(Interview) “Busting An Online Dating Scammer”

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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    1. Unfortunately I’ve been scammed by Philippines woman.. it’s a long story but in the end so much money and time wasted..

    2. Here is the thing about being a decent person. People take advantage of you and you have to keep your money in your pocket. Because being kind won’t cost you a dime while being nice can cost you your life! So be kind not nice….

  2. Hard to feel sorry for these guys. I think they deserve everything they had coming, don’t blame anyone for your own stupidity 🙂

  3. The only way I can imagine you can a woman maintaining–pior–relationships would be to have a way to read her phone communications. Is that how his detective found the infidelity?

  4. Hi Henry, It would be nice if your interviewee would provide a reference for his detective agency. Thank you.

  5. Oh Reekay, you poor souls. All this “shucking and diving” to see if the girl is honest just goes to show you and me included why I mentioned the dreaded MGTOW. Note, I watch “all” of you guys: Gio, Paul, etc. and the one thing we a have in common is we are betas. We just don’t want to fight these “feminazis here in the first world (So. Calif[south bay]). Short version of MGTOW philosophy is to know “female nature.” That’s it. So you can’t imagine my dismay at yet another video about a sap aka “beta” being taken by a woman. That they are “surprised or shocked that a woman or a Philipina woman would do such a thing. I did not intend to come on here and promote MG but, holy mackerel man, the reason “we” beta males are going to places like PI and escape “female nature” is because of what MG has revealed, mathematically, statistically and philosophically, woman aren’t what we thought they were, “sugar and spice and everything nice.” But, the grass looks greener in the Philippine’s!

    1. are there betas ending up in the ph, pouring out their finances, sacrificing to keep a filipina in their life? yes. lots of them.

      but i do not count myself or my friends among them. if they were doing that i’d have had a long, serious, private conversation with them on it. but i don’t need to do that. why? because myself and the names you mentioned are the ones calling the shots in their relationship choices. (alpha, in mgtow jargon)

      we know our SMV value here. we are not operating from a position of desperation. we know what we want in a relationship and settle for nothing less. we live our lives and if a woman we find attractive and trustworthy wants to be a part of that, great. if she has her own agenda, she can go look for that somewhere else.

      so, no. know the difference. there isn’t a woman in the usa that i want. i don;t want a life of contention after coming home from a hard day’s work which is just to pay for her need to ‘look wealthy’ to the neighbors. that’s not a life i want. been there, done that.. no more.

      betas can hate other men all they want for actually having the ‘greener grass’ in life. makes no difference to us. we’re enjoying life with a great woman on our own terms.

  6. Hi Reekay, great info, thank you. I would like to know if you have a Philippines Private Investigating service you would recommend. thanks

  7. Sucker got played. Stop whining man.. You entered into it after u back from vacation after she abused her position in job. Get real. You just ignored every sign n even the big one… Common sense.

  8. Sorry, but this has nothing to do with “Busting An Online Dating Scammer”. Cliff met this woman through a legitimate travel company, in person, not online. From there it went online, but it sounds as if he turned it into an online aka LDR scam. My advice, as soon as you hear “Up to you”, you KNOW to beware. My second piece of advice is to find a single OFW who has been working overseas for at least 10 years. You can be sure that they know what hard work is and that they are familiar with supporting their family “back home”. They appreciate the value of hard work and of money. Cheers.

  9. “A red flag is a red flag, it’s not going to change colors,” now that’s the best advice and the moral of the story.

  10. Excellent video, cliff share a lot of good points as well as you. I have been used and stopped the relationship. I have helped others and they have been very thankful. Just know that you do have the choice to help or not.

  11. Jesus 10-15 guys she used this scam on? I just feel awful for this poor guy. I understand that some guys volunteer and ignore obvious red flags but I don’t think that he was a volunteer in this case, he definitely was a victim.

  12. I’m suspecting that these non-romance tours are vehicles for which scammers can find victims. The people working the tour probably get a kickback from these scammers to steer the lone male tourist towards their “single” Filipina friend. Also, a guy doesn’t have his guard up during these tours as he would if he was meeting the girl on FB or through a dating site.

  13. What worries me is that her husband works at the airport and she’s going to school to work in hotel management. The luring of the sirens call can be disastrous for a innocent person wanting to travel through the airport’s of the Philippines under these types of groups operations. Any suggestions PMP? He is a airport authority. There are good and bad in all things and they’ll do anything for monetary gain. Scary!!!

