA just joking I love the states ) I would not chance it.

  14. The phillipines is not subject to us law. How would USA prosecute for Medicare fraud or enforce other Medicare laws in the phillipines?

  15. It’s not the cost but who gets the money. The American Medical Establishment will never let go of the money. Purchase something at one fourth the price? This is scene as a loss of income to the American industrial medical establishment. The American system belongs to America’s medical providers.

  16. To the subscribers of Reekay beyond that sea. Maybe you could go to Google search
    Can Medicare insurance could be used in the Philippines.

  17. That would be an interesting development for all you American ex pats, I hope it happens for you all.

  18. Expats using medicare in the Philippines would be a win/win situation and makes sense. So expect the US government to muck it up.

  19. I just sent an email to both California Senators and VP Harris asking them to get involved in Medicare portability to the Philippines for Expats. It is incumbent upon all Expats to get involved in this. We all know what a huge benefit this would be to all of us retiring and living here in the Philippines would be. I sent the email to the VP as I don’t think sleepy Joe can still understand what he reads. LOL

  20. If Medicare is available for all who are eligible in the Phils it would bring in more money overall for the country & increase tourism as well perhaps .

  21. Yes, it would be cheaper but cheaper in the USA not to pay anything. Just saying.

  22. Same should be True for the medical benefits underthe Veterans Administration.

  23. Extremely pertinent topic and potentially great news! Thanks for looking out for us really appreciate your videos!

  24. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office..

  25. I am all for Medicare here since i rate it. I am retired Military and at one time with had Tricare medical here in the Philippines for us. due to all the corruption that accrued it not not go over well.I sure hope that if it gets approved this does not happen with medicare fraud cases. I do not want to be the bearer of bad news but we will probably have cases like this which would ruin it for all those who are not corrupt.

  26. It makes perfect sense that Medicare could be used internationally since the most expensive healthcare in the world is in the U.S. Of course there is the fraud worry, as if that is not bad enough in USA. It just makes too much sense so I doubt this ever gets off the ground.

  27. Absolutely not. Want to use your Medicare? Make your appointments in Guam and fly there

  28. Things in Thailand are not getting better sadly.

  29. Thank you for providing us with very informative videos. Long time viewer.

    If for some reason, Medicare does start operating in the Philippines, I would imagine that the VA healthcare system would eventually allow veterans to use the same Medicare approved doctors/hospitals.

    The big question though: if Medicare is not currently reimbursing for medical expenses that an expat incurs while in the Philippines, aren’t they already saving millions, if not billions of dollars?

    I recently cancelled my Medicare Part B, as I am 100% VA disabled and in the highest priority group. As the VA healthcare will allow outside doctors and hospitals now, Part B was basically a duplication of services. This saved me $148 per month that can now be used for a travel insurance plan, when international travel is resumed.

  30. Hello Henry and I totally agree! I have Medicare and Medicaid and would be blessed to use them when I travel to the Philippines to be with my Fiance! Thanks for the update and take care!

  31. What about Medicare for US citizens in Philippines? That would be a huge benefit. The reason I am a Pandemic Gypsy stranded in US is because I had to go to US for knee surgery.

  32. since Medicare is mandatory for US Citizens, it would be fantastic to be able to have it functional here in the Philippines.

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