Doha Al Mourjan Business Lounge – 2023 – Qatar

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. Welcome back in the Philippines Reekay. I’m happy for you and Vee. I moved here in Mindenao (Butuan City) last july with my girlfriend. If we ever go to Davao it you be nice to meet you and Vee for a coffee.

  3. Very nice airport for a long layover Henry! Wish you much rest and relaxation before the craziness hits you in the Philippines!

  4. How do you feel about taking philipine airlines non stop, with no lay overs vs multiple stop’s on most other airlines, debating what would be best for myself.

  5. You were in the Al Mourjan North lounge, the smaller version of the main one that’s in the teddy bear area. It’s nice right now because it’s less crowded despite being smaller. It’s new and kind of out of the way so people don’t know about it yet. If you had continued past this lounge you would have seen the new garden area. Near here an even better Al Mourjan Garden lounge will open soon that’s even bigger than the teddy bear area Mourjan. Hopefully that will ease some of the lounge crowding. That lounge you were in will then become a status lounge for the people who aren’t in business but have frequent flyer status.

  6. I rarely comment but I genuinely happy to see you on your way back to your loved one and friends
    Regards joe

  7. I just watched a video Flight Travel From Los Angeles USA To Cebu Philippines. How come you didn’t take that route instead of going to Middle East? Confused…

  8. Why on earth would you take a 33 hr flt route out of LAX? There’s so many much shorter flights.

  9. Reekay, do you plans to make a video speaking on your arrival in the Philippines and going through Immigration (checking vaccine cards, travel itinerary)? I’m getting things in order for my long awaited return trip since the start of the pandemic.

  10. Reekay , what site you used to buy your ticket to give you access to purchase lounge services???

  11. Good to see you back out in the world! We were just there at DOHA a few months back on our way back from Barbados. You might already be back in the PI by now, but wishing you much happiness reuniting with Vi. Take care!

  12. Never paid for the lounge experience. My layovers are never very long. I get it now after hearing your input, I will have to try it soon on a long flight.

  13. Upgraded to Business Class? Good job! Yes, layover time in a lounge really makes air travel more comfortable.

  14. Congratulations on making it back to be with Vi. Will you be living in Davao or Cebu? Great post

  15. All you gotta do is tell a Filipina you’re dating another Filipina and she will be really nice to you

  16. Have fun Reekay….my girlfriend just got to Cebu to visit family. Is Vee going to meet you in Cebu?

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