Personal Update: 133 Days of Vi, MeWe & Future Travel Plans

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. Cool nothing wrong with sharing, be great if there was a wholesale house like in the states like. Sam’s or Costco.

  2. I would like you to do a video on the 25 things you want in a relationship.

  3. Hey Reekay, I am so happy you are doing this kind of video. I have been kind of blown away by the nature, kindness, caring and loving ways of filipina women. My first experience was knowing how my sister-in-law is with my brother. She helped him through a very hard period in his life. My journey to find a filipina was a little rough in the beginning, but I learned and it taught me to understand what I needed. Four years ago I met my filipina match. It was a little strange the way we met. I had gotten tired of the one on one experience. The thought of spending a month or years trying to find out. I decided to choose to talk to ten different filipinas. This was sort of a weeding out process. I did this because I had spent a number of years looking. Had a few rough experiences. I learned the best way for me way to choose ten filipinas and then choose to one who was the closest to what I wanted. I told them all what I was doing. This worked for me. I commented on her post on a dating site on Facebook. I teased her about the Facebook change to the profile picture format for messaging. This was the two circles linked together. I messaged her “how did you change the profile pics” I told her “you must be doing magic”. It took her a couple of days to respond and that is how we started talking.
    I am still amazed by the way filipinas are and still getting used to it. If I had of listened to everybody’s comments I would have never had this experience. You do know searching sometimes takes a little while. The first experience is not always the sure thing. Sometimes it is.

    Just felt I had to share a little bit about my experiences. I am totally happy for you and Vee. I am gratefully happy every time I hear others are happy, because I know I am.
    Good luck to you and Vee.

  4. I went out mondi this on road trip bout 200 miles round-trip good to get out.

  5. Western men were told that age difference is bad, dating outside of their social class is bad, dating outside of their home country is bad, a foreign girl wanting and choosing him over a local man is also bad and the list is long. Most of the world values us higher than our home feminist countries. I believe men should live where they are valued and not where are considered loosers.

  6. If she’s receptive to new things, like the western way to cut a chicken you may have a keeper. LOL You both look happy congratulations and good luck in the future.

  7. Just wondering if you’d be able to share how you support yourself in the Philippines. Thanks

  8. Reekay, im very glad that things are working out for you in vietnam. But honestly man, i miss the good old vlog days in the wild west of the ph`s.

  9. Just joined MeWe. Under Alex Gomez. Sent you an invite. I’m also friends with Gio in the Philippines on fb. I’m from New Jersey but lived in the Philippines for 11 years. Back here in NJ but I’ll be back in PH next year.

  10. Reekay I started watching your videos this week. Everything you tell here on your channel is interesting both for a Pinay like me and foreigners as well. There’s wisdom in it and I’m glad you share honest reviews about Filipinas and the way we handle ourselves. So happy too you have the love of your life.

  11. This is a nice upbeat update Reekay, and after following your life for several years now, I am really happy for you that you finally found what you were looking for. Being together for 133 days, is a big test for any relationship, and it seems like you have both passed with flying colours. It’s great that you both have the same mindset and understand each other’s needs. Even under the present circumstances, you are doing great, and and have a lot to look forward to. Keep doing what you are doing, and stay safe and well, the best is yet to come . My very best wishes to you and our great girl Vi.

  12. “Positive thinking,first thing in morning”its a beautiful day” “sense of humour, loving…….. thats it… the rest is easy for me… all I need !!!!!! those 3 things alone is perfect.. rest is easy and can be altered accordingly… respect, love, positive attitude, and humour……… i am a Happy man….. you lucky Henry

  13. Hey Reekay, I have been following your channel for sometime and I learned your channel through a friend of mine he is dating a Filipino guy. He told me I can get tons of information about Philippines and how to dating/live in south east Asia etc which is very very true! Now I am dating this Cebu Filipino guy by using all of your advises /tips even dating a girl maybe different from dating a guy. Hey Love is Love lol. If everything goes well I may move to Cebu Philippines after retiring 2021. I just want to thank you very much for your great works/channel that provides me a great deal of information from dating to move/live aboard. My best wish goes to Vi and You!

  14. What a sweetheart she is! Happy for you two. Your experience and the lessons learned have really paid off.

  15. Did you actually first meet on an on line dating site or in everyday reality ?

  16. Hello Reekay, i have been following you and have subscribed to your channel. Your posts are interesting. You are blessed to have found Vi, she is such a cute little darling…Hope you both have a wonderful and blissful years together.

  17. Facebook can go to hell data mining and profiteering. Just open your own website! You’re not a true Asian if you don’t like durian: the king of fruit. Cook dried fish in a steamer to keep temperature and smell down.

    What happens when Vi becomes broody and you’re only firing blanks?

  18. Reekay great show, but how can you guys move to a tropical island and not eat the different fishes……lol

  19. Glad You guys are doing well. FYI Whats App is US company owned by Facebook WE Chat is Chinese Company owned by Ten Cent

  20. What Reekay has mentioned is the difference between entitled Western women and a woman who really wants to please her man. Women in South American and SE Asia understand that if they want to keep a man and be sure he is happy, she will be rewarded many times over by how he treats her. This is how relationships are supposed to be. Western women has lost grasp on what a true relationship really is and until things change men will continue to look elsewhere.

