“I Bought My Filipina G/F a House, and Now It’s Over.”

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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    1. @Ross Smith Yes, great lifestyle do the boat first as it can always be a fallback if you’re separated from your house. Alarm systems are cheap nowadays.

    2. @Daniel Terry Reekay says it over and over, many western Men see successful relationships here,which is possible with other expats as an example. So many guys are just plain starved for attention.

      They get attention from a Young beautiful girl and their brain switches off. My Filipina wife and I used to try and warn personal friends one in particular, who have after hours of sound advice, run off and married immediately and spend taking care of the family and spending plenty, even on her friends, including building a house, having a Child and supposedly adopting her first from some other expat.

      We also used to feel sorry for these guys, but no longer. It seems the only help in figuring it out is to lose and lose big, In most cases there’s just no getting through to them. They exhibit the same mentality here as in the west.

      Most peg their self worth to the size of their bank account and really are that shallow and beat down fools. They wouldn’t recognize a good girl such as the case mentioned above with our friend, as he had zero interest in great women we introduced him to. He like most have lost their moral and self worth and are easy prey for flattery and other con jobs.

    3. Im a filipina too…if i see this things..i feel bad for it…some of this filipina are a disgrace for our nation….my gosh..

      1. I have been married to my Filipina wife for 16 years with two children 4 and 8 years old. I help her family occasionally but they always try to take advantage. Other than my wife who is from a small Barangay in Leyte, I have not seen an honest and truthful person in Philippine. They lie, cheat, deceive, steal and backstab you every chance they get.
        Lying, cheating, deceiving and stealing is a way of life in the Philippines.

    4. Tell him to seek help to Raffy Tulfo if he wants to get his house back. Raffy surely can help him.

  2. Raffy tulfo can help you about that. I guarantee you you can get it back what you give to that filipina girl. Watch the channel of Raffy tulfo his a good guy and helping a lot of people.

    Not all filipina are bad..
    Proud being Filipino/filipina..

  3. Gosh. No wonder. The girl was from walking street. Such a terrible place to find love. All you can get there is std -_-

  4. I appreciate that there are YouTubers like you giving advice about the safety of foreigners here in the Philippines.

  5. A girl tried the same thing with me in Angeles. I told her no way I’m not buying I just would’t do it, I’d only ever rent and she then – when I was out; she Robbed all my stuff – well as much as she could get her hands on. Luckily I’ve been watching these videos for years. Man she had a nice plan for me, ”she would have cleaned me out” luckily guys like this give us some good advice. There is no point I think in buying if you can’t be 100% sure it’s not in your own name fully and only. As now this person even if everything’s going well always has forever a hold on you, that’s just a extra unnecessary worry.

  6. Great advice Reekay. Please tell your viewer I have some advice for him.
    1) Be grateful she didn’t wait for you to go over & have you killed. You’re alive. Be grateful & kiss the ground you walk on.
    2) Go to your best friend, co-worker or brother. Explain to them what happened. Then ask them to hit you over the head & kick you in the nuts. Just so that the pain will remind you the next time you make a stoopid move.
    3) Seek out a mentor you trust, usually someone older. Ask him for advice.
    Don’t be vengeful on the Philippines for your mistakes. At least have the balls to own up to it. Learn from it. Now hire or seek a lawyer to try & get your money back. If you get back half of your money, count yourself lucky.

    I will post some advice on another thread. Good luck & I hope you’ve learned something.
    (No girl is worth it. You deserve better)

  7. Very very wise and I mean awesome advice! Don’t be played! Be smart ,not a old fart in the clouds! Thank you!

  8. Your friend has legal recourse, he can move court in Philippines, though it will be an expensive affair.

  9. I have a Philippina wife for 6 years now in the states. She’s got her green card. She is an amazing woman!!!’ Her kids love me and are grown!!!! It’s been the reverse she helps me with any thing I need.

  10. after your girl friend got what she wanted from you, she will end the relationship and look for another gullible dude. If you feel that she will be your partner, be wise and do a pre-nup.