  14. Why is it so. I was victim to a annulment scam. So many are separated and looking for western man to commit adultry or pay for their annulment that take 5 to 7 years. I have heard so much about this kind of stuff and I was considering a retirement option. Hopefully better options will be available soon so that America men won’t get in trouble for seeking a Philippines bride, never certain if she’s married, separated, or truly single. Really how can one really tell if he’s not going to be crooked. In a short vacation time of meeting someone who may or not be honest.

    1. My Philippines scammer was professing poverty and buying houses on the other hand. I was dooped by a professional career scammers….plural they work like family members.

  15. Oh, it was indeed her “first time”….Except that maybe what she meant that it was her first time on you! lol

    1. I am going to add a second comment here. I have lived in a small city outside Davao and have been here for close to 3 years. I have some observations of expat behavior I witnessed and I will share here. These are not expats who are new to the Philippines, some have lived here for years. The consistent thread in these guys’ lives is that they are buying their filipina partners. They are taking girls who have had nothing , and building them big new homes, buying them cars.and starting businesses for their girlfriends (not even wives yet). I ask myself, would they do all this for a poor girl in their home country? Of course not. Are these guys that insecure, or is that the price of admission for a relationship with a younger woman here? I just ended a relationship which was started before retiring here because of financial demands from my filipina.which I would not.and could not meet. As far as meeting anyone new I have been digging a dry hole. Hell, I could have stayed back in the US and done this! I am quickly coming to the conclusion that you better have a lot of money to throw at a potential mate or to live alone. I personally know of only 1 expat who has the good girl we all dream about as a wife. Not good odds here. If you do not have the a very, very thick skin or are not willing, or able, to buy a poor girl every shinny thing they see, then maybe the Phillipines is not for you.

  16. Thanks Reekay (and of course your guest) for reminding us that we always need to keep our eyes open in any relationship (foreign or domestic). The damsel in distress is a very strong motivator for most men. Don’t let it be your Achilles heel.

    1. it’s so tempting to ‘fix’ a problem with a few bucks. but then it either escalates or creates a dependency.

    1. the libel laws in the PH are much more strict than other countries. exposing a specific person’s wrongdoing or even crimes publicly in the PH is considered criminal libel.

      so in order to protect the guest, any names were omitted.

  17. Great story…it reminds me of a similar situation in Thailand where a woman had 15 BFs and employed an assistant to help manage them all!

    1. at that point it becomes what is known as a ‘cottage industry’, or boiler-room operation.

  18. Come on guys! STOP IT! Walk away or stop ALL communication with a female as soon as she asks for money OR starts talking about all of her problems. Who wants to be around or socialize with a female that is a “downer”? Life gives us all enough problems so why would you want to solve problems for some random female, especially one in another country. I’ve been living in Asia off & on for 15 years and still can’t believe how much this happens. If you wouldn’t give money to random women in your home country, why would you do this in another country?

    1. Exactly, why would you just give some woman you just met hundreds or thousands of dollars in the US just because she claimed to have all of the calamities happening? Obviously women in the Philippines are probably more feminine and in some ways much better than Western women but don’t forget that EVERY woman (every person really) has the potential to scam you. Also, I think it’s a huge red flag when a woman starts rattling off all of her woes to a guy she just met because when we really like a guy, we don’t want to scare him off by revealing all of our struggles.

  19. Interesting story!

    What I do not understand from this story is that Cliff seems to able to say NO to the flirty girl, when he saw her in person. Why did he switch to become a long-distance relationship with the girl, once he got back to his home country?

    Did he suddenly feel lonely? Was the webcam LDR entertainment from the lady in the Philippines too good to miss? hehe

    What happened to cause the sudden switch? It seems like he decided to let his guard down and is 50% to blame for this scam.

    Can anyone explain this to me?


    1. I think you nailed it on the head about letting his guard down in the LDR and it was exactly what she wanted him to do.

    2. It’s called love. Many lonely guys get sucked in by very attractive and apparently lovely girls.

  20. I would like to know if Cliff would share the name & website of the private detective agency he used?

  21. WTF kind of TOUR on you on and why the fuck you need a guide

    Use the internet google etc

    Don’t understand you at all

  22. Mr. Reeky you are very very experienced and what comes out from your mouth is very TRUE . You are awesome. How can I join you? I have a question. Suppose if I want to find out about a girl who is in Bacolod and she has ripped me off 31000 pesos and exactly the way you have talked about.

