Married Within 3 Weeks.. Good Idea??

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. If you have enough time and money to spend 6 months to a year in the Philippines and still maintain a job.

  2. I totally agree with this! I used to fall in love with Filipinas when I lived in america and would talk for hours on video….but THEN I moved here. Ohhh, the shit I’ve seen! A woman here in the Philippines will lay in bed with her fling and text her LDR BF how much she loves him, she will sleep with a guy the same day she gushes on FB about how much she loves her husband, she will have 3 different (or more) foreigners she’s in love with and getting money from and making plans. Maybe over half of the women here are like this. But the dating sites is going to be over 90%. I’ve been in this gig in one way or another for 5 years now. So, my advice, is EXACTLY what Reekay said here. Are your options as a western man better here? Yup! Because when you get a good one, it’s a really good life. But you have to move here to pull it off. No shortcuts.

  3. We met online communicated for 3 months met her in Cebu 4 weeks later we were married that was 8 years ago

  4. These type of guys are called, “DESPERADOS” and won’t allow time to be their friend. Sad situation for these guys!

  5. The girls here are wicked, wicked smart and extremly beautiful and will run circles around you again and again! Don’t be naive, you’re not her only suitor especially if you’ve never met her in person. The girls in the Philippines take the phrase Silver Tongue to a level that I have only experienced here. Yes, am a surviver from this alluring creature referred to as a Filipina. In closing if you think this will or can’t happen to you or maybe your different then clearly you are suffering from a Delusional Disorder. Lovesick: Yes, it’s a Thing.

  6. Put this one in a weekly loop.
    With that many making this mistake, it cannot be overstated.

  7. What it boils down to is: “ don’t let the small head dominate / cloud your thinking “!!

  8. You just itemize almost every woman on planet rock. It doesn’t matter their demographics or race the needs of all women are similar. I would say that the environment that they grew up in that will determine ones personality, motives, believes, culture etc. Women nature is to be selfish, why because they are life bearers life comes from their wombs, their natural objective for themselves and the offspring is that of survival and whoever male that present himself with the means of nourishment, shelter, protection, pleasure, fulfilment etc. that will give her a since of happiness. See folks, that’s why most women always doing the math in their heads when they met a man, that’s why they’ll always ask the 3 questions.

  9. Yes, if they both know there roles. Sort of, kind of paid maid service with benefits

  10. See that’s what I don’t want a Filipino marriage I absolutely don’t want that I can go to the Philippines once-a-year stay for a month have a good time with a Filipina one or two I don’t know we’ll see never been to the Philippines I know my eyes will open up and say wow this is Paradise I like my comfort zones here I love Texas that Hill Country the rivers and I like Arizona the desert the desert mountains all that it’s beautiful and then I like California Southern California I grew up in Whittier I love the beaches there I love the mountains there I am one of those men who know how to say no no no and keep my fat wallet in my front pocket one more thing I do love my Hispanic American women to especially here in the Southwest

  11. The star struck guys, who fell in love online, will not like this. I hope they can and do listen to you. You probably saved many men from themselves. Good Job!

  12. Also she could be difficult person in general. How does she handle difficult experiences.

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