Facebook/Whatsapp/Instagram Go Dark Globally After 60-Minutes Whistleblower Interview

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Author: V. Reekay

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  1. LINKS:
    Portion of 60-Minutes interview.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Lx5VmAdZSI
    Article & Interview w/Whistleblower.. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/facebook-whistleblower-frances-haugen-misinformation-public-60-minutes-2021-10-03/
    Analysis of Whistleblower on FB.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiuvLhuuSY4
    Article on FB Whistleblower.. https://www.rappler.com/technology/features/jessica-gonzalez-interview-frances-haugen-facebook-whistleblower
    Social Media outage.. https://www.rappler.com/technology/social-media/facebook-instagram-partly-reconnect-outage
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  2. The WOKE bots that flag unauthorized narratives and content are offline since Fakebook came back up. I think they pulled the plug to do a little server wiping. You can post anything now without an automatic “fact check” label being added! Try it! It’s like the Wikd West again!

  3. Telegram for the short term perhaps. Whatever is used, long term, it must be open source, for transparency of “algorithms”.

  4. Biden Harris White House want to force break up of Facebook Google etc into smaller business units could happen

  5. That whistleblower is a major propagandist and is pushing for more censorship. Do not fall for it.

  6. There has been backchannel chatter for months that reported that the Alliance was systematically taking down and taking over the controlled media and these will eventually morph to a free state of being. I don’t see this as happenstance in the digital world. Not on this scale unless we were bombarded by sizeable a plasma storm etc. The whistle blower, then these going dark are no accident. There is purpose in this and in time, we will know what is actually happening. Stay tuned,, more to come and from what I’m hearing, sooner than later because the new satellite system StarLink is up and running and being controlled by SpaceForce/NSA. For what its worth and for sure,, Time Will Tell.

  7. Zuckerberg is basically saying I have the power to close down when i feel unfairly criticised – the whistleblower – and the FB users can’t handle being without their fix so governments lay off or I will create alot of angry people if you meddle with my empire – my view ban FB for 6 months and see how the addiction will fade and be replaced by an alternative

  8. People do not realize just how easy it is for these creeps to hit the “off switch” … anytime, anywhere, for any reason. It is all unregulated, and the public has no rights or say; they are granted the “privilege” to use these free platforms. Have a good back-up plan is my philosophy … and I have never used FB … never will either. They are crooks. All Silicone Valley are part of big tech mafioso, imho. Soon, I am gonna get a divorce from all Silicone Valley tech. Soon. They do not support 1st Amendment … something so dear to the heart & soul of what made America such a great country … big tech wants to control politics and shape public opinion … AND dismantle the US Constitution, piece by piece. Yucky people, me thinks.

  9. Seems like this outage is waaayyy overhyped , possibly for a reason or something else that is being setup, but come on…couple of social platforms where people mostly wine, b1tch and yell, share some useless info about their daily whereabouts and post cats pics go down and enrire wolrd is freaking out abou it….
    people seriously need to get their sh1t in order. This should not even be remotely an issue.

  10. I have never liked FB but started having it recently just to have an account. In fact, I have not one person added as a friend there and keep my FB plain and simple with basic info. What I have seriously seen there (especially on the Watch button), is that FB needs to CLEAN UP THERE ACT and become much more STRICT on the type of content they easily have been allowing there! Too many YOUNG KIDS have FB on their cell phones and see stuff that they SHOULD NOT SEE! I hope Mark Zuckerberg gets his share of his day in court!

  11. What are the parameters or milestones that the Philippine government need to see or accomplishing before they open the Border no one that I’ve heard I said anything

  12. Line is just like Whatsapp. Its Japanese and popular in Thailand and Japan. I use line in Thailand but no westerner seems to want to switch.

  13. Thanks Enrique
    Much appreciated
    Your insiders
    As I, m not as savi i n this matters as you are that is for sure.gracias ,hermano

  14. Facebook is 100% ideologically to the Left and as such ought to be eliminated from the face of the earth.

  15. Hmm… Let’s think about this. Could this “whistleblower” and related events be a psychological operation on the part of fb? Should we take all this at face value?

  16. Local DNS servers point to several DNS servers on the net they’re set up to back each other up.

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