  23. What is the name of the agency he used to find all the information and does he recommend them for checks

    1. if you listen to what he said, he was not apologizing. he had nothing to apologize for. he was making a disclaimer. there’s a difference.

  24. sir reekay now lets hear the womans side of this story who scammed who as a investigative reporter it is your duty to fill in the blanks GET HER ON THE SHOW !!!

    1. (a) i’m not an investigative reporter. not sure where you got that idea. i’m simply interviewing an expat on his experience in the ph.

      (b) the libel laws in the PH are much more strict than other countries. exposing a specific person’s wrongdoing or even crimes publicly in the PH is considered criminal libel. so in order to protect the guest, any names involved were omitted and will remain anonymous.

  25. BUT , did he confront her? He found out everything but what happened? Yes, he cut his loses, but he didnt give all the details, this is called transparency , why tell the story if its not complete, ,,,,,, he left me asking , and ? and ? and ? where is he from ?

    1. cliff said in the video that he was able to contact some of the men, but not all of them.

  26. cliff you and the other men are fools case closed !!! sir do not feel bad i also can be very stupid at times we make mistakes and a education cost money thank you reekay

  27. SIMP nation. Ugh… and hiring international PI’s seems like a lot trouble to go to with very little return for your investment. I know I would have fallen for some of these chicks back in my 20’s, but nobody over 40 should be sending money they can’t afford to lose. Just insanity. But western guys are so so lonely and treated so badly by western women. It does create a certain desperation for love and acceptance from young, attractive foreign girls. Most of us in the west feel like we’ve been cheated in the dating/mating game. Lucky if we get to hook up with fat opinionated hippos. While other guys get the slender, sweet, athletic, healthy amazing wife. We get the crumbs. The rejects. Even a hideously ugly girl in the west, who is thin, will have dozens of thirsty ogres cock-blocking each other daily trying to get her favorable attention. Just rediculous! And in our lonlieness and social isolation, it can be VERY uplifting to have a young, pretty girl that seems to truly appreciates you, look forward to you, love bomb you online via LDR. Minus having sex, you get the same emotional high as if you had a REAL beautiful girlfriend! And she very often will agree and insist that she is your gf and you are her man. Her WORLD! So, as long as you keep it in perspective, I see no problem with Incels forming these virtual relationships. But not for the purpose of themselves lying to these girls. Most of them are sincere in their desire for a foreign husband and will absolutely be faithful if you assure her you are coming to PH to wed her. Do NOT give these girls a false hope. I’ve known several that wasted years of their lives being faithful to and waiting for a western man that had no real intention or means of traveling to meet her. Don’t be that guy.
    And yes, the modus operandi is almost always: “I have this (x, y, z) problem and I don’t know what to do. I’m so scared, so desperate Yada yada…”
    Rarely come straight out and ask for cash and prizes though some will. Usually phones or laptops to facilitate chatting with you hehe! The answer is always, yeah bummer. I hope you figure something out. Or if its a real blatant scammer, it can be satisfying to send her a fake confirmation number for western union so she can waste her time going to town and looking like an idiot at the moneychanger when the # is invalid. Then tell her oh I talked to the company, they fixed the problem. Go back tomorrow it will be there. And again and again until she curses you and disappears haha! But I’m not so bored to do that much anymore

    1. You made some very valid points and truth about the choices of women in North America and the crap we have to put up with.

  28. all good sales people do not try to sell you something….watch any good youtuber same work same idea it has to be your idea

  29. Thanks Cliff, mad respect for sharing your story. Zero for this scammer, HOWEVER,
    You say look for Red Flags…How about
    She told you she was married on “The Tour”
    She offered to F#*k “Twice” on this tour…
    She starts a professional “online sex” relationship shortly into the LDR…
    Come on man!!!

  30. Go ReeKay! Awesome video, I can only say what my brother always said. “t is better to learn from others mistake”, I say follow Reekay’s advice, don’t think it is a guarantee with out having boots on the ground. Your channel is the #1 source for expat life, and dating info.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Reekay, your my hero bubby. You the Godfather of the Filipino vlog!

    2. thanks, i hope it helps some guys dodge a pothole or two in their travels.

