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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. Any addictive habit is a deal breaker smoking, drinking gambling, always asking for more money and spending it all, illegal drugs I might go as far as to say lying can be an addiction

  3. Also you can get health problems from second hand smoke. Alcohol is a problem maker.
    Liers are always changing their story which is Gaslighting. So yes I agree with all you covered.
    It gets too the point too where you have to record everything that they say because of their gaslighting memory. I have noticed they have a second personality, which I have named , TOG. The Other Girl. I always give a warning , please stop talking, I’m getting mad. If She continues I know she is deliberately making me upset. So now I know she gets a feeling of power from her “ Filapina drama act.

  4. #1. No kids from previous relationships

    #2. No drugs/ substance abuse

    #3 no loans to friends of my money

    #4. No loans to family of my money

    #5 no cheating: instant termination of the relationship

  5. Why stay with somebody after they cheat?
    Well…back in high school, my group of buddies played poker at each other’s house near every weekend, and gambled pretty much every day one way or another at lunchtime or in-between classes, be it cards, dice, or blindside first Charlie horse wins, anything. Heck, I don’t think the teachers ever knew we had money on the line playing chess, or if they did, they were too interested putting their 50 cents down per square on our coming Sunday’s and Monday night NFL game pools.
    One Saturday night, (at my house) we all caught one buddy with the old Ace up the sleeve trick. Whether admitting to ourselves or not, we all realized then that was probably his 100th time cheating us. Like idiots, our only punishment for him was to divide up all the money he had at the table and in his pockets amongst the rest of us, game over, but we went right back to all playing together the next weekend. He ended up straight up stealing from us as roommates in college, after which we only mostly parted ways, until other nefarious activity he was up to forced him to … join the military.
    Mental fortitude necessary to “nip that s__t in the bud” requires life lessons.

  6. 80/20 rule. One of five women Might be a good fit. In my experience in the West not even lying or stealing or violence, but just “not a good fit” is about the 80/20 rule. One of five women Might be a good fit.

  7. Great video! Can we also get a video along the lines of not wanting more kids – I feel like I see Filipina’s in videos all wanting an older foreigner but also more kids. Are there really that many 40 – 60 + year olds retiring to the Philippines still wanting to have and/or raise kids when they get there??? Reekay, you might be the only one I’ve seen in this niche where this doesn’t apply too lol Are there others, where a young Filipina doesn’t have or want kids? How rare or common is this?

  8. Tampo is bad? Dude, finding a woman that shuts her mouth when she’s pissed off would be like finding the holy grail and winning the lottery in the same day.

  9. Thanks Reekay. Some words of wisdom for us chaps just starting on our journey. Most of us men just want someone dependable and reliable, with good morals that we can get along with.

  10. I know a couple of guys who put up with the Tampo by ignoring it. They don’t have a Significant other, they have a maid. Not good, either.

  11. This is a pretty good list of dealbreakers. I’m not sure tampo belongs on the list though, since that is more of a cultural thing. If tampo is a dealbreaker you will be crossing a lot of Filipinas off your list of possible partners. FWIW, I think it is better to find a way to deal with tampo, unless you can get your partner to quit doing it.

  12. I can deal with the cheating more than the Lying…I will tell every filipina that I meet…Friend or Romantic.”If I catch you Lying to me I am History.”..I would stress that point upon first meeting…

  13. EXCELLENT advice. For me, those are immediate cancellation of the relationship. Usually those things are HABITS and a display of LOW MORALITY that will stay for ever not matter what you say, or do. Better to stop and mourn the relationship.

  14. Gambling and porn, drugs as well. I have come across several women with these issues. Diagnosed mental illness as well. Been down that road, choose wisely.

  15. Why the hell, at retirement age, should I…
    1) get married
    2) cohabitate
    3) impregnate
    4) raise some other fool’s kids
    5) tie myself down inconveniently
    6) throw away all the peace, quite, rest, adventure and fun.. that I had been working my whole life for
    7) make myself more valuable dead than alive
    8) support an entire clan of strangers that weren’t there for me when my a$$ was in pain working with ailments all those years
    9) give into a self defeating trend of stu_pid decision making
    10) make myself more miserable with drama
    11) leave one stressful life for another
    12) put myself at a disadvantage
    13) subject myself to others’ bullsh$t.
    14) do anything other than enjoying my life in my retirement?


    To each it’s own!

  16. Be careful what you tolerate. What you tolerate, you allow. What you allow continues. What you allow to continue, becomes the standard.

  17. I HATE being around people that smoke since I grew up with both of my parents being heavy smokers! They both smoked over two packs of cigarettes a day! Not surprising, it cut both of their lives short! Being around them for many years helped me make the decision to never smoke or be with anyone that smokes!

  18. Any form of disrespect whether it’s lying, stealing, cheating or manipulation would be a deal breaker in a relationship for me.
    I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of spending time getting to know your potential partner.
    They can’t keep a facade of angelic behaviour up indefinitely.
    I don’t subscribe to the idea “hey she’s drop dead gorgeous half my age and I’ll never get any better so I’ll tolerate her behaviour.”
    If there’s no respect, honesty and trust then the relationship is worthless.

  19. About 9:51: Ah… The budget. I’ll never forget that my folks always said that Dad had a vote, Mom had a vote, and the Budget had a vote, and the Budget could outvote them both. But looking back they were almost always happy.

  20. Well, that should become Common sense. I mean, if you can’t even trust the person you With Then What is the point of even being in a Relationship. The fact that I even had to say that is crazy.You would think it would Would Common sense but I forgot sense Is not so common nowadays

  21. Dud, are you okay? I notice you repost your videos for a while…

  22. I think a major one you need to watch for is GAMBLING. This is a most insidious habit.

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