  21. Loneliness is not happiness. So when you find some one like you have its Awesome on many levels. She truly cares about you and vise a versa. Good deal

  22. Been watching your videos for years, glade its going great for you. You both look very happy in the pics too.

  23. Reekay, your story is very moving and touching. I too, understand what it means to have a woman that seems tailor-made for me. It really doesn’t get any better than this. I can tell by the brightness in her eyes that she has deep respect and admiration for you. My journey like yours was riddled with many tests and trials, but the waiting and patience has at last proven very worth it. I am indeed a king with my queen at my side.

  24. Died squid! I used to eat that right out of the bag. Is great with beer! Really great.
    As to your Vi, it all sounds great and I’m happy for you. Sometimes it’s very hard to really find out what a young Filipinas core is all about.

  25. Reekay, I must say that out of some of the relationships that I have seen there in the Philippines, Vi is one that really shows emotions for you. A lot of the Filipina’s does not show emotions maybe that’s just a Filipina thing!

  26. Congrats, Hazel and I have been together Dec 12. As always love your comments and agree 100%.

  27. I typed in a few times i get message :
    Something’s wrong here.
    This is a 404 error, which means you’ve clicked on a bad link or entered an invalid URL. Maybe what you are looking for can be found at P.S. Bitly links are case sensitive.

  28. Reekay have u heard of anyone getting the ss stimulus $1200 ,check here in ph?

  29. Great that you made a video. Different from live stream. I will open a mewe account. I hope the owners are financially strong enought to resist the pressure from China and their American powerfull “partners”.

  30. Congratulations Reekay, I’m really happy for you both!
    You found a great woman in Ve!
    Great Chemistry, great connection.
    Yes for sure sh e is very sweet and attentive.
    I wish you both success for the long term!

  31. Great to hear your update on your relationship and how well you are doing! Your hard work has paid off… hehe

  32. Happy for you buddy. What would be some of the items on your 25 would be the item that most potential partners have fallen short of?

  33. Good point Reekay. Filipinos do no buy in bulk for two reasons. One reason is because that would require thinking, and planning ahead, which is just not a part of the Filipino culture. There is just today. Tomorrow is not thought of. God will take care of tomorrow. A second reason is that in order to buy in bulk, one has to save two dimes to rub together. Again, saving is just not part of the Filipino culture. Filipinos spend their money penny by penny as the earn it. This is why cigarettes are sold by the each in the Philippines, as well as aspirin, and many other things.

  34. Darryl Charity: No offense intended, but gee Darryl, do you ever have a lot to learn. Please give this tape another view, particularly the part where Reekay mentions living with a Filipina girl for at least several months, before marrying her. . .

  35. Darryl Charity: Continuing. . . Yes, opposites do attract INITIALLY, that is. Believe me, when I say that it is those very same opposites that cause endless conflict, and enmity later on, while married. By the way, all those sweet smiles, endless giggles (as thought you were the funniest guy in the world), those compliments, deference, and agreement with every thing you say, which attract you so much, disappear once you become family. Forget them, they will be a thing of the past for you, but not for the general public. whom she will continue to perform.

  36. Can tell on the way Vi looks at you that she’s inspired by you Reekay☺

  37. Darryl Charity: Honesty, there is so much you need to learn about Filipino culture before you dive in head first, and you don’t learn this over night. It took me over two years living, and working with Filipinos in the Philippines before I first started to penetrate the culture. For instance, you might be interested to know that in the Filipino culture, words carry no obligation. For instance, once you are married, you will learn that when a Filipino makes a promise, or agreement, it is non binding. They are under no obligation to even attempt to carry out that promise or agreement. This is not considered lying, or wrong It’s just what it is. The norm.

  38. Darryl Charity: in case you are wondering. . . I lived, and worked in the Philippines for halff a dozen years, out among the people. I have been married to two Filipinos, and then lived on the island of Saipan, where half of the inhabitants were Filipinos, and almost every American guy on the island was married to a Filipina. Thus I speak not just from my own experience, but for many. [email protected]

  39. I have not issues with the age difference with a Filipina, except when she is beautiful. and brought back to the States. In that case, since Filipinos smile sweetly at everyone except their husband, every guy who sees her, including your friends, will believe that she has a crush upon him, and embark on a lustful campaign to convince her what a good guy he is, and how much better they would treat her. It may take as long as five years, buy some guy will eventually be young, handsome, sweet talking, romantic, or convincing enough to take her away.

  40. Yeah! Durian, and dried fish. Guaranteed to choke Americans with their smell.

    Durian is a kind of fruit. Filipinos have a saying about it, “It smells like hell, but taste like heaven”. The problem is that no amount of heaven, makes up for the hell part.

    Dried fish works out in a Nipa hut (native Filipino, open air, thatched hut), but not in an enclosed, apartment, or house, where the horrible smell permeates the drapes, bedding, furniture, towels, rugs, and the very paint on the walls, forever.

