Expat Life: Living The Dream!

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. I’m there just need to pull the trigger. I look at it as if it’s time I will just do it! I will enjoy that part of my life with a like minded lady so congratulations to you and yours it takes time to get there.

  3. Glad your vlog popped up on my feed. Lots of common sense with a simple lifestyle goal I would like for myself. Done the Thailand thing for decades, now ready to retire but I want to check out the Phil’s & Vietnam as well. Anyway, just nice to listen to an intelligent vlogger. Cheers.

  4. Sometimes when a person say what they want in life and then changes their mind in the later years.

  5. I want something similar to Reekay…. just be loved as I am. Sure won’t find it in the US, so overseas I will go.

  6. U know brother your content is very down to earth and inspiring and u really pave the way for invisualizng the life that I desire for myself I’m a 70 yr old black American man in very good shape been a vegan for half of my life which has rewarded me greatly but if I could find me a beautiful philipina half my age that I could share my life with where we would be an blessing for each other would be a blessing from god keep up the good work

  7. I can think of 5 vloggers tha love to show their ugly face to us. You show us lady so beautiful, so nice. after all this is a radio shoe…

  8. the problem with “she was waiting me at the airport, we are happy forever since”. doesnt that seems suspicious ? read Briffault’s law. nothing happens if it doesnt benefit her. what are you saving her from ? what kind of “if nothing else works i will just wait at the airport” situation are you plan B for.

    video is good by that way, thank you

  9. “Simple happy life” is very a general idea – what makes a simple happy life specifically becomes the question. It could be staying single, living in one spot, having the same routine, no kids. Or traveling w yr stable gf who is not demanding in any way- and her family leaves you alone. Simple Happy is many things to many people. I would expect a more specific answer to what that means to a Filipina – or me.

  10. I met someone and we started hanging out in Siargao. One day I came back to my room and she had cleaned me out. She’s now a fugitive. Don’t trust !! Get their details, do a back ground check. Don’t skip this step

  11. I’m 7-10 years before retirement . I find your content really thought provoking and inspiring. It’s very helpful to think about retirement and relationships now so that I can work towards the way I want my life to look. I applaud your efforts and successes, realizing that you had your ups and downs. I hope one day I can realize that level of success.

  12. There will come a point where she won’t be satisfied without a child. If she is not satisfied you won’t be satisfied. If she gets pregnant the child will be more important to her than you are. If you dare suggest an abortion her heart will disown you immediately. It is an attack on her very life and purpose. They see a child as a blessing of the from God. They are right about that. She has made room for your dream. If you love her, you should be mature enough to make room for her dream. I promise you when the child comes you won’t be able to live without your child and your woman. Don’t fill your life so full of your desires that your arm can’t receive a blessing from God that will satisfy you beyond your wildest dreams.

  13. My brother from another mother.

    I asked Jessa the exact same question and I received the exact same answer.

    “I wish to have a farm with a kubao”
    We both started working towards it.
    We have it.
    We are both still young and now everything is in place.
    We have our house completed, we have our farm.
    Its sitting there waiting for us to hit the switch…… whenever we are ready.
    Until then her father is tipping along there on the land doing his own thing.
    When we decide we have enough of this working life….. our life there is already in place

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