  31. Great video Reekay and credit to Cliff for being willing to sharing his story. There certainly are scammers everywhere, not just Philippines, and this shows that it’s not just dating sites that can be dangerous.
    I think to put it in context, there are many guys who would say they’ve been scammed, when in reality, they offered to help where they saw or heard about a perceived need. As you rightly said, we’re not talking robbery, the guy has the option of not handing over his money. Good luck to Cliff in future , and best wishes.

  32. Thanks for sharing your story. I was not clear did he actually lose money? How much did he lose?

  33. Ps. If i can give any guy some good advice. Never EVER get involved with a married philippines citizen. Your either gonna be locked down to YEARS, YEARS of heartache by trying to get annulment or being extorted by the partner to not have you arrested. DONT DO IT GUYS DONT DO IT!!! Just live with her in another country and marry her there or live with her in the Phili and accept what comes before you jet. Keep a loaded weapon under your person and keep prayed up

    1. i agree. unless she is fine with just hanging-out as FWB once in a while… do not fall in love with a married-filipina unless you want to go 100% and pay for her annulment just to begin a legit relationship on the level.

    1. i’ve never bought a house for any filipina. nor did the guest, cliff. you are confused or misinformed.

  34. Why all the disclaimers.. Very rehearsed.. Reading off a piece of paper.. When you have to write down the facts very hard to believe someone reading off a paper… She invited herseld to your room.?. That called a hooker you idiot… She was at the tour looking for customers.. Omg.. Manila has lots of high priced prostitutes.. Looking for customers.. This guy has no common sense sorry.. Yes ldr so you can send her money.. Omg..

  35. I have had this happen to me 4 times . the last was for 1 1/2 years. We were even going to get married and bought her a stove and a microwave and all this time her sperm donor boyfriend was in jail for Drugs. And when he was released she still tried to steal and lie to me and scam me. Her name is Mie-an Joyce Subang. I wish I knew how to blog I would love to start a blog with names of scammers. She got me for $10,000 and she got busted when her husband sent me a picture of her and him and the kids all together at a resort. I broke it off with her and she called me every name in the book. And when I called her a scammer she came unglued. But because I knew her best friends and they thought that was so so wrong. And they still talk to me to this day. And one of them her best friends introduced me to her sister and we hit it off great and are now dating. And we are going to meet in tieland. The other girl was coming to to United States and was suppose to had pills planted in her luggage. And got arrested and that whole thing and even had her aunt melody get involved in it. How I busted her was when she was suppose to be arrested and she was calling me from her cell phone. She took me for $8000.00 her name was Lara Morales. Then there was another girl that I was introduced to by my step brother and she took me for $3000.00

    1. John I was thinking like that start a blog where guys can go post name and city’s of these scammers. I know this happens in many countries but the filipina are way different and I don’t apologise to anyone that’s a scammer and if the host countries don’t like it then tough luck the truth must be told. I hope you can start the blog and thank you for your honesty and sharing their names.

  36. This can happen to anybody … Face Book is full of scammers from all over the world!

  37. Bro can i be 100 here? Being that ive known you for all these years, 7 to be exact, im gonna give it to you with no sugar no cream. This guy got caught slipping. I know it happens cause ive fallen for this game but its a no blame situation. I got caught up and this is how the game is played. I was just blessed that western union got caught up in a scam indictment and i was able to get my $600 back. In my opinion he should say her name to just out her like i did. Yea i had some sleepless nights thinking shes gonna sue me or whatever but if i can help just 1 guy not fall for the trap it was worth it but by Fathers grace she couldnt cause her husband found out after i outed her lol

  38. I hear a lot of guys saying Filipinas are stupid but nothing could be further from the truth.They are very calculated in what they say to you when trying to extricate your hard earned cash. I’m by no means excusing their behaviour but the crippling poverty over there is a factor in why there seems to be so many scammers there.

  39. What a bitter “ pill “ to swallow finding out your so called future partner is nothing but a scam. A classic case of u live and learn… thanks for the heads up for anyone in a similar situation.

  40. Interesting information! I really have learned that LDRs are not a good idea! Unless you are free to travel to the Philippines and start dating there the way you would in your home country, don’t do it!

