Day Trading vs Investing: Crypto & Traditional Markets

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. when people ask me about buying crypto, i tell them 3 things, “buy low sell high”, “watch the market and research it until you feel comfortable buying it”, and i also tell them, “dont but anything unless you are willing to hold it for years without selling.”
    i dont like doge coin at all fundamentally , i dont like elon musk, hes a successful grifter who bought tesla. but now that he is talking about doge coin again, of course i started buying some. it is so easy to make money in the bull market, even with the small caps. you research what everyone is getting hyped up about and buy SOME early, its that simple. its not easy in a bear market though.

  3. Brother you’re wasting your time on $1B+ MC top 20 cryptos. No gains remain at that point. The way you beat the market is to find what’s going to replace the current crop of joke cryptos occupying the top 20. Most of the top 50 are dinosaurs compared to what’s growing. Look at utility micro caps and avoid meme animal shit coins entirely. I’m up 80x+ on one utility project because I put in the work & researched the next up & comers. Failure is guaranteed by just following the herd into already bloated $1B+ market caps

  4. I know that I’m an investor. Been saying this to ppl for 10 yrs. I’m investing in long run, 60-years of etf growth, small and big-cap. Current events matter 0 to me. Fidelity funds. Nothing exciting, except long-term wealth

  5. Well, you’re about 98% correct. The issue is that most people dive into day trading without truly understanding it. It’s akin to attempting to become a doctor within a year, which is impossible. You need to invest time and effort, exercise patience, grasp the fundamentals and nuances, analyze both the past and future trends extensively—there’s a lot to it. Unfortunately, many people are not willing to put in that effort. Instead, they simply dive in, invest money, and inevitably fail. What a surprise.

  6. I do day trading as a hobby personal low level just for fun and hobby 2-4 hours a day on my balcony with a coffee .

    I make my rent +extra in a week most of the times, haven’t had a real bust week yet in 4 years ..

    And the best thing is as a Swede i only pay 0,89% tax om my investment bank account in one year
    And that’s all the tax i pay=)

  7. I really liked your take on this subject. It’s similar to how I feel about investing. (I’m a very small time investor). And I usually only put a few bucks in companies that I am familiar with or have products I use myself.
    And crypto has returned a few nice profits, but the opposite is true also

    I enjoy your opinions on both investing and the Philippines.

  8. It is possible to make serious money as a
    day trader, but the general consensus is that
    about 90% of people who try it lose money. I
    used to have a friend who was a sucessful
    day trader. I learned quite a bit from him. It is
    difficult to learn how to do it. There is a minefield
    of misinformation and predatory teachers out there.

  9. Day trading can be very simple but only 2 out of 100 people get all the skills like risk managment right. So yes for 98% of peeps investing makes more sence

  10. I’m not a day trader but do trade stock options and have for the last 30 years very successfully . I have a system that continually makes me money. I don’t trade crypto except for the miners on occasion. Trading is less about fundamentals and more about technicals by far.

  11. Unfortunately bitcoin n ethereum aren’t real investing either rather it’s pure speculating. There’s nothing underpinning the prices of that stuff and is dependent solely on more people buying in based on no fundamentals. Not dramatically different than a Ponzi scheme. Coca Cola would be investing as you can clearly see how much money they make and the value they return to shareholders.

  12. I will never invest in weapons, alcohol, tobacco or sugar companies, simply because their products cause a lot more harm. There’s sooo much more to invest in.

  13. Never invest in companies who sell to end customers (Planet Fitness, AB AmBev, etc)… unless its Coca-Cola.

  14. I once read that 90% of day traders lose money. I also think you can’t put your money in the market and just leave it there for ten plus years unless it’s an individual stock you really understand. I don’t invest in currencies or commodities. I don’t understand them well enough and they are far up on the risk scale.

  15. Even with the current dip crypto currency’s, I’m still glad! can smile back at my portfolio of $74,200 built from my trade, I’m having my fourth withdrawal in 14 business days

  16. Even with the current dip crypto currency’s, I’m still glad! can smile back at my portfolio of $74,200 built from my trade, I’m having my fourth withdrawal in 14 business days

  17. In my opinion, if you are going to leave your filipina something when you die, you should be buying her majority of Bitcoin and throw some Ethereum in there every week or month. The Ethereum that you buy, you can stake it so it continues to produce Ethereum everyday.

  18. I was going to comment but I watched the video and agree. Yes, you really need to know what you are doing, invest in what you know, and be patient with a long term mindset. 99% of Day Traders lose. Do not go to the Philippines and think you can just become a day or crypto trader. I’ve been in the crypto game for 4 years learned the hard-patient way; ISO 2022 coins XRP/XLM/HBAR/ALGO/QNT. Spread your investments on what you know. And if you don’t know, index funds.

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