  11. My gf has been pushing for me to pay off her house… I see right thru her.. Move on to next guy after I pay

    She has lazy kids that don’t contribute anything and tell me to not eat their stuff they buy but they eat everything I buy.. And I pay all bills

  12. In most south east asian countries you cant own land. You can own the the house on the land. But dont. . If you venture into buying a house for you and your gf make sure at land dept you add your name on land deed as as the mortgagee. You hold the title deed as would a bank would do. Sign a contract as what monies you invested and the terms between the 2 parties. You being the mortgagee witnessed by the local land dept is the only way. Forget opening a bogus company to buy land. You pay exorbinant annual fees and if tyhe government wants to investigate this purchase they can legally reposs this investment. Advice. Rent or be a mortagee.

  13. Well not all filipina are like that he just happened to find a bud ass girl and it happened also in other counties

  14. Any guy stupid enough to do this has no brains. Men – always have a secret fat bankroll tucked away out of sight from anyone. You don’t want to be broke in your mature years. NEVER buy a house – rent for sure. It’s an insurance policy for continued loyalty. Some women can be very cagey for years. Beware and constantly test. Any transgressions – time to ditch that one and move on.

  15. I made a mistake with my first filipina. I was so angry I got another filipina so that I would not waste what learned. It’s been a good relationship for 6 years now.

  16. This Filipina Gave him the sex of his life she did what she had to do, dudes stop being desperate for what’s between woman’s legs. You must be patient and look for a beautiful woman in the province is the key.

  17. Reekay My name is Da’Mian Murray from the us u say one thing but I hear from others like you who say one thing but some one says something totally different I hear from a white guy u can own a pace of land he said man like myself could own land between 2.6 to 4.3 arces but it takes time like 6 to 12 months

  18. Reekay, dammit the title made it seem like you did this stupid thing. I am glad it was not you,, Hell I won’t marry a woman in the Philippines. The laws here are completely against us in this land. I enjoy your demeanor on the channel and being upfront about things, it is great you bring out the truth about things behind the scenes. I just think i am going to subscribe to your channel for you. Thank you sir,

  19. After many failed relationships and purchasing a new home with one of them, I am convinced that relationships may well be temporary and using caution when investing is truly your wisest move. Likewise with business partners, many failures there too. You can only rely on yourself unless you are totally lucky to find your ‘permanent’ soulmate.
    Something else notable: Age reduces sexual desire, therefore not conducive to stressful relationships.
    Mutual trust is a hard commodity to maintain and is the glue of relationships.

  20. My pal lost his beautiful trendy
    house to to his ex. But then wrotten apples exist in most countrys, right?

  21. If this guy is pissed off at anybody he needs to look in the Mirror,and I want to say something to everyone if you think you can’t find a good girl in AC you’re nuts, sure there are Gold diggers in the Philippines there gold diggers all over, don’t talk bad about Philippines cause your to DUMB to manage your money or find a good woman.

  22. Never buy Always rent. It cost less to rent a house in the Philippines then I pay for my property taxes in California per month.

  23. Don’t need to view the video. This quote pretty much summed up the gist of what it’s about “….you would think people should know better, but apparently not….”. That’s the same if a much older (and/or less attractive) man find a much hotter (and/or younger) girlfriend in any country…not just the Philippines. Maybe, you find a very pretty woman who is just looking for an older man or simply prefer a less attractive man but the chance of that happening is same in your home country as it is in the Philippines. Get real people!

  24. Ha ha I have lived and worked in Vietnam for 30 years. It’s exactly the same here. Hey, tell me this is different from the West. Life is hard, harder if you’re stupid.

  25. If you want to buy a house in Asia open a company. Ensure you are a director. Alter the Charter so you have all the voting rights. Buy the house via the company. It’s the only way.

    1. I’m not sure this would work, although it sounds good. If you are “not” a native
      Filipino person, and you incorporate a company, just to take title to a property,
      in order to get around foreign land ownership law, the courts may rule against
      you — but I’m not sure on this. To make it simple –say an American man, from
      the US, buys a house and land thru his corporation, that he’s a director for, I’m
      not sure Filipino courts would rule in your favor ?? as their laws are set up to
      prevent foreigners from buying up all their cheap land. It’s a good way to ensure
      native Filipino people will always have an interest in the land.