  41. I am certainly blessed in meeting my wife. We met online and started chatting. We chatted for a few months with never a mention of money or even the “hints” or “needs”. So after a few months I offered money, but was refused by my now current wife. Another month goes by again I offer, with a polite no. So finally I am planning to go see her, and again I offer money. She tells me I cannot accept any money from you unless we are married. Haha, I know what some of you are thinking. But she was a very strong religious woman. So during our chats she says she getting things ready for my visit. I said why what you doing? She said painting inside house, re-upholster couch and chairs. I thought it was unnecessary. But she said she wanted all to be nice for me. So here she is spending money for my benefit. Even though by Philippine standards they had a nice house. So I sent money anyways for the home improvements and told her here is your transfer number, she was not happy with me. I said its there go get it. Long story short, we have been together now for 15 years and will be retiring there next year.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Thank you. She has been a blessing. I have had the last 3 years dealing with the C word, and she has taken great care of me. Now that is behind me, all gone. But she is not.

    2. that is awesome! and just goes to show that “not all” filipinas are bad-eggs. so glad you found what you were looking for.

  42. Poverty is real, compashion and empathy are honorable, untruth is unacceptable therefore if you tell me a lie you get 20. If you tell me the truth you get 200. My last divorce from a USA woman cost me 600,000 police yourself learn from your mistakes don’t be afraid to help try to understand.

    1. How To : wow $600 000. You must be rich. What about the average person that can’t afford that? How do the get divorced.

  43. I really don’t feel sorry for idiots who get taken by this shit. If you give money out like that, it should be nothing to you otherwise you’re an idiot.

  44. Thank you for making and sharing this public service video. The scammers seem worst to me in other countries. You do need to keep your guard up. To have a real relationship people need to be equal in some way. If people ask for something right way you are getting committed without spending the time to really know them.

    1. scammers exist because some people are liars and thieves. i don’t blame good filipinas for that at all.

  45. A very nice interview thank you for the insight and understanding. My Filipina wants to meet me been in a LDR for 7 months. She’s been consistent everyday morning nights and evenings but my gut feeling it’s a concerted best effort by the family because everyone has cell phones and tablets heartaches are being mentioned in her background

  46. Guys thanks for sharing this, it’s so correct advice.

    As a footnote to this, there is an elderly Canadian who is not only supporting a filipina on Camotes, but is planning to build her a house there when this pandemic concludes. I don’t know this guys name, (its none of my business) but his filipina is cousin of my gf, and she is married. If you are reading this and from Canada, maybe good idea to do search on your filipina marital status – same for any future expat for that matter!

    1. as i understand it, from the P.I. he hired. maybe he can elaborate here in the comments himself.

  47. Thank you for sharing your story. The “Love” scam seems to be the most ominous because it involves deep intimacy and some commitment.
    Filipina Cupid has a lot of “players”. Some of them are seductively beautiful & sexy but they still have an opportunistic and insincere aura about them.

  48. Your guest has a lot of courage. It couldn’t easy to go on a video & admit to being made a fool of. 1 point I always like to make is it can go both ways. I know quite a few Filipinas who have been scammed by men. The always meet in-person thing doesn’t always work. He met her before his LDR & most say come here for 2 weeks first. I bet he was here for 2 wks. U can date a woman for awhile & not find out she is married. Scammers R not limited to Filipinas they are worldwide. U can always just say no when asked for money.

  49. The best way to prevent you from doing stupid things with your money is to install checks and balances into your life. I do two things to prevent wasting my money:

    – Firstly, whenever I’m faced with an important money decision, I sleep on the decision first. I will not sign anything or spend any significant amount of money until the next day, this is very important, you have to internalize this, it takes effort to not be impulsive, because impulsivity is in our nature, it feels good, so you have to deliberately say no to impulses, it’s hard. Yes, you want a Lambo, yes, you want a bigger house than you need because you feel women will like you more then, yes you want granite counter tops, yes you want your appliances to be stainless steel and have French doors, yes you want other people to clean your house and do your laundry, but you don’t need any of that. Sleep on it.

    – Secondly, when I’m dealing with a woman, I know I cannot be objective, it’s just not possible, and so I run things by a frugal friend and ask what he thinks, and that basically provides a check-and-balance on whatever relationship you’ve got going on with that woman. The friend you choose should be blunt and honest, he must be a man, and he should be judgemental. If he’s a moderate person who just says “whatever you want to do” or “yeah it’s up to you to decide”, then he is useless. He needs to tell you you’re an moron, he needs to be a critic. Being friends with such a person is not as easy as being friends with someone who constantly agrees with you. Yes, having a spineless friend feels good and provides validation, but it doesn’t help you. When you were 18, you wanted to buy a wing for your car, you wanted to lower your car and buy nicer rims for your car, but your dad told you not to spend your money stupidly, because it’s dumb to spend thousands of dollars on a few pieces of injection-mold plastic. Your dad was your family, and he was your checks-and-balances. If your dad told you to go ahead, then he was an imbicile, and you didn’t have a good dad.

