How To Have A Low Drama Breakup – Dating in the Philippines

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. The problem is, if you getting good sex, you overlook all the red flags. You gotta have the strength to turn down real good sex, otherwise you get her dependent on you, and you feel responsible for her well being. I know it’s tough – be strong.

  3. Just tell her you are financially ruined. She will disappear like a magician

  4. Great advice. Breaking up doesn’t have to be hard if you are prepared and have discipline. And it’s much easier if she doesn’t live with you.

  5. Hi bro. Happy Resurrection Day! My question. Is marriage like the end goal of all the relationships in Ph? I mean can you find some that will be just as happy as long as you’re together without a contract?

  6. I never tell them it’s something they did wrong. If so, it’s asking for a fight and added drama. I tell them I changed and it’s my fault, I thought I was ready for long-term, but I have problems and need to be alone. Sorry I’m not good at relationships, I tried, but need to be alone. BYE!

  7. Spot on. In my opinion, anyone who doesn’t do their own deep dives into understanding themselves, first and foremost, generally gets lost in codependent, enmeshed, enabling relationships that go downwards fast and stay down there. No thanks for this old cat.

  8. I’ve been a regular viewer of your videos and you are a very wise person and your advice is very insightful. Even though breaking up is the right thing to do, it takes a strong person to cut someone off and move on! Many people don’t have the strength to do that! They need “to take the medicine” and take the healing process from the breakup one day at a time! Time heals all wounds!

  9. Your advise is solid. I hope a lot of men are listening to your blogs. People don’t change, they just become more of what they already are. You have to cut it off and walk away.

  10. Bingo!
    Great video.
    Great advice.
    Great message.
    I’d add not to date in the same city, town or island that you live in unless you think you’ve met the one.
    Be smart and calculated.

  11. What are your thoughts on giving money in order to facilitate a clean break?

  12. More great advice the take away for me is boy do I get emotionally invested, I can admit that. Thanks for all the steadfast guardrails for guys like me.

  13. If you were smart and didn’t let them move in (a toothbrush and a few clothes are ok, but nothing that wouldn’t fit in a nap sack) then my go to move is the slow fade. Just stop texting or calling her as frequently. Stop going out as much. Within 60 days get it to where you haven’t talked or texted with her for a week and you haven’t seen her for two weeks. You’ve just been “too busy”. By this point she will have found someone else. No drama, no BS. And many times she is still up for the occasional booty call.

  14. To avoid high drama break up,
    1) make sure the woman does NOT move in to your house to stay and
    2)Try not to get married but only have a relationship but
    3) If u really want to get married, make sure u get water tight premarital contract way BEFORE marriage
    4)Dont give away your life time savings, because if u do that, its almost impossible to get back your money and assets
    5) Avoid money minded and material women
    6)Dont have any children yet unless u are very sure u want to be with her for many years
    7) Dont be a door mat for women but be a confident high value man who knows he has many other alternatives if relationship were to end
    8) Never never ever put any assets under the woman’s name because if u do that ,
    u will lose those assets forever and ever
    9) Before u have any sex acts with her, take a video to prove that she agree to have the sexual act with you
    10) Never never have any physical contact and never have any meeting with children of your woman from another man, because the woman might falsely accuse u of sexual crimes with those children ,even with zero evidences, to try to throw u into jail for the rest of your life,
    using false accusations.

  15. Great coverage on this topic.

    Engaging and disengaging relationships is a critical thing.

    Your explanation gives s man a clear explanation approach to this part of the relationship process.

    So many men have a confusion about how and what to do..

    Its part of what a man does. Leading the relationship.

  16. I am sure these photos of this girl is your woman. But for me never being in a relationship with a woman who looks anything close to the beauty of this woman would be hard for me to break up with her. Yes I know there are others just as beautiful in the Philippines but in my head I wont be able to get that through my head as easy as you think.

  17. Hi, I am from India…. I am regular with all your videos….
    Your views and advice is not applicable just for expats but otherwise in general life too your most advices are very much applicable…
    Best wishes to you.–Anil


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