Sharing What I Saw Today, Walking The Streets of Lahug – Philippines

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. Here in Bulacan, about an hour from Manila, I walk about 4/5 miles per day for excercise. Its like you saw there. Everyday life, except for masks. And kids playing without masks. I personally think covid is no different than any other flu virus.

    1. we just got back from walking at the mall for two-hours. about to take another walk now.

  3. when we stay at marco polo, we walk down to JY mall to pick up snacks and groceries. It’s about a mile, but it’s so easy because it is downhill all the way. beautiful walk as well. Jeepney on the way back. 🙂

    1. i’ve walked from the taoist temple to the jy-mall. that’s a decent walk. 🙂

  4. Hi Reekay! Love you videos and your adventures there in the Philippines. Question if you have time – do you know if you can mail packages out of the Philippines at this time? My wife is from Iloilo and we will probably retire there once this covid stuff is over. We have been married 32+ years. I lived in Angeles (Pampanga area) at Clark Air Base back when I was in the Navy and stationed at Clark. We are in Misawa Japan and have been since 2013 this time. If we ever get there hope to visit Cebu and maybe meet up with ya for some good food and maybe a few drinks. All the best and take good care! Thanks for all the good videos.

    1. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea will do. My wife is from Iloilo and her family is waiting to send us a package but they think they can’t send out from Philippines. I’ll have them check again

    2. from what i’ve observed, DHL and LBC seem to be back in operation. i see their trucks every now and then on the streets. just check with the nearest DHL or LBC office for sending a package.

  5. Be careful about walking around the streets here in the Philippines. I was walking one early morning when a group of thugs attempted to rob me. I faught back and was finally knocked out. Thanks to some people, they got me to the hospital.

  6. FYI, Mr Joe said he is stopping a few days in Dubai and a few days in Qatar on his way back to USA. Except Dubai has travel restrictions requiring a 14 day quarantine I believe. And all travel is Blocked to Qatar from both the UAE and the Philippines….But anyway, pretty sure Mr Joe is hiding somewhere deep in the jungle. LOL. Just thought it was funny, guy is not even a good liar.

  7. Reekay: Has international flights resumed between the U.S. and the Philippines? In particular, to CEBU?

    1. yes, but these are flights for filipinos, their spouse (including expat spouse) and children. outgoing flights, an expat can fly out of the ph.

  8. It doesn’t matter what the people are doing, there are no regular days and they won’t happen until we get a vaccine.

  9. I appreciate that all these efforts are to protect people from cv-19. At our age it is fatal.
    Over here in your old hood of Bacong things are normal.

  10. I am hoping to my Filipino wife back to ilocus Sur in North West Luzon next April I am hoping everything will be fine then

  11. not sure if it was from one of your vlogs or not. Asking about mobile cell service. If I remember right you or someone said T-Mobile had good service there plus I can get an international plan here stateside before I leave so I can keep my cell number. Is that correct? Thanks

  12. Take a cab or walk through many areas. Some masks, some without. No social distancing. Yes, looks normal, but these streets are where all the cases come from and still do. Yes, helpful that a great number where masks. But, far from all necessary. CebuCity has been under major lockdown for almost 5 months. Still, people don’t get that it will be 6-8 months or more before any vaccines reach them.
    Don’t encourage them, as CebuCity has made progress.

  13. That’s good news…it is sad that seeing a normal day brings out positive comments, but at this point, I’ll take as much normal as possible. I just pray we keep trending in that direction…I am dying to see my Filipina in March 2021…

  14. Great to know everybody is living life like covid no longer exists. Meanwhile I continue to be locked down tight and can’t even go out with my gf (because we only have like 4 passes for our entire condo). I’m not sure how all these people get out without a pass? Or am I the only person that doesn’t have my own exclusive quarantine pass? Either way it sucks and hope PH doesn’t end up like Florida USA with a huge outbreak when everybody lets their guard down because they’re “tired of it.”

    1. I live in Florida. It is not a hoax. I see people come through security at Walmart and then take down their masks. I never thought we should have shut things down, but as I see how people disregard the precautions needed to defeat this virus I don’t know what the answer here is.

    2. Outbreaks that you see in mainstream media news are manufactured numbers, Do some research and educate yourself on the “big picture” Time to wake up to the truth about this “crisis”..real or hoax?

  15. you mean normal except everyone is walking around with a dipper on their face haha!

  16. You’re right. Some business open like a regular days but one should not forget the wearing of mask, face shield when you’re traveling taxi, just like that. Traffic is not so much as the usual days. I Live near your area, i know where ayala is, jy Mall. When you planned to travel up from jy Mall, there are checkpoints that taxi occupant has to present either a quarantine pass, company id if You’re Worker, or certificate of employment.

    But sad to say, Bohol my hometown, records a high cases probably due to locally stranded individual who went back to their respective hometown from Manila for having no job at the capital city.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea thats good to hear but there are no random checkpoint from jy mall all the way up to marco polo hotel ensuring that everybody follow the protocol. Godbless and stay safe

    2. i had no stops in the taxi between ayala and lahug, going there and back. but i did see another taxi pulled over. maybe it’s just a random check.

  17. I have lived in Dipolog City for about 5 years. Unfortunately everything here is running about 30%. Sari Sari and Okay Okay stores popped up everywhere in March, with people scrambling to earn some income. Most of them are already gone now. Everywhere I walk there seems to be more and more for rent signs and boarded up buildings. Even the grocery stores may have only 2 cashiers when they used to have 10+. The shelves are also half empty all the time. I have also traveled to my wife’s province a few times; about an hour out of town. Before and after the pandemic folks out there are all the same for the most part. To them, nothing has really changed. Some don’t even really know whats going on.

    1. sorry to hear that. 🙁 i figured some areas were bouncing-back a bit slower than others, just didn’t know where. hopefully it picks up soon.

  18. Here in argao and dalaguete yes it’s mostly like you describe almost back to normal except for masks I live on the highway between and wow the traffic is even more busy than before the virus

    1. last time i was in argao was 2014, on a bike ride i took from cebu. it was quiet back then.

  19. good to hear, all this absurdity is over the top, blown way out of proportion. Cui bono?

  20. Hello Reekay’s, I’ve been watchin your videos for a while now. I found your channel from your (Cagayan De Oro to Cebu via Philippine Airlines video). Keep making GREAT videos on YouTube and stay safe.

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