    For me, when it comes to small purchases that I may or may not need, I just sleep on it. When it comes to big ticket items, I sleep on it, but I also insert a checks-and-balance into the equation. For very big ticket items, like real estate and rental properties, I make a list of pros and cons, and a financial worst-case-scenario analysis, as well as sleeping on it several times and talking to either my dad about it, or to a friend who is also successful in personal finance.

    There is a reason why the president is not allowed to do most things without the approval of Congress, and why the property manager of a condo isn’t allowed to do things without the approval of the board of directors. A company CEO also has to justify his actions to that company’s board of directors. Even Elon Musk has to justify his decisions to the various boards of his companies. Those are checks and balance systems that have been deliberately implemented to prevent impulsive decisions by leaders. Condo boards/corporate boards, parliament/senate and family/friends basically provide damage control before any damage happens. You may not be the leader of a corporation, but you are the leader of your life. You still need checks and balances.

    People used to live in a family setting, everybody used to be into everybody else’s business. That was not pleasant, but it provided a form of social control, it was a system of checks and balances. Now the world is more individualized. We are all independent units operating on our own, but the internet and the flights and all that’s there to enjoy do not compensate for our propensity to make decisions based on our emotions. Rather, advertising is specifically directed at getting you where you are likely to be emotional in your decision making. No advertising is stronger to a man than a beautiful sexy young Filipina. When that happens, or when she happens rather, our decisions do not even flow through our neocortex, they stay in our limbic system, they don’t even pass through the rational part of our brains, it stays in our reptile brain. Why do advertising companies always use beautiful women to advertise objects to men? Cars, watches, holiday destinations… they weren’t born yesterday.

    For that reason, you need to insert deliberate checks and balances into your life. In the past, that was automatic, it was simply your family, but now it needs to be a conscious decision that you make, a conscious action that you implement.

    Reekay is an excellent check and balance on any Philippines-related matter or decision you might want to take. Before you make a money decision regarding The Philippines, it would be wise to use him as a consultant, especially if you’re inexperienced in matters regarding The Philippines. And it would be wise to use him before you make the money decision, not after you’ve made the mistake.

    1. absolutely agree. exercise patience in making decisions. there is no big rush.

  50. This Cliff guy tries to come off as an innocent victim…. I don’t buy it!. No one forced him to engage with the girl outside of the tour function…. He wanted something, so he opened the door and let her into his life. (outside of the tour business relationship) so stop whining and man up to your mistake of reaching into the cookie jar with your guard down.

  51. You men especially you old dudes need to go and look at MGTOW videos and get a clue!

    1. mgtow is often way too extreme, becoming essentially women-haters. that’s tossing out the baby with the bathwater. it’s essentially ‘giving up’ on women altogether, which is not the wisest option. it’s just ‘safer’ to give up than to wisen up on how to deal with women and find the right one for one’s life.