       Best way –to save headaches is rent –or short term lease, with option to renew
      at the same price. Then relax a little 🙂

  26. Some people made a bad decision and not thinking what’s gonna happens ” IF” , Too bad that;s a big lost you made. This will be a big expensive lesson learn in life.

  27. Filipinas are a joke . I always wanted a Filipina, but after I heard people saying MULTIPLE times about Filipinas being “loving” (and caring??), I realized this is NOT true WHATSOEVER. I tried having a normal and civil conversation with several of them and it’s staggering to see that Filipinas are actually s t u ck up (a r ro g a n t) and closed minded. Yet, they have the nerve to say that it’s us men who are “ALL the same” in terms of a r ro g a n ce. Ha! Yeah sure

  28. Some foreigners love innocent looking simple woman , why not trying to find an independent women ? Many women had beautiful jobs in Philippines

  29. I’m quite sure you can take out a long term lease on the land — say for
    25 -50 years, so you will have control of the leasehold rights for the land.
    Then you can build a house “in your name” and let her live there, and that
    way you stay in “control.” You would then own the house and leasehold
    rights to the land. You could then evict someone, if the cross you.
    Condos work much the same way –as the land portion cost is built in and
    added to the total price on the condo –so in many respects, you enjoy the
    same rights to the land, as the other condo owners do.
    If it were me — I’d just take out a long term lease, if I liked a spot, with the
    option to buy under certain terms and conditions. In any deal you should
    always have “control”, until your married, and then it’s 50-50 ownership
    rights in most countries — but not the Phils, because you can’t “own” the land.
    What is the difference if you can lease the land “very cheaply” over 2 years,
    with the option to renew the lease every anniversary ( 2 years) –at the same
    price ? There is no difference. Then you can build a house in “your name” and
    be in full control. I guess when men get emotional they lose their sense of reason.


    1. no, they were not married. and no, he was not 80. he is about 59.

  31. That’s some pilipina do gold digger and do have many boy friends thru used men’s and abused that’s stupid . I know men like that say he bought his wife house but he never see the house he paid off and the wife died never show him his house . I told him forget it you got rip off you have no rights to own your own wife is a big rip off that’s how they are don’t work all ho!s they used that way cheap no respect to them self I hate woman’s like that don’t be stupid wait think never trust pilipina not even in America they used to be prostitute never change many in America or kill their husband . That’ stupid I feel bad for some men’s it’s common there cheap open up legs just offer drugs done deal they love your money not you be smart so many nice here in America or find one that come from good family

  32. Burn me once shame on you! Burn me twice shame on me! Some people never learn.The Philippines is set up to protect their own! Hit it and forget it Reekay got it right

  33. Written in the family code .
    Once the foreigner married to filipina have same right .is called conjugal property …..some expat or foreigner married to filipina is not smart lack of knowledge about the law …is not true u can’t allow to have a property for the name of the foreigner… and one thing foreigner do not buy any property put the name of ur House wife…..u allow to put ur name also not only for ur wife .becoz u are all ready married at least 2 to 3 years…study first for 3 years marriage .do not buy property .better renting first.do not pamper ur wife for material things like house and other gadgets of jewelry ….testing love without anything . Do not buy property without marriage to filipina ….becoz u didn’t know the right of the foreigners here in the phils.better u need consult to the government officials or institution ..I heard.and I watched the documentary about the some problems.of foreigners here …so all foreigner do not put stone and hit ur head ….

    1. property acquired before the marriage is excluded. so if the expat bought a home on leased land prior to the marriage, the home belongs solely to him (still) after-marriage unless he places her on title.

