Facebook Messenger: Are They Chatting Someone Online?

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. Breaking up w my filipina tomm. Im only 36. . I can only go there for vacations. LDR is getting old.

  3. I turned my green dot off and on with the believe that it was accurate, until recently I’ve decided to keep it off, and it did create some suspicions on both ends that lead to mistrust.
    I haven’t met with the filipina that I chat with in person, so to avoid anymore issues we decided to become real good friends on line until we meet in person. Only then, we will know if we have anything together.

  4. Don’t be stupid. Never expect to control the actions of anyone but yourself. Be the best person that you can without becoming something you are not. Real quality women will be attracted to that and you will have a quality relationship.

  5. Here’s another little tidbit about the Green Dot when you’re physically on the messenger and conducting a conversation with someone. Notice up in the upper right where it has the phone icon the video icon and the information icon. If you’re active status is on it will show a Green Dot whete the video icon is. Then notice that when they are actually sending a message to you that you will notice around that video icon of some circles pulsating. That’s when they are physically looking at your conversation. If those circles stop pulsating around the video icon that means they exited off your specific conversation and it could possibly mean they’re looking at a different conversation. Of course we all know about the circles that are by each message. If it’s a empty circle with only a check mark that means the message hasn’t gotten through to them yet. If it’s a darkened circle with a check mark in it that means that the message has been sent to them but they’ve not viewed it yet. Then when you see a profile picture in that little circle then that means they’ve seen that message. That’s another thing to watch for too when you’re carrying a conversation with someone. If you don’t see their profile picture after you send a few messages to them but it’s the dark circle that means they most likely exited your specific conversation and then you’ll notice all of a sudden you’ll hear this little funny sound it makes and the circle with profile picture will drop all the way down to the bottom of the conversation. When it does that that’s when you want to notice the video icon and see if it’s got those circles around
    there pulsating. Then when the circles are not there around the video icon but her status is active now and the circles near the message is darkened with a check mark inside of it then that means they are physically not on your specific conversation
    Another quick little tidbit is the bubble icons that show up when you get a message from somebody. Somehow by default when those bubble icons show up on your phone it happens to be overlaying near where the phone icon video icon and information icon is. If something happens that the one you’re carrying a conversation with suddenly calls you but after one ring it stops then that means most likely they were switching in between conversations and accidentally hit the video icon for a video call. That one very common mistake that one makes when they are trying to multiple chat people

  6. Many years ago, “Yahoo Messenger” was “the thing” for chatting with Filipinas. Some nice hacker, put up a website that allowed you to see if a user on your “friends list” was offline or they were actually online and hidden from you. It would hook to the keyboard of the person you were checking and display when there was activity on it, so you could “see” the person typing. It didn’t display WHAT the person was typing as that would run afoul of wiretap laws around the world, but it showed that there was actual keyboard activity. It was quite a handy tool.

    I guess today’s hackers are too busy extorting people and stealing money to create such a valuable public service.

  7. I know in my opinion it is an easy test.. if they are breathing, then the odds are good 🙂 I do tend to make exceptions for those people who have spent time in RL, and have built an in person trust.

  8. After being in a long distance relationship for 2 years with my sweetie in the Philippines I wished I would have known about this it would have saved me a lot of grief

  9. Thanks for the info. This is not an indictment on all Filipinas, but I will say that it is common for Filipinas that have a live-in bf to be on the dating apps. I lived there, had many Filipino friends, and know the culture well. If you have not yet met your long distance partner, then don’t be sending large sums of money as you may be supporting Steve as well as Eve.

  10. Don’t put your eggs in one basket until AFTER you’ve vetted many face to face. That way the “green dot” means nothing.

  11. Even the person is sleeping(owner of the phone,) if you’ll sending messages or anyone send them messages it will appear green dot or says active online.

  12. If you are sleeping or your phone is locked and someone sends you a message it can cause your status to turn green to make it seem you are online and active. That makes no sense at all.

  13. When my Filipina sees me online late at night she always asks me why am I up late. My belief is that she assumes that I’m chatting with someone else. Normally I’m just playing Chess or using my YouTube for video creation.

    The strange thing about LDR and talking to Filipinos online is that if you’re talking to one of them it appears that there’s a bunch of others who try to slide into your messenger.

    In many cases it’s friends of hers who are trying to monitor your activity or who are scouring your friends list looking for other men like you.

    And then there are some of her friends who will quietly ask you for money counting on the fact that if you are in a relationship with one of their friends that you will give it to them.

  14. Chances are: if your relationship is mostly with a Filipina online – she is most likely also chatting with other men online. The only difference is who actually is physically there with her. If you are physically there with her then other men wouldn’t stand a chance but if you are overseas chances are she’s messing with a local Filipino.

  15. Great video Reekay, but totally unnecessary. First of all, being in an LDR in the first place is freaking nuts. Secondly, if you’re in an LDR and you’re having issues where you need to explain yourself over why your significant other can’t get a hold of you or vice versa, then that relationship needs to end. That goes for both parties and that goes both ways. If you’re nuts enough to even get into an LDR in the first place then I would hope to God that you have built up a good sense of trust, BOTH WAYS. Otherwise, what the fuck are you even doing with each other? I don’t know about you but I’ve got much better things to do with my time than try to explain myself over something that I’m not even doing wrong in the first place.. Also, I’m not so insecure that I would be having thoughts that my girl is hopping around to a bunch of different guys when I’m not around. If someone is being put in a position where they are having those thoughts then guess what? That’s not your girl bozo. Also, this strays off the excellence that you usually put out. This comes off as more of a cover your ass video or something made to make someone feel better for being suspicious. I know that’s not you. I’ve met you before, you’re much smarter than that. Anyways, continue the great work.

  16. My advice check the settings “offline content ” Facebook can be a bit of a nightmare as it is connected to other apps and online activity, anything that invades your privacy you don’t want TURN IT OFF check security and privacy settings, and messenger as well .most issues with any online content can be resolved with just adjustment of phone, comp, and website settings

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