    2. Good luck with that….It’s not for everyone. Like saying look into joining the preisthood….

  52. Nice guys can easily be eaten alive in the Philippines I know from whence I speak. I know rhere are good women here but I am relling you these women are sharp amd will eat you alive if you are unlucky enough to run into one , or two. Fair warning! It is as much about luck as it is about skill in finding a good girl here.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Yes, I do agree with you for sure, but I would hope that an adult/mature male has been down the ‘road of life’ far enough and for long enough to understand the pressing need to do some very serious deep-research before either coming to the Philippines or deciding to engage in the online practice of thinking he is starting a LDR (in reality that mindset very seldom works out well for the foreigner). I would also add that any worldwide-reputation which the Filipinos have is because of what they do and have been doing for a long time, case in point: Within the past two months I tried to subscribe to my first-choice of a VPN service, which happens to be based in Panama. After more than a month and multiple tries (7) I had to give up because the payment processer which the VPN service uses to collect the fees for them would NOT accept my payment, which I tendered using a MasterCard debit card with way more funds on it than needed, said card issued by Philippine National Bank. I finally subscribed to my second-choice in VPN services (but still VERY highly rated and also safe from the prying ’14 eyes’). I was able to obtain a 13 month subscription and all is secure now, but being somewhat like a bulldog, I did not give up on finding out exactly why the payment processer would NOT accept my legitimate payment. It took more than a week of daily prodding on my part, but I finally got the real answer, are you ready? This worldwide payment processer explained that they have had so many fraudulent payments coming from the Philippines, that they now refuse to accept any transactions which originate in the Philippines, or are tied to a credit/debit card issued by a financial institution in the Philippines! Want more? You can contact the U.S. embassy in the USA and ask them where are the locations of the two embassies which have BY FAR the greatest number of fraudulent applications for the K-1 ‘Fiancée Visa. Ready? One is in Manila and the other is in China, and those two are out of the many embassies all over the world! Can the reader see a ‘pattern’ here? The moral is that bad reputations are always EARNED by those who have them!

    2. @Bill Pearce i’d say that a hooker is up front and honest about her business dealings, this woman he described is more like a liar and a scammer.

    3. I agree in general, but I think ALL countries have a similar situation. To me, it sounds like your “tour guide’ was a HCH (high class hooker).

  53. Yep…they can plant an ’emotional trap’ and you say ‘can i help you’? once you say that, you are hers to manipulate. unfortunately, i went through it a few times…kind of like going to rehab over and over haha until I finally let go…losing money and getting heartbreak is a bad deal!

  54. That was a pretty elaborate scheme, by a ring of Filipinas.

    We men, are suckers for a pretty face, with a sad story. Im sure it’s easy to get drawn in, if we are not careful.

    It’s in our best interest to keep our brains above the beltline.

    1. always keep in mind that any LDR ‘relationship’ online means you only see what they want you to see.

  55. Gotta admit, the emotional hook that Filipina’s have on many of us foreigners. They’re not scammers, we’re not victims. They’re opportunists and we are volunteers.

    1. To say that men are never victims is as bad as saying they are always victims.
      Totally not true. That is like sating everyone who was ever run over by a car was always their fault. Bogus

  56. I refer you back to P.T. Barnum…”There’s a sucker born every minute”. And you wonder why the idiots vote for “free stuff” while accepting socialism? No sympathy here. I just wish I could find a country to live in where the idiots don’t live.

  57. Easy way to end this, NO means NO and turn off your computer and BLOCK ALL MESSAGES! Dont continue ANY further conversations!! Case closed!

    1. a seasoned expat sees this routine right away. but a new, aspiring expat may not. which is why it’s best for anyone new to living abroad to learn all they can before diving into the deep-end of the pool.

    2. Yes, yes, and YES – a computer is like a telephone, JUST HANG UP! As an aside, it is my belief that most Hollywood talent scouts would have a hard time finding better actresses than most Filipinas, but, then again that is just my personal opinion based on having been married to one for over 5 years and trying to maintain a relationship with another one for about 5 years also.

  58. Lots of guys like this gentleman on the panel get ripped off everyday, minimal international travel experience, too lazy to do his homework before coming to the Philippines, lacks experience with women, lacks common sense and doesnt know how to say NO. lol! Good video.

  59. They may be parient or precise BUT Liars will ALWAYS get busted. . Men in the U.S. need to have their Newborns DNA tested right then . Hopefully OT becomes LAW soon .

  60. Is there any way you can find out if a woman there has more than 1 phone that they’re using ???

  61. How did you find out about them and also how were tou able to contact them ? Very good work on your part .

  62. Thousands of Dollars is far too much and you find out she’s married , Why didn’t you leave right then ? I hope you Busted her and got her to Jail or Prison .

    1. The most I lost in a situation like that was $80 bit pulled out fairly quickly after a couple red flags. I’m not dating filipina online ever again.

    1. @Anthony B yes. contact the PH embassy or consulate (online or in-person) and ask for the requirements to enter the PH based on your marriage and child. the PH immigration will let you in under that condition with the right paperwork.

      but you must contact immigration FIRST, and then you will be clear to fly and enter the PH upon arrival, with the correct paperwork.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea my wife and son live in the philippines can i get in based on that?

  63. I went through FC didn’t know about CF. Took about 200 women for me to find a good match to me, was atleast 25 obvious attempts at engaging me in a scam of some sort.

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