      Article 91
      Unless otherwise provided in this Chapter or in the marriage settlements, the community property shall consist of all the property owned by the spouses at the time of the celebration of the marriage or acquired thereafter. (197a)

      Article 92
      The following shall be excluded from the community property:

      Property acquired during the marriage by gratuitous title by either spouse, and the fruits as well as the income thereof, if any, unless it is expressly provided by the donor, testator or grantor that they shall form part of the community property;
      Property for personal and exclusive use of either spouse. However, jewelry shall form part of the community property;
      Property acquired before the marriage by either spouse who has legitimate descendants by a former marriage, and the fruits as well as the income, if any, of such property. (201a)

      (ref; https://www.kapitbisig.com/philippines/the-family-code-of-the-philippines-section-2-what-constitutes-community-property-the-family-code-of-the-philippines_969.html )

  34. Hey there are lots of terrific women in the west! Men go online and think that these women overseas are sexy, hot and much better. Well I can tell you I know so many men who have been scammed and this story is typical! These women send hot sexy pictures and bam she’s the one!!!

  35. Yes,, he cannot have it back anymore..but I feel bad for him,shouldn’t trust people right away,am telling you guys if the Filipina young woman and she stays in Philippines and you are sending money,donot trust..not all people or woman in Philippines are bad.. am filipina too ,, but I don’t like this kind of woman who are doing this..am sorry about it..just donot trust a young woman in Philippines having relationship with them and you are a distance.. they are always having a boyfriend there, in my country..don’t trust them, it’s easy for the young woman there to have a relationship just like that..

  36. Lease the land build the house throw the bimbo out! Never give anything to anyone in a foreign country! Lease the land!

  37. You are so right… you you lose a filipino girl because money, you win,

  38. You can’t stuff brains into Statues Sadly.Easier to drawer ears on the wall & talk to those.

  39. He could get it back by approaching Mr. Raffy Tulfo unless he gave it from the bottom of his heart. Too many successful marriage wirh filipinas. I am three engaged with an Australuan man but i nwver asked him for anything esp a house.

  40. Any foreigner and very desperate to get married to a cute good looking in the Philippines… Do your homework first… Listen to this guy telling you and he is correct…
    Do do not put money or show your money be smart… There are a lot of good Filipina woman out there but you have to know have to find them.

  41. But why you guys from the west usually prefer to find partners from Philippines? What’s your hidden interest, why not stick to your own race? It can’t be denied that there are instances that foreigner also like to marry Filipinos because they will get life insurance and insure their wives and make money out of it! Anyway, not all foreigners are bad, same also with Filipinos. That subject in this video made a generalization that all Filipinos are bad and gold digger which is unfair and I’m so sorry for that!

    1. “stick to your own race”?? what kind of statement is that?

      people are free to date whoever they want. with no regard to color of skin or nationality.

  42. Just go to the Philippines privet collage find a 20 something FILIPINA with rich parents. NEVER DATE ANY POOR FILIPINA. YOU FOGOT THIS ADVICE. I LIVE HERE 16 years 4 mounths of vacation a year. The dental school is best a bit older 22 to 27.

  43. Most guy are are to trusting you cant trust her family for most -part. ether.

  44. Often i guy think she can be trusted way to early not as much losing her. She can say i love you when she scamming you for a house.

  45. Filipina here.
    I like your point on the iphone. She survived and had an okay life before she met you, then if she suddenly ask you to cover her financial needs – walk away. Thats all she sees, money. Women like that specifically plays the single flirty life to get a sugar daddy.

  46. The sad truth is that 90% of the time it isnt about love for them, but only about making money for themselves and their family.

  47. Is not all are taking advantage,, and I know it’s hard to find a good woman this time in any nationality,, if I find a good man, I don’t need to ask anything,, all I want is to be happy Till we grow old .. those guy had bad experience to the filipina woman I’m sorry to them,,, but not all are bad or taking advantage,, some are some not but hard to find,,, that is my opinion… if he spends money for house or land , keep the receipt and go to raffy tulfo program pretty sure you get back your house or land you bought…

  48. These idiots get what that deserve. Only a stupid person buys a house in another persons name.

  49. So much great and solid advice!
    In my own personal experience, I first prayed for God’s guidance. Then I examined her for a long time online and in person. I examined her family and friends. She never asked for money and when I did send some money it was for my benefit and very little at that. My intentions were to make communication between us easier and as a test to see what would happen next. After about a year, I spent a little money to improve where she lived. Again, for my benefit as well as hers. It was cheaper to do little improvements in her house than giving it to hotels when I was able to visit. All along, I did just enough to test her and her family. What I found over time was that she was not like most other Filipinas and neither was her family. Her family pressured her to be careful with my money and those that came around me. She was also careful with how her family approached me as well. I’m leaving out a lot to keep this as short as possible, but there was a lot of examination going on all along until 15 years later, looking back until today, my wife tries more than I like, in keeping me from spending money on not only her but anyone else. Some would say I got lucky. I would say, my prayers were answered. My best overall advice?
    Follow Reeky’s advice in this video, (as a rule of thumb).

  50. He can go to Raffy Tulfo in Action tv program in Philippines. That’s program helping foreigners with Filipina GF or partner with big issue about the money.

  51. I worked with a guy, lost a house and 250k to a girl in PI, wasn’t even married to her. These things do happen.

  52. the boys looking for to young to sexy.. they ask for it… lol…. Im happily married to a Filipina. and she owns our house, cars etc.. its great,,

  53. Women are looking for resources from men who will provide them. Then jump to the next guy and so on. Men need to wake up and realize this and learn how to say “NO”. Stop being the nice guy that women are searching for so they can step on you. Build your own wealth first, then you can have all the women you want. Remember, women NEED men while, men WANT women. Once you realize this then you got it going on. Look up MGTOW and you will get it!

  54. difference here is i am planning on buying her house located in eastern samar. by the way, i am a filipino citizen, born & bred. your buddy got royally scammed.

  55. Lived many years in Philippines….I always tell this: I look for a millionaire girl. Doesn’t matter if she’s is old and ugly. As I Don’t care about money!!!! Upsidedownworld..but it gives a clear message

  56. He made a bad decision, but i do understand him being bitter moving forward. Time to be single and just enjoy the scenery without commitment! He should be bitter! Chick was a con artist like all bar girls! Always a diamond in the ruff but not very often. Make sure you take your own advice Reekay, you seem to be head over heels after not too long of a time, best wishes friend!

  57. Why don’t you apply for dual citizenship so you can buy land in the Philippines

  58. The guy that bought the girl the house should at first gave her everything he owned all his money in the bank his car and everything he owns in his own country. To tester real love for him. If it didn’t work out and she took everything then he should be like that little teeny thing on the movie The fly. At the end of the movie you will hear help me help meeee in a very very tiny voice.

  59. will it work, if they have a pre-buy agreement? that in case of break-up, they can have their money back?

  60. I would rent a skip loader and run it through the house 2 or 3 times and run like a mother….

  61. He can call Raffy Tulfo in Action. A case like that is dramatic enough they’ll surely put it on the show. Taffy’s crew will call her and likely go visit her with officials and convince her to reach an agreement. She won’t want the public shame.

    1. Oh, maybe he already did. I think I saw this story. Or at least, there was another guy who met a girl on the Angeles strip and they bought land together and she moved the father of her kids in with her. The production crew went there and now n front of the barangay captain they agreed the house would be sold to return his money.

  62. Omg! I was about to buy a 1.2 million pesos house for my Filipina and I because we are going to get married after dating for a year but after seeing your video I am going to pause that and rent instead…. even tho I am the one telling her to let’s buy it, cuz she lives on this shit hole apartment with her ate, I felt very bad for her, but she said no it’s too mahal and she doesn’t want it…. she wants to live simple…. so now instead we’re buying a condo…. thank you very much for your video I have learned a lot…. peace and love for everyone…..

  63. To me, it seems you’re better off hooking up with a Filipina in your own country that has dual citizenship. That there will weed out a huge percentage of gold diggers since these Pinays will most likely have money in the U. S., Europe, and places like Australia. She probably has her own assets outside the Philippines. I’m American and there are lots of fine ass Pinays in California… lots and they qualify for dual citizenship in the Philippines if the couple want to retire in the Philippines. Look at Chris from Cebu and Philly from the Philippines. They both married Pinays in the U. S. and came over here to the Philippines to live their lives.

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