  41. I wish I could someone like your girlfriend, who remained that way after marriage. This is the trick. . .., and the only way to know is to take that irreversible step

  42. Thank you Reekay for this wonderful video, very formative. very nice of you sharing your experience openly and sincerely. You are honest; I think thats because your up-bringing

  43. Reekay, your so right when you have a beautiful Filipina who is in your corner for life. Happiness is exuding from your comments regarding your lady Vi.

  44. Hey, had a question. Can you buy a nice laptop there or do you have to bring it. Is it cheaper? Can you get ebay there? Watch all your vids. Very good for there person going to travel there.

  45. Reekay, congrats to you, you are a lucky guy. — I am planning a 10 week trip to PH in early 2021. I am 38 yrs old, and want to find a devoted, sweet younger PH women like yours. Can you give me some pointers for my trip on how to achieve this?

  46. If it works, good and well, but whats the end game or is it like the long con in Thailand. Nothing wrong with that providing she stays with you and doesn’t upset your mind.

  47. Been married 12 years to a Thai Lady 22 year difference – no issues. Way better than dating or marring a western women. But, you need to have the money or no honey! If you can not afford to support 100% then they will be looking around. If you can not support them in you home country then you might want to serious think about staying in their home country. But then again, same with Western Women or any women. No money no honey. Also, way more acceptable in Asia to have a wife 22 – 30 years younger. You will get eyes watching you in the West if you bring her home and people will always address you wife as you daughter.. I find that funny. It is uncomprehensable for Western Men and Women who have never traveled to understand that you married someone many years younger than yourself.

  48. Can you please do a video when the travel ban between islands gets lifted. I need to get over to file my 13a probationary removal.

  49. What did she say about you not wanting kids ? Plus what reaction of her parents at knowing you don’t want kids ?

  50. Tried the mewe as I too am fed up with fb but it’s quite annoying that they constantly at every second move throw at you the offer to upgrade to paid service. I hoped it would be more like fb at the beginning but it’s not. I find Vero to be closer to that rather than mewe….

  51. You have a incredible woman, but they only stay with the best of guys.
    *as I sit alone eating a frozen dinner

  52. Nice to hear about your relationship. My wife is also from Davao. We should be in Davao in august this year to start my retirement. 12 years of marriage I never had any issue with her. She’s very close to her family like most Philippino ladies are but she’s very good in balancing the relationship. TRUST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE. I wish you the best brother. Syed from New York

  53. Congratulations glad you are happy love your posts you cheer me up cheryl from australia

  54. Reekay, would you recommend we hold off on sex for 90 days after meeting so she knows it’s not just about sex? You found a really great one and she’s even looking better with each video you make. I wish you both the best!

  55. Try Davinci Resolve. Free professional video editing and color correction.

  56. Sounds like a keeper. Don’t blow it. What’s the plan for marriage and kids? You know all decent women want that eventually.

  57. 133 days with the same woman! awesome! A feat few men can comprehend! ***Joke ***

  58. Glad to see you have found Vi…seems she is the one you have been looking for…hope my Pinay is who I have been looking for also

  59. I’m hoping that before day 180 “whole chicken” involves a live one.. *that* is a “next level” relationship. 😉 soon, expect Grape Tang. #gameChanger

  60. Congrats to both of you. Vi is a keeper. You’ ve found a good, loving , and caring filipina.

  61. Glad to hear things are working out for you both 🙂
    Even with the age difference , I must agree , it is more about common interests and goals , whatever the ages 🙂

  62. Hello Henry is she okay not having a baby or kids in the future as she’s very young.Or maybe you already have changed your mind about it?Happy 133 days! 🙂

  63. Congratulations, i’m happy you found the perfect mate for you. I have two questions for you…is app free? Where did you get the Nike face mask? I like the mask….lol

  64. Hey Reekay, how are you? i see that you are very happy with Vi and i’m very happy for you.
    I remember that you once said that you don’t ever want anymore children in your future relationship with anyone in one of your earlier video. What if Vi decided in a couple of years that she would like to have children with you, would you leave her like you did on your earlier relationship with the other Filipina love?
    By the way, Happy Belated Birthday to VI by turning 22 years old.

  65. A 22 year old does NOT have that many LIFE experiences! If your children are older than her or she is 20+ years younger than you, I would seriously reflect about the situation. Looking down the road, if you die at 80, she be 50. You are her SUGAR DADDY … her job is taking care of YOU! As for an observation, I see very few Filipino-to-Filipino relationship with a 30 year gap. But, I see many of the large age gaps with foreigners. These are the optics of the situation based on facts.

  66. You could search for a million years in the US for a girl like yours and never come close. Period. Can’t wait to meet some of these girls in person….

  67. Sorry, but what about kids. Does she want them. Problem I have with foreign woman and they’re in their late 30s. They want kids eventually. I say just enjoy though. She’s a beautiful looking, kind and caring girl.

  68. If she’s not on Facebook with multiple accounts and if she doesn’t do karaoke every chance she gets, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

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