How To Have A Quality Expat Experience

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. It is a mentality. People act like there is still a war and they have to save and be frugal. People with millions still act like they are poor. It’s pathetic. Poor people live much better off with money stuffed in their mattress. Lol

  2. Great vlog. Psychologist N. Brandon says (paraphrase), “if you’re in a new love relationship, it’s important to ask yourself, “do I admire this person?”” Respect is everything to me now. If a woman behaves disrespectfully, I have to cut her loose. Some people just feed off of drama and can’t help but throw a wrench in the engine. I try to avoid these people, Life is too short.

  3. I’ve asked this on several videos and not really getting any answers.. How do Philippian women feel about physically disabled expats? Do they even consider them? I can elaborate upon my own physical disabilities if need be.

  4. I really am impressed by the more exact numbers that you provide to live a quality life and being an expat, this subject needs to be addressed rather than just a “wing and a prayer” and going to the Philippines and Asia in general to live.
    I always live by the mantra of “Live and hope for the Best…But also expect and plan for the Worst.” You speak so much truth here and should be heeded to the maximum… And not just financially but personally [The Women] and emotionally too. Your life/lifestyle will depend on good sound advice and planning as you have pointed out so succinctly. Peace

    P.S.- you have a great orator voice and calm and the water part and sounds of the video at the end really help too!

  5. There’s a mental hurdle to transition from a saving mindset to a spending mindset. Many retirees struggle with that change. Whether it be because they aren’t financially ready or they have a fear of running out. Valid or not, you have to objectively identify if you are ready, set your investments for conservative revenue/growth and forget it…no plan is ever perfect.

  6. If you want to get involved with a Filipina fine someone with character and high standard. No bar girls! You end up inheriting too much baggage. Same with expats don’t bring your baggage to foreign countries. Regarding money and finances remember a dollar in the U.S., is the same in the Philippines. It’s how you spent it!

  7. Thanks for the video. You made some valid points. I’m glad you are doing well with your wife.

  8. Love your channel a lot of your advice is common sense ( seems in short supply with some) No matter how many lame seminars I attended for work I always got 1 good thing from them. The best advice I have learned from your channel is Here is to low expectations!! That’s going to be invaluable when I finally get to the Philippines. Thanks Terry

  9. Unless one plans to stay home and never go out anywhere, I don’t agree one can be secure and comfortable at $1200 per month. Likely $1500+ is more realistic in my experience.

  10. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your advice. I’m 75 years old I’m in a wheelchair I don’t use any medication but is it worth it for me to go 8,000 miles spend 6 months to get established exclamation point in order to meet a woman of integrity and cut my budget in half I would love to give it’s a try the only question I have is how do I go 8,000 MI on an airplane without getting a portable wheelchair in the restroom of the airplane? I understand that it takes 22 hours, that is an estimat. Sincerely JW. Miller❤

  11. Reekay, HOW does a prospective expat “communicate” privately with you? And all those “movie star” quality Filipina photos on your YT posts! OMG! Unreal! SURELY, women like these are just “eye candy” for your website to draw the slobbering old fools in for a listen! WTH is that all about? I’ve watched your channel for about 6 months, and I am no closer to actually becoming and expat in the Philippines, mostly due to “information overload”, and going blind watching your channel with all those fabulous obviously unreal women you post! I would last about 10 days with one of those, and you’d be sending me home in a box!

  12. I really enjoy your channel. I may never live in the Philippines, but your videos are full of great everyday advice that can really help people. Excellent job and thank you.

  13. Love this message Reekay! Have you ever considered writing a book? You have tons of messages that should be documented.

  14. PS Congratulations to you both on your wedding………i wish u both a life time of good health and Happiness to u both

  15. Thank you, on our list go away from all drama as we can.
    Filipina in Switzerland

  16. Nurses aids don’t meed licenses. They’re so poorly paid that it doesn’t make sense to get the certification. It’s a job nobody wants anyway.

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