(Livecast) What’s The Most Money You Lost To A Scammer?

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 Iโ€™ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
โ€” Reekay


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  2. Avoid greedy American women because they might scam you out of a meal. Instead, give thousands of dollars to an innocent Filipina you’ve only known for two weeks.

    1. You’re totally correct..
      It’s a dollar hamburgers at McDonald’s in America..or
      Barangay Clan of 25 smiling hungry people at Greenwich Pizza..
      I’ll ask you which one is a better investment..?

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  4. Enjoy your videos and all the advise you give and share in them Im from San Diego and my fiance is from Bacolod | Darin & Analy LDR Journey

  5. You’re right best to do it out of the kindness of your heart. The first time I helped a Filipina her baby had a bad rash. She could not afford the prescription cream. I asked to see the prescription. I paid it for her. Fast forward over the years she would come on and beg for a few pesos to buy rice. I got tired of that so I found a course for her in the hospitality industry -she and her cousin. The course was for one month in Mandaluyong City. Then paid internship at a 5-start hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. That I know is true because I contacted the school and checked out their courses. Only recently I found out she never attended the school. Never worked on a ship like she said she was. Instead in the interim she took a course to get a certificate to work domestic in Bahrain.

    I asked one of my friends to search for her on Facebook and give her a message. She blocked my friend. My friend asked one of her friends who works in Kuwait to contact her. She never responded. That was her mistake. That lady contacted one of her contacts who forced her to contact me. Since then she lost a lot of her online friends after they learned what she did to me. I ended up feeling sorry for her because I told her what she did was selfish and stupid. She would have had a job in Food & Beverage instead of a certificate cleaning toilet bowls. F&B will pay just as much or more than a college degree pays in the Philippines. We all know that Hong Kong and Singapore got some of the most educated maids because many of them got college degrees but can’t find jobs in the Philippines. I think she must have cried like Alice in Wonderland since her world came tumbling down. But scammers often have luck. While in Bahrain someone introduced her to an American man who paid her employer to break her contract so she could go home. She only worked there one year. She told me her employer took her to Jordan twice. In one day she had to clean three houses in Jordan. The only food they gave her was leftovers. So her karma came swift and fast. She lost her friends and she forever lost my trust.

  6. Mine is definitely a scammer. All she cares about is boom boom. Every morning. Every night. Five times a day, no problem. Our record is 9. In 13 years she hasn’t slowed down. Always hugging and kissing. Feeding me, washing my clothes, cleaning the house, taking care of the children. All so she can get down my pants. She feels it is her duty every month with alternate pleasure (G Rated channel). So no break for me, ever. Our first night, she got me up at 3am for cowgirl. I thought “This is pretty good, but I hope it is not a habit because I like to sleep.” Well it never went away. This is a stern warning for other men. If she always want to boom boom in the beginning you better think about whether you can keep up. Be careful what you wish for. I never turn her down. Not just because she is so beautiful. But because the consequences may be dire.

    So about the money. Three thousand pesos a day budget I give to her in cash. I save $500 a month invested in blue chip growth stocks for her. She has over 3 million pesos in that account now. She has 2 houses in 2 different countries. Buying property to build our third now. Life insurance on me and all my accounts and assets when I die. This kind of scammer makes you fat from all the food she feeds you. She makes you too tired for sex with other girls. She is so wise the teen hotties disgust you with their stupid drama and narcissism. She teaches the children to love and respect their father. Be very careful of this kind of scammer. All you want to do is trabajo for this kind of evil woman and give her all your money. You may think you are happy because you are smiling every day. But this is like a spell of witchcraft. Be warned! Stay away!

  7. I think it’s critical for guys to realize the exchange rate involved and the true cost of things in Southeast Asia. You don’t have to send $200 or $500 or $1,000. 20 bucks there is like $2,000 in the West. She can get a crap ton UPS supplies for twenty bucks. I think a lot of guys just don’t realize how far things go with the exchange rate in the cost of living. I had a girl try to pump me for $50 for a bag of rice for her parents haha! I work too hard for my money. I’ve never understood the attraction of shoveling money to strangers.

    1. Actually quite a few things are more expensive in the Philippines, quality pizzas are about double the price of a comparable pizza here in Australia.

    2. A big bag of Rice costs about 25 to 30 USD depending on quality. 20 bucks is not like $2,000 especially when it comes to food. Many families go without meals and are malnourished because of the high cost of food.

  8. One of the most common ways I’ve run across is they won’t ask you for money directly but rather complain that they have some pain or some ailment that they are suffering with and waiting for you to offer to pay for treatment. Without coming out directly asking for money. A bad tooth Etc.

    1. Lol, had a Filipino girl do that to me recently. Asking me for money for her dental treatment. While I need a full mouth restoration worth $22,000?

  9. Marriage itself is a scam. But at least you can get your money’s worth in the Phils, unlike in America. Plus usa women use government and courts to scam you

  10. Guys need to stop sending money period. Most of these girls have survived just fine without guys sending money. You want to find a good woman refuse to send her money and then see how long she stays in contact with you. I have heard every excuse in the world and they are mostly all lies or fabricated into something that the original story never was. Honest and good filipina women do not want to ever ask you for any money. Guys that continue to send money are actually hurting more than helping.

    1. 20 bucks there is like 2000 haha, when did you last go there and check out food and electricity prices. .?

  11. I got scammed being married to a Filipina for 19 years She came here with NOTHING and in the divorce she got half of everything.

