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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. Please I can’t find your girls page can you help.
    I want to support her and you.

  2. Good morning Reekay! Keep keep up your operation, it is effective for the people on my age group: 75 plus!!

  3. Reekay Do you know when the American consulate will be open again in Cebu?? Need to get a document.

  4. Lifes is busy for you both even through lockdown, good to see, I like what your partner is doing re her cooking , everything-with-vi, jimmyrz1 mentioned he extended visa for 6 months, just wandered what that would have cost him ? NZ just 1 new case in last 8 days, 96% recovered from 1502, we went lockdown early, hope life gets easier as the weeks pass in the Philippnes, 100 people allowed in Church services from this wekend in NZ , as all closed till now , also cafe/restaurant 100 but groups of 10 only and have to be served at table, no going to the bar/no buffet , many places request card only , no cash, as Dylan sang things r a changn !

  5. I will be moving to the Philippines soon and this YouTube channel is a dream come true



  8. If you’re going to be in Manila take the day trip to Corregidor.

  9. You certainly can make money as a foreigner contractor in Philippines. You don’t do it by working yourself but by getting a crew of Filipino workers and build houses or remodeling, repair type work. Foreigners would like to deal with A FOREIGNER even if they pay a little more then they’d want to put up with Philippine companys.
    And another way to do it is be a consultant for bigger commercial type jobs like hotels and such where for example a foreigner is building the hotel. Again that foreigner would much rather have another person from his own country looking over things then deal with Filipino mentality, of course this is dependant on once you prove yourself as honest and know what your doing as well as understanding Filipino workers.

  10. Hi there fella. Good to know things are HAPPENING for you. I am back in NZ and we are moving to level 1 soon, next week. Do not think I will be traveling soon as we at the ASS end of the planet. I enjoyed Vietnam last November and could of stayed longer. Thanks for meeting up . We here in in New Zealand do not expect to see foreign visitors or cruise ships for several years if ever. My airbnb is closed but have people in the room.

  11. The “hoax” is in the numbers and information given by governments.  Face masks and the overreaction to it is a “hoax” and just a way for some group with an agenda to gain control.  What is the real agenda behind covid 19?  I hear that soon there will be “contact tracers” showing up at people’s homes based on cell phone location information to force people to get tested or take a vaccine.  I have an option.  Its called a 9mm to chase them away.  CDC and WHO, total misinformation.

  12. By the way, VN has the best track record in the world on covid.  According to my friend who lives there, 288 confirmed in VN and zero deaths.  My spell check keeps flagging covid so therefore it is not a real word.  And thus doesn’t exist.  😀

  13. Reekay, I was seeing reports that Manila will downgrade to only a GCQ starting June 1st. If I’m flying into NAIA after this time, will I still be able to leave the Metro Manila area? I have not found any clear information on the matter. Maybe you could make an update video on the situation?

  14. Hi REK i Val you what you have to say . I am consedering and leering about different facts
    Can you talk about pribet middle Scholls. Cost how good it is etc

  15. One idea while you are on lockdown is for her and you to learn Vietnamese. Filipinos are talented at quickly picking up new languages.

  16. Used to message on FB. Wanted to ask a question that you may help with just pointing in the right direction. I opened a mewe acct, but LBTSea does not show in a search there. If you get a chance, please contact me.

    Thank you!

      1. I found that page and sent a request to join. Wasn’t sure if that was the way to get in touch. How would I find the chat group? Sorry, new to this site, but I can see it’s much more private, which is a good thing!

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