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REP_012 Relationships in the Philippines; My Experiences

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. The podcast player has no volume control — just a mute button.

    An excellent podcast! Self-awareness and patience are vital in any long-term relationship. Plus, your willingness to reveal what you went through is powerful. Speaking to you now as a widower, relationships are hard. Knowing what you really want, and sticking to it, is best for everyone involved.

      1. Henry, my pinay has been here in US for 17 months now. She’s got a $14 an hour job, full time, with bennies, at VA nursing home, as a CNA. and will be an RN in a bit over a year. We’ve had some spats, but normally, all is well. She can now drive pretty well, knows her way around this small city/army base, has Pinay friends here. Sends money to her parents/daughter monthly, as in about $800 a month, average, including the materials for the house add-on. She ( i did so for 2 years) is keeping her younger sis in college, her 7 year old daughter in a private school (learning much more English than in public school) and putting a second story on mama’s house. Papa and brother in law are doing the work, his wife is pregnant. second kid, first one is 8 yo. That family is living as squatters, no electricity, no net. So the move to mama’s upstairs is a big deal. Quezon city.

  2. You are a good man Reekay, I enjoy your Podcasts and videos. I agree with you that every individual should do what they want and how they want to achieve in life. You do have an excellent communication skills and good command of English language. Your life experiences are very valuable to expats who want to live in PH. Wishing you and Lin a happy and prosperous life.

    1. You truly have a great relationship with Lyn. I think it’s noble of your support for her and her staying with you in spite of not getting married. As you know most Expats get married or get their girl knocked up and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. The bottom line is to truly get to know your girl and feel completely content with everything about her as she should feel the same about you. This takes time, like you said. I wish you and Lyn the best!

  3. Heeeeyyyyyy Reekay,great information and very entertaining.I think you should become a Filipino citizen and run for politics,hehe

  4. Excellent for all us guys out here that could be in the same boat. I cant thank you enough. There seems to be a lot of twists with the laws/culture of the Phil’s that I was not aware of. Knowledge is always good. Thanks for sharing the bright moments and not so bright moments in your life for us all to learn from. Very generous of your Sir! I am about 3-4 years(maybe less) out from locating there for at least 1/2 the year… I hope the Politics stabilizes somewhat… thinking about Cebu or city in Bohol to start with a 3-5 month lease, as per your lease recommendation,. What would be your 1st choice to locate for a expat on there 1st visit ? whats your impression of Palawan and/or Leyte to visit to live as well. I was thinking the outskirts of Cebu to start….I don’t like super busy cities( I live in one ! YIKES) …but still want amenities and some city life- in balance .Hobies- Hiking,fishing,motorbike touring ,swimming,running, touring,running, Pints with the boys 🙂

  5. BTW Reekay …having trouble signing up on your Forumvia your main web page, is there a delay to sign-up , or problems right now ?

  6. Good podcast. A good friend of mine that owns a restaurant in Zambales. He moved there in his 40’s a few years younger than you. He sold his auto repair business, first moved to IBA then lost money trying to buy a beach house but eventually landed on his feet by starting a restaurant with financial help from relatives. He dated and had very few real relationships in his 10 years living there. True, he takes advantage of being a young Expat with a small business but shared with me almost everyday that he just wanted a real relationship.

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