    1. What did she do for 16 years? If it was cooking and cleaning and making a house a home, especially if you had kids she deserves it.

  12. Paul at my Philippine adventures was interviewing the twins in dumaguete and stated that he thought that there was something wrong with age gap relationships. It kinda annoyed me but I guess heโ€™s in titled to his own uninformed opinion .

  13. I think we should vote to ban Reekay from being allowed to have music in the background. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. If you know the girl and understand her circumstances, sending money is okay with me. It’s sending money to people you don’t know that’s a problem.

  15. I must’ve been a Filipino in a previous life; even though I’ve been scammed I’ve never felt scammed. While in America I never was scammed, but after 5 marriages and 40 years later, I left the U.S. feeling nothing but scammed.

  16. Thank you Reekay for all you do. I really hope men (including myself) not only listen but also hear what you are saying here. I think the main reason for your channel to be so popular is because you are just a decent human being that’s all.

  17. I Lost $10,000 usd..but it was not a Scammer. My girlfriend family took the money that was supposed to be for our Wedding. The Girl did not scam me but her family stole from me.

  18. I was scammed for 2500 USD , Im 27 but good lesson learned , I wont touch anything related to the Philippines anymore. I was not able to find heaven in the Philippines, I will try Indonesia next time.

  19. a girl with kid unknown father
    ask me to send her on a journey manila to bislig
    i did
    then she say her family people ask her go out
    i rent a room fan mat school for kid she say send me to angeles theres wk in italia restaurant pay one mth room uniform medical
    i ask where u like she say suriagoa i pay full.amount open a restaurant
    then i say i dun talk anymore
    she nev say thanks she never say open a restaurant
    i borrowed and help her
    few weeks later she say
    her dishwasher stole money and material
    now she cannot operate
    she want to go again to manila now sleeping in street
    i get a room in nov
    i will pay her journey
    she want the rent she want the default school fee
    we send from phil
    we get the receipt
    i ask world remit to check other receipt same in manila Fraud

  20. she talk land only every time
    i paid deeds money
    now she dun talk a word of the land saying after much persuade her the govt sold to bank
    sad to know
    i still help them for sometime
    its the situation we help

  21. her girl say u are mine
    i love u
    business is dream
    i giv she use for other item
    i giv 4000 she say u keep.u giv other lady
    i giv giv giv
    she nev check on site only on line she lost my money
    not a gd place
    i borrowed from money lender still she want school.fee books money i giv but no more
    love not true

  22. my nona 7500 cosy for ins scammers … e cusi non lo so …… my cousins are still coming so from Sisaly palm italy and me from Newport beach califorona ,…we go say Hi to them in bombay /// you are good and we watch from italy and other .. good job… one day we will schedule a private web time with you ,, what payment id good for you sir … Ciao bello … sorry she did that to you i gad it happen to me too … understand ,, sad when other thak advantage of your good heart … be true to your heart … case costa ,, bravo… keep u good work and hope to web with you soon …

  23. Lost $8,000 to 3 different Filipino scammers this year. Plus $2,000 in interest. I now owe my bank $10,000. Had to cut my CC up. My credit took a dive. And have no girl to show for it?

    Filipina’s ask me for money everyday. If I say sorry I’m not a ATM machine. They say goodbye.

    I say thanks have a great day, see ya.

    Have a girl who wants a cam so we can talk and see each other everyday. So I say cool give me your address I’ll send you a cam. The girl doesn’t want that. She wants me to send the money to her so she can buy there. I say I’m not sending any money….I’ll send the cam. She keeps saying she wants to buy there? I say why does it matter how you get the cam?

    So now she doesn’t like me because I won’t send her the money to buy the cam, lol?

    Filipina’s will make up all kinds of shit true or not just to get your money. Just don’t send money to anyone you have never met in person.

  24. Please Let me know when youโ€™re in Davao. I will be looking forward in meeting you. Take care and have a safe trip back to the Philippines.

  25. Your not supposed to photograph in Pechanga. Itโ€™s posted on their video Big Screens.

    1. and yet i shot the photos standing only 20-feet from 2 security personnel. strange world, eh?

  26. I was introduced to my wife through her family that’s in America. I was told she was a good lady but I started watching your videos from day 1. So when she did ask me for $ I would tell her no I’m not sending you money for you to spend it on your Philippino boyfriend. Haha she would get pissed off and tell me she didn’t have a Philippino boyfriend. Well after repeating this a few times she didn’t ask any more. Haha and she would tell her family No I’m not asking him for money. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I did eventually pay for better internet at there house before we meet but other then that I was a Cheap Charly.

    We have been together for years now and we have kids. They are good ladys but you have to find the good ones.

  27. Voice of experience (been at this for 45 years): NEVER take one of these “angels” back to US. Now living happily in Q5 in HCM. If your stay in HCM did not include Q5, you really missed a lot! I hope to meet you sometime in the future. I’m 70 years old with 22-year-old beautiful GF!

  28. Hi my name is Angus Johnson i live in Canada i have a girlfriend in Cebu she is 33 and i am 74 i meant her when so was 20 we get along very good she is the best on that i have ever had in the Philippines i have been scammed by a few girls i watch you all the time and i hope you keep up the good work i will be going back to cebu soon i hope we can meet some day thanks for all your info

  29. Luckily ive never fallen foe the scammers…was involved with my fiance for over a year before i started helping her.started it at 50 then raised it to 130 after she moved home. Filing k1 in april,hopefully shes here by the fall and her family